i hate nice people

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why do you hate bts?

um before starting this I just want to make it clear that I also love them lmao
to be honest I didn’t reply earlier bc I was seriously going to write about my feelings and all
BUT I’m really annoyed right now and it made me remember this ask
I love them so much they’re absolutely my favorite group after GOT7 but I just can’t stand their people,,,,, seriously I know it’s not the whole fandom I KNOW but ??? If I go on Twitter and search for GOT7 at least two of the most popular tweets are armys calling them flops or just dissing them in any other way, saying that they’re BTS shadows who chat top charts and get a fucking daesang this hurts me so much ugh
so yeah basically because of armys
I know it’s not the whole fandom ok it hurts me to think that armys make me hate BTS sometimes because I know so many nice people, for example at their concert armys did so many things that even I cried (besides Hoseok, they were the only reason I cried lol)


before i forget this is the reference I made for the Takubun I did 

(this is embarrassing)

Shout out to Green Day for still writing and releasing rock music. They’ve experimented with their sound without alienating listeners and fans too much. Green Day was, still is and will always be a rock band. That deserves praise, especially in 2017.

It’s easter which means I’ll be dragged to family meeting, forced to lie about how pure family is, pretend I’m praying for 5 minutes, eat, leave, forget half of the racist/homophobic/transphobic shit that will be said and sleep for the rest of the day

The Danganronpa fandom

One part of the fandom: “Hinata is straight! All throughout the game he shows his attraction to girls!”

Another part: “Hinata is gay! Do you see his interactions with the rest of the characters?”


all the bbcan past house guests (especially bbcan3) are all so bitter about sindy coming back, and they are all talking major shit saying she will be a pre-jury boot…

whose in the house for a THIRD CHANCE while y’all nasty asses are sitting in your living room watching her? i can’t wait until she dominates and makes all these freaks choke.


Okay, so I must have still been at work when this commercial dropped because as soon as I got home and on social media it seemed like everyone on my TL all saw this commercial in the same living room.

In just a few short hours have been many articles written critiques put out there about the hypocritical tone deafness of this ridiculous commercial. They’ve covered such things as:

The blatant co-optation of national Black Lives Matter widespread protests, yet this commercial is overwhelmingly white, unless POC are used as props. Take, for instance the black male stock characters carefully placed to dap Kendell up and *look urban*.

This idea that all the protesters rallying for Black Lives who have been tear gassed, steamrolled, and unlawfully arrested only needed to put a smile on their face and hand police pepsi cans in order to earn respect.

Obviously everyone’s question: Who the fuck wants anyone associated with the “Keeping Negroes in the Sunken Place” Kardashians leading ANY type of revolution?

But I really want to focus on what I saw in the last image. The protest signs labeled “join the conversation.” As I stated earlier this is clearly co-opting Black Lives Matter. It completely bastardizes the purpose of protest from “we are literally fighting for our lives to” “lets kindly ask you to have a nice dialogue.”

I really hate this idea that all people who fight for their humanity need to do is kindly sit down and have a nice conversation with racists, bigots and abusers. Obviously this is a commercial and commercials only want to make money and could give a shit what message they co-opt to do it. But this time, in this national climate, where the point of protest needs to be crystal fucking clear, this sanitation of resistance paints with a broad brush.

Tons of things are coming to a head in our political climate, and this certainly does not help. I wonder what the organizers of recent Womens Marches & Strikes are thinking about this…

  • me: guys all ships are completely equal and i hate that people hate on other ships !!! be ! nice !
  • also me: *sees notp* *insert name* is such a rat i can't even-

I’ve seen all these rumors/speculations about Jerry being written as a villain in season 3 and I really hope it isn’t true. The last thing I want is mindless and hurtful hate/contempt people hold for him to suddenly seem “justified”

Stop trying to make WINKON fans feel guilty for liking both groups. And if you hate winkon or winner or if you’re just a hateful person in general, you’re not allowed to use or repost our gifs, posts nor videos ANYWHERE. Especially not on twitter. So if you’re a winkon ANTI, I’m talking about those who attack other people over this shit, then don’t use our stuff or I’ll call you out for it immediately.

Excuse me??

I work in a store in the Midwest similar to a mal wart that has “high standards and low prices” in the electronics department and it makes me hate people. I was helping a super nice guy out (customer A) by checking our new stock for a Nintendo switch and actually found one! That put me in a good mood because customer A was super cool and I was happy I could help him. While I was kneeling on the floor getting it out of the tote for him an older guy (customer B) walked up and said “don’t you just love to see a woman on her knees begging?” Customer A looked SHOCKED and I just responded with a weird look so customer B says oooh he’s only kidding. In my nicest customer service voice I told him if he needed help he could go find someone else and proceeded to check the guy out with his switch. After B left A looked at me in disbelief and asked if that happens a lot. Unfortunately the answer is yes my dude ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

TL;DR Creepy dudes are the worst and even after 6 YEARS customer never fail to come up with new ways to ruin my day