i hate most people but you i like

You Know What I Really Love About The Self Shipping Community?

How supportive everyone is.

You go into the tags we regularly use & its all just cute shit. All just love & support. I scroll through those tags a lot & Its very rare to see a hate post.

& if there is any hate, it gets beaten down & thrown out the window real quick. Go into other community tags & its not surprising to see all out war but here everyone is pretty chill for the most part.

I haven’t once seen two people fighting cause they have the same F/O or something like that.

What I am saying here, is this community its pretty great & I wish I had fully joined it sooner.

SUBMISSIONS OPEN - Dealing with Trauma in Everyday Life (Triggers included)

I’m working on my third chapter.

This is about how trauma can affect survivors in every day life, including their triggers. 

I’m looking to include a couple (3-5) submissions from other survivors to put at the end of the chapter and their experiences with this. It can be bad, good or whatever you want. Please feel free to include your triggers, and how most people might not understand why they’re triggers. 

Feel free to send an ask. Let me know if you want your name, where you’re from or anything like age and gender included. If you just want to be anonymous, that’s okay, too! 

I HATE to do this, but please try and keep your submissions from being lengthy. It’ll be harder to include really long ones.

NOTE: I will not be editing submissions AT ALL. I don’t want to take anyone’s voice away or change it, so please submit it as you want it posted.

Please submit via the ask or submit on my blog. Feel free to message me if you have any questions, or if you want to submit via email or anything else, let me know and we can figure it out.

Please don’t be offended if yours doesn’t get included. This will be really hard for me to choose, and it doesn’t mean I think you’re less important or valid if your submission isn’t posted.

Please share this to get the word out!

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griffith represents the realistic reaction. a lot of people who read berserk dont want to admit it, but most if not all of us wouldn’t be able to struggle. we would give in to what we were led to believe was our fate. people like to believe they’re special, and if you’re coerced in your darkest hour to think so- a lot of us would do anything. that’s also along w/ many reasons why ppl hate griffith. bc characters reflect the uncomfortable reality of what people will commonly do

Yeah I pretty much agree with you. Whenever I see someone who’s like, “I would never ever sacrifice someone I cared about no matter what,” I’m like, well that seems like a v high and untested opinion of yourself.

Idk maybe they’re just a lot more idealistic than me and believe the majority of people wouldn’t choose to sacrifice someone in a moment of pure despair, or maybe they genuinely are that self-sacrificing lol, but I’m with you - I’d say most people would. Especially in the world of Berserk, where behelits generally end up with people who have extremely strong values/desires/drives that make them more likely to sacrifice one thing for the sake of another thing. Add the fact that every apostle we see (except Count Slug’s second attempt) sacrificed someone/thing they both loved and hated in that moment, and the fact that moments of despair are tailored by fate to each individual - to be their worst moment, playing on their specific fears and insecurities etc, and yeah, I’d say just about everyone would make the sacrifice under those conditions.

And tbh one thing I love about Griffith’s narrative is that I actually find it really relatable/understandable. I think Miura did an amazing job of showing us what Griffith values, what he prioritizes, what he believes, what he feels, and how his life has driven him to the point of the Eclipse. When he says, “I sacrifice,” it’s so good because it’s been completely built up to. We got to really see all the elements that come together at that moment to make him choose the sacrifice, and it’s absolutely a realistic decision for his particular character. And personally one of my favourite things about fiction is that feeling of understanding why someone does something terrible, or evil, or stupid, or self-destructive, etc etc. I find it very cathartic, and Berserk is perfect for that.

Like it’s fair if ppl find the same thing uncomfortable or off-putting. A story about relatable/realistic people making bad choices for understandable reasons is definitely not for everyone, but that’s absolutely what Berserk is, at least the Golden Age, and misreading it as the story of an evil dude doing evil things because he’s evil doesn’t change that.

“Also, also, I don’t like the OC hate. If it’s a well made OC, then why are you hating on it? I’ve done various amounts of research for my OC, Indiana, and I’m still scared to roleplay with her because I’m scared people don’t want to roleplay with her or even learn about her.“

OC hate, if baseless, is pretty bad.  I speak this from experience as someone who used to hate OC’s with a burning passion and just denied every one of them due to most of their creators throwing tantrums at me and refusing to accept constructive criticism.  Nowadays, I try to be more tolerant only because of a friend who has a pretty great OC, but I need to address your final point: the one where you address having fear of people not wanting to roleplay with your Indiana OC.

This may sound harsh and blunt, but that’s just how some people are, myself included.  I don’t hate OC’s needlessly nowadays and do try to give more chances, but I certainly don’t have much interest in them.  Especially not in roleplaying.   It may sound disheartening, yes, but you need to understand that roleplaying is a two-way street.  I’ve had that happen to me where I was RP’ing Nyo!Vietnam and I had a poorly done OC shoved onto me.  If one of you isn’t interested or invested, the roleplay will most likely not go well.  Likewise, you can simply just find somebody else: I’m pretty sure there’ll be someone that accepts OC’s for RP’ing.

That saying so, don’t give up or feel scared at facing other people’s opinions towards your OC.  Yeah, it can hurt or sting, but that’s life.  Don’t let it get you down and just keep going.  Express and introduce your OC but do it in a way that isn’t imposing.  Ask the person politely if they don’t mind RP’ing with an OC first and if they say yes, you’re gold and may have a new RP partner.  If no, respect their wishes and find another person.

OC’s are a very touchy subject in fandoms, in general, and I think it’s mainly because of the sections that really ruin it for everyone.  

- Mod V

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Wild strawberry!

Wild Strawberry: Do you care what others think about you?

Most of the time, yeah. I’m pretty self conscious and am always worried that people/my friends think I’m annoying or ugly or something. If someone I hate is talking shit about me though, then I don’t give a fuck cuz I don’t like them neither and could care less about their opinion lol

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I don't understand the Normani hype 😑 I was reading the shaderooms comments sections and people don't know who Dinah is but they know Normani ? Come on, Dinah is more active than Normani on SM and people know Normani ? They hate Lauren and I don't even talk about Ally because she and Dinah are so underrated. And yet people like the girl who can't even sing live 😑 Dinah is a better performer and people never talk about her. Lauren is a better singer and all people talk about is her private life

First of all, you sound like a hater. And why are you surprised that most of the followers of a Black media outlet only know the black girl?? 

- C

Yall. if you repost a painting of mine on instagram, can you please check to see if i posted it already? especially if i /just/ released it? I mean, I really dont mean to be rude, but I really hate when I havent even gotten around to posting my most recent painting myself on my own social media, and already people have seen it on instagram. Like, can yall just wait..? I really appreciate the want to share, and I love it when you guys do! Just give me some time to put it up myself (unless its a really old painting)
Rare Collection of 100 Introvert Quotes That Will Make You Feel Understood

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Dear introverts, it’s difficult to understand you. Many people don’t comprehend that solitude and feeling alone are different things. As an introvert, you know that your solitude is a sacred space where you can recharge. We encourage you to have a look at these amazingly thoughtful and profound quotes, which will resonate with all introverts.

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There was another student at my school that was a total dickbag, and made it his daily goal to get a rise out of at least one other person, some way or another. Let’s call him Dbag. He annoyed the shit out of a lot of teachers by doing stuff like constantly being late, eating loudly in class, purposefully spilling and dropping things, and loudly retelling stories during lectures or tests. He spent more time being kicked out of class than actually in class. He wasn’t popular with students either, he constantly mocked students with disabilities, would harass people for money or bites of their food, and tried starting rumors about girls that would turn him down for dates. 

I hated this dude so much. He annoyed the shit out of me, but i was pretty quiet about it for the most part. During lunch one day, i was standing with my circle of friends and i felt someone wrap their arms around my neck/shoulders and lean over me. It was Dbag. He starts yelling and saying stuff like “yeah guys i know can you believe (my name) hides her titties under big sweaters and stuff???” my friends started backing up, they saw me get pissed. I said loudly, “Let go of me!” He kept talking and holding me. One more time, I said “Let go, or I’m putting you on the ground!” He ignored me. I screamed as loud as i could, “LAST CHANCE!” and he didn’t let go. I grabbed his arms, bent my knee, and laid him out flat on his back. The floor was concrete. The slap was SO loud. (Google “self defense shoulder throw” the first image is similar to the technique i did) He was winded for a solid 15-20 seconds. I looked around, and everybody was staring, including my period three teacher on lunch supervision. We looked each other in the eye and my first thought was “oh shit, i’m suspended” but she slowly turned around and walked back down the hall. She never mentioned it, i didn’t get suspended, and Dbag called me a “psycho bitch” for the next 2 years.

i dont like getting in to overwatch discourse but i love making fun of blizzard’s inept writing so i’m gonna do it anyway

the way blizzard keeps trying to push omnics in overwatch as an allegory for racism is one of the most poorly handled things i’ve ever seen to the point that it’s almost comedic

the game’s narrative (what little there is) wants you to think people who hate omnics are irrational and hokey and “not with the times,” right. wake up grandma, it’s 2057. that sort of thing.

but blizzard themselves have since done the following:

  • established that the omnic crisis was like only 20 years ago, so everyone over the age of like 25 has concrete memories of “the time robots almost destroyed the entire planet”
  • established that the omnic crisis was a global conflict that brought humanity to the brink of extinction, literally every single human alive at the time was affected by it
  • established that nobody really knows why the omnics stopped attacking, not even the omnics themselves
  • established in Pharah’s comic that peaceful omnics are very easily hacked by both malicious humans and omnics alike, so literally every omnic has the potential to have their sapience wrested away from them to be turned back in to a mindless killing machine in an instant
  • put a game mode in the game that takes place during the omnic crisis where you just go ahead and kill as many omnics as you can

like, blizzard have never been good writers, but jesus christ. this is some next-level incompetence. the fact that people are obsessed with the lore in this world and get REALLY in to the nitty-gritty of it astounds me. you take a single step backwards and look at it from a distance and it all falls apart.

like, if you like overwatch, fine, but people write essays as long as their arms about the lore of a world that’s this badly written and i just do not understand it. just play the tf2 game. laugh when d.va says oppa gangnam style. blizzard did not put even a fraction of a fraction of the amount of thought in to the game that some of the fans put in to their fantheories. 

basically what i’m saying, in the least chill way possible, is “chill.” 

Honestly, even if you don’t ship Klance, you have to admit how Iconic it would be for bi people. Because not only would you have one of the first bisexual male cartoon characters, but the representation would actually be accurate to what bi people experience. There’s this implied narrative where Lance’s repressed feelings are manifesting themselves as anger/intimidation, because “what the hell? I’m spoce to like girls, I do like girls but I wanna touch his stupid mullet and my hands are sweaty and- Fuck I guess I have to hate him now.”

And honestly, relatable? This would be the most accurate representation of the Bisexual Awakening I’ve ever seen in media.

one thing i think is interesting, as someone who basically grew up playing video games non-stop, is how some types of video game just don’t gel with people 

like, it’s easy to forget that, even though i’m pretty bad at most games, that my skill at handling video games is definitely “above average.” as much as i hate to put it like this, i’d say my experience level is at “expert” solely because I can pick up any game controller and understand how to use it with no additional training. 

a friend of mine on twitter posted a video of him stuck on a part of samus returns. the tutorial area where it teaches you how to ledge-grab. the video is of him jumping against the wall, doing everything but grabbing the ledge, and him getting frustrated 

i’ve been playing games all my life, so i’d naturally intuit that i should jump towards the ledge to see what happens 

but he doesn’t do that.

it’s kinda making me realize that as games are becoming more complex and controllers are getting more buttons, games are being designed more and more for people who already know how to play them and not people with little to no base understanding of the types of games they’re playing 

so that’s got me thinking: should video games assume that you have zero base knowledge of video games and try to teach you from there? should Metroid: Samus Returns assume that you already know how to play a Metroid game and base its tutorial around that, or should it assume that you’ve never even played Mario before? 

it’s got me thinking about that Cuphead video again. you know the one. to anyone with a lot of experience with video games, especially 2D ones, we would naturally intuit that one part of the tutorial to require a jump and a dash at the same time.

but most people lack that experience and that learned intuition and might struggle with that, and that’s something a lot of people forget to consider. 

it reminds me a bit of the “land of Punt” that I read about in this Tumblr post. Egypt had this big trading partner back in the day called Punt and they wrote down everything about it except where it was, because who doesn’t know where Punt is? and now, we have no idea where it was, because everyone in Egypt assumed everyone else knew.

take that same line of thinking with games: “who doesn’t know how to play a 2D platform game?” nobody takes in to consideration the fact that somebody might not know how to play a 2D game on a base level, because that style of gameplay is thoroughly ingrained in to the minds of the majority of gamers. and then the Cuphead situation happens.

the point of this post isn’t to make fun of anybody, but to ask everyone to step back for a second and consider that things that they might not normally consider. as weird as it is to think about for people that grew up playing video games, anyone who can pick up a controller with thirty buttons on it and not get intimidated is actually operating at an expert level. if you pick up a playstation or an Xbox controller and your thumbs naturally land on the face buttons and the analog stick and your index fingers naturally land on the trigger buttons, that is because you are an expert at operating a complex piece of machinery. you have a lifetime of experience using this piece of equipment, and assuming that your skill level is the base line is a problem.

that assumption is rapidly becoming a problem as games become more complex. it’s something that should be considered when talking about games going forward. games should be accessible, but it’s reaching a point where even Nintendo games are assuming certain levels of skill without teaching the player the absolute basics. basics like “what is an analog stick” and “where should my fingers even be on this controller right now.” 

basically what i’m saying is that games are becoming too complex for new players to reasonably get in to and are starting to assume skill levels higher than what should be considered the base line. it’s becoming a legitimate problem that shouldn’t be laughed at and disregarded. it’s very easy to forget that thing things YOU know aren’t known by everyone and that idea should be taken in to consideration when talking about video games. 


GLEE MEME: Ten Episodes
4. What The World Needs Now

Things the signs don’t like:

(I’m not trying to tell you what you don’t like this is just my opinion based on the Signs as I know them)

Aries: I feel like they are sarcastic but hate sarcasm from others

Taurus: Change

Gemini: Doesn’t like being in situations where they can’t speak their mind

Cancer: People who won’t let them help. I feel like even though they are meant to be the most ‘cry baby’ out of all of the signs, they keep their emotions in and are more 'motherly’. They show tough love and I honestly don’t really see them cry. I think their the toughest.

Leo: Not being the centre of attention (just kidding.) They hate negative people that doubt everything.

Virgo: MESS

Libra: Not being listened too

Scorpio: Being emotionally exposed

Sagittarius: Commitment (sometimes) and restrictions from freedom!

Capricorn: Someone getting in the way of something they want to accomplish

Aquarius: Everyone copying them, whether it’s their style or homework

Pisces: close-minded people!

I’m like really surprised at the amount of people who refuse to accept when an animated black character…is in fact black, it’s not subtle anymore. All I imagine is you guys covering your ears and going “La la la la la!” to block out all the reminders. Y'all really hate seeing black characters existing, and it’s becoming more obvious. No matter how apparent it is that the character is black y'all still find a way to disprove that they aren’t.

Some thoughts I’ve been mulling over for a while...

SJM Haters: “No diversity!” *Shoving aside canonically black High Lords Tarquin and the bisexual Helion, Thesan, Nesryn, all of the Southern Continent, etc*

SJM Haters: “Everyone is white!” *Punching the non-white Illyrian races, not to mention about 90% of the Summer Court*

SJM Haters: “They’re all heterosexual!” *Throws Thesan, Mor, Aedion, the Blackbeak Matron, Thea and Kaya off of a cliff* (Actually, feel free to throw the Matron off a cliff lmao)

SJM Haters: “Rowan is abusive” *blatantly ignores the fact that Rowan was literally tied to a queen who forced him to do terrible things, and he still found it in himself to love Aelin unconditionally*

SJM Haters: “She doesn’t tackle any important issues!” *Stepping on Rhysand’s history of sexual abuse, not to mention Lysandra’s history of sexual abuse, oh and also Aedion, whose nickname was literally ‘Adarlan’s Whore,’ and the slave trade, and the treatment of ‘lesser faeries’ in comparison to ‘High Fae.’*

I’m not trying to say that the ACOTAR/TOG books aren’t without their flaws. Every book, every movie, every song, every piece of artwork that has ever been created has a flaw in some way. Often, there are multiple flaws. It is okay to acknowledge these flaws. It is okay to even criticize them. What is not okay is discrediting the immense amount of work that SJM puts into these books. She released two (2) fantasy novels longer than 200,000 words in a single year. I don’t pretend to know everything that goes on at Bloomsbury Publishing, but I honestly believe that she did that for her fans. She started writing Throne of Glass when she was 16; she got it published 11 years later. Books take time; lots of it. Ask George RR Martin, who also tackles the heavy genre of fantasy, but he’s been working on Winds of Winter for six years. Do you think SJM would have wanted to go over these books for another year or combed through them just one more time before she published them? Yeah, probably. Every author, writer, fanfiction writer, artist, or whomever, wants just a bit more time to add those final details, to keep chipping away (because let me tell you, even when it’s done, we don’t feel like it’s done). But you know what else? She’s probably damn proud of them, too. As well she should be. The amount of times I find myself laughing with these characters and crying and screeching, it says enough. 

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