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what do you guys think of people wanting/letting abled bodied people play disabled characters in shows/movies/etc

i think its honestly gross and disrespectful, almost always because whatever illness some abled bodied brenda is pretending to have, they almost always do it poorly because no matter how well you practice pretending to be sick, itll never be as real or as well acted as a disabled actor, because that disabled actor WOULDNT BE ACTING IT.

so if an abled bodied actor pretends to have said illness, and does it even slightly wrong, then it isnt well acted and comes off far more disrespectful than probably intended.

i also feel this as a disabled actress, i know i WOULD NEVER be someones first choice to pick for an abled bodied character, and it makes me annoyed that due to my illness, theres a big chance no matter where i go, an abled bodied character would get any disabled role over me, it happens all the time, ableism aside, its just in poor fucking taste. this isnt an attack on them as actors, this isnt an attack at all, im just tired of how wrong and unfair it is.

and honestly, i get that actors act, i get that an actor can act disabled but, that is not representation, thats the exact opposite, when people choose abled actors over disabled ones for disabled roles, they are, whether intended or not, implying that theyre fine w disabled characters as long as theyre not actually disabled, its wrong and disrespectful.

i just wanna know other opinions on this,

also, i dont usually put something like this in my post, but after a lot of discussions posts and alot of whiny abled people in the notes being ableist, i feel like i have to.

its okay for abled peeps to like/reblog this post but this is a discussion for disabled people about disabled issues and id appreciate it if abled people who do reblog this dont give their opinion on it, as it is not needed nor wanted.

no offense but straight fans are the ones that always push pairings onto idols and harass them about ships and are generally intrusive but gay fans get labeled as predatory what kind of logic is that hmm. gay fans aren’t predatory for thinking that maybe their idol might be gay too. it’s the straight (usually girl) fans that take it to another level and get all up in the idols’ faces and i’m just so Tired of gay fans not being able to even express thoughts bc everybody assumes we’re just as bad as the straight fangirls who write fanfic about their favs and call it a sin. i am Tired of straight people commenting hanjoo on hansol’s pics for so long that he no longer feels safe around his friend on camera. i am so so so Tired of every straight fan who ships kaisoo or chanbaek or whatever the hell kind of ship but at the same time talks about lesbians being gross. i am Tired and i Hate this.

I hate to bring down the mood but-

Please show support for Puerto Rico and Mexico! As many of you may or may not know, they’ve been struck with natural disasters (A Hurricane and Earthquake respectively)  and people are getting injured and some not being able to survive!  I have friends and family over in both of them right now and I’m really worried about all of them and I know a lot of you guys feel the same way about your friends and family too! So just show support by spreading word of these situations around more or reblogging this if you can! 

-Mod Phoenix

{ ♡ } Happy Birthday to Reiji!

Such an elegant and cruel villain who lives to torment those he so unfairly hates. That is the reason he had to be put on place.

Last year I wasn’t able to draw for him, but this one I improved enough to pull something ♥ I didn’t want to go too fancy with colors so I just gave it a simplistic touch of shades.

Those ropes are pecular btw ;D

On a side note, I want to be pretty straight forward with something that makes me uncomfortable. Normally an artist enjoys reblogs to read the tags (99,99% of them being so adorable ;w;) however, that also caused me to encounter non enjoyable situations.

I want to politely request not to be reblogged on blogs that support Reiji and “Yui”. However, anyone can do what they want with their blog, thus, I will block those who do that. It’s just a way for me to avoid seeing things I don’t like: don’t like, don’t look.

If you want to support me or make a comment, I’m pretty sure you can by using an option on tumblr, or even sending me a message. Or just like the picture, hearts are a lot already ♥

Sorry if I am being unfair, but a long time ago I learned that I have to protect my own interests, and that’s not popularity, it is sharing. I love to share but I don’t want my art and my interpretation of Reiji to be grouped with a ship that is a NOTP for me. And thank you to those who understand it.

I crave physical contact, but at the same time I feel so uncomfortable with it. I tense up and just get awkward. It honestly depends if I like you or not. I can like someone but not want to hug them, but I can’t tell them that and then I get so uncomfortable and let them hug me and I hate it. I hate not being able to set boundaries without feeling like a selfish piece of shit

Lmao when Doctor Who premiered like 4/5/6 years ago my dash used to be so full of gifsets, graphics and people discussing the episode that I had to blacklist “Doctor Who” so I didn’t get spoiled. In fact, my dash was all “This post is blacklisted because it contains the word Doctor Who” that I got to see like a non blacklisted post every 20 DW posts. And today it’s just empty and there’s nobody talking about the new episode.

I think it speaks about how much Moffat’s shitty writing fucked up this show and it’s sad because it was beautiful to come to tumblr after watching a new episode and being able to reblog a hundred of posts related to it.

Cat Eyes | Malec fluffy drabble

Another Malec fluffy drabble, because I can!~
Things heat up a bit, but nothing explicit (for now).

The idea for this drabble came from a headcanon that has been stuck in my mind all day: Magnus’ eyes turn into his cat eyes when he is really really aroused (without Magnus’ consent).

So enjoy!! 


The first time Alec notices it, they are cuddling in Magnus’ king-sized bed, the sheets and their limbs a tangled mess, their nude bodies seeking each other’s warmth. The moon is still high in the sky ; they’ve just woken up in the middle of the night after a romantic evening spent in Magnus’ apartment.

Although Alec’s eyelids are still heavy from slumber, he is perfectly awake. His lover, however, still seems to be struggling to go back to sleep. Magnus’ breathing is steady and peaceful. Des pite the dim lighting - the only light in the room being the faint glow of the full moon slipping through the curtains -, the Shadowhunter finds himself tracing the beautiful features of the warlock with his eyes.

“ You’re gorgeous. ” He mutters under his breath. He hesitates for a second whether to let Magnus sleep or not, but he can’t help it; he leans closer, his nose bumping into the magnetic neck of his lover, hot breath eliciting goosebumps onto his golden skin. When Alec rolls them over slightly, so that Magnus is flat on his back, Alec hovering over him, he begins to suckle at the pulse point there, leaving a dark mark, a satisfied smirk appearing on his face when he realizes what he has done.

Magnus sighs heavily, his breath catching in his throat, but doesn’t open his eyes. Alec fully intends to wake him up by worshipping his body. Inspite of his exhausted state, he is sure Magnus won’t mind at all that kind of awakening. He goes back to his ministrations, licking and sucking at the beautifully tanned skin of Magnus’ neck, his Adam apple bobbing as loud moans start to escape the warlock’s mouth.

Alec likes it, when he takes control and Magnus let him. His boyfriend is so sensitive and the way his body responds to Alec’s tender gestures fuels his desire and intention to take care of the man who always takes care of him as well. After treasuring the neck and collarbone of his lover, Alec’s mouth starts working its way down Magnus’ body, at an agonizing pace.

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As some of you may or may not know, there’s been some ‘Drama’ in the Eddsworld fandom and such… So, I wanted to try to help out with whoever got caught up in the aftermath by being there for whoever needed that extra person to talk to about literally anything.
But I have one problem;
I’m no good with words. And on top of that, I’m not the greatest at explaining things clearly, so I’ll do my best to get out what I’m trying to say.
If you’re someone who will listen to someone else’s problems and help them through it and build them up, someone who won’t hate on anybody’s ships and put them down for being one way or liking something you don’t care to much for.
Someone who can decipher fiction from reality and will try to help ’Refuel’ Eddsworld and bring it back to it’s former glory, add your persona to the picture and reblog it so eventually, we’ll be able to see a fraction of the construction crew.

I only have a few rules:
•If you just want to be there to talk to someone who needs you, even if you’re not in the Eddsworld fandom, feel free to add yourself
•tag your addition with #let’s refuel Eddsworld
•tag a friend or two to spread the word! @avil-lio @kylerinvention

A few things I wish people understood about my mental health:

- I’m extremely open about my mental health, but I still have lines I will not cross.
- a self harm problem does not mean I enjoy pain. A high pain tolerance does not mean I enjoy pain.
- hyper empathy doesn’t make me enjoy dealing with people or performing emotional labor, it just means I tend to be good at it. In reality I hate it just as much as everyone else.
- not being able to remember all my trauma does not mean I’m lying.
- being self aware of my symptoms does not mean I’m exaggerating and it doesn’t make them go away.
- having a mental illness doesn’t make me immune to physical health problems and one is not easier to deal with than the other
- things would be exponentially easier for me if the society I live in was willing to accommodate my needs rather than a “one size fits neurotypical”

*ok to reblog and feel free to add your own

Live and let live

Guys, calm down a little and hear me out for a second:

I don’t see anything bad with Dylric. Obviously. But guys, if you’ve read through any Dylric pages, you probably have realised that most of us see and use it as a fun page. It’s neither meant as being offensive or to bully anyone nor do we actually think that they were secretly in love. It’s meant to be fun.

Just like there are thousands of memes on the topic. How is a MS Paint meme with Rachel Scott asking Dylan if his backpack is so heavy because it’s full of books and him answering that it’s full of magazines less disrespectful? How is a picture of a gigantic Dylan next to a tiny Eric with the caption “accurate height difference between Eric and Dylan” less offensive when Eric also was bullied for being rather small?

And also -and I’m probably gonna get beaten up for that - just like Columbine imagines. How are stories of you kissing Dylan or getting laid by Eric respectful? The first thing the TCC get criticised for are “teenage girls lusting over dead mass murderers”, not “edgy fools writing juicy gay shit”.

Fact is: Them not being able to get a girl made them feel bad and added to their destructive feelings and thoughts and to the shooting. Just like them being called “faggots” and just as them being made fun of in general. And we do both of that. But memes are widely accepted, appreciated and reblogged while Dylric is it’s sub-community is hated.

They were virgins, longing for love. True. But imagining them as being the best kissers or making you orgasm at their first time is just as unrealistic as them doing that to each other.
Also: does it really matter? They are dead, they can’t complain. And if there really isn’t anything like afterlife they don’t even know. Dead and gone and history.
What we are doing might be morally wrong. But worse than lusting over them giving you the best orgasm ever? I doubt that…them not being able to get a date made them just as upset as being called “faggots”. They pictured their entire lives as a failure and really? They didn’t find a better way to cope with it than to shoot up their school literally a few weeks before their graduation? Pretty foolish if you think about it.

And I don’t see why making 2 mass murderers fuck one another is worse than imagining yourself getting laid by a mass murderer and enjoying that to be honest but that’s probably just me.

Anyway: I’ll stick to my opinion, you’ll stick to yours. Just wanted you to know how the Dylric-front sees it.
Live and let live.
We might have different opinions on several topics and we all have different ways to express our interest in on of the greatest tragedies America has ever faced. Whether it’s by drawing them or writing nsfw imagines or juicy gay stuff. Whatever makes you happy. None of those creative ways to deal with tragic events is morally completely acceptable but we are a community that is attacked from all around, if we start to attack our members just because they have a different opinion, we’re a.) not better than the anti-tcc people and b.) clearly haven’t understood what the lesson “don’t hate on people, just let them be who they are and let them live their life the way they want to” means.


I started a secondary blog Coughing Ink in hopes of helping out my friends and “mutuals” and any other artists I dig trying to get their stuff seen a little more. As an art blog myself I can’t reblog my friends art, I can only give them “likes”, and as we all know are nice and all, but do absolutely nothing. I’ve been hating only being able to sit on my hands seeing the rad stuff you guys put out. I know this concept is nothing new at all, but I just want to do what I can and see what happens.

So this is my attempt to help how I can, not only my friends, but other people to explore their own personal art more, produce and experiment more.

If you guys can come over, reblog this maybe, and follow and help out too, that would be so great. You can see and find new artists to connect with, help them out with notes, and maybe even help yourself out for inspiration picking up a brush/pen/etc.

So once upon a time I was arguing with a guy. He is against feminism was like “you don’t want equality, you want justice.” And I was like uh what I want is to been seen as an equal. I want to be paid the same amount as a man for equal work. I want to be able to walk down the street without being whistled at and if I ever get raped I don’t want to be asked what I was wearing or whether I was too drunk etc, etc.

I shit you not, this was his response.

“Well why can’t I have a baby? Because equality means that I should be able to give birth. And since that isn’t possible, neither is equality.”

Then he continued to tell me that I had no idea what equality was. And yes, he seriously was comparing his not being able to give birth a child if he so desired because of his lack of a uterus to feminists fighting for equality.

Visit @ask-ryuji-skullmoto for all of your Ryuji needs.

In addition to that blog being a pretty damn good Ryuji blog, I’d like to explain what this blog is about for those of you that have popped up out of nowhere and followed, thinking you’re following just another Persona/Goro blog. I loathe making this place into a Pinterest board (because what’s so great about following me for other people’s beautiful artwork? Nothing), but I reblog fanart from time to time to support Goro and to create a bit of a visual adventure.

So. This blog focuses tons on giving Goro Akechi love, just in case you weren’t able to tell by the blog name, header or icon. If you accidentally followed and hate Goro, you can just bye-bye right now. Go on. Bye. I know people randomly follow blogs. It happens. Bye.

I write headcanons about Goro being loved. So far, by all boys. :) I’m currently looking for another Goro ship (and not akeshu please, it’s already been done), so if you’ve got any ideas or suggestions for Goro shipping, please drop me a line or message. Or it can be a one word prompt, like ‘cuddling’ or 'anger’ for a Goro ship. Fire away. :)

-Mod Courtney

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I get so so so mad when people insult other peoples ships. Like I personally hate River x eleven. But I don't reblog fan art and hate on it or add negativity to a text post. I keep to myself. Why is it so hard for people to do that?? Why do people tear other people down? You don't ship destiel? Cool. You don't ship clintasha? Nice. Unless it's wildly unhealthy and it's being romanticized, leave it alone. I just don't get it. And I had to vent to someone.

Originally posted by animatio-gifs

preach THAT! i had people threatening me because i couldn’t stand eleven x amy, what is with that? some stupid douche bags shouldn’t be able to produce words.

help me find a job

Hi all,

So I’m poor. I currently have a job, which largely consists of making & selling cupcakes, but it doesn’t pay much - only £36 a shift, and I’m only working 3 or 4 shifts a week because management doesn’t need me to take more hours. My rent’s frankly too expensive and at the end of the month (30th September) I’m going to have to move out.

While my grandparents, who were previously supporting me financially, can host me for a few days in north London, money is very tight, and I won’t be able to stay there long. 

I’m looking to work either a second job in London or, preferably, a single, full-time job elsewhere in the UK, starting asap / beginning of October, respectively.

If I don’t find a job in the next two weeks, I will have no option but to move back in with my parents in rural Ireland, where my chances of survival are frankly slim.

Despite my depression, which can occasionally be crippling in my private life, I am a dedicated, reliable, extremely trustworthy hard worker with several years’ experience in customer service / food service and a naturally cheerful disposition. I’m accustomed to learning new skills very quickly, so that’s not an issue either. 

(and while i remember: idk if it’s relevant bc arts-related jobs tend to pay like shit if they pay at all, but I can play the shit out of a keyboard/piano & have also done acting & stage work)

If I get a job outside London I would also be extremely grateful should anyone be willing to offer a couch or floor to sleep on, although I have a small amount in savings that should cover a hostel for a week or so - the job is more important.

While I’m sure that none of you are in a position to actually employ me yourselves, if you know of anyone in the UK with a suitable job vacancy who might be willing to take me on, or anyone who might be willing to host me for a short time while I work, please get in touch, preferably by email (harris92m@gmail.com).

Thank you in advance, and please feel free to reblog / signal boost.


NB: Those of you in the US and elsewhere: if someone you know is by some miracle able to offer a job vacancy to a likely lad in a few months’ time, I may have a shot at being able to get there by then.

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Gabi. Some real larries who believe this is all a stunt are now starting to hate on louis because he got a real baby involved and didnt bother to do anything while he cried. This makes me so sad. Because we all know louis and he wouldnt just let that happen. I cant believe that it's come to this. I hope it ends because this is hurting louis too much already.

People who hate on Louis be that antis, casual fans or *real Larries* are not my kind of pal. 

Why is it a real baby? Because there was crying sounds?

If you honestly think that Louis is able to ignore this real baby crying and looking at him with this expressionless face then I really don’t know what to tell you. I also reblogged a post from Sonja @adifferentkindofson who pointed out how convenient is that the baby just happens to be crying, exactly the moment he is being taped, also the video shows the baby for a nanosecond because the body guard immediately covers the angles. 

If we are not surprised that Ellie can dub sounds on her videos then why is this baby suddenly so fucking real when you hear crying? Has no one watched Ellie’s crack videos? 

If they all know Louis why are they forgetting who Louis Tomlinson really is???

Do we always need a crash course? A daily reminder? Really??



  • me: wow i'd love to not worry all the time and not be afraid of literally everything and hate myself most the time and be able to do anything and not worrying about people judging my every single move
  • also me: i love doing nothing and being confined here doing what i love i don't wanna do anything just leave me alone im in peace