i hate my job so much right now

help a trans dude eat

I only have $110 in my bank account until January and my T is $100 (and something I have to pay for immediately). I have a shitty on-campus job that doesn’t pay much but I can’t work right now because it’s break so if anyone wants to help me buy groceries my PayPal is paypal.me/dogcalledbambi or jjhinty@gmail.com Please reblog!!

“I know I told you to try my job, but I didn’t say you could be better at it than I am.”

“I guess I can respect that you won’t talk behind my back, but that doesn’t mean I want to listen to you bad mouth me to my face.”

“You need to back off or they’re going to punch you in the eye again.”

“I hate you so much right now. Wipe that smile off your face.”

“You can only embarrass yourself so many times before you become immune to it.”

“Little did you know, I was only holding your hand to leech your warmth.”

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i hate my job im going through so much right now and my managers keep bullying me and i cried for almost 15 minutes because my emotional state is hanging by a thread due to what im going through i can normally handle it but im so close to quitting because i cant think straight fuck this place and fuck every customer who was rude to me the last 3 days

I just have to vent for a moment.

I hate my job so fucking much right now. It makes me so sad, because I love teaching. I’m pretty good at it. I feel like it is valuable work and work that is (generally) valued and respected. Secretary of Education notwithstanding.

But I hate the district I’m in. With the exception of my three language arts team mates, who make it so I can at least drag my ass to work every day, this place is a nightmare. The inmates have taken over the asylum.

I know middle school is a tough gig. I’ve spent my career working in one. But this place is awful. My coworker, who is also new to the district, says she has never experienced the chaos and disrespect rampant here.

My roommate tells me I’m strong and I can survive this. But at what point does the cost of survival become too much?

I’ll tell you. It is at this point.

I’ve got four months left, and you can be sure I’m looking for a new school. Because it hasn’t managed to kill my faith in public education and in students (even middle schoolers). But I will be glad to shake the dust of this place from my sandals.

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OH. MY. GOD. You rock, you absolutely rock! Good way to show others how much you hate YoI! Like, really? You confirm it in these 5 metas, you write it every now and then, and still? People are asking? I'm just? Laughing? 'Cuz I absolutely get it. You love a thing (a show in your case) so much, you just want to see it work healthy, you point out everything you find wrong/badly-written, and people still ask. Wth is wrong with people, srly. You did a great job right there. Absolutely awesome. 1/2

And I hope you’ll catch up to that sleep loss soon (from personal experience, I know how irritating it is). Have a lovely day! 2/2

I’m fully rested now! :D Thank you for the concern!

Honestly though, when I woke up the next morning I was full of “Why do I let sleep-deprived me make decisions?” regrets…but that video still stands. I’m glad there’s people like you who understand where I’m coming from. 

What if AFI never go on tour again and I missed my one and only chance to meet Davey Havok. I’m such a dumb asshole. I was gonna go wait by the tour bus too. I hate myself so much. This is worse than the time I turned down a potential date with a really cute girl. Or that costume job offer I turned down because I was doing that shitty internship.

My life would be so good right now if I could make good decisions instead of shooting myself in the foot constantly.

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Shaya: I'm reading Debt of Time right now and at chapter 105 I've been crying so much and I still want to keep reading. I don't know how you do it but THANK YOU. For the SUI: Tell us about a pet peeve of yours?

Totally didn’t see this during the SUI, sorry! Hmm … pet peeve. I hate lateness. I am ALWAYS early. If I am 5 minutes early, I’m late. If I am 15 minutes early, I’m on time. When I used to work out of the house, I would show up to my job anywhere from 30-45 minutes early just to settle in for the day. When people MAKE me late by running late themselves, I lose my mind. Instant fury. If people have a standing appointment with me and can’t even both to text a quick “Sorry, running behind, be there in 10″ then I get so pissed.

I really need prayers and encouragement. I fell into sin today and it sucked. I start my new job tomorrow. There’s been so much good God has been doing but when you are an idiot like me it just feels like all progress has been lost. I know this is my fault and I am so disappointed in myself. I had a chance and help to choose the right thing instead. I didn’t. How can God love me in a place like this where I hate myself over one mistake? I don’t feel motivated to do anything now, I want to mope around in my failure. How does He pick me up out of this?

I know God loves me in Christ and His forgiveness and grace covers. But it’s like I ruined growth He was doing. I ripped down progress. This isn’t a performance-based relationship with God but why do I suck sometimes. Why do I fail. Why do I choose the wrong things when I see so clearly how beautifully He works when I keep after Him over following my own foolishness.

Jesus, take my crap. Take it away and show me who I am in You. Show me how there’s more if I trust You. Heal how broken I feel and restore.

Please help

I hate doing this so much, but nothing else is working right now and I need any help I can get.

I’ve been having trouble getting a job due to getting my wrist fractured in my last job. It’s put me out since December and hasn’t healed right. This has put me in a tight spot financially and I’ve been having panic attacks due to my anxiety going crazy. I have rent due by the 15th and I have to have it in or I’ll get evicted. My next pay check doesn’t come until June 1st, and my landlord will not wait. I have no family around here and all my friends live far away. I only need to get at least $290 to be able to stay where I’m at.

So, I’m reaching out here for any help. In return I can do:

•$5 dollar tarot readings, I can do as detailed as you want.
•handmade wands
•I can get you herbs, crystals, etc
•necklaces, bracelets, charms
•spell bottles
•just ask and I’ll see what I can do

Please, I’m in a very difficult position right now so any help is appreciated. If you can’t give anything then please reblog this to pass it around. I’ve spent a good part of my life homeless and this is the most stable place I’ve been at so far. Anything at all helps. If you can help, message me and I can give you the info. Thank you

SO I REALLY HATE TO MAKE POSTS LIKE THIS but money’s pretty tight at home right now (long story short i’m mentally ill and can’t handle a job atm and i live with my mom who is physically disabled)

basically i need to pitch in more which is kinda difficult when you have $20 to your name ya feel me

so if you want to buy some cute furry art check out my commission info! (you could also donate if you want i guess??)

signal boosting is also very much appreciated! thank u for ur time

please help

i’m kind of freaking out right now. my cat mordechai is sick and i don’t know what’s wrong with him. i can afford to take him to the vet, but i won’t have enough left over for rent because i’m still looking for a new job. i hate having to beg like this, but if you can spare anything i would appreciate it so much. my paypal is evlyn.crowder@gmail.com

For Her

Part Two

Part One

Hello, loves. Back again! I’m sorry for taking so long—work has killed me, and…well, let’s just say the past couple of days have been torture, but I’m going to have a little more time, now. It turns out that…I do not have the strength of will for my second job, and as much as I hate quitting, and I feel so horrible about it…I feel I’ve done the right thing.

…Right. That’s not important. What IS important, is that I have the second (and final) part of “For Her” ready for all you lovely people, and especially rare-ideas, the lovely person who made the request. My dear, I hope it’s to your liking!

I shall quote the request again:

“Could u write Newt x Reader, where reader is sent up to the glade with her 5 year old sister (your choice of name) and she’s protective over her and scared. Newt makes them feel welcome and her sister starts to like him. He makes her laugh and plays with her which makes the reader like him too. One night the reader has a meltdown and newt finds her in her room. She blames herself for not being able to make things better for her sister and he comforts her. With fluff at the end? Please and thanks"

Now, I seem to have a tendency toward emotional stuff, but as the request states, I do have fluff! And Arti turned out to be super cute, I think.

Warnings: Nothing severe, but feelings of letting someone down, rage, and defeat.

Alright. Off we go!

The Gardens are boring…but they’re safe.

Things had to be moved around, a bit; a couple of boys got moved to doing harder work, and Alby, Newt, and Zart, all assigned me to things like planting, weeding, and picking.

Sometimes, Arti helps us. But she’s a little girl, with a somewhat short attention span, and she tends to like to play.

She should.

There’s not much we can give her, here, but the Builders cut up some boards in to blocks for her, and the Runners, with some reluctance, give her two sheets of paper a day—she’s careful with them, covering the back and front in drawings and the few words she knows, but she’s beginning to understand.

It’s hard for her, but I’ve done my best to make it easier. I give her all the love and affection I can, taking extra time every morning to do her hair a different way. She likes braids the best, but I change it, so I can spend time with her. The boys don’t begrudge me.

They love Arti, too.

Newt, especially, seems fond of her. Every day, around lunch, he drops all his obligations and spends an hour with her. At first, it was because she needed someone to trust, someone to play with, and I was still learning—Zart spent a week teaching me thoroughly, so that, if I needed, I could take care of anything within the Gardens without help.

But now, it’s because she asks for him, and even Alby can’t deny the sweet-faced little girl just one hour.

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attention dunwall citizens

2 days ago i meant to make a post about how i wanted to take a break from tumblr and social media until i got my shit figured out, since i felt a depression episode coming…

ive dealt with crippling feelings of abandonment, the stress over having to pay my weird debt to my dad, how much i hate my work place and how i get panic attacks almost daily because of it, almost started self harming again and got suicidal thoughts. the last couple of weeks have been living hell lol

but right now everything just took an 180°, because of donations i didnt even ask for i was able to pay off almost the entire debt, which i think is so crazy? i dont even know how to show gratitude im speechless over that i have so loyal followers. love you ALL seriously

also i got a job!!! today i found out i got the job as shiftleader @ starbucks, ive only been a barista for 3 months and im already moving up ;) i can FINALLY leave espresso house and all the bad vibes and panic attacks + i get better pay and experience hee haa

im finally inspired to draw and create stuff again, i havent been for months. also more streams are coming!!!! i really wanna get back to doing that more regularly!

and ive started seeing a guy like. ive known him for maybe a bit more than 2 years and suddenly we just ? started hanging out a lot and i just have such a great time with him every time. turned out hes liked me for a while but since i was so caught up with the whole depressing mattias business i just didn’t “see” him. we went out last wednesday and played pool and darts and weird japanese arcade games and i laughed more in that night than mattias ever made me no joke im really happy about this turn of events. also um his name is torbjörn i LITERALLY cannot get anymore stereotypically swedish than this

im really happy and excited right now ok <3

Hey guys
I hate to be doing this but I really need as much help as possible right now
I just lost my job a few days ago. My manager had it out for me and was looking for any possible reason to get me fired. She found her reason when I was late to work. So now I’m jobless and rent is due in a few days
Any little bit would help I just really need all the help possible right now please please guys
I love you all so much
Message me for my info please
I’ll promote you or try to help you out within means
Thank you babys

I want my teen years to be like the movies.

Teenagers are supposed to have fun, get their first kiss, and sneak out at night to go to parties. They’re supposed to get boyfriends and girlfriends. They’re supposed to have sex. They’re supposed to find a place they fit in. They’re supposed to be full of life and rebellion. Right?

That’s only the movies. In real life we stay home and feel like we’re wasting our time. We’re socially awkward, and we slowly lose friends. In real life, we stay up late feeling like shit, and curse our tired eyes and limbs the next day. We have jobs we hate. And we develop habits that are not romantic or cute.

Now I’m 18, and I feel like I’ve missed out on so much. I’m still waiting for my first kiss. This is not a movie. This is real life. This, right now, is real life.

—  journal entry, 11/2/2015