So, back in my sophomore year of high school, I did a little experiment. I’m sure the original idea has crossed your dashboard at one point, but when I was younger (and still kind of am now) I was pretty meek. I’d move out of the way of anyone headed in my direction. It mostly had to do with my height, because I’m pretty short and most of the males at my school towered over me. Anyway, one day I decided not to move out of the way for anyone, specifically males.

This tall guy kept walking and refused to budge. He literally kept going so that he was pushing me backwards.

I still laugh about it now, because how much of a self-centred asshole do you have to be to keep walking so that you’re pushing someone much smaller than you backwards, without a single glance in their direction.

Yeah, fuck him.

But what really gets me? It happened, again. Sophomore year of college. I’ve just walked my friend out to her car, and now I’m climbing the stone steps leading to the entrance of the school. I’m the only one on these stairs, okay? It’s just me. I’m about halfway up when this guy turns the corner with his friend, and I swear to all that is holy that he probably places himself in my path on purpose. He’s looking right at me as he descends.

I’m not moving, because hey, I’m walking with the rail on my right side and my hand is on it. It’s the unspoken rule that you stick to the right, so why the hell should I even move? By all rights he should be shifting over.

Only, he doesn’t. And he shoulders me rather hard as he passes.

Fucking prick.

  • <p> <b></b> Do you ever just realize all your friends don't honestly care about you and all of a sudden you feel like an idiot for believing they did and you regret every personal thing you've ever shared with them and all you wanna do is build your wall up even higher so this won't happen again cuz it really sucks<p/></p>

honestly i’m so tired of people treating makeup and fashion like they can’t be hobbies. like it’s all right for a guy to know every player on every sports team or every car model but when a girl knows every makeup brand or every hand bag on the market she’s a brainless superficial ditz. like it’s a hobby and it doesn’t inhibit us from knowing about politics or what’s going on in the world, so why do assholes care so much that we also know every lipstick shade mac has ever come out with???