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“are you scared? imagine how scared she must’ve been. not that it’s any of my business…

you never had a happy past anyway. you were ridiculed and bullied all your life… and now you’ve escaped that life because for the first time, you did something for yourself.

congrats, mr. murderer.” - oh sangwoo


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jemma simmons as wonder woman
(+ fitz as steve trevor)
requested by @agentverbivore

Sanders Sides

I really enjoyed drawing Thomas in this style so, of course, I had to do a piece with all of the sides! I’m quite pleased with how it came out and I hope you like it!! 

This, of course, is for the amazing @thatsthat24 who never fails to make me smile <3

“My stubborn lass…”

Commission for @idoltina - an illustration of a scene from @initiala​‘s lovely fic “Dark Horse”. It was an absolute joy to work on this piece and bring this scene to life, thank you! <3

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“He focused his power like he did in the fitness test, and used the throw from combat training. It’s not just that he’s learning from his experiences. He’s using every trick he’s picked up to improve his odds.


Quick thingys from awhile ago, just practicing