i hate modcloth


Damn you, ModCloth.   Damn you and your rabid, clotheshorse “New Girl”-watching size 0-4 customers with ooooodles of time and money on their hands!!  

A couple months ago, my sister tried to purchase this lemon yellow dress to wear as maid of honor at my wedding, and it sold out within a day.

This weekend, a different version of the dress in red and white polka dots was advertised in their newsletter, which my sister forwarded to me almost immediately.  By the time I emailed her back (10 minutes later), half the sizes were already sold out.

ModCloth: Why are you torturing everyone with your limited inventories of popular vintage-inspired clothing?!?!  And more importantly, ModCloth: Who are all these Zooey Deschanel-worshipping condors casually dropping Benjis all the time for primary color chiffon dresses?!?!?!

I swear to GOD, if this dress comes out in blue I’m going to order 50 dresses, hang onto them for a month and then return 49 just to f*ck with them all!


PS The other alternative is to find out what brand this dress is and try to buy it elsewhere.  I haven’t had any luck in that Google department so far, but let me know if any of you fashionista detectives out there have any ideas.  Seacrest out.