i hate my birthday but whatever

I just want to say that whoever or whatever is in charge up there, I hope you realize that this was and is a uncalled for. Extremely uncalled for. This man was taken from us, from hi work, from his family and my heart will never get over it. I miss him everyday. His beautiful smile and his beautiful voice will always be in my heart.

It’s gobshite that you can’t be here on your birthday, Anton.

Happy 28th, my dear. I miss you.

The Right Partner Pt. 1/? Chris Evans x Reader

Summary: You’re in a tough spot with your boyfriend, but a random Disney duet with your neighbor may be exactly what you needed to distract yourself.

Warnings: Cheating? / light swearing / BUT ALL OF THE FLUFF

Word Count:  2,779

Your phone lay dormant to the left of you on the nightstand. With the lights being off, your eyes adjusted to the darkness surrounding you. Your blankets had been tossed and twisted around while you fought to make yourself sleep. Across your exposed skin, the chill of the late April air almost caused goosebumps on your legs. Your boyfriend, Rick, and yourself had gotten into a huge fight. Now you were riled up, madder than hell, because you knew he was sleeping like a rock and not giving a damn about your guys’ relationship. You had been together for seven months already, but you finally called him out on his apathy towards actually strengthening your relationship instead of letting it stay as immature as it was at the beginning, and you were pretty sure that he has been seeing someone else on the side, which was what started the fight in the first place.

Or, now that you thought about it,  he was probably off with his side chick while you cursed yourself for caring too much. You groaned as you rolled over to see your clock, reading 1:02 am. With a hard sigh, you pushed yourself from your bed and marched through your apartment to flip on the lights by your couch and TV. You needed some simplicity to calm your head, so you scanned through your more brightly colored DVD cases, smiling when your hand went straight for Sleeping Beauty. It was your favorite princess movie and you prided yourself on how well you sang along. It was your hidden talent, since no one else seemed to think your ability was as grand as your old choir directors. So, you kept the singing to the confines of your car, or alone at home. You watched intently as if for the first time, gaping at Maleficent (your favorite villain) and her style. In the forest scene, as Aurora is telling her animal friends of her dream man, you stand to your feet and begin to spin and sway to the music. Forgetting that it was now coming up on 2am, you began to sing along as well.

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Dance For Me


Request: Can you do one where Shawn comes all the way from tour for you birthday and tells you that you are going to go on tour with him as his personal dancer ? Xx

Word Count: 1,813

A/N: I really hope you like this. 

Dance For Me

“That was so sick, for real tho!” Your friend said, giving you a high five.

“We killed it!” You said, clapping your hands.

You had been working on this choreography for so long, without getting it right, it had actually started to annoy you, but this time, this time, you both killed it.

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Dear Florida

I’ve heard ppl say they hate living here my entire life. All 26 years of it. While it gets old, I understand! There’s a lot of bad stuff here, like SO much, but I was born here and I have so many memories here, I can’t imagine hating it with my entire being. I grew up near the gulf in the suburbs and then moved to orlando so I know my experiences may not be universal but whatever :). Here’s some Florida positivity and feelings:

- I know it doesn’t appeal to everybody, but perfect beach weather! I grew up near pine island and I swear my family had every birthday there. Eating burgers and hot dogs at the picnic tables so close to the water, the gulf breeze ruffling sundresses and cheap plastic table cloths.

- where I lived there was a large wooden tower you could climb up and watch the sunset/rise from. Years of teenaged graffiti had been carved into it’s beams and made you nostalgic for the days of hanging out with friends during the summer and not worrying about having to pay your bills or go to work.

-swimming at the spring, crystal clear cold water with the warm sun at your back, your nerves awake and tingling.

- ice cream sandwiches and freezepops while you walked down the cracked pavement, prickly grass poking through.

- nature always shines through the urbanization, Florida can’t stop being Florida.

- gaggles of kids during the summer, running up to any house where there was evidence of another child and ringing the doorbell, asking if there were any other kids there to come out and play.

- the cities are ugly and regular draughts dry up the grass and ponds, but there’s something weirdly nostalgic and unique about those stretches of road, lined with failed businesses and strip clubs and used car lots. As a kid I always imagined those empty parking lots as the perfect place for a fight between superpowered folks or werewolves lol idk

- waking up early to see the sun rise from the overpass and waving to the cars below as ppl commuted to work. ALMOST as beautiful as the sunsets.

- imagine if you got to see the most gorgeous explosion of color in the sky every single night. So much so that you almost get used to it and then, one night, you stop to really looked at the gradient of pinks and purples and oranges and realize all over again how breathtaking it all is.

- the stars at night over the beach and the smell of fried food from a seafood shack close to shore.

- cicadas screaming while you try to get a dragonfly to land on your kayak or catching lizards and grasshoppers in the grassy lot near the woods.

- little crabs scurrying in the sand and finding a seagull feather to put in your headband. Sandhill crane couples making their way across the street and making you late to class (but they’re so pretty!) And the sounds of wild peacocks while you swim in your friends pool before dark. Signs of animals everywhere you go.

- publixes in Orlando with the best guava pastries and even better croquettes. The subs! The fried chicken!! The sweet tea!!!

- tiny ice cream shops like papa Clyde’s thatve been around for 30+ years and have the best handspun shakes you’ll ever taste.

- the mermaid shows and tubing down a lazyriver and manatees that are too chill. Getting lucky enough for a baby manatee to fearlessly brush against your leg.

-a warm breeze rustling through the palms at night. Bonfires during the short winters while the dogs dig in the dirt for a nice cool place to sleep.

- theme parks just an hour away. Knowing every loop of the coasters by heart and leading your out of state friends on a tour of a place you know like the back of your hand.

- hurricane parties and waving to your neighbors as you wade across the cul-de-sac, water up to your knees. You haven’t spoken to them in a while but you catch up under an umbrella and ask if they need any batteries or toilet paper.

- fresh oranges and feeding baby Gators and the scent of sunblock and a hot water bottle rolling around the floor of your car.

Feel free to add any good/nostalgic Florida memories!

Dance With Me.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam. 

Word count: 2571

Warnings: A bunch of fluff and overly explained scenery (i really need to stop that.)

Prompt: “Dance with me…”

Synopsis: Its the readers birthday, and Dean plans something a little different for her… 

A/N: I wrote this for Shannon’s ( @splendidcas ) birthday fic challenge! (Happy Birthday!!!!!!) I hope you like this, it’s not my best work but I tried my best! xx

I use a bon jovi song somewhere, so if you want to listen to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gez1E9_Sijg

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If anybody ever asked what you did in your spare time, you would almost always tell them that you enjoyed driving. For you, driving was a giant stress reliever, just being out on the open road with Dean’s cassette tapes blaring through the radio was enough to make you forget about everything. You enjoyed staring out the window, allowing the world to fly by you in colorful blurs. Your hunting life seemed to disappear whenever you were in that car and for a brief moment, you felt normal.

After the particularly difficult hunts – the cases where innocents lost their lives, no matter how hard you tried – Dean would take you for a drive. The destination was usually unknown, and you would both drive until the early hours of the morning. Or until the Impala ran out of gas.

Sometimes, both you and Dean would blast the radio, belting out the lyrics to whatever song came on, other times, you would talk, about the hunt, about Sam or Cas, about each other…. And very rarely, you would both sit in complete silence. But it was the best way to spend your time, in that car with Dean.

Tonight, however, was incredibly different, the Winchester’s had found no hunt, and the bunker seemed a lot more alive than usual. Dean filled the Impala up with gas, before giving her a wash and cleaning out the garbage that hung around underneath the seats. He polished over the scratches and made sure there were no dents left unseen.

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hate my ways? thats a personal issue. - joji (nsfw)

“Please, it’ll only be for a few hours!” Max whined, bugging you the 3rd time today. You pouted, stomping your foot childishly.
“But why?! Its stupid, he’s stupid, and I dont think he wants me there either!” You yelled.
Ah, yes. One of Max’s friends was having a birthday, and they were throwing a huge party for him. Who was the birthday boy? None other than George Joji Miller.
You had a deep hatred for him, thinking he was way too far up his own ass and too sensitive. Liking one thing one minute, hating it the next.
He found you annoying sometimes, but tried to keep it on a level where you two couldnt have any interaction whatsoever. But then again, you never liked to talk to him, so you didnt know much about his feelings towards you.
But Max, being his best friend, had begged you repeatedly to go. Although you didnt know why, you didnt ask.
Reluctantly you agreed, still kinda upset about Max wanting to drag you here. But you didnt have a choice.
Inside was loud and crowded, and you lost Max right when you got in. Frustrated enough, you went to the bar to get a drink and sat there majority of the time. Some people you knew talked to you, others you didnt know did, but eventually they’d leave for someone else. You swished your cocktail around, resting your chin on your palm. Max never came back to find you, and you were beginning to get real pissed. Here you were, a young woman on her own at a party for a guy she hated more than anything. Sighing, you decided to go look for him. You got up and left your empty glass on the counter, looking through the crowd to find the drunk aussie. You saw many people, but sadly, none of them were Max. You were beginning to lose hope since this was a huge fucking house, and there’d be no way you’d be able to find him on your own. You were about to yell out Max’s name when you were suddenly pushed into a closet. With a yelp, you latched onto the closest thing closest to you. “God damn, your grip is hard.” A deep, smooth voice said. Your eyes widened. “What-why-what am I doing in here with you, George?” You hissed at him. Joji chuckled and pulled you closer to him. His hand was around your waist and the other was gradually going lower. “Its my birthday, Y/N. I saw that you didnt get me a present, but Max did.” He whispered in your ear, making your face flush. “I-I told Max that whatever he bought was coming from the both of us. I didnt get you a present because I dont like you, George.” You said nervously, but coldly to the man holding your waist with his warm hands. Joji smirked and started kissing your neck. You sucked in a breath but didn’t do anything. For a while this happened, and all you did was nothing. “But if you hate me so much, why are you letting this happen?” He asked in between kisses. As if you werent controlling yourself, your fingers on the back his neck curled around his hair, and your head rolled back, letting his lips kiss you. “W-what?” You closed your eyes, small breaths leaving your mouth. “Why are you letting me kiss you…if you hate me?” He asked you again, quieter this time. His tongue grazed the side of your neck, only for his teeth to nip at the spot. He sucked on your collarbone, making a small moan leave your lips. He smirked at that, feeling in control of you. He opened his eyes and looked around for a chair, and spotted one near where he was standing. The hands on your waist went down to cup your ass, and that made you lift a leg up to Joji’s waist. He lifted you up, lips still on your neck, hands still on your ass. He walked over to the chair and sat down, making you straddle him. His hands left your ass and went up to the zipper of your dress, moving it down making you shiver. “Joji…” You moaned out, very unconscious of your words. He successfully got the zipper all the way down, and started to take it off your torso. You helped him, now only being in a lacy bra. He kissed your lips, and you could smell cigarettes, alcohol, and cologne he wore. The smell made but it was very intoxicating. You moaned against his lips, trying to get his baggy hoodie off.

He stifled a giggle, and pulled away from you to get it off. He wasnt wearing a shirt underneath, but hey, that didnt bother you one bit. “Damn..” You bit your lip, checking him out. He bit his lip and smirked at you again, tipping his head up a bit. “Take off your dress and lay down on the floor.” He instructed. You hesitantly nodded, kicking your dress to the side and sitting on the floor. Joji got up from the chair and layed down on his stomach, spreading your thighs. Your arms were stretched out behind you and your palms were on the floor, and as Joji did his thing, you slowly let your back lower to the ground. By the time your panties were off, you were on the floor, fingers gripping Joji’s hair and a moaning mess. “J-Joji! Ah, fuck! Th-there!” Joji sucked on your clit, his tongue licking up and down in a near area. He had three fingers in you, pumping at a rapid pace. You bit your lip and moaned again, his actions and deep moans turning you on. “I’m gonna..cum! Joji, s-stop, I-I’m so close..!” You yelled at him, but not exactly wanting him to stop. He removed his lips from your clit, still pumping his fingers but slowing down a bit. He chuckled at you, the hand that was hooked around your thigh now gripping your breast. “You’re so fucking hot, babe..“ He said to you, making you look away and pout your lip. He chuckled, and you could hear him removing his belt and pulling down his pants so his cock was exposed. Your eyes immediately darted to it, feeling the juices between your legs flow again. Your mouth opened, and you swallowed. He saw this and let out a small laugh. “What? Is it that-” “You have a big cock for a Jap.” You said, blank faced as you zoned out a bit. He laughed again, grabbing your ankle and hoisting your leg over his shoulder. You moved your other, spreading your legs farther apart. “You ready, babygirl?” He asked you, the head of his cock barely touching your entrance. You nodded, letting yourself relax. He pushed into you, making you moan a bit. When he started thrusting, your voice raised in pitch and volume. He let out a shuddery moan, throwing his head back. “Haah..oh, fuck…” You whimpered, covering your mouth with the back of your hand. Joji thrusted in and out of you, gradually going faster and harder. You moaned his name and cursed multiple times, as he did the same. “Oh fuck…Y-Y/N..” He moaned. Your hand went to rub your clit, making you grit your teeth and arch your back. Joji pulled out of you all of a sudden, flipping you over and entering you from behind. The side of your face was pressed against the floor, as Joji fucked you. You wished you had something to grip on, your fists clenched until your knuckles were white. Joji groaned above you, fondling your breasts and pinching your nipples. You bit your lip, feeling your end near. Joji was too, he rammed faster and harder, whimpering a lot more than usual. “C-cum inside me, Joji! Please..” You moaned out, not thinking clearly. He didnt respond, only getting ready to fill you up. “I’m cumming, Y/N..” He said to you, whining and whimpering. He stopped moving, and you questioned why, but gasped loudly when you felt him cum inside you. “Ohh, Joji…” “Y/N..” - You and George came out of the room a bit later, seeing the party was still in full swing. Your hands were pressed together and fingers laced within each other. He told you that Max and Ian were probably upstairs in the other bar, and thats where the both of you were headed. Once you spotted the Australian that dragged you here, you smacked him upside the head. Ian laughed and said hello, side hugging you. “So, do you still hate George now, Y/N?” Max smirked, looking at your hands. George answered his question by pulling you close to him and passionately kissing your lips, gaining attention from everyone else other than Max and Ian. Cheers and hollers were heard all aroundas George kissed you. All the while were your eyes wide open. When he pulled away, flashes were seen out of your peripheral vision, and he whispered in your ear. “You were even better than the birthday cake, Y/N.”
Unforgettable night

Not requested, I made it :)
Warnings: mature language, attempt of rape, idk
A/n: this probably sucks af but I’m bored so whatever, requests are open and you are more than welcome to drop ideas!


Y/n’s pov:

“Well, whatcha expected ma?”
My best friend, Nathan or Nate maloley asked me.

He was invited to his girlfriend’s birthday party. It was way out of control. I mean the house was a mess already, red cups splattered on the floor, Some weirdos making out on the couch, girls tweaking on boys. It was disgusting.

I’ve known skate since we were both 7. Probably because my parents moved in next to him.
he has been there for me through thick and thin. And I tried as much as possible to be there for him.

Anyways, I rolled my eyes at him.
“I expected it to be a bit classy, ya know?” I told him, taking adeep breath. Already feeling a headache making it’s appearance in my head.

“Well, she did say it’s gonna be unforgettable night.” He smirked.
I pushed him away playfully. Earning a laugh from him. I laughed with him.

We were soon interrupted by someone clearing their throat.
I turned to see a very unpleased, Jenny.
“Nate, hey babyboy. I didn’t know you’d bring ‘her’ to my birthday party..”
She said grabbing his hand.
I already felt her unwelcoming vibes.

I glared at Nate. Who frowned softly.
I remember how I was really against coming here and I highly refused. But he kept telling me that he wouldn’t go if I didn’t..

In case you haven’t noticed, me and Jenny aren’t really on good terms.
She hated me the minute Nate introduced me to her. The reason is still unknown.

“Jen, y/n is my best friend. I didn’t think you’d be so upset about it.” He said letting go of her hand. Her eyes widened and she quickly grabbed his hands again. “Baby, you know I didn’t mean it like that! She can do whatever. As long as you get to give me my birthday present tonight.” She bit her lip and I could already taste the vomit in my mouth.

I shook my head and walked to a side of the room. It was really loud and wild.
I took out my phone and played with it for a bit.
After a couple of seconds a wasted boy came towards me. I noticed he was sweaty and probably drunk way too many drinks.
I ignored him as he stood beside me.
“Hey sexy, can you please me tonight?” He asked. I scoffed. “Can you please leave me alone?” I replied. I guess he didn’t take no for an answer as he placed his hands on my waist and pulled me towards him.
I tried to push him away but that only made him more angry. He cupped my cheeks roughly and placed his dry, chapped lips on mine. It wasn’t even a real kiss or anything. He moved his lips along my still ones, already hurting them.
I kept my mouth close and still. Fighting against this horny bastard.

Suddenly, he was pulled off me.
I looked up to meet a gorgeous green eyes, full of anger and concern.
He grabbed the idiot guy from the collar of his shirt and punched him. Not stopping until his knuckles were blooded and the guy’s face was probably broken.

“Hey, are you ok?” He asked me, keeping his space from me, which I really respected him for.
“I-i guess, thanks to you of course.” He came close and put his unhurt hand on my face and removed the rolling tears from falling, I didn’t even notice that I was crying.
Then it hit me, I could have been raped.
I let out a loud sob. Hugging myself.
The unknown guy speed walk in my direction and hugged me. It was weird at first then I felt the comfort that I needed and I slowly hugged back.

“Hey, calm down, beautiful. You’re ok now.” He shushed me softly. We stayed like this for 10 minutes or so then he let go.
“I’m dan.” He introduced himself. I smiled at him. “I’m y/n.” He grinned. “Well, miss y/n, what are ya doing here alone?”
I sighed. “I’m not alone, I came with my bestfriend but he disappeared with his girlfriend.” His facial expressions changed. And he frowned. “What the fuck? Why did he bring you, if he wasn’t gonna stay with you?” I shrugged, not really in the mood to talk about skate. He got the idea because he took my hand. “C'mom, how about we go to that ice cream parlor, I guarantee to you that you’ll like it!” I smiled. “Ok, but you better not be lying.” I joked and he scoffed. “We’ll see, doll face.”

After having a war of food. We’re were exhausted. We also talked a lot.
Got to know each other better.

“I had lots of fun today, thanks to you.” I nudged his shoulder. He laughed. “So glad I could help, princess.”

We made our way to the house again but I grabbed Dan’s hand without thinking. “I’m sorry.” I said embarrassed. He just chuckled and smiled. “Nah, it’s alright. Y/n.” Tightening his grip on my hand.

“Y/n! Where were you?! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”
We both saw a worried skate and an annoyed Jenny.
“I’m fine, skate. You should go back to your girlfriend.” I said bitterly. I know I’m acting stupid right now. More like childish but he left me for this witch.

dan raised an eyebrow and asked. “That’s the friend??” I nodded.
He angrily pushed skate, and was about to fight him.
“What the hell?! Dan! Stop it right there!! Don’t you dare touch my boyfriend again.” Jenny said standing between them.
Dan looked surprised and disappointed.
“Wait.. You are my sister’s boyfriend?!” He asked skate. I gasped when I heard him.
“Hold on! Dan, you’re Jenny’s brother ?!”

Great. Just great.

It was indeed as Jenny said, gonna be an unforgettable night.

Birthday Girl

Warnings: none

Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister!Reader, John Winchester (mentioned).

Summary: reader is anxious about their birthday.

Word Count: 868

Y/N: your name

Y/N/N: your nickname

You had to say the past week had been, well, something else. Your birthday was on Sunday so of course your big brothers  decided that everyday they’d ask the same goddamn question you began to hate so much: “Who’s birthday is on Sunday?”. It was stupid really but the thought of your birthday was almost unbearable to withstand. It was hard to explain why you hated that date so much, you didn’t hate being alive it was just that good things didn’t tend to happen on your birthday and them reminding you of it wasn’t helping. You had managed to keep your composure for the entire week, well, almost. Everything was going okay until Saturday, the second you woke up the anxiety was already heavy inside your stomach, the stress from the next day was very present. Slowly you lifted yourself from the bed preparing yourself for the inevitable question you were to be asked.

You walked calmly into the kitchen and began preparing yourself a cup of coffee, suddenly you felt a presence behind you and you tensed up turning around grabbing the person by their collar and putting a fist to their face. Immediately you realized it was your older brother Damn, anxiety and hunter instincts really don’t mix well.

“Hey, hey, hey. It’s just me chill.” Said Dean giving you a scared look knowing your strength and what would’ve happened if you’d just punched him without hesitating.

“Oh crap, sorry De.” You said as you let go of your big brother and straightened his shirt where you had grabbed him. You cringed internally as you anticipated the question, you began counting, waiting for the moment.

“Hey! Who’s birthday is tomorrow?” You heard Sam coming in from the hallway and the second you the last words escaped his lips you broke down. All the composure and patience you’ve had the entire week was gone. Suddenly every single memory from you past birthdays flooded into your brain like a someone pulled out the plug keeping everything inside.

“Y/N? Y/NN, what’s wrong?” Asked sam concerned he had done something to cause this.

“I’m- I’m sorry, excuse me.” You nearly sobbed, moving them away and running into your room. You didn’t want to face your past, not now at least. You laid on your bed for who knows how long, reminiscing on every single thing in your life. It confused you how your siblings weren’t the type to get excited over birthdays unless of course, it was yours. As always it was time for your brothers to come in and try to help you which they usually did, but this time you didn’t think they could. So you heard as the door to your room creaked open to reveal your brothers, your face against the pillow you only heard and felt them sit down next you.

“You wanna talk?” Said the person you could only describe as Sam as he put his hand on your back.

“Come on Sammy you already know the answer to that.” You said curtly as your tears began to dry on your cheeks.

“Doesn’t hurt to try though. So tell us what’s wrong, cause you know that if you don’t tell us now we’ll get it out of you somehow.” He said, and you knew he was right. It always ended like that; you hesitated before flipping over and sitting up.

“I-ugh. I just really don’t like my birthday.” You said looking down at your hands.

“Why?” Asked your eldest brother Dean.

“Because not very good things have happened on my birthday De. Don’t you remember?” upon hearing silence you continued, “My mother died when I was 6, so I was put into foster care, on my 7th birthday my foster parents ended up being freakin’ mauled by vampires, Dad finds me and so on until he leaves, then we find him and he too dies on my birthday. It’s like I’m bad luck…” You finished, tears leaking out once again from your eyes.

“Y/N. Don’t ever say you’re bad luck ever again. You are the everything but bad luck Yeah, you’ve gone through stuff but all that just brought you to us. We won’t ever let those things happen to you again, do you understand?” Said Dean reassuringly to you.

“yeah.” you answered softly.

“Y/N/N we love you so so much, you have made our lives smooch better and brighter. I remember when Dad first brought you I was so happy. I remember how you left us surprised the  first time you hunted because of how good you were, I remember how you won the spelling bee at your school. Those are the memories you should remember, you’ve helped us both so much and I hate that you think your bad luck.”

“Thank you Sammy, I love you both.” You said wiping away your final tears.

“Hey, what do you say if tomorrow morning I’ll make you your favourite breakfast. We can do whatever you want.” Sammy asked you lovingly.

“Yeah, that sounds good. But right now, I need my coffee” You said and you all laughed and got up ready to continue your day, your lives.


Okay so i know it’s short but I just whipped this up out of the fact that my birthday is actually on Sunday and I am actually kinda freaking out. 

The Birthday (Miniminter imagine.. kind of)

A/N: I wrote this for @sdmntrxsh without her asking for it and it’s based on one of our conversations, hope you enjoy:)

The feeling of being unwanted have been growing inside of me for a while now. Simon always say that i shouldn’t think that way, all of the boys likes me according to him.

But it just doesn’t feel that way. They have been ignoring my texts whenever i ask if we all should do something and today is my birthday.

Not one of them have wished me a happy birthday yet and it’s nearly noon. Simon has, but that’s only because he’s my boyfriend and we woke up together since i basically live in the sidemen house with him. The other boys were out when we got up and Simon had forgotten to buy me a present.

This was probably the start to the worst birthday i have ever had. After breakfast Simon went back upstairs and said that i could do whatever i wanted to. Suddenly it’s like he doesn’t care either. I am all alone.

I went to the bathroom, locked the door behind me and sat down on the cold floor. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. Everyone hates me. It’s clear, even my best friends Sarah and Freya has been distant lately.

My thoughts got interrupted by a knock on the door. Of course it was Simon. “Two seconds! I’ll be right out” I yelled back. Fuck. He can’t see i have been crying! He’ll just ask what’s wrong and i know he would contact the guys and girls and force them to say that they still like me. I didn’t want that, they shouldn’t be forced to lie.

When i got out Simon stood there. A worried look on his face. He had hidden something behind his back. “Is everything okay babe?” He asked, perfect as always. My eyes are most likely red and swollen.

“Yeah, i’m just s bit upset because no one besides you have wished me a happy birthday.. not even Freya or Sarah!” I answered, not able to keep my big, dumb mouth shut. Stupid stupid stupid, you just had to tell him didn’t you? He must think you’re such a drama queen now.

Simons face fell, he looked so upset that you hadn’t had a good birthday so far. It was as if the mere thought of you not being happy put him in a bad mood. That’s one of the thousands of reasons that you love him.

He slowly pulled, whatever he had been hiding behind his back, out. It was the most beautiful lillies i had seen in a really long time. He knew they were my favourites. “I’m really sorry about today and also about the others. But i need you to follow me” he said. I took the flowers and his hand. He led me out front.

Here was the biggest surprise ever. They all stood there. Sarah, Freya, Tobi, Josh, JJ, Ethan, Harry, Vik and the Cals. Basically all of the people that has been ignoring me for the last few weeks. At first i didn’t react. I wanted to yell at them and run away, but i also wanted to run forward and hug them. After all they were my closest friends.

And the looks they were giving me, the boys had happy looks on their faces and the girls looked apologetic. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” Ethan yelled out of nowhere. He, without knowing it, had saved me from a really awkward ‘hi’.

“We’re so so so sorry for ignoring you or seeming distant! We have just been planning a surprise party and we didn’t know what to answer when you asked us what we wanted to do for your birthday!” Freya quickly said, “but! We have planned a really fun night out at Thorpe Park!” Josh exclaimed, clearly not able to hold it in anymore.

I didn’t know what to say. I was really happy because they cared, but at the same time i was uncertain. What if this was just their excuse for ignoring me? Or what if Simon had made them all show up?

I didn’t have much time to think about this before they dragged me into a car and we were on our way.

In the end my birthday was amazing. They all made sure to make me feel special and i loved all the rides there and the people. So we had a blast.

“Thank you” i whispered to Simon once we got home. Well aware that he had been the one to set it all up.

In the Moment (Nyx Ulric)

I’m back! Hopefully…

I have written this one over a span of two whole days and I have to say that it started out great, but then I kinda lost my sole aim for what I wanted the imagine to be on. I had a totally different sence for the Reader and Nyx, but I couldn’t find myself to write it, so I chose the complex route. It turned out to be really long and I just told myself to finish it, so that’s what I did. I want to apologize, because I believe it got really crappy and I would hate to waste your time on a crappy imagine. Anyway, I hope you guys like it and feel free to comment whatever you please! :)

Word Count: 3458

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Tony Stark x Daughter!reader

I bit my lip, trying to be as careful as possible. Fixing suits is not as easy as it looks, and if you live my life, fixing suits after every mission really takes its toll. I look up when I hear light taps on the padlock and the buzzer, indicating that SOMEONE is interrupting my me time, and said person is no different than usual. Pepper.

She smiles at me at me, something she usually does when she’s got news for me, good or bad. She’s so difficult to read. Pepper takes a deep breath and makes her way over to me slowly, her heels echoing on tiled floor.

She stands in front of my work table and sighs, “Tony….”

I bit my lip and frown, “What is it?”

‘Whatever it is, it can’t be good’, I thought.

She bites her lip, her red matte lipstick staying resistant against her pearl white teeth, “You know what day it is right?”


I nod quickly, “Yeah…yeah of course I do it’s….a day. An important day.”

She narrows her eyes, “It’s your daughters birthday, Tony Stark. I’m not letting you bail out on seeing her again.”

Shit. She means that daughter I haven’t seen in five years, that daughter that’s now 15, that daughter that probably hates me. I wouldn’t doubt that she hates me. I haven’t been there. But I don’t have the time. Between saving the world and fixing my suits, she’s often the last thing on my mind. I know that sounds bad, but it’s true.

I sigh quietly, “Yeah….I…can you pick up a gift for her? I’m not exactly…aware of what teen girls are into. Unless she’s into iron man suits.”

Pepper rolls her eyes, “I’ll pick up a gift on one condition. You have to give it to her. Personally.”

I swallow and nod, “Yeah. Yeah, I can do that. Probably. Or it’d be easier to just get someone el-”

Pepper begins to walk away, “No exceptions Tony!”

I shake my head and run my hand through my hair, leaning back in my seat. Am I prepared to face my daughter? No. Will I have to face her anyway? Yes.


I pull up outside Y/N’s house. The one I bought for her and her mother a few years ago. Although me and her mother haven’t been seeing each other for almost 14 years, I still wanted to keep them safe. After New York, I bought them a house, about an hour away from the city to hopefully keep them out of danger. That was the last time I saw Y/N.

I look down at the perfectly wrapped gift in my hands, completely unaware of what’s inside of the bright coloured paper. It’s a box. Perfume, maybe? Is that what teenage girls are into? Hopefully.

I get out of my car slowly, stalling as much time as possible. Her mother isn’t in, the bright yellow car her mother drives is no where in sight. I would rather face my daughter alone, I don’t think I can handle her mother scolding me for not seeing her also.

Looking down at my hands, I make my way up her drive. My palms are sweaty and I can’t even pretend that I’m not nervous. I know I should have called, or been available to answer her calls, but I’m always busy. I never get a moment.

I ring the doorbell finally, after pulling my hand away twice. The door is flung open and I look up to meet with a pair of usually warm, now cold, E/C eyes. She narrows her eyes, her jaw set. Yep, she’s angry alright.

“What do YOU want?”

Her words hit me like a tonne of bricks, but I manage to keep it together and hold out the gift, “Happy birthday?”

It comes out as more of a question, as if I’m doubting myself or my words.

Her eyes fill up with tears as she shakes her head at me, hurt evident upon her features.

“Y/N, sweetie I can ex-”, but I don’t have time to finish, as I’m met with the door being slammed in my face and the sound of her feet running upstairs.

I grit my teeth, shaking my head. She’s stubborn, won’t ever listen. I guess I can only blame myself for that. I take a deep breath and open the door slowly, shutting it without a sound. I look around the entry for a minute before starting to move upstairs.

“Y/N? Sweetie can we talk?”

I heard a sniffle, “Go away, I don’t wanna see you!”

I stand outside of her door, throwing my head back in frustration and knocking on her door lightly.

“Y/N…Sweetheart please open the door, we need to talk.”

I hold my breath waiting for a response but instead I’m met with the face of my daughter, tears streaming down her cheeks and puffy red eyes. My heart drops at the sight, I’ve never seen her like this before, I hate that I’m the cause of this.

I pull her into my arms quickly, despite her struggle. I let her go after a minute and move to sit on her bed, patting the spot next to me. She looks reluctant at first, but soon wipes her eyes and sit next to me.

I put my arm around her shoulder and pull her close to me, “I’m sorry. I really am.”

She bites her lip before speaking, “You should be. You’re totally in the wrong here.” She let’s out a small laugh at her words and I do too.

She looks down, “I-I’ve missed you…a lot. I just wish you had more time for me. I wish you’d come see me more. I want you in my life.”

I nod, lifting her chin up, “I know, I know. I’m doing a shitty job at being a dad, but I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”

She tears up again, “You say that all the time. You’re always gonna 'make it up to me’, I hear the same bullshit every time I see you.”


I look at her, dead in the eye, “Come and live with me for a while. In the tower.”

She furrows her eyebrows, “B-but what about my mom…”

I smile, “Y/N, don’t sweat it. I’ll talk to her. I’ll drop you off here whenever you wanna see her. Don’t worry. I have a lot of time to make up with you, and I wanna start as soon as I can.”

Her E/C eyes light up as she grins, nodding, “I’d like that.”

I pull her into another hug, rubbing her back as one thing went through my mind…

Thank goodness for Pepper Potts.

A/N: hellooo that was my first one shot on this account, sorry it’s so shitty, it’s from my wattpad which can be found @ pizza4liz so feel free to follow :)

The big moment has arrived </3 That’s right, as you can see from the crème de la crème invited above, Vic is becoming an elder today and I really just. don’t want to talk about it. Stupid Count Chocula had to flee shortly after this pic was taken, so I tragically couldn’t offer Vic the birthday present of banging both him and Malcolm. Ugh. Life’s just so cruel and unfair.

Speaking of cruel and unfair I might as well @ myself, cause every time I see Malcolm and Vic together is a stab in the heart. JFC I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THEM MARRIED WTF WAS I THINKING

-Thank you so much for hooking me up with those old bastards, babe!

-No problem my darling, if you can’t count on your boyfriend to pimp you out then what is love even about?


Well go stand somewhere else Komei, you’re killing the mood.

LMAO fucking fortune sims istg.

-Babe.. my stock isn’t the only thing facing in an upward direction ;)

-Hmm.. sounds like now would be the ideal time for a merger ;)

-Is it gonna be a hostile takeover? ;)

-You know that’s the only way I roll ;)


Awwwww! And also </3 Good to see Vic is exiting the adult life stage with a literal bang tho ♡

And here we are! I’m gonna spare you the ‘feeling emo about this’ part, I mean I def am but there’s even worse to come. Please note our good orgy friend Ron in the background, who couldn’t even bother to get up for the cake. What a dick. Anyway, makeover time!

NOICE. I call this look ‘the Devil wears Prada’ but like if Meryl Streep ran a criminal syndicate instead of a magazine. The party is going great and suddenly it turns into a dud and I’m like wtf happened???

But then I see that Daniel has returned and apparently his presence alone is enough to take the life of the party. We end with a lousy score that Vic proceeds to complain about for the next 2 days. Thanks a lot Dan! 

Apart from that, inteeminator or w/e its called is causing Daniel’s homework to disappear and the bus to no longer come for him so I unceremoniously send him to college in the middle of the night to avoid his grades dropping. It has since become obvious that I should have just deleted the mod back then (which I ended up doing anyway) but let’s ignore that.

…Alegra grows up too. No further comment. (This is all happening too fast, I’m not ready, where did the time go etc. You know the drill.)

In other news, Kim is back and Komei doesn’t fuck up this time!! Very exciting.

-Soon, my love.. Soon you will be mine, working and getting to the top of your career.. I can already hear the Peta complaints being nailed to my door..

And Komei’s turn arrives. I wanted us to adopt Kim as a birthday present to him but sadly it was not meant to be, as she ran off after eating a bunch of food and sleeping for a few hours. Respect that hustle tbh. Anyway, happy birthday, Komei! You don’t get a party because I’m sick of them and also because I truly hate you after seeing Daniel’s adult face in college. Let’s get his over with.

Oh yea. Take a good hard look at that nose, kids. This is your future.

-Dude we’re so fucked.

-At least you didn’t get the jaw, Gunther! My god.

Yea, rip @ both of you. 

In honor of Komei’s surfer hairstyle, I give him this California beach babe look. I think the shell necklace is doing a good job of distracting from whatever the fuck is happening with the jaw. Looking great, Komes!

-Don’t I know it!

The girl we bring home from school is sporting this amazing rockabilly-Russian-Empire-diplomat outfit. It’s instantly clear who she might hit it off with..


There we go, nice and steady, talking about harmless snobby topics.. We can do this Jojo, just steer clear of anything related to serial killing/cannibalism/ your obsession with Stephen Tinker.. There..we..go…and…


RUSKIE WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT THE FUCK. WE TRUSTED YOU AND YOUR IMPERIAL COAT. JFC. And of course fucking Trumpie is calling even tho she was here literally one hour ago. UGH GUNTHER

-Hey man, don’t hate the player, hate the game.. And the sunglasses, they do half my work for me (:

Yea I’m very happy for you and your whoring ways but what about Jojo? First time he flirts with someone and this is the result? How will he bounce back??

-Haha you’re the best, mom! And I mean *the* best.. No one can ever EVER compare..

……………………..ok then. Gunther might have gotten the girl, but Jojo obviously has something his brother will never have: a crippling oedipal complex.

Birthdays (M)


genre: slight smut / fluff / humor (?)
characters: three words. jeon. fucking. jungkook.
word count: 6740

a very special present from a very drunk jungkook ; what else do you need in life? :)

a/n: one of my first and favorite requests!! i hope you like it anon ^^ its also 3:31 am and i should be sleeping @kenwayer27​ IM SORRY idk if the last parts made any sense i was kinda drifting off UGH ;; 

Originally posted by minpuffs

Birthdays had never really meant much to you, to be honest. It was just another set of continuous hours, another day out of 365 days. Never once, had you silently wished yourself a happy birthday when the clock strikes midnight, the tick-tocks of the second hand echoing in your newly aged mind that never exactly felt any different; never once had you longed terribly for something significant on your “special day” – be it a gift of some sort, a nice congratulatory wish, or even that one particular person

This was probably the reason why you were so overwhelmed, because never once had you imagined your eighteenth birthday to be so disastrously yet so completely fucking incredible that you nearly prayed for your next birthday to be just around the corner.

Rather, you almost hoped that every single day was your birthday.


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1251 // Weekend Starve

Oh i think i just hit the right title of an old song. Anyway, stayed home all day. Did nothing apart from watching movies online, because i wasn’t feeling up for anything fun—PMSing, pssh! And it’s my Mother’s birthday today! We rented a resort for an event tomorrow morning, we gonna go family beachin’. But i hate going to the beach or any pool resorts at summer though. But it’s my mom’s 64th or 65th birthday, i guess it’s the latter. Man, i’m bad for i can no longer keep track of the Parental’s age.

Anyway, i’m torn between wanting to wear a swimsuit or just plain big shirts tomorrow. I hate dolling it up for the fambam. It’s awkward. Plus Papa’s gonna be mad if i were to wear too revealing clothes. Apparently, they both hate it whenever i wear short shorts. Heh. But i think tomorrow i need to relax and just enjoy whatever comes first. I mean, i’m still in the middle of dealing some very personal complicated things, both are in professional and personal terms. Damn, i think this is the longest timeline i’ve been in a pit of shithole, more or less.

Anyway, i’m still up and sleep hasn’t dawned on me yet so i’m pretty much okay to do anything. Wait, not any thing, just until i can find peace and sleep soundly.

But for a more serious note though, i’ve been wanting to have sex lately. I also wanted to eat Mcdo but realized it’s a bit late so here i am, been looking for something i could sink my teeth into, in food sense, literally.

You’re The One I Love

To the amazing user who requested this: Happy birthday! Hope the imagine is okay :) I hope you had/ are having and day just as wonderful and special as you are 💕

Summary: Alec confesses his feelings to you on your birthday 

Pairing: Alec x reader

Word count: 1,160

Warnings: Probably a swear word or two

A blaring sound woke you up from your peaceful, dreamless sleep. You extended your left arm and hit your alarm so hard, you almost broke it. As much as you wanted to stay in bed, you knew you had to get up. You pulled the gray blankets off of your body and slowly placed your feet on the cold tiles before heading to your closet to pick out one of many all black outfits to wear today (despite being part angel, you were never into bright colors and the angelic stereotypes that wore white dresses/robe thingies really bothered you). Quickly pulling on a top, some nice jeans that hugged you in the right places, and your combat boots; you headed to your bathroom and brushed your hair, eventually forming that same basic hairstyle you did almost every day. You walked over to the door and opened it, revealing far too much light for your tired eyes to handle. You decided to put your arm in front of your face and search for Alec, your best friend and your crush (nobody could be trusted with that information except for Isabelle), and ended up bumping into him, causing him to almost spill the drink in his hand. “Alec, I’m so sorry, please tell me I didn’t spill anything on you.” You said while frantically checking his shirt and the floor for any traces of your first act of clumsiness for today.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” responded a stern Alec.

He’s unusually angry. Something’s off.’ You thought to yourself before saying, “I know and I’m sorr-,”

“See, you were just doing it again.” Alec interrupted with a stern look on his face. Noticing your confusion, he decided to elaborate. “You’re apologizing on your birthday.” His lips formed a smile, showing his perfect white teeth. “Happy birthday, (Y/N). I brought you some coffee with extra whipped cream.” He held out the hand with the mug and you grabbed it, feeling the warmth of the white mug against your cold hands. You blew inside the mug a little bit, knowing that it was going to be hot, and took a small sip. The taste of fresh vanilla and whipped cream danced around your taste buds before you swallowed and honestly, that was the best coffee you’ve ever had (Mostly because everybody in the institute sucked at making coffee with the exception of Alec, but this was much better than usual).

“This is really delicious, thank you.” You said, giving him a small smile. You looked up at him and saw that beautiful grin of his once again, but this time the crimson red on his cheeks accompanied it. You both started to walk to the kitchen to get some breakfast before training (of course institution regulations stated that you had to wait an hour after eating to practice defending yourself for when a deadly monster decided to attack, but het, at least you didn’t puke), and decided to say, “You know, I can’t believe I forgot it’s my birthday today.” Before taking another sip of your coffee. A surprised Alec stopped in his tracks and look at you.

“Please tell me you’re kidding. Your birthday has always been the most important day to you. You and Jace even have the same motto, ‘birthdays are the one day of the year where you can do or have anything you want’.” You chuckled as you remember having a conversation with him about birthdays years ago and he accidentally admitted that he bathed in spaghetti when he was five and he swore that if you ever told anybody, he’d personally kill you. “How can YOU possibly forget about your birthday?” Alec asked, snapping you out of your thoughts.

You shrugged. “I don’t really know, I mean I guess it’s because of all the work that Lydia’s been making me do lately because ‘the institute needs paperwork to send to the clave,’ and, ‘ how could I not know that, and , ‘I should be more responsible and learn how to do some good paperwork while I’m at it.’” You stated in an irritated tone while making quotation marks with your fingers.  “And today when I’m done training, I have to go meet with Lydia and talk about my reports and anything else I should add, and whatever else meeting consist of.” You wore a ‘she’s-annoying-but-Alec-is-my-crush-and-just-proposed-so-I’m-gonna-try-to-stay-calm-even-though-I-hate-her’ smile.

“Well you know what? You and I are going to ditch training and do something together and when we’re done with that, you’re going to ditch that little ‘meeting.’ Today’s your birthday and I won’t let anything ruin it.” He stated and continued walking while you caught up.

‘(Y/N), come on. You love him and you don’t want to ruin his marriage if that’s what he wants.’ You thought.“Wait, aren’t you going to marry her? You wouldn’t want to make her mad and honestly, neither do I. I think I’m on her bad side as it is, and I can’t make that worse.” ‘But is it really what he wants? Okay, (Y/N), it’s time to stop, you and him aren’t going to happen.’ Your brain ever so rudely added.

“Everybody’s on her bad side, (Y/N), and I don’t like that, but that’s who she is. Of course, anyone who has you on their bad side is on my bad side.” He stated bluntly. He paused for a moment before adding, “(Y/N) I’m going to call off the marriage. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t like you because you’re so important to me, there’s no way I could actually function without you.”

“Alec, don’t ruin your chance at love because of me.” You replied with a sad tone.

“That’s the thing, (Y/N). I don’t love her, I love you. I’m sick of pretending that I’m perfectly fine just being your friend because honestly, all I want to do is hold you and hug you and give you a million kisses and never let you go,” He replied. You looked him into his piercing blue eyes the whole time while he looked into your beautiful (E/C) ones that shone brighter because of the new lights the institute had installed. He was serious, and you could see that in the way his lips didn’t curve and the way he kept his eyes on you and only you, even after he finished talking.

“Well, that’s good because I love you too,” you said. You placed your mug down on a nearby table and he pulled you closer, letting his plump lips connect with yours, forming the kiss you’ve been yearning for since you were younger. Sparks flew all over the place and in that moment, you knew……. the institute was going to have to reinstall a couple of bulbs because they blew out. And of course, the kiss was amazing too. You broke the kiss with a smile, earning another on from him too. ‘Maybe I will be with him after all.

Happy Birthday to me!

Today has been amazing so far, Woke up to a bunch letters and Birthday gifts from my parents, which makes me excited to go back home for Easter cause I know there’ll be more. On top of that, nobody has excessively annoyed me which is rare but also a huge plus. I kind of hate that my birthday ended up being on a Monday but whatever. I have the entire week to celebrate, I’m thinking a epic party is the way to go.

Something with maid costumes and birthdays

Prompt: (i didnt see the come untouched part until now oops SORRY and i also eased down on the dirty talking part bc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Summary: Dan rides Phil with a maid costume on during his birthday. (ps this a modern day royalty au)

Genre: fluffy smut

Warning: secks!!! Swearing!!!

Words: 2, 007 words

A/N: I’m finally not sick!!! YEAH !!! ok but honesty I didn’t update for a long time I thought I was dying. So here’s the sex. (im also holding off the angst fic bc it’s taking too long fuck dammit) i may or may not write another one we’ll see

“I swear to fucking God, if I don’t get my birthday sex right now I will throw your fucking crown out of the window.”

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A Necklace From Leo (Fluffy)

It’s midnight, I started this side blog, idek. Enjoy anyway :3
“Hey, I’m inviting all of VIXX over for my birthday tonight,” called your brother, Hakyeon, from the kitchen. “So please help out or something.”

“But Ken told me that they all hate you,” you teased. You heard him growl as his footsteps approached.

“It’s not true,” he said, his muffled voice becoming clear as he entered your bedroom. “I promise. I’m a great leader.”

“Whatever you say, hyung,” you sighed, returning to your laptop.

Your brother left, and you started to wonder what the other members of VIXX were really like. You’d seen them all on TV and YouTube, and met Ken and Hongbin a few times, but you’d never met them all.

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