i hate my smile here

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.


Wes in “got your siX”

Saltwaterwitchery’s 30 Days of Witchcraft Challenge

Day 1: MY MAGICAL FACE: A selfie. Cute, moody, broody, witchy: let us see yo’ face!

(Necklace by @fenland-witch. Seriously though, if you ever get a chance to buy one of her pieces you won’t be disappointed, they’re high quality and super affordable.)


oh my god i hate my smile
and my face
and i already regret this
but here we go

name: you can call me ella (please dONT sing umbrella for me, i beg you)
age: im 15 (i swear im not 10!!!!!)
zodiac sign: gemini (moon/capricorn ascendant/leo and i know this is pretty bad ):
favorite choices game: rn the royal romance!!
how long have you been playing pixelberry games: since december of last year


How many times before one of us can say it out loud? [insp.]

snowfog  asked:

nooooooo ;;w;; why the dramaaaaaa? I'm so sad when I read Keith crying a lot after saw Shiro been kissed by his co-worker. Give them some happiness please ;;w;; How about snuggle time together with the kids? Like lazying around on the couch and eat some snack? More fluuuuuuuuff

I KNOOOW! I’m so sorry for all the drama! That ask made me so sad too :(( But thank you for this happy prompt!!!

[The Voltron Family] They were making fries in the kitchen, well, more like Keith and Shiro were doing everything while Pidge was asking questions why they had to cut the potatoes that way.

Shiro: Because it’s just how it’s supposed to be.
Pidge: Why not stars or moons or a panda?
Shiro: *is the one cutting the potatoes* Because.
Keith: Because it’s easier for your Daddy Shiro.
Pidge: *snorts* Oh, I see. *giggles as she covered her mouth with her hands*
Shiro: *pouts at Keith* That wasn’t very nice.
Keith: *chuckles* *kisses Shiro’s pout away* You’ll get over it.

Suddenly Hunk entered the kitchen holding DVDs, looking happy.

Keith: *looks around* Where’s Lance? Isn’t he with you?
Hunk: *approaches Keith* *tugs his shirt down* Can we watch… *looks at the DVD he was holding* H-House of.. Max. Wax. House of Wax?
Keith and Shiro: *widens eyes* NO!
Keith: *quickly grabs the dvd from Hunk* Anything but this.
Hunk: *frowns* Why not? 
Keith: *gulps and looks at Shiro worriedly* It’s… a horror movie.
Lance: *joins them* I LOVE HORROR MOVIES!!
Pidge: *rolls eyes* No, you don’t. Stop being pretentious.
Lance: Pre-tal… What? *looks at Shiro* What does that mean, Daddy Shiro?
Shiro: *gives the look* Pidge. Apologize to your brother.
Hunk: *whispers to Lance* It means you’re a faker.
Lance: *scoffs* *glares at Pidge* You’re very mean!!
Keith: *is glad they’ve forgotten about the movie choice* Why don’t you three go to the living room while we finish cooking our snacks?

The three left the kitchen.

Shiro: *looks at the dvd* I can’t believe Hunk saw this. *chuckles*
Keith: *ponders* Great choice though. Minus the… uh, stuff that happens there. Otherwise, I really liked this movie.
Shiro: *smiles fondly at Keith*
Keith: What? You’re giving me that look again. 
Shiro: Remember that time when we first watched this movie together in theatres? It was our second date I believe.
Keith: *rolls eyes* Oh my god. Here we go again. *smiles*
Shiro: I hate horror movies but you love them. And then it was the first time you squeezed my hand. *squeezes Keith’s hand*
Keith: You’re really really corny. Have I already told you that?
Shiro: *places hand on chest* Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know I was not allowed to reminisce our past.
Keith: *looks down* *whispers* I wanted to. 
Shiro: *blinks* What?
Keith: *sighs and blushes* *looks up at Shiro* I wanted to hold your hand so bad so I chose a horror movie so I c—
Shiro: *gives Keith a soft peck on the lips* Now… look who’s corny?
Keith: *squeezes Shiro’s hand* Shut up. It doesn’t matter. We’re married now.
Shiro: *pulls Keith into a hug* *chuckles* And we can be corny together!
Keith: *grumbles* I’d really rather not.
Shiro: You know you want to!! Married couples are supposed to be corny!
Pidge: *peeks in* Are the fries done yet?
Shiro: Oooops. Almost done, sweetheart.
Lance: *shouts from the living room* They’re doing it again, aren’t they?
Pidge: *smirks as she looks at Shiro and Keith* They are!! *chuckles as she leaves* Don’t forget to actually cook the fries this time!!
Shiro: *offended* She has zero trust in us! Can you believe?! A child of mine!
Keith: *detaches himself* Get to work, soldier. *smiles in amusement*

They ended up all cuddled in the sofa while watching the new Ghostbusters. Pidge has never been so thrilled to see women who can catch some ghost. Lance claimed to be in love with Holtzmann and wanted to be just like her. Hunk was all cuddled up with his Daddy Keith and from time to time would shut his eyes when the scary parts come in. Keith would kiss his forehead to assure him that he was okay and the scary ghosts weren’t real. Shiro at one point had to get up to get more fries only to come back with his place beside Keith taken over by Lance and Pidge.