i hate my manips :(

jemma simmons as wonder woman
(+ fitz as steve trevor)
requested by @agentverbivore


Teen Wolf Polyamory Saturday → Derek/Lydia/Stiles + Road Trip AU

After everything settles down, and before going off to finish off their last year at college; Lydia and Stiles decide to drag Derek on a cross country road trip as a last hurrah before they all have to study. Derek for his PhD in ancient languages (Stiles still hates when Lydia and Derek talk Archaic Latin as if everyone speaks a dead language, goddamnit). Lydia is doing a degree in Mathematics, and Stiles is finishing off Criminal Law, not that it matters until summer ends.

Dreli AU -- The Vow

After a severe car accident, Eli loses all recollection of the past year of his life – which entirely encompasses the time in which he was dating Drew. Upon realizing that his boyfriend considers him a perfect stranger, Drew resolves to stop at nothing to make Eli remember him again. But when pieces of Eli’s old life come back into the picture, Drew begins to wonder if he even stands a chance at winning the boy’s heart for a second time.


Jackunzel Week 2014
Day 3: Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

Seasons AU » There is a single day every year where he sees her; and it is only on this day that he can. And all he can do is look, never touch, as if she were a museum piece, the most valuable one of them all; and as Winter fades into Spring … so does he.