i hate proportions

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oh OFCOURSE Cez-senpai…(sorry if it took long)

oh…. which reminds me…. which little bean?

this innocent little bean?

or this other cute little bean?


Yeeeeeep no regrets on asking that question… =)

PT!tale is by YOU XD

TH!Palette is by @starlumen

Goth is by @nekophy

Pallete is by @angexci

“I run back. I’m going back towards the skeletons”

Heroic Keyleth aka one of my fav moments 
(this is saved under: Kiki holy shit.jpg)

ep32 18:17

Anonymous said: Melvin egyptian [AU] or Ryou egyptian[AU]

BOTH. I especially love them together. <3

(I’m trying to give an “Ancient, fairytale-ish" feel with this, I hope the colors don’t blind anyone, lol.)

I got tagged a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away by @bottsbotts to do @soft-almond’s Before and After Sim Tag and am only now getting around to it ( *´ސު`*) #awkward.

Here’s Olivia Frazier, the sim I used to start my very first ts4 legacy ages ago (and who’s existence has since been deleted off my blog). She still loves sci-fi and braids, but now also loves gardening, painting, and wearing no makeup.


this weeks twenty minute or less drawing is thanks to @sniperlance‘s post !

y’all I thought I was getting better at drawing this shit quick but

I was wrong

I hate drawing bodies ngl proportions are my weakness, and this is my first time ever drawing the paladin suits so like

put me in the ground

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ZEVRAN 20 B^^^^^)

Honestly I was going to draw Zev in super kawaii lingerie but idk it doesn’t fit. Enjoy because I do !! :’D

 Art challenge // version without hoodie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Deathshipping  requested by bruhkomaeda

I was in a fluff mood, don’t ask. 

Ayy, It was hard for me to choose between Deathshipping and Tendershipping but apparently, the former took the spot. There’s a need for more Deathshipping fanart, you know?  (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

This ship has an eerie but exotic charm (if done in a certain way) that really intrigues me or maybe it’s just my dysfunctional taste in shipping, oh well.

 ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭

Art submission for Frostiron Reverse Bang 2017 with the story “After Everything I’ve Done” written by @chaotictrickster.

Hey there!!! So, this is the two main art that I submitted to the Reverse Bang. The first one was the prompt and the second one (below the cut) just kind of came out while chaotictrickster and i were world building.

YOU HAVE TO read this story. It’s everything I hoped for and more while I was doing the art and this little note does not do ChaoticTrickster ’s work any justice at all. Seriously. If you’re looking for a rollercoaster of emotions read the fic! Be jealous that I read it before any of you get to mwhahahaha! 
It’s beautifully written and I’ve been the luckiest artist on this bang for sure. And i know it’s REVERSE bang but there have been several occasions that I wanted to art (and started some) of the scenes on the fic so those may actually come up 

@chaotictrickster​, massive massive thanks and many hats to you! Working with you was such a great pleasure!

See below for the second art!

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I hate the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” because it fucking scares the shit out of me

Have a Shitbird.

Revisiting my problematic fave (Hellsing) made me wanna revisit my other problematic fave…

So here’s a scribbly Neuro. I love that there’s no wrong way to draw this troll’s proportions. I hate that all my tricks and techniques for drawing good birbs don’t work on this bastard.

You better get up while you can.