i hate mosquitoes!

I fully support segregation if it is between mosquitos and everyone else.

I dont want to see you in my bathrooms.

I dont want to see you in my schools.

I dont want to see you around our public pools or around my home.

I dont want to see you while i am eating at a restaurant.

In fact, if you are eating, i dont want you anywhere near me.

My perfect world is one where you dont exist. My kids should never have to worry about seeing one of you again.

Call me entomophobic all you want. I fully support segregation of mosquitos and everyone else. I hate all of you.

Mme Bustier's class as Things My Friends and I Have Said
  • Marinette: "I keep messing everything up could I not be like this please?"
  • Alya: "Fuck you, I'd rather be on Tumblr."
  • Adrien: "I am but a smol, and couldn't hurt anything. Unless it's a mosquito, because I hate mosquitoes."
  • Nino: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, music is my way out of life."
  • Nathanael: "I love tomatoes! Don't shit on tomatoes!"
  • Alix: "I will sue this entire school."
  • Kim: "Actually fight me, I dare you.
  • Max: "I'm a nerd, you're a nerd, everyone in this goddamn class is a nerd."
  • Rose: "Aw, I'm pretty. Right?"
  • Juleka: "Um, no, I don't like you. Now could you go away?"
  • Ivan: "I am tall and look tough but I am secretly a comic nerd and will cry if you hate me."
  • Mylene: "I am not short! You're all just tall!"
  • Chloe: "Excuse me, but could you please keep your weird ass expectations like, three hundred feet away from me?"
  • Sabrina: "They think I am a sidekick but I actually do all the work."
  • Mme Bustier: "Please End me."
  • Lila: "Bitch I'm the devil on everyone's shoulder, now shut the fuck up."

A very fail Annie’s costest xD I can’t work with wigs lol My real hair is short so its hard to hide it wearing a ponytail. You can see my pink shirt and I only have the Survey corps jacket. Plus, the pic is flipped xd

It’s funny how I’m showing my nose here. I hate it. Toucan, mosquito, Pinnochio, any kind of jokes for having a big nose, I’ve hear them. When I saw Annie the first time I thought she is a beautiful girl with a big nose. I never saw an anime girl with a nose. (I mean.. they always have cute small noses). 😢 So I was happy. And we share height too. (And I have a horse face as Jean too yikes)

A Genos and Fem!Saitama fanfic

Or “What Genos thought during his first interactions with fem!Saitama”. Please, enjoy.


The first thought that crossed his mind the first time he saw her in action was something between “Damn...” and “How in all the known hells?”.

In front of him was this bald and NAKED woman that with just one slap (ONE.FUCKING.SLAP.) obliterate into a red splat on the buildings the bat shit crazy mosquito monster girl that left him as a shredded piece of cyborg gore. “Who is this woman?! How did she do that?! Is she even human?!”

-  Man, I hate mosquitoes. – she said with the silliest of smiles.

-  WAIT! – he screamed, succesfully making her look his way – I AM GENOS! A CYBORG THAT FIGHTS FOR JUSTICE!! PLEASE TELL ME YOUR NAME!!! –

-  Eh? – she looked at him, her egg like face more than evident – I’m Saitama, why? –

-  ALLOW ME TO BE YOUR DISCIPLE!! – he requested in a scream.

He was desperate.

He needed to know how to become that powerful, needed to know how to be that immeasurable strong… in those times he had thirst for strenght… he had thirst for vengeance.

And this woman was the key to his goal.

-  Ah… Okay. – she said before turning on her heel and leaving.

Genos stayed laying there for a while, watching her back as she walked away and until it dissapeared from his sight, then using the communicator that Doctor Kuseno installed into his head he called the good Doctor to be retrieved and fixed. He had field investigation to do.


He is not a stalker, alright?

He is not.

One thing is field investigation and another very different is the shameful act of stalking.

He has an analitical mind. He needs stats, samples and observation notes before reaching any conclusion, and from his observation week on Saitama-sensei there is only one logical conclusion for her God like strength and that is that it is a total mistery.

-  You actually came… – she said in this suspicious incredulous whisper, her almond shaped eyes squinted in his direction – Errr… What was your name again? –

-  It is Genos, Saitama-sensei. –

-  How the heck did you found my place? And please don’t call me that. –

-  Internet, mistress. –


She invited him into her apartment and offered him a cup of tea while mumbling something about proper etiquette towards a guest (expected or not).

“This place is smaller that expected…” Thought Genos as he followed Saitama into the living room “…and dirtier.”

She was wearing that dreadly yellow full body suit.

“The cape is cool but… Ugh, that color.”

Once settled, Saitama put a very simple tea cup that had a wise quote printed on it in front of him.

-  Go home after you finish this one, I’m no lookin for discip-uh? How come you are in one piece again? –

-  Yes, since my body is mostly artificial it is easy to find spare parts. –

-  Dude, you are so weird. – she said flatly.

“Alright, let’s get this going.”

-  Sensei, what kind of artificial parts do you use? – he asked as directly as only he could.

-  None. – she answered as flatly as only she could.

-  Eh? Then what is that skin colored armor on your head? –

“She cannot be really bald, is she?”

-  It is MY skin. – Saitama was getting annoyed.

-  But that could only mean that you are already ba-


“Change of subject then.”

-  Could you hear my problem, sensei? –

-  No, thank you, please go home. –

After unsuccesfully telling his tale and being treated like an annoying ten year old, Genos finally put into ten exact words what he wanted from Saitama.  

-  Please, teach me how to become strong like you, sensei. –

“That’s it, I said it, please don’t say no, please don’t say no.”

-  Hmmmm. – Saitama seemed to deeply think her answer – Genos. – she opened her eyes and looked at him.

-  Yes, ma’am! –

-  How old are you? –

-  I am nineteen, ma’am! –

-  So young… I’m sure you will surpass me in no time then. –

-  Really?! –

-  You see, Genos, I’m twenty five, but I was twenty two when I started training three years ago. –

“Is she for real?!”

-  I don’t mind teaching you, Genos but… I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s gonna be tough. Are you ready to take it on? –

The seriousness in her voice, in her eyes, the sharp angles of her face, everything about that question screamed “ARE YOU READY?!”, challenging his resolve.

-  Yes, ma’am! –

And then he sensed them approaching.

The house of evolution.

That was a very eye opening day for Genos, that day he understood that there still are certain things that not even science can explain, no matter how common they seem.

This woman… this average looking bald woman surpassed all the human limitations by sheer will power and a ridiculous excercise routine.

-   …You guys messing around with evolution and the new human race and all that jazz will never make it far, the true power, our true power as human beings, is that we can change our selves on our own! – finished Saitama her speech.




“Are you shitting me?!” Thought Genos after hearing the ridiculous answer Saitama gave to the Asura Kabuto.


Saitama’s face deflated after hearing Genos rampage, it was obvious that he would not believe her… shit, not even she could believe it but…

-  Genos… - Saitama called him, her serious face becoming and egg once again, the sad light in her eyes stoping Genos’s rage – That’s all I did… I’m not lying. –

Genos was not sure if he could believe her words, but he certainly could believe her eyes.

“She is not lying.”

She was not.

And the one punch hit that exterminated Asura Kabuto was more prove than enough.

“Well, if not even she understands how her strength came to her… maybe I can find out how and apply it to myself.”

So he decided to stay by her side.

That was the second most (the first one being becoming a cyborg) important decision that would lead the rest of his life.


Turns out, she really was a very simple average woman (that could obliterate anyone and anything with one single punch), she liked discount sales, discount coupons, read manga, watching the news, cheap or free stuff, and her favorite hoodie was this oversized (yellow colored, again) thing that said “oppai” in big red letters at the front, and yet he found her charming in the most bizarre of ways.

She would make this silly little smile when a good bargain was in her hands, the usual blank stare could get this twinkle when a flyer announcing a new discount sale would land in her hands, her face could get all serious when the hero in her manga got into a pinch… and she was so humble and kind and selfless… How come no one knows about this woman?! How come no one is worshiping her like the heroine she is?! WHY?!

-  Wait… sensei, could it be that… since you are just a hero for hobby… –

“It can’t be, can it?”


The face that Saitama dedicated to Genos after his explanation about what the association was, was one of pure shock and disbelieving.

-  I had no idea. – she said, the surprise in her face making it even rounder – Wait, Genos, are you registered? –

-  No, why? –

-  Let’s go register our selves! – the silly little smile make its apperance in her face again, apparently this idea excited her – If you register yourself with me, I’ll make you my disciple for real this time! –

-  LET’S GO! –

Funny thing is, the first time Genos spoke to Saitama she was naked, yet he did not paid attention to her body due to the inmense awe he felt at that time (and because it was rude to stare), but when they did the physical part of the association entrance exam he could not tear his optical cameras from the hand like sculped body that was wearing a royal blue sports leotard. All the stats that appeared in his systems surpassed by far all the records… and those legs…and her long neck… and her thing yet firm arms… and her waist looked so frail, but one could see the faint line of her hard rock abs…

-  Genos, why are you naked? – she asked when her gaze landed on his figure.

-  I am not naked, sensei. Even though I’m not wearing clothing I am wearing my chastity plate. –

-  Uh-hu, dude you have officialy advanced from weird to creep. Anyway, you done too? –

-  Yes, Saitama-sensei. –

-  And? How did you do? –

-  Both the written and fitness tests were a walk in the park. –

-   I know, right?! I can’t believe it was so easy! –

-   One needs at least seventy points to pass the written part, but the fitness test is the one that really matters, so it shouldn’t pose a problem. –

When the results were given to them, Genos was not suprised to find out he was in the S-class, the strongest among the hero ranks but, if he was in the S-class, where could they place his sensei? Is there a God-class? Wait, what if they make a whole new class just for her?! That wouldn’t be surprising tho.

-  I-I… I ba-barely passed the wri-written part with a se-seventy one… I’m in C-class. –



-  Genos, are you sure about this? – Saitama questioned him when they arrived to a desolated place.

-  Yes, sensei. Thank you very much for accepting my unreasonable request. –

-  Yeah, well… I did promise I’d make you my disciple for real this time, but remember, this is just a sparring. It’s not like we are actually gonna fight, got it? – explained Saitama while taking her place some meters away from Genos.

“But that is exactly what I had in mind, sensei… I will attack you with all I have to make you fight back seriously too.”

But nothing made her be serious. His cannon blasts a mere breeze for her. His punches and kicks equals to the touch of a fly for her. His speed just like slow motion in her eyes. She was playing with him, he became the toy of this child like goddess whose eyes sparkled amusingly at the sight of his laser lights, and that made him feel so angry, he put more, and more, and more power into his attacks but nothing seemed to make her take him seriously.

Or so he thought.

It was just the fraction of a second, shorter than a blink… but it felt like if the time froze.

Death was staring right at him… powerful and cold… unstoppable.

He felt like the ant facing the gigantic thump that was about to squash it into nothingness… and then a flick to his forehead, as light as cardboard and as quick as a the tip of a whip… and then that was it.

And there was Saitama, smiling her silly smile and as fresh as a fucking lettuce.

-  I’m hungry. time for lunch, Genos! Let’s go eat udon! –


-  S-Sure… let’s go. – he mumbled.

He saw her retreating back for a second before turning his head and look at the damage, just then he understood…

A huge scratch like hole cut through the rock and beyond for what seemed to be kilometers, like if a giant nail scraped a piece of fabric.

“It doesn’t matter what I do… I can’t see myself coming even close to be as strong as sensei.”

-  Hey, what’s wrong? Don’t tell me you don’t like udon. –

Her voice brought him back to reality.

-  N-no, sensei. I do like udon. –

-  Good, because this place got one of the best I’ve tasted. –

The udon was good and the restaurant clean, Genos found himself feeling at peace and relaxed… When was the last time he felt like that?

Saitama seemed really impressed by the quantity of udon Genos could eat.

-  Well, you certainly don’t act like a nineteen year old boy but you sure can eat like one. –

Genos found himself smiling to the comment made by the woman.

-  Thank you, sensei. –

And then Amai Mask appeared and the good mood ran away, but when he came back to Saitama (who was waiting for him with a tiny worried frown between her eyes), they said good bye to each other and the next day Genos made the third most important decision that would lead the rest of his life…


-  Can I live here? – he asked as Saitama looked at him like if finally all sanity has left him.

They were at Saitama’s small apartment, it was almost noon but Saitama was still wearing her pajamas and was reading manga in a very “chill” position.

-   No. - she said while looking flatly at Genos.

-   I’ll pay rent. - he says and then smash a huge stack of money on Saitama’s tea table, right in front of her face.

Saitama looked at the money.

Saitama looked at Genos.

-   I hope you brought your toothbrush. –

“Victory.” He thought, a tiny smile in his face.


Kinda short. I don’t know, maybe will do a second part.

au where eren and levi are a couple and they love doing outdoor activities together like camping and fishing and mountain climbing. the only problem is that MOSQUITOES LOVE EREN’S BLOOD BUT HATE LEVI’S so even after ten coats of spray, eren’s still walking home with twenty bites and levi’s there with his flawless, unbitten skin.