Mentally unstable

I try not to be envious

But i can’t , i fucking can’t cut these thoughts

My mom says god is always fair , i know that and i believe in it

But i wanna know what’s special about me ?

My class is full of smart , cute girls with happy lives ( or at least lives that are better than mine)

In the same time there’s me ! An ugly girl who has a childish laugher and childish acts with mental illnesses and bad grades , low self-esteem and a weak personality

I don’t blame boys for not liking me , i don’t like me either

Am i deserving of anything ?

I really want to die , but god didn’t kill me yet

Please god i want to die , pleease

I don’t want to commit suicide , it hurts , i wanna die normally

Realizing how alone you are is one of the worst feelings.

A message to someone I love


idk what’s worse.. being in love with someone who will never know you exist or someone who doesn’t even exist

Peter: [deep breath] Wade and I are engaged.

Tony: [looks at Wade] You should have asked me first

Wade: You aren’t really my type though..

Us: man I hope Lance’s vlog isn’t him being used as a joke and has actual depth like Keith and Allura’s

Lance’s Vlog: *is him being used as a joke and has no actual depth like Keith and Allura’s*