i hate my parents

most teenagers are into drugs and i’m into bands will parents stop complaining i’m doing fine ok

Rules of the House : How my Parents Raised Me

1) Mistakes are never allowed.
2) Never ask for help.
3) Never make the family “look bad” - even if you have to lie.
4) Do not mention God (even though we go to church).
5) Social workers are evil people; go to all lengths to make sure they never have a reason to take you away - even if you have to lie.
6) Friends are not welcome.
7) Sex does not exist.
8) Parents may never apologize, but children must apologize for everything - even things they didn’t do.   

9) Never express emotions.
10) You are always wrong.
11) You don’t deserve respect.
12) If you are not working to serve your parents, you are a horrible person.
13) Never relax. Always work.
14) Having fun is wrong.
15) Unnecessary chores are more important than homework or sleep.
16) You are lazy and disrespectful, and that can never change.
17) Violent yelling is encouraged.
18) You may not be independent.
19) Your opinion is wrong.
20) Your memories are wrong.

21) Do not socialize.
22) Fear your parents.
23) School work must be above average.
24) Do not share your feelings.

25) Always make the family look perfect on the outside.