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Beneath the Waves (Part 3)

Part 1 | Part 2 

Part 3 of “Beneath The Waves” is finally making an appearance! Naomi (@ismill) and I are so sorry it took so long, but a lot of love is going into this series and so we want to make it perfect!! 

A note from the amazing artist herself: Hi everyone! I know that I used traditional watercolors for the first two chapters of this project, so i wanted to apologize for the sudden transition into digital art. I’ve had this program for about a month, and it feels like I’m starting to get the hang of digital art so I wanted to share that with you all! I hope you enjoy the change! - Naomi



“Um. Hello?”

I tensed, whipping my head up from the book. Someone was here? No one came down here. I looked behind me, towards the village, but there wasn’t anyone there.

I barked, “Who is it?”


Cold air filled my lungs and the waves crashing against the rocks were static noise. I probably looked like the most confused person currently living, because a voice just said hello to me even though no one is here and also that voice had sounded really fucking attractive?

“Uh. Over here?”

Was that coming from the ocean? Surely not. I jerked forward on my knees, looking out at the sea. There weren’t any boats, at least none close enough for me to hear a voice as clearly as this one’s.

I had to admit, this was the most excitement I’d gotten since Dev had brought back that bag of mint chocolate from Yorkshire last year.

The gravel of the shore bit into my knees, gusts of salty air kept blowing into my face, but I stopped caring because suddenly I saw him.

A boy, an actual boy, his shoulders barely above the water and his right hand gripping one of the sharper rocks over by the enclave.

He was beautiful.

He looked perfectly at ease in the black water, rising out of it like a fucking sun god. And fuck, did he look like a god. Tanned golden skin, dark freckles like someone had splattered him with dark paint, nervous eyes like the sea on the summer solstice.

We locked eyes. I cursed my stomach for the way it flipped and for the way my cheeks were probably red by now. I hated the way my hands gripped the gravel tight enough to draw blood. I hated the way my breath caught for a moment, and it had nothing to do with the wind choking me, suffocating everything I was trying to say.

If I had been more of my own mind, I would have immediately noticed the faint pattern of scales on his cheekbones, or the veins of turquoise in his sopping hair. I would have immediately noticed the faint shimmering of a tail, swirling in the inky darkness below the water’s surface.

But I didn’t.

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Carl Grimes Request Imagine!!

Prompt: Hey could you please do a carl x reader imagine where the reader is with them when the claimers find them and she’s in the situation that Carl was in on the show? Thank you! Love the writing btw:)

A/N: Sorry it took so long! And thank you❤️ I’m making Carl and the reader to be around 16/17 :)
Warnings: Sexual Content, Language

Carl, Rick, Michonne, and myself were walking through the woods searching for food when a herd of walkers appeared; we killed them off. As we continued walking we stopped by a trap that had a dead bunny in it. As Rick was going on about how to make traps to catch food, my mind was somewhere else. I felt like today was going to take a turn for the worst.

“Did you hear me y/n?” Rick asked me.

“Uh, yeah ” I responded quickly.

“Then what did I say?” He asked again

Carl and Michonne chuckled but quickly stopped when Rick gave them a look.

“Something about a noose and the animals run right into the trap.” I said as I felt my cheeks turn red with embarrassment. I hated being put on the spot.

“Y/n, this is why you need to pay attention more. One day, you may not have us around and how will you survive? You can’t rely on us forever”

“Rick, y/n will learn.” Michonne said, stepping in. She could tell I was a bit off today.

“Yeah dad, lay off. I can teach y/n how to do it.” My boyfriend, Carl told his father.

“I just want to make sure that y/n knows what to do in case something happens. You have to prepare for the worst.” Rick told us.

I felt stupid. I couldn’t have survived this shit world if it wasn’t for them. The reason I survived all these years were because of them; they had found me early on in the apocalypse. Rick even treated me like one of his own and that is why he was being so harsh on me. Carl noticed something was wrong and grabbed my hand squeezing it gently. Rick came over to me and put his hand on my back.

“Y/n, I’m just trying teach you how to survive. I don’t wanna lose you. You’re family.” Rick said as he pulled me into a side hug. I knew he was just looking out for me.

“I know, I appreciate it a lot” I said. I was about to say something else when we heard a guy screaming.

“Help! Somebody help!”

Carl let go of my hand and ran towards the direction of the man.

“Carl” Rick said trying to get the attention of his son.

“Carl!” He yelled again as we took off running behind Carl.

We caught up to Carl who was about to shoot something when Rick grabbed him and took him behind a tree. I didn’t realize what he was aiming at until I saw a herd of walkers in a field gathering around a man. He couldn’t stand a chance. I wanted to help, but knew it was too late. We all stood there watching the man get attacked by walkers. All of a sudden, one by one, they started to creep towards us.

“We gotta go” Michonne whispered. We took off running the other direction. We got out of the woods and were running along the train tracks when we saw about 4 walkers eating someone on the tracks. Rick and Michonne ran ahead of us and killed them while Carl and I stood behind watching them. He grabbed my hand, which caused me to look at him.

“I could’ve saved him” he said staring at the ground.

“Carl, there wasn’t anything you could’ve done.” I said squeezing his hand, making him look at me. “We could’ve been in even more danger if you tried to.”

“But we could’ve saved his life.” He said, his voice breaking a bit.

Before I could say anything, the walkers that attacked the man started to gain up on us.

“Let’s go!” Rick demanded.

We took off. About a few miles down the road, I was starting to get really hungry. My stomach grumbled.

“Sorry” I apologized.

“No need to be. I’m pretty hungry too” Rick said.

“Hopefully there are some houses down this way, maybe even a store. There gotta be some food around here somewhere” she said. She was out of breath; we were all exhausted.

“Hey look” Carl said as we spotted an abandoned truck.

We searched the car and found absolutely nothing. It was starting to get dark so Rick started a fire and cooked the rabbit that we found. After we ate, I was starting to get sleepy.

“Why don’t we go get some rest.” Carl told me, then looked to Rick “is that okay dad?”

“Yeah, I’ll wake you guys up when we are about to leave.”

“Night Rick, night Michonne. I said to them as Carl and I walked to the truck.

We got in and shut the door. I snuggled into Carl who had his arm around me.

“I wish things didn’t have to be this way” I told him.

“What do you mean babe?” He asked as he rested his chin on the top of my head.

“Like, I wish this whole zombie apocalypse never happened. I miss my family and friends and being able to sleep in a bed.”

“I know what you mean, but if it weren’t for this, I would have never met the love of my life.”

I looked up at him and kissed him.

“I love you” I said snuggling closer into him.

“And I love you” he said as he kissed my forehead. “Now get some sleep y/n”

“Okay” I said closing my eyes.

Carl and I were women up by a loud banging on the window. I looked to see who it was and it was a man I had never seen before with a knife. I was frozen in fear.

“Carl” I said holding onto him for dear life. He just stared at the man. I heard a man shouting and saw Rick and Michonne at gun point. I was so terrified.

“Joe!” I heard a familiar voice yell. “Hold up”

I turned to see Daryl, someone I’d never thought I would see again.

“These are good people” I heard Daryl say. Then one the men tackled Daryl and started to beat him up on the side of the truck.

The man who was tapping on the window opened up the truck door and pulled Carl out and threw him on the ground. I screamed and he reached inside and tried to grab me.

“Don’t touch me!” I yelled kicking at him.

He grabbed onto my leg and yanked me out. He had a knife to my throat as he shushed me in my ear.

“Let go of her!” Carl shouted as he tried to attack the guy. The man hit Carl across the face causing him to fall to the ground.

Michonne tried to stop him but another man had a gun up to her.

“You just wait your turn” he said to her.

“It was me, it was just me” I heard Rick tell the man whose name was Joe.

“First we’re gonna beat Daryl to death, then I’m gonna have the woman” Joe looked at Michonne. “Then the cute little one” he said smirking at me. “Then I’m gonna slit the boy’s throat” he looked at Carl who was being held by a different man “and then I’m gonna shoot you and then we’ll be square.” Joe finished.

He nodded to the man who had me and the man threw me to the ground. He got on top of me and forced my legs apart.

“I’m gonna have fun with you” he said as he started to kiss my neck.

I kept to push him off of me but I was too weak.

“You can try all you want, but there is no way you’re getting me off of you”

“Don’t hurt her, please don’t hurt her!” Carl pleaded.

“Once I’m finished, I’ll let her go. But I know the others are gonna want their turns on her.”

“Let her go” Rick told Joe.

The man who was on top of me started to laugh. Then a gunshot was fired and everything seemed to go in slow motion. One minute Rick was getting beaten by Joe, then I was flipped over on my stomach. Then Rick bit Joe’s neck and took a chunk of skin off. Michonne then shot the guy who had the gun on her and Daryl killed the other two who were beating him up earlier. Carl grabbed his gun and shot the guy who had him pinned down.

“Shit” I heard the guy whisper to himself.

He picked me up and brought the knife to my neck again.

“I’ll kill her!” He yelled.

“Let the girl go” Michonne demanded.

Rick picked up a knife started to make his way towards me and the man.

“No, he’s mine” Carl said as he took the knife out of his dad’s hand and walked towards us.

Carl had a look on his face that frightened me. I have never seen him look like this and boy did it scare me. The man let go of me and dropped his knife. He threw his hands in the air.

“No, please no” he begged but Carl jammed the knife into his stomach and pulled it out. He kept stabbing the man over and over and over again.

Michonne just held me as I watched Carl, the sweetest boy you will ever meet, just stab a guy over 15 times.
Rick, Daryl, and Carl where outside of the truck while Michonne and I were inside. It was morning and I was asleep, resting my head on Michonne’s lap. I woke up and had a quick panic attack.

“Y/n it’s okay. You’re fine” she said trying to calm me down. After about a minute I had calmed down.

“I c-can’t stop shaki-ing.”

“Y/n” she said as she held on to me tightly.

The truck door opened and I shot up; it scared me.

“Michonne, can I speak with y/n, alone?” Carl asked.

“Of course. I’ll be outside of you need me sweetie.” She kissed my forehead before she exited.

Carl got in and shut the door. I was still shaking and he wrapped his arms around me and just held me.

“Y/n, I’m sorry. Are you hurt?” He said letting go, examining my body.

“I’m okay, j-just still in shock” I told him.

“I’m sorry you had to see me like that” he said looking down. “I don’t want you thinking I’m a monster.”

“Carl, you did what you had to do” I reassured him. “And you’re not a monster.” I said cupping his cheek.

He looked me in the eyes and smiled.

“I don’t ever want to lose you.” He said as he rested his forehead on mine.

“You’ll never lose me” I said as I leaned in to kiss him.

A/n: yay! I finally updated! I’m sorry I’ve been slacking but school is kicking my ass! I’m also sorry if this story is kinda choppy, I’m too lazy to go back and edit it! 😭 thank you guys for being so patient with me! I love you all!

anonymous asked:

ah i know you're probably sick of Jack imagines but if it's not to much trouble could you write one about him taking care of you on a bad day, like the reader is just feeling really down and doesn't want to leave the house for the day so they just stay in bed/on the couch and Jack makes her feel better?

Similar request: Can you do a jack Maynard imagine where you have known eachother for a year (you are besties & hang frequently) and have made a few videos together (your both youtubers). you have the plague & cannot even get out of bed (you’ve been sick for days). You text him asking him to buy you soup & drop it off at your flat. He ends up making you soup and he Vlogs some footage of you for your and his vlog. You also watch a movie and it gets cute and fluffy & a little bit past friends into dating territory

I know I probably could have done these two requests separately but they would’ve ended up pretty similar anyway. I’ve changed them both slightly to fit both requests.

I rolled over in my blanket cocoon and threw my hand on the bedside table until my fingers found my phone, practically shouting the ringtone so it seemed to vibrate off my bedroom walls. With one eye open, I managed to swipe the screen.
“Hello?” My voice broke as I talked, and I wondered how long it had been since I had a drink.
“It’s me.” I immediately recognised Jack’s voice. “How’s my favourite girl?”
“Sick,” I groaned. “And tired. And hungry but I don’t want to eat.”
“So you don’t want to eat anything?”
“Not even ice cream.”
“Jack, don’t tease me.”
“Then go unlock your door, I’ll be round in ten.”
“That means I have to make myself look decent.”
“Oh, boo hoo.” And with that, he hung up. Still wrapped in the soft duvet, I padded through my apartment to unlock the front door, then shuffled to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face. I looked like death warmed up with pale skin and dark circles round my eyes. My bed-hair suggested I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards. And Jack was going to see me soon.
Being honest, Jack had seen me at my worst many times. He’d seen me without make up and with mascara streamed down my cheeks and red puffy eyes, but I hated him seeing me like that.
Just as I was fixing myself a drink in the kitchen, the front door clicked open and shut.
“Never fear, Florence Nightingale is here!” he shouted, kicking the door shut behind him.
“My hero,” I croaked, making my presence known. He smiled softly when he saw me.
“Come here, give me a hug.” He engulfed me in his arms, duvet and all. “I don’t care if I get sick.”
“You will do, whatever I’ve got is like actual death.”
“Then we’ll go to hell together.”

Jack being Jack decided that since I was in pajamas, he too had to be in pajamas, and got changed while I settled back in my bed. When he returned, he rummaged in the bag he’d brought and produced a tub of ice cream.
“You got my favourite,” I said with a raspy voice.
“Of course.” He handed it over with a spoon stolen from my kitchen, then tucked himself under the sheets with me. I could almost feel my throat thanking me as it was cooled by the treat.
“Thank you for coming round,” I mumbled, leaning my head on Jack’s shoulder.
“Hey, what are friends for?” He smiled at me and put his arm around my shoulders, and I felt myself fall in love with him all over again. It pained me to hear him call us “friends” when I wanted it to be so much more, and feeling his arm around my shoulders brought butterflies in my tummy. He’d come round and risked getting sick, and remembered my favourite ice cream flavour, but we were still just friends. Just friends.

As Mean Girls played on my laptop placed at the end of my bed, I felt my eyelids grow heavy, and then felt nothing at all as I fell into a deep sleep. I was so asleep, I didn’t even feel his lips touch my forehead or hear him whisper “I love you” before he fell asleep beside me.


I am a victimizing pile
of self-hate. Red-rimmed eyes,
bruises I left on my own cheeks,
and scars as tiny as my fingernails.
Over and over again, my skin spells,
“Be a little more.” I have spent
so long trying to destroy myself
before somebody else does. I have
drank myself sick, I have drowned
others in apologies, I have created
escape plans to get out of myself.
If I am ever a pile of ash,
it will because my hand lit the first match.


I am an endless pile of self-love.
Red lips, a strong-willed mouth, and
a kicking heart. Over and over again,
my skin spells, “You are already enough.”
I have spent so long giving myself what
others cannot. I have kissed away all of my
bruises, I have tucked myself into bed,
I have settled my feuds with myself.
If I ever have a “someone,”
they will have to understand
that before I love them, I will always love me.

—  I Am Two Sides of The Coin | Lora Mathis

Your sweetness.

Your sweetness gives me such an inexplicable feeling and only you can make that. No one else can give me goosebumps just like yours. Every time you do something i like, it makes me go blush and i am embarrassed by how my face turns red. But for you, you find it cute and you sometimes tease me because you can see how my gestures seems so awkward once you start doing something that which we know gives me chills. I like giving you punches because when i go blush, i don’t know what to do. I hate you for making my cheeks red but at the same time, i’m loving you more and more.