i hate mlp

I am currently looking for a campus job to avoid this from happening again, but in the meantime i need to raise the money on my own.

I hate doing these things. But financial aid actually does not pay for summer housing so that leaves it up to me. My share of the rent is roughly 500$.

I’m currently accepting commissions and donations (which i never accept but times are tough.) I hate feeling like im begging but i dont think i could sell 400$ worth of commissions;; Im not that popular haha;;
If you want a commisison please sent me an IM so we can exchange skypes, flat colors start at 15$ and i can design custom adopts and stuff. Im a growing artist, but i am very flexible in what i can draw! If you donate I’ll probably sketch you something anyways;; 

my paypal is cutthatweebshitout@gmail.com , anything helps! including reblogs!

 Rarity, the Queen of Grand Entrances [Trailer]

I just watched the EqG2 trailer, and I wish I had watched it earlier because it seems like fashion pony’s perfection is a universal constant.


Colgate: Don’t worry I’ll warm you up!

Berry: Ohhh really ~

Colgate: Not like that!

Berry: Awwww…

Colgate: …Ok, ok! We’ll do it your way!

((FUCK EVERYTHING!!!! So much wrong despite the obvious of this being HORRIBLY LATE!!! ARGGGGHHHHH!! I was going to nominate others but what’s the fucking point now?!!? I fail, I suck goddamn it!!))