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Ass Lovin ~ Cameron Dallas Imagine (Requested )

baileyevans said:I LOVE your blog ok can I have a Cameron dallas imagine were Cameron loves my ass and he talks about it and grabs it all the time and the boys like it to and he makes it clear that its his and no one eles plz sry if that’s werid ♥♥♥♥♥♥


I hope you enjoy this thanks for requesting it and btw it’s not weird it is a thing for guy’s loving the booty !


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You just finished a good workout at the gym you were wearing Cameron’s Favorite Yoga leggings on you He loved them because it accentuated the butt He for some reason loved your ass and you weren’t complaining .

You were on your way home .

You entered you And Cameron’s house putting down your keys and water bottle taking off your shoes as well .

‘Babe I’m home” You called to let him know you were there .

Soon Cameron came into the kitchen Giving you a huge kiss and a hug his hands fell right on your ass groping them tight in his hands you smiled at the feeling .

‘How was your workout?’ he asked picking you up and sitting you on the kitchen counter .

‘it was muscle tearing but really good’ You whispered in his ear . ‘I may need a all body massage later ‘ You said nibbling his ear .

“i can make that happen ‘ He said biting his lip .

You leaned back in giving him another passionate kiss before getting off the counter walking through the living room . to see the guys ‘hey guys’ You waved to them .

‘hey nice ass Y/n ‘Taylor called out . ‘thanks but ..-’ You didn’t have to continue .

‘she’s mine which means her ass is also off limits no looking , no touching or anything else ‘ Cameron said running into the room .

Taylor always did that to mess with him .

Cameron being protective grabbing it one more time giving you a sexy kiss on your neck . 

‘get a fucking room ‘ Carter called out throwing a pillow at you’s .

‘oh trust me we will later ‘ Cameron replied finally letting go of your ass .

‘Cameron I think you have a problem ‘ You whispered in his ear 

‘oh yeah whats that ?’ He said seductive. 

‘your obsessed with my ass I think you need therapy ‘ You laughed running up the stairs .

He hated when you called him out on it .

‘You’ll be begging me to grab it later in that massage ‘ he screamed up the stairs making you laugh .

Cameron took a seat on the couch next to the guys .

‘Cameron I think you love her ass a little too much ‘ Aaron said sounding serious.

‘No it’s more of an amazement like she keeps it tight and perky like how is an ass that perfect . I’m not obsessed with it ‘ Cameron admitted .

‘yeah okay but I am ‘ Taylor joked once more .

‘Bro what did I say ‘ Cameron said throwing a pillow at him .

‘okay I’m sorry you just get so serious about it ‘ Taylor responded ,

Cameron responded with a laugh .


I hope you liked this one I had fun making it !