i hate my mind at night


Joselyn rang the doorbell of her sisters house and asked her to step outside to talk. There was no need in Kevin hearing what was about to be said. She may hate her sister right now, but the best way to keep Raegan out of her life, was to ensure that she was in someone else’s. 

“I hate you for what you did, Raegan. It was selfish and mean. I don’t care what you thought Logan might feel for you, or whatever was running through your mind that night. He is my husband, and while I still have breath in my body, you will never lay your hands on him again. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Joselyn I’m so sor-”

“I don’t want to hear your half assed apology. I really don’t. I want you to stay as far away from me and my family as possible. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” There was so much sadness and regret in Raegans tone, but it fell on deaf ears.

Real Talk

It’s 2:31 AM here, and whenever I post anything at this hour, it never seems to get any sort of response. Maybe that’s why I’m choosing to post this now at this dead hour. But basically, I just really wanted to get something off of my mind that has been stirring for awhile, especially these past couple times I’ve gone to make confessions over the last few weeks. 

If I’m going to sit here and be totally, completely, 100% honest with you guys right now, the truth of the matter is that I hate making confessions anymore. What I used to find as fun, what I used to do in my free time, now feels like such a chore. I dread the action of it. Every Friday night I sit down when I get home from school and I think “ugh, I have to make x-amount of confessions tonight” when really, there are so many things I would rather be doing. I love reading them, I really do. I love finding out about new beauty gurus, I love hearing people bitch about things I think as well, I love seeing people rave about gurus I enjoy too. But it just isn’t fun anymore as it used to be, it’s become a monotonous routine. 

At the same time though, I know that I can’t just stop. Because I see that any time there is a drought in confessions being posted because I get too busy with school, or when my mental health is putting up so many walls I can’t break through, there automatically is at least one person that has to complain about it. And I get it, I don’t blame you at all, even though it is irritating when sometimes you guys just don’t get it or don’t know what I’m going through at that given moment. I do owe it to you guys. I don’t want to disappoint anyone ever. I get how disappointing it is when you submit a confession and it takes awhile for it to be posted, if it is posted at all. And I know that if I just stopped posting confessions, there would most likely be loads of people that would be upset, angry, and I don’t want any of that. I’ve been sucking it up and trying to bust my ass when I have free time to do it, but I really just don’t find it fun like it used to be for me. I’m only doing it for you guys at this point, and not for myself. Which is something I never thought it would come to.

What I would really absolutely fucking love, is to just turn this blog into my own personal makeup blog, where I can sit and chat with you guys about makeup, and beauty gurus, and brushes, and new releases, and all of the things I love answering questions about. All of the topics that my friends in real life roll their eyes over, or make a snippy remark about, all of the things that nobody else gets except for you guys, because I’ve built a community of people that are exactly my kind of people and that get what it’s like to love makeup and want to explore and share it. I love sharing my personal life too and hearing your guys’ as well, and feeling like I’m learning something about someone else and like I have people genuinely listening and wanting to know me, something I feel so few in real life ever do with me. But I feel like I can’t do that because again, I don’t want to disappoint anyone, or let anyone down. I really don’t want to take the time to make a new blog for makeup, because I do already have this one, and I’ve already dedicated so much time and effort and put my everything into creating this blog, I don’t want to lose what I have, or what we have here. 

I don’t really know where I’m going with this. Because basically I am stuck at a standstill and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to add moderators, before that suggestion is even brought up. Nor do I want to give this blog away. It’s my blog, but I’m not enjoying making confessions anymore, and I really hate that. I feel so glued down and I don’t know whether to just continue on, or if I should explore other options. 

Kudos to you if you actually stuck through this and read everything. I’m sorry you had to read through it honestly. But it’s been on my mind for a couple weeks, and I finally had to get the thoughts into words posted on here. 

It’s 2:45 AM now, and I should probably go to bed, or continue watching makeup tutorials while sitting under my fuzzy pink blanket with my Valentine’s Day socks on, which I have been doing for over an hour now. 

Good night to whoever is reading this. 

Tomorrow (part 1)

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Jung Hoseok x reader

Warnings: talks of depression, angst, fluff, love, romance, school life, teen, fic.

Part 1 – today.

               “She stood on the bridge in silence and fear. For the demons of darkness had driven her here. They cut her heart right out of her chest. Making her believe that the demons knew best. They were always there. Sometimes just out of sight; waiting until the time was right. These demons were destructive knocking down the life she knew. Hating everything about her… She hated herself too… These demons can’t be seen but they’re far from fairy tales. They live inside your mind their evilness prevails. So on the bridge she stood, about to end the fight. Then she stopped and thought, ‘I’ll fight them one more night.’” ~ Olivia B. Demons of Darkness.

               My fingers traced the deep linings of lettering as she finished speaking. I held my breath from the smooth feeling of the page. This isn’t the first time I have read this poem. I loved pomes of dark depiction. Usually I’m sitting on my bed in my dark room reading these thin pages, but today my psychology teacher was the one narrating. My eyes fell on hers and she sent me a slight smile knowing that I know this poem very well. “(Y/n) would you like to discuss the true meaning behind this poem?” she asked softly causing all eyes to fall on me.

               I felt my small figure shrink as the stares bored into me. Especially the eyes besides me. Jung Hoseok, he was the boy in class with the wide smile and bright eyes. I envied him… He was always bright and proud to be alive. I loved it. Something about him clung to me tightly and never wanted to let go. Even though we have never had a conversation, he always addressed me sweetly as he entered the room; as if I was one of his many friends. It honestly was the highlight of my day and I hated to admit it.

               I swallowed hard remembering that I needed to speak up in front of the many stares. “Um…” I started off softly tracing my fingers over the printed words I knew by heart. Trying to find my beginning, I cleared my throat. “This poem is about fighting.” I said quietly and Mrs. Browns eyes widened. She smiled and waved her hand for me to continue because she knew I knew the deep meaning in the text. I sighed softly and prayed that my cheeks weren’t as red as the felt. “Um…The true meaning of the text is overcoming the tasteless thoughts you have for yourself. Or for clearer examination, depression.” I swallowed at the word and licked my dry lips trying to bring the moisture back.

               More eyes fell on me as I released the last word. There was tiny gasp around the room as if they were finally understanding the text. In my head I scoffed and cursed at them for not understanding the simple text sooner, but instead I placed my hands in my lap and lowered my head. I was done explaining and I did not want to continue being the center of attention. I felt like they would see through my weak stature and see all the sour thoughts that circled within me.

               “Great job, (Y/N).” Mrs. Brown said softly and continued going into more detail of the text. My eyes scanned the text again as she continued to tell what I have already come to know. I felt myself relax from the embarrassment of everyone watching me. As I began to feel at ease there was a sudden burn on the side of my body. It wasn’t a physical burn but more like a mental one. As if someone was still staring at me. The stare felt strong and from the direction of Hoseok. I squeezed my hands together as I softly turned my head in his direction. My eyes widened against his soft stare. Our eyes locked and I felt like I was slipping into a daze from the gentleness of his eyes. I watched as the corners of his mouth perked and I found myself following his movements.

               “Hoseok.” Mrs. Brown called. My eyes quickly averted from his and I rubbed my shaking hand on my burning face. What the hell was I doing?  We have never stared at each other like that before…I sighed and lifted my head as I awaited his fate. “read from page 382.” She called and Hoseok happily obliged.

               I watched as he cleared his throat, the veins in his neck moving from his impulsive movements. I found myself admiring his side profile… The way his jaw was shaped was quite impressive and his nose was ‘button’ like. I twitch my fingers as I thought of touching him…

               Seeing my thoughts, I shook my head roughly and squeezed my sweaty palms against my jeans. What was wrong with me?

               “A drop of rain is like a sudden knock at the door. Unexpected, yet often welcomed with a smile. It can brighten your day or ruin your plans. It can make you laugh or make you sad. Whether the raindrop is moving fast or slow, or is big or small, it always gets everyone’s attention. A rain-drop contains many secrets. It is a bubble of anticipation and surprise. It cleanses the Earth, it feeds the flowers, and fills the holes. The raindrop is never silent. It bangs on the roof, spatters on the window, or splashes into a puddle. A raindrop.”

               My eyes widened to Hoseok’s narrating skills. I melted against his sweet voice as I replayed his vibrato over and over again in my head. “do you want me to explain what the text means?” Hoseok asked leaning back in his chair. I jumped from the sudden eye contact he gave me and quickly averted it elsewhere. He chuckled lightly and I felt my cheeks burn loudly.

               “not today we don’t have enough time. But great work Hoseok.” She said applauding him. The students followed with the claps and I gently slapped my hands together. I wanted to get out of this burning room, to not feel his stare burning my soul. I sucked in a deep breath as the last bell rang. Somewhat feeling relief, I gathered my stuff together and headed for the door.

               But before I could reach the door I was grabbed by my arm and pulled backwards. I gasped against the movement and quickly jerked my arm from the mystery holder. “hey what’s your-.” I began but froze as my eyes landed on Hoseok’s.

               He held his hands up lightly and smiled. “sorry I just wanted to see if you wanted to walk home together.” He said as he pushed his hands into his pockets. My eyes widened to his request and I felt the books in my arms loosen as I stood questioning. “I live a couple houses down from you.” He said like that was going to put my swirling mind at ease.

               I tightened my hands against my books and straightened my back. “why all of the sudden?” I questioned with my soft voice. I blinked my eyes at his surprised look as it scanned my face. “I mean we have been in this class almost all year.” I say almost like I was interrogating him. No one else was in the room to hear my voice projecting from this strange feeling that moved through my body. “I mean if we have lived so close together for a while now; why is this the first time you’re asking me?”

               Hoseok scoffed as his back was pushed against the wall. Unwillingly I was walking forward as I was questioning him harshly. I felt bad watching his worried stance. I took a step back and cleared my throat as if it would erase everything that just happened. He held his hands up in defense and smiled at me. “listen I moved in the new place a week ago and I just noticed the other day you lived close to me.” He pushed himself off the wall and dipped his head close to mine. “sorry I asked.” He said turning to walk out of the classroom.

               My breath was caught in my throat and I was glued to my spot. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. I just pushed away a perfectly sweet boy who just wanted to take me home because I thought it was strange. I was so rude to him unwillingly and I felt horrible about it. I cursed to myself as I silently walked out of the warm building and into the cool streets. I hissed through my teeth and I hugged my books closer to my body in hoping that the books would give me warmth.

               As I walked up the hill to my house, my eyes caught on the dark clouds that were beginning to roll in above me. I squeezed my fingers against the pages of my books and hoped that the rain wouldn’t come down until I was inside my house. While finishing my walk to my home I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through Hoseok’s head right now. I bet he thought I was crazy or some bitch now. “ugh!” I sighed as I tried to shake my negative thoughts from my mind. As I shook my head I flinched against the cold raindrop that kissed my skim.

               I cocked my head up and watched as the dying sky began to cry above me. I lowered my head slowly realizing my stuff was completely soaked by now. I squeezed my stuff closer to me and made a sprint to the safety of my warm, dry, home.

                                               ~~~                                                                                        ~~~

               I traced my fingers down the window as I pretended to connect the raindrops to one another. I always loved the way raindrops would slowly gather together to form into one giant raindrop and then burst. It was kinda romantic in a way. I guess I looked at it like that from all the poetry I have been reading lately. “(Y/n)!” I sat up straight to my mother’s voice and ran down the stairs to see what she needed. My eyes landed on her tired ones and I could tell she was obviously too exhausted to heat up her left overs from dinner. She always came home late because of work but this was getting to be ridiculous. “Can you go check the mail for me?” she asked as she weakly shoved the leftovers in the microwave and gently pressed buttons.

               I flinched against the starting time of the microwave and rolled my head tiredly. “it’s raining though.” I say rubbing my un covered legs. I was already in my pajamas which were shorts and a long t-shirt. My mother gave me a look like she was saying, ‘does it look like I care.’ And I instantly agreed to do it. “alright but if I get sick it’s on you.” I joked stepping into my rain boots and exiting the door.

                My eyes widened to the pale lamp post lighting that kissed the dark drenched streets. I sucked in a long breath and braced myself for the worse as I stepped out into the rain. I flinched against the instant wet feeling on my arms. “burr.” I purred and rubbed my arms as I ran to the mailbox. I fumbled my shaking hands against the lid of the mailbox and quickly retrieved the items inside. As I closed the mailbox I felt that familiar burn on the side of my body. Not the physical burn, but the mental one.

               I quickly snapped my head to the left of me and froze to the scene. There he was, standing in the pouring rain; looking up at the sky like someone just died. I felt my heart sink as he rolled his head in my direction and made eye contact with me. “hose-.” I began but stopped as I watched a fake smile crawl to his face.

               “hey (Y/n).” he replied and rolled his head back towards the sky and bathed in natures shower. I found myself walking closer to him. He sensed my presence and rolled his head back towards my direction. My eyes widened to the broken expression on his face. “what are you doing out here?” he asked and rubbed his hand through his soaked hair.

               I scoffed not focusing on the pouring rain soaking every part of my body but focusing on Hoseok. “I could ask you the same question.” I replied itching to reach out and touch him. To make sure this was all real and that I wasn’t just seeing things.

               He chuckled lightly and rolled the bottom of his shirt out. I watched as the drenched clothing leaked long streams of warm water, due to his body heat. He held his hand out to the gently falling water. “looks like the rain is coming to a stop.” He watched the dark clouds slowly roll away as the rain disbursed into a soft mist. The starry night sky finally shows its colors as the clouds disappeared. “I’ve always hated the rain.” He said turning his head back to me, this time with a worse expression on his face.

               I squeezed the wet pieces of mail in my hands as I watched Hoseok’s chest heave. “Then why were you out here?” I questioned daring to step closer to his slumped body. For some reason I wanted to comfort him, to tell him everything was going to be okay and that I was here for him.

               He sucked in a hiss of air through his teeth and shook his wet hair. His eyes darted back on my own and he sighed. “To forget…” he said softly sending my body into a frozen state. I watched as the bottom of his lips softly quiver and then quickly averted my glace as he turned away. He cupped his hand over his mouth, “you should go back inside (Y/n).” he cracked and I watched as his back softly shook.

               My mind fell numb but my body didn’t. before I could stop myself, I was launching my arms around him and breathing into his large back. he froze as I hugged him from behind. I opened my eyes wide as my mind birthed feeling again. “umm…” I say trying to come up with an excuse as I began to remove my hold.

               “no.” he says grabbing my hands and pulling them back on his stomach. My eyes widened as I was forced back against his back. “please, just a little longer.” He said softly as he sniffled. I softly hummed against his back confirming I would hold this stance for a little while longer. I pushed my ear against his heaving back and listened to his soft rhythmic heartbeat.

               “whatever happened or is happening, just know you can talk to me from now on.” I say without thinking and squeezed my hands tighter around him as I pull away. Not looking at him or waiting for a response I grab my things and walk back to my house. The whole night I kept thinking of the smiling, laughing Hoseok who sat beside me. Then I pictured the Hoseok that was crying in my hold and I realized that something wasn’t right. He was emotionally broken…


(im honestly excited for this series i think it is going to be one beautiful ride and by the way go check out @all–kill amazing gifs including the one i used for tomorrow. love you!!!)

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Do u think bellarke well get together in season 3 or at least have any really good moments for us

I’m sorry this took so long, but after that episode I have a completely different answer than what I was going to give you because HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT EPISODE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!

So originally I was going to say that I thought we’d get some moments, but not very many. I thought we were going to definitely get some relationship development towards that path of being in love, but last nights episode completely changed my mind!

Bellamy went to such extents to find the Clarke that there isn’t a doubt in my mind anymore that he loves her a lot (not that there was really any doubt before). Throughout the entire episode we saw him become more and more desperate to find Clarke until he finally had enough of waiting and went out on his own. Before that though he reminded the others that they needed to find her (“I hate to break this up, but we need to find Clarke.”, “We’re losing her.”) and he’s definitely the most determined out of all of them to find her.

We saw so much raw emotion from Bellamy in this episode towards his feelings for Clarke that I was genuinely surprised that the writers gave us as much as they did. Though Bellamy is very in tune with his emotions and usually leads with them (that’s why she’s the head and he’s the heart) we’ve only ever seen him really bare his emotions when it came to Octavia or saving their people. So to see him so openly show just how desperate he was to find her was really refreshing. We’ve seen Clarke express how she feels towards Bellamy before (”I need you.”, “I can’t lose you too.”), so it to see it flipped around was really cool and very surprising!

Bellamy was willing and almost did die in this episode to save her and if that isn’t love I don’t know what is.

He was willing to run through a field of Azgeda warriors to get to her

Waited by the entrance of the cave because he was so eager to find her

Disguised himself, snuck out when no one was looking and actually went into a field filled with Azgeda soldiers

Finally found her and FREAKING STROKED HER FACE!

Then he got attacked and stabbed for trying to save her

Then still tried to go after he when he couldn’t even walk

And just when we thought we couldn’t possibly get hit in the feels any harder, he says this…

Just this episode alone gave me so much hope for the future!

Although I don’t think they’ll be together by the end of this season I do think there is a very large possibility that Bellamy realizes he’s in love with her by the end of the season if this episode was any indication :)

Toxic (M)

Summary: Drug Dealer Taehyung AU. Illegal habits, sleepless nights, and distrust; a toxic relationship that the both of you refuse to walk away from.

Genre: Angst, Smut; 2790 words

Warnings: Alcohol/Drug use

A/N: This is what happens when I have requests waiting to be done, but my mind wanders off to other things. Please don’t hate me 😭

Lustful, envious eyes amongst the crowd of your observers; watching, waiting for you to quit the teasing and to just get on with it because they had money – fives, tens, fifties, and even hundreds – in their hands that needed to be thrown on stage for your personal security guards to collect once your show is finished. But little did they know that that same money is going to be spent on the finer things in life, and in your dictionary, the ‘finer things in life’ actually meant illegal narcotics to support your own damn habit that’s provided by your own damn boyfriend.

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In real life like outside of your own headcanons based on personality... who do you think Harry would most likely have drunkenly kissed: Liam or Niall

listen…i just want you to know i sat and stared at a wall for 10 minutes last night trying to decide because it’s almost a dead even tie in my mind. but deep down in my heart its screaming liam.

liam is so touchy, tactile, and never afraid to show or speak about his affection. then there’s harry who’s clingy, attentive, and usually horny, actually always horny. i just envision harry knocking on liam’s hotel door at 2am after a messy night of drinking too much tequila at the hotel bar and liam answers after having a quiet night in playing video games and drinking one too many beers. liam looking on at harry lovingly and finding it humors as harry slightly slurs his words despite trying so hard to pretend like he doesn’t still have the taste of lime and salt on his lips. both feeling the warm haze of alcohol settling over their bodies. the tingling need to wrap their extremities around each other and trace their fingers across the others cheek, their jawline, their lips. both feeling extra enamored, but Liam trying to play it cool -trying to play it off like he’s not aching to have harry curled up next to him in bed. He’ll humor Harry for a few minutes before he’ll send him on his way reminding him to drink some water before he falls asleep. He could never let harry know how much he thinks about him - whether it’s while he’s driving down the familiar roads back home, absentmindedly while he’s messing around on his phone, or when he’s 20 minutes into his shower with his hand wrapped & pumping around himself on the verge of coming harder than he has in weeks - he’s always thinking about him. So when Harry pouts his lip at liam’s soft caring concerned voice telling him to go get rest, it pulls on liam’s heart more than he expected. liam gives him a tiny pat on his butt before telling him to ‘come on, then’ giving into harry’s request to cuddle in bed for the night because his bed back in his room is ‘far too big for one person’ (it’s only a queen - liam knows this - but pretends harry’s reasoning is legitimate). When Liam crawls into bed in nothing but some over sized sweatpants, harry follows suit and curls up right into his arms. his head nuzzling into his neck. Liam can smell the sweet scent of harry’s shampoo and the lingering scent of his cologne from the day. the bed is cold but the heat of harry’s body is overwhelming in the most calming manor. they haven’t done this before but yet it feels so familiar and so natural - harry fits perfectly into the curve of liam’s body. Liam runs his hand up harry’s bare back, following his lower spine up to his neck before massaging his finger tips into harry’s harry. he can hear harry’s breathing tremble slightly with each touch. it’s quiet & dark but their window leaks some light into the room - just enough that he can see harry shift and slowly look up at him before he places the softest lightest kiss onto his lips. harry pulls back only a few inches before looking back up at liam - looking for any bit of confirmation. harry’s about to say sorry, about to say he should go back to his room & apologizing for crossing a line - but before he can even gather his thoughts he feels liam’s hand on his cheek pulling him in. liam’s tongue brushing slightly across harry’s lips before kissing him again. they’re still soft tiny kisses, both playing it slow. harry tastes like heaven, also a bit like tequila, but mostly like heaven. after a few more slow kisses he can feel harry’s tongue dancing into his mouth. their lips kissing deeper and deeper now. little bites to bottom lips, and small smiles in between kisses. harry pulls back slightly, looking up at liam with nothing but affection in his eyes. ‘love you, liam’ he say’s before he curls his head against liam’s chest. the feeling of harry warmly wrapped around him brings the utmost feeling of calm and comfort across liam’s entire mind and body before they both lull into sleep. 

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Twins masterlist/fics? (Not inscest omg just one of them has a twin brother)

Double Act -  When Phil falls in love with Dan’s twin, Dan finds it increasingly difficult to show his true emotions towards the situation, especially when his brother comes to visit. But will Phil’s drunken mind suddenly change everything between the three of them? Read on to find out more!

Late Nights, Early Mornings (2) - “I may have accidentally had sex with my boyfriend’s twin last night…and he didn’t stop me.”  “How was it?”  “Fantastic, but that’s not the point.”

Two Of A Kind - Phil doesn’t have a best friend in his life. That is, until Dan turns up at his school. They become close and Phil finds out that Dan has a twin brother, but hates to talk about him. It’s not until Phil comes over to Dan’s house that he finds out why.

- Sam

It kills me inside, it feels like my flesh is turning into ashes. Please, get out of my mind, I don’t want to suffer anymore, there’s no love between you and me, it ended before it started. Understand that one night didn’t change me, but it was enough to make me hate you.
—  That was what he said.

I spend my whole day
trying to forget you.
But each night,
the only thought
on my mind is you.

I know that for all the pain
you put me through,
I should hate you.
But no matter how hard I try,
I continue to love you.

I know that though I want you,
I can’t have you.
Despite knowing that
you’re not coming back,
I still continue to wait for you.

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Your PSA post... Do you mind if I asked what happened? What's going on?

Like I mentioned, one of the kindest and most well-liked members of my main fandom passed away last night. I know this fandom can be very psychologically draining and I don’t want to lose anyone else, so I’m just asking everyone to please take care of themselves. It has nothing to do with fandom, really, outside of worrying about the psychological impact of the hate and personal attacks that tend to hit Reylo shippers. I just want all of you to be safe. Please.


Please help I’m losing my goddamn mind at this music video

I want to memorize the curves of your shoulders and the angles your collar bones make. I want to be able to see your smile lines when my eyes are closed and it’s pitch dark at night.
Tell me how you like your coffee. I will never forget how to get it right.
Let me into the dusty corners of your mind and I will find all the beauty that you’ve held locked inside.
Tell me what you hate most about yourself and I will prove to you that you are the product of perfection.
If you give me a few moments and a chance to get to know you, you will undoubtedly become the metaphor that I compare to beauty that cannot be captured, beauty that cannot be expressed with simplicity.
I will not stop writing about how you give light to the dimmest moments.
I will not tire letting my mind spill the beauty I see within you onto ink stained paper pages.
—  k.j.h. “My metaphor.” (33/365)
Am I too Late 2 (1/2)

Sorry I’m late guys. But this only half of the second chapter. I’ve been really busy with school but I will finish this. 

Please don’t hate for any mistakes with my writing lol 


Watching y/n walk away that night killed me. 

But I worked hard to move on.
I made sure to just focus on my music and not let my mind wonder to thoughts of y/n.

It had been 6 months since I last saw y/n. The last I heard from her, she was still in love with her “boyfriend”. I tried hard to hate him, but to be honest he didn’t seem that bad, besides the fact he was with the love of my life.
He had a great job, made a lot of money, he was kind and contributed to many different charity events often. He had clear skin, was in shape, funny, and most importantly made y/n insanely happy. How could I be made at that?

Thinking about this made me upset all over again. So I decided to call my friend Mino and see if he wanted to go out tonight. He was all up for the plan, and already had a club in mind that we could to.
“All the hottest women will be there hyung, you’ll get your mind off of y/n in no time!” he promised.


We had finally arrived to the club and I was having second thoughts. I didn’t meet other girls and this was probably a bad idea. Mino could tell I was questioning myself.
“Look hyung, no one is asking you to find a new girlfriend, but maybe someone to just get your mind off of things” he winked.
All I could do was sigh and smile. I’m not really that type of guy but dancing with other girls and letting go isn’t a crime.

In the club, I was actually having a good time. We had met up with some of our other friends  and the night was going really well. We were low on drinks so I decided to go to the bar and order some more.

“Can I get about 20 soju bombs” I yelled over the music to the bartender
“Coming right up”
I instantly started scoping out the club. There was plenty of beautiful women dancing on the dance floor, but I just couldn’t find one that really caught my attention.
But then, someone walked through the entrance and she was stunning.
She had curly hair, like really tight curls curly.
Her skin was brown and glowing.
She was wearing the strap-less red dress with matching red lipstick and some black high heels.
She was y/n

My jaw literally hit the floor.
I didn’t know what to do.
I started to walk off, but we were heading towards the same direction and I didn’t want her to see me. So I turned the other way which was a dead end into the wall.
So I went back to the bar, which was good because I need to get my drinks.
“Coming with the soju bombs now, I’ll follow you to your table” the bartender reassured as he turned to grab the drinks. Then y/n walked up beside me, ordering a drink. She hadn’t even noticed me. I need to get out of here.
Just then, some douche bumped into me, making me bump into y/n.
“Sorry, sorry” I mumbled trying to get away.
“It’s oka- … Jiho?”

Most of you don’t know, but I struggle with really bad anxiety and have since I was about 15. I hate it and think it’s the dumbest thing ever (because why would your own mind make you freak out?) but it’s also very real and overwhelming. This @toughluckco print is one of my favorite things in my house for that reason, because it constantly reminds me to just slow down. Oh, and the red roses are for #thebachelor nights because that’s hilarious.


A little closer?

   It was getting dark and getting colder. I said goodbye to Jane regretting having to go in the opposite direction. I really hated to walk alone, especially if it was night. Suddenly I saw a silhouette far away playing with a dog. I hadn’t the curiosity to look more closely, but it was familiar, so I tuned the view and.. Sean?
Eileen: Oh well, look who’s here. I did not think you had a tender side. - I smiled mockingly.
Sean: My dog knows who relax me.
Eileen: Is a..?
Sean: Husky, yes. He is still a puppy.
Eileen: Can I.. touch him? I mean, if you don’t mind, of course.
   He smiled with curiosity. I don’t know why, but he was really sexy when he smiled like that.
Sean: Yeah, but beware, he bites the brats. He said jokingly, but with a serious tone.
   I sat next to the dog caressing him with fingertips. Sean looked at me tense. For a moment I tought it was not funny to him that I touch his dog. But then the puppy began to pounce on me, knocking me to the ground and licking my face, so I started making a fuss.
Eileen: Sean, Sean! Make it stop!
   At that moment he seemed to relax and began having fun.
Sean: Beiron, attack!
   It was a fun time, but I began to feel overwhelmed. So I tried to ask for help him with gestures. He whistled and within seconds the dog left me free, allowing me up.
Sean: I think you’ve had enough. It begins to darken. Come on, I’ll accompany you at home.

History Music Video: My Live Reaction

• nice of them to remind me that Harry Styles owned my ass even when he was a mop of curls and beanies
• “you gotta help me, I’m losing my mind” yh u and me both Styles
• honestly I don’t know if I can get through this video, look at Zayn, look at how happy they were does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes
• oh my god the fetus zouis I can’t handle this at all
• that jumper Louis is wearing is so ugly but I love him so I’ll let it slide
• Lima looks so good I’m so 😩😩😩
• never forget the moment Louis fell over so they all fell over #frenshep
• I’m literally not even half way through the video but I’m fully in hell
• the flashbacks to them with zayn I’m going to need several thousand years to recover I miss ot5 so much
• Shirtless Harry with no tattoos 😔😔😔 He was so young 😔😔😔😔
• Ah shit fam we are entering Prime Harry time, u kno what I’m talking about, tanned and quiffed and he started wearing the bandannas pls pray for me
• get the fuck away from me they are doing the can can in a line they are such dorks I hate them so much
• that shot of their asses tho, A+ content, great camera work, 10/10 would watch again
• i love those boys with all my heart, they truly mean the world to me and I’m so grateful for the memories I’ve had because of them.

fanwright asked:

Would you mind elaborating more on your thoughts for Yue / Sokka? I think you and me see eye-to-eye on this. While Sokkla may be my #1, other ships like Yue / Sokka I just can't bring myself to hate. It was like seeing a legend being played out scene by scene and I always compare Sokka to a wolf crying in the night up at a full moon.

Yue and Sokka are just adorable beyond words. Ghostly, the people who do hate Yue and Sokka/Yue because of shipping reasons, probably aren’t fans of Sokka. Thats how I feel.. 

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