i hate my shipping habits sometimes

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What about Jensen's angry diss to Destiel at JIB? And how he forced Carver to take out a lot of the stuff in Fan Fiction? And how he said he wanted to avoid fanfiction until it went away? You think if Destiel was in the works Jensen would be acting so disgusted by it?

1) There was literally no angry diss. Jensen’s comment that he was glad there weren’t many Dean/Cas moments in season 9 was clearly a joke. After that, he said that there is nothing secret to their relationship, i.e. they do not have some secret sexual relationship. He then went on to wax poetic about Dean and Cas meaning a great deal to each other and he talked about why they’re so close. 

2) I have heard nothing about Jensen “forcing” Carver to take anything out of 10x05. This is what Jensen said:

“I didn’t have a positive reaction," Jensen Ackles told E! News. "The first time in I think 200 scripts I went and sat down in the showrunners office and said, ‘What in god’s name are you doing?! Why? I need to understand why this is happening.’”

It took some convincing from executive producer Jeremy Carver for Ackles to finally come around to the idea.

“He gave very eloquent answers and did a great job of explaining why we were doing what we were doing,” Ackles said. “I guess I had been aware of this ‘fan fiction’ for a while and I felt like maybe if I ignored it, it would eventually go away. When I read it in the script that is what I do for a living and is my work—I’m very protective of these characters and the story and I think we have a right to be—I wasn’t angry. I just wanted to understand why and what was the message we were ultimately sending with this script and story. By the end of it, I felt good and it gave me all the confidence I needed. It was better than I could have ever hoped.”

He continued, “I never should have even sat down in that office, so Jeremy, I’m sorry.”

Would YOU want to read fanfiction about yourself and/or the character that you have worn like a second skin for ten years? Would you want to experience other people describing you having sex or doing things that you would never do? Jensen is uncomfortable with fanfiction about Dean, that is hardly irrational. Maybe there are some stories out there he would enjoy, but fuck should he not get any flak for wanting to avoid it, especially when it has the stigma of being out of character and overly erotic. He didn’t want this episode to turn into some kind of circus that disrespected Dean and Sam or went over the line, so he went to talk to Jeremy about it and he ended up really happy with what they did. That’s pretty awesome.

3a) Jensen does not act disgusted by it, if he was disgusted by the idea of DeanCas he would not make the acting choices that he does. I think that Jensen is a fairly private person and it makes him uncomfortable to talk about things like that, and I think he’s very protective of Dean and Dean’s feelings for Cas is a very vulnerable spot. Also while they are usually good sports about it, NONE of the actors like to answer serious shipping questions on stage, not only because it’s usually an uncomfortable topic but because there is literally no way to please everyone and no matter what they say a portion of the crowd is going to get angry. They have to answer as diplomatically as possible, and even then a lot of people get pissed and take their words out of context.

3b) Prior to joining Twitter, Jensen has been much more out of touch with the fandom than Jared and Misha, especially Misha, who is remarkably in tune with the fans. Jensen has no clue what we talk about on here, what we say about Destiel, what it means to us, how an innocent stray word can cause pain. He also is not tumblr-educated on social issues, and he’s from Texas. So sometimes he makes jokes that to our ears sound homophobic or sexist, but that is ignorance and habit, not malice or prejudice.

3c) This is only my personal intuition, but that is something I have a gift for so I’m gonna go with it. Because he’s not immersed in the fandom, I think to Jensen’s mind, shipping = sex. Not in a judgmental, hateful way, but I just think that that’s the idea he’s gotten because he’s never sat and had an in-depth discussion with someone who cries because Dean and Cas are so in love. To him it’s the jokes about Dean/Cas or Dean/Sam having sex, and I think that not only makes him uncomfortable, I think it makes him feel frustrated and a little defensive because it can feel like having this thing you pour your life and your heart into getting reduced to a dirty joke. So he says, hey guys, Dean and Sam aren’t fucking, Dean and Cas aren’t fucking, they have this really complex and important relationship that I spend time away from my family to create and I want you to pay attention to that instead of thinking about my dick going in their butts. 

3d) Jensen is an actor. A magnificent actor deeply in touch with his character, but an actor, not a showrunner, not a writer. He does not know what is going to happen until he is given a script, and he is not sitting here writing meta about the show and analyzing its structure. He was shocked when they turned Dean into a demon, even though meta writers on tumblr had been predicting that for months. He doesn’t know if Destiel is going to go canon, that might not even be on his radar, but considering the fact that he’s played a bisexual man in a relationship with a man named Cas before, I don’t think he’s going to quit if that is where they take the show.