i hate my blog bc i hate u

sorry if any of my posts made it seem like im mad at or making fun of ppl who are gullible / believed that mysweetstruggles was a real person and not a troll blog. i totally get falling for stuff like this. i just want ppl to stop giving the blog attention / trying to “call them out” bc thats what they want

if u wanna direct ur hate at anyone, do it at people who are trying to defend mysweetstruggles. bc while mss is an obvious troll blog that was made 2 weeks ago, some of the people going “uwu dont hate on kins,,, hitler factkins are valid” are unfortunately real.

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me: enough time has passed.... I can live life normally after the chanel selfie u: *posts art of dan IN HEELS* me: fUCK phil: *wears that butterfly shirt* me: ok.... I can move on from this u: *arts that 2 bc u hate me personally and viscerally* me: shit ): I guess mine whole life is ovor

i just hate everyone personally and viscerally :/ especially dan and phil which is why i made this blog to vague them constantly


a few things things

I’m not on as much anymore but i’m not on hiatus either so less content? and the giveaway post won’t be posted for a a while lmao

my askbox will remain open but i’m taking a break from answering asks mostly bc of “the whole ur not a lesbian bc of ur name and pronouns uwu shit” and bc im on break I’m not really on desktop and i hate not having things tagged for some reason so i lowkey haTe not being able to tag asks

however please continue to send please send pls tag/delete posts asks bc ur important and i want u to be comfy on my blog!!! also continue to send encouraging/kind asks please it’s nice to know someone’s listening!

abt pms uhmnhhjjn if i don’t answer u,, don’t worry ily a lot!! i’m : ) with talking to ppl atm

ty for reading! pls like or reply to this post!!

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ack why are people so eager to bother you, obviously youre tired of the j*milton issue so???? people should just leave it and move on. its a ship and you and others have good reason to dislike it. if anything it makes me like you more as a person to be dealing with these bothersome anons honestly

yeah the whole j*amilton hate already became a running gag in my blog but i dont rly wanna talk abt why i hate it anymore lmao(i keep copy-pasting the same shit i tell ppl in private n it brings back memories of my shitty ex haha). Plus i just wanna screech my hatred for it bc its funny for me n u guys <3

AND the fact that these anons are actually p fuckin dumb bc i only keep the hatred within my blog but they still find the effort to send me stupid asks like that haha

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Thoughts on Shalnark?

I like him more in 1999 bc he looks and talks like a mailman and he had red hair and idk i was all about him??? The dub was great. In 2011 when he showed his autopilot move I WAS SCREAMING LIKE BOY WHAT THE FUCK IS ON YOUR HEAD U STUPID LOOKING ASS. and now and now oh my god i hate shal i hate how chap 357 was and how shal was ya know…on that swing. Honestly i almost changed my blog name to funfunandchill bc im sick of shal and the fact he never got his time to shine. Also…shal uvo is cute as heck…….

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So antis are complaining bc your not showing examples of EVERY SINGLE anon message u get but then send anon hate claiming you did things without examples???? Do they not have legit ANY self awareness? Bc like you just did the thing your upset about hun like calm down?!!?

Literally tho????? Like if people send me asks I’m gonna fucking answer them???? They’re the ones coming into my blog SPECIFICALLY and then getting mad when I say show me where ???? Like???? N they’re saying agreeing with the idea anons send of antis sending hate all the time is outlandish whilst literally sending me anon hate ???? Just ??????

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wht did flore and sadboydall do?? ive never heard of them being bad before and i googled receipts for them nothing popped up..


heres my tag for floredoodler 

here’s essa’s

heres some lesbophobic shit he drew

here’s some lesbophobic shit he’s said

drew toriel skinny wtf???

i sent floredoodler an ask way back in the when when he was drawing pewey and told him it was lesbophobic and he literally mocked me and sicced his followers on me lol. also he had a whole fuckin nsfw blog (enciowhy) full of pewey, incest, bestiality, and porn of child characters like um..

the person who made his callout deleted it bc of harassment bc apparently minors who are harming others shouldn’t be called tf out lol

anyways i hate both of them and i hate u too if u put their pathetic ass art on my dash lmfao

terfs are such fuckin babies like sorry no one likes you bc you dont think some women are women enough to be your fucking girlfriends you rat bastards

*this post was specifically made bc i was venting abt one specific blog, not naming it here. its one issue i have with terfs, dont reblog this post with something along the times of ‘the only reason you hate terfs is bc we wont fuck a certain group’ bc thats not true. i hate you bc ur transphobic. u use ur transphobia to deny dating others. in fact i would appreciate if you didnt reblog this bc its quite frankly a fucking mess now but i know most of you wont see this edited post unles youre trying to get my attention through a direct rb

and i have notifs for this post blocked, so i wont see that anyway. im not going to argue w any more terfs, im not going to respond to anyone else. i dont care to hear your side of the story, i think youre wrong thats not changing. i dont care why you think im wrong either. i dont want you to “get your point across” your point is useless 2 me. go tell someone who cares.

i also dont respond to asks and replies. i never intended for this post to get notes, i didnt make this to argue. i made it bc i was angry. surely you can appreciate that, one person to another, differing opinions or not. im not in any mood to debate this, ever. i dont have the energy or will. i didnt make this to debate in the first place, its a one sided thing. ever bitch to yourself in your mind? this is that but in text. i dont want to talk to transphobes. i dont want to hear you call women men. leave me alone.

It’d be nice if some EXO-L understood that when Shawols are cross with SM for releasing an EXO repackage while SHINee is just in their second week of promoting, that is not Shawols bashing and “hating on” EXO. It’s Shawols being annoyed that after one year and seven months (you know, in which EXO had three comebacks) the attention was finally on our boys, and SM is taking it away again after a week and a half. That’s what we’re pissed about. 

Did you hear Shawols complain when EXO got ten intricate teasers, plus pictures to match, while we only got two vague videos next to our teaser images? No, because we’ve grown to accept that SHINee will never get the same promoting opportunities as EXO, and that’s fine. We’re here for our boys none the less. But View is an amazing song, SHINee is an amazing group, and Odd is a fucking amazing album. It deserves the spotlight a little longer than a week and a half. That’s all.

honestly cishet aces and anyone on the “aces r lgbt side!” r so rude like? im 14 yrs old and i have 27 yr olds calling ppl like me and ppl around my age (13-17) out and using sexually based insults towards us like?? tell me in what world its appropriate for someone more than ten years older than u to tell u to shove a fork in ur ass or to suck ur dick, even in a joking way. literally quit being so disgusting to minors

hi so i hope u enjoy the banner i made it myself – how many ppl put their face on their banner???? more than i can think of probably.

anyway i hit 30k yesterday and that’s absolutely crazy!! like when i started my blog almost 3 years ago i never even imagined i’d get to 100 followers and now i have more followers than people in the town i grew up in (it’s literally double wowowow) so that’s truly amazing tbh

oh yeah i’m just gonna thank some cool youtubers even though theyre not gonna see it but w/e it’s the thought that counts

obviously @danisnotonfire​ and @amazingphil are here first because without them idk what i’d do tbh which sounds terrible but when my grandma passed away i was super sad and depressed bc i was so close to her and then i started watching their videos and they made me smile like for real for the first time in months and now my life is dedicated to these two nerds and i couldn’t be happier about it i love them a lot and they’ll always have a special place in my heart and that was cheesy sorry

@benjpierce thank u so much for being so creative and making me smile and your videos are honestly hilarious and original and ur like one of my favorites and u just keep bein u, u lil flop. (also the highlight of my year was when u dragged me about my tater tots tbh)

@doddleoddle thank you for making me smile. when i am sad i find myself listening to absolutely smitten bc it always cheers me up no matter what because u always look so happy in it and it seems like ur smile never leaves in that video and u sound so happy and it’s my go to video when i’m sad tbh and youre so talented and beautiful and youre the reason i started learning ukulele and yeah i love u lots


i have met so many great people on here and i guess now is this time to recognize them!! thank you for following me & i love you so much :’)

under the cut imma write cute lil messages for everyone !! if you’re not on here it’s either bc i couldn’t think of anything to write for you or i forgot you but there are sO many ppl on here also keep in mind i love everyone so uh yeah check out my blogroll if you’re looking for hella cool blogs to follow

italics = irl friends

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I’m making my blog a lil safe haven for people who ship Reylo bc even though I don’t really ship anyone but Stormpilot, I still feel really bad for all the people who do ship Reylo and get shit on constantly for no reason bc it’s a huge poblem here on Tumblr dot com and I feel really bad about it. So if y’all wanna vent I’m 100% all ears, I’m here for u, message me your strifes

anyways,,, i love u guys. sometimes the hate gets to be too much but i know it’s the vocal minority, and i get a lot of love from all of u daily and i just want u to know how much i appreciate it. i know all of u think i love drama bc of how much drama there is on my blog but it’s quite the opposite, i really hate discourse. it gives me a lot of anxiety and it often sends me to a dark place. but i engage in it because A) i’m sick of oppressors coming into my inbox and invading the safe space that is my blog, and B) discussions like the ones that take place on my blog (calling out systematic homophobia, racism, etc) are important to have. i’m not sayin this to sound like a self-righteous ego-stroking asshole, i just think it’s my duty as someone with a large following to listen to the people affected by what’s been happening in the media, and bring these issues to light.

a lot of times the discussions take a wrong turn and can get overwhelmingly angry or hateful, a lot of it coming from my end. i need to take a step back from that. i have a lot of anger issues stemming from my mental illness. that isn’t an excuse, more of an explanation. i’ve been spinning out of control ever since lexa died, especially in my rage towards my biggest oppressor: straight people. i think i’ve been too hateful to a few specific people hijacking my posts and making it about themselves. though it was wrong of them to do that, i shouldn’t have responded with anger and hate. that isn’t the message i want to send… it just gets exhausting sometimes having to break out the kindergarten analogies for people who just refuse to empathize with us. but anger/hate is addictive and not healthy at all and that isn’t the message i want to send. I apologize.

I am going to do a better job at ignoring the hate and focusing on the positives. I know a lot of you want me to do that. It gets exhausting following a blog that drags you down emotionally day after day, and I am sorry, and thank you for sticking with me. I don’t want to be this hateful person anymore, but at the same time, I will not stand for intolerance on my blog. I am really going to try to find a good middle ground of not being a pushover but also not being a bulldozer. I know there are always going to be ignorant hetero opinions and sometimes I just need to ignore them. I have a hard time doing that but I will try my best.

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Same anon who disagrees with u re: c/lexa racism. Firstly I'm not white and I know this is obviously hard to prove & u probs won't take my word for it but I don't have a tumblr account, I just tend to stalk prolific BC blogs. Shipwars at their root are petty af. Take a look at the TVD fandom for instance where the two major ships over there both feature white guys. But fans tear into the opposed "threat" of their ship like crazy because of just that! THEY R A THREAT! Pls stop generalising! (1/2)

Secondly vehemently hating a character is not at all proof of an actor’s incredible skill? I have hated so many characters whilst also thinking the actors portraying them were shit. Case in point- Mischa Barton in The OC, whoever played Jeremy in TVD… ur one of the most insightful people in this fandom but sometimes I am nonplussed by some of your reductive reasoning. Also as i said before I am aware there IS racism in the CL fandom but let’s not apply that brush across an entire fandom (2/2)

OK, but in all of this you’re missing several things:

1. Cl/xa is dead. I’m really not trying to be mean here, but no amount of downvoting, saying Bob is overrated, protesting the show, sending petty anon hate, etc…is going to revive it or L/xa. Bellamy is not a threat to their ship and Bob (an actor who has no control over ANYTHING but his acting) is even less so.

2. How is Bob overrated when he’s not…in….anything? Like, I love him, he’s extremely talented but the only American project he’s ever done that’s “big” is The 100.

3. This is the most important note:

There is a humongous problem with racism in media. POC are already severely underrepresented and Bob, as a Filipino man, is INCREDIBLY rare. To deliberately down-vote him or claim he is overrated for the sake of a DEAD SHIP is a micro aggression that IS a form of racism.

MOST forms of racism are micro aggressions. It is extremely rare that you see someone overtly say “I don’t like you because you’re black.”

The CW is a network that relies heavily on social media. In deliberately downvoting Bob what these people are telling producers of not JUST the CW, but other networks as well, is that people don’t want to see MOC on their TV screens.

This doesn’t JUST affect Bob, it affects all of the other POC who are in the business or WANT to be in the business.

Even if the INTENT is not racism, the resulting product IS. People HAVE to start considering not only the REASON behind the actions (which is that they are hurt because L/xa is dead and not coming back and so they have lost representation that they needed) and think about the RESULTS.

You can’t say “I stand for minorities” as so many of them claimed to in the wake of L/xa’s death, and ACTIVELY attempt to hurt a MOC who is representation for a group of people that is even MORE underrepresented than WLW.