i hate maps why are there three of them in this piece

reasons to read/watch One Piece

  • there’s an 8 foot tall talking singing skeleton with an afro who makes bad puns all the time what’s there not to love
  • there’s a 7 foot tall cyborg who hates pants and says super a lot and he’s powered by cola
  • sky islands
  • at one point someone turns into a giraffe and it’s hilarious but then the giraffe guy actually cuts a building in half because he got pissed at everyone (including his own partner) for not taking his giraffe form seriously. one of his attacks was called “pasta machine
  • the main character is canonically asexual/aromantic. one time he saw the world’s most beautiful woman half naked and his response was “Huh? Why are you naked? Where’s the food?”
  • this series will make you cry over boats and whales. and dogs. and reindeer. and hats
  • none of the main characters have a real romance or romantic relationship with anyone
  • USOPP his whole introduction arc is about him lying to a girl to make her feel better because she had depression, and it was working. (his “lies“ are larger than life stories about him as a kid pirate)
  • there’s a guy named Buggy the Clown and he actually looks like a clown but not out of choice he was born with a big red nose and he gets pissed whenever people mention it (or sound like they mention it)
  • exploding ghosts
  • evil ventriloquist puppet pigeons that may or may not actually be evil
  • one guy’s devil fruit power is to eat anything and then turn into what he eats and it’s actually a pretty dangerous power
  • all the emphasis is on familial love and friendship
  • did i mention that one character is a tiny cute reindeer who’s also a very, very good doctor
  • ANCIENT CONSPIRACY THEORIES like there’s this whole century of history that’s been erased by the World Government and its forbidden to study it
  • there are also these things called Poneglyphs that are indestructible stones with ancient language written on them and they come from that blank century and no one is allowed to study them. the World Government says b/c of the Ancient Weapons that the Poneglyphs talk about (which are real) but in reality they don’t want the information on the people and country the stones originated from to become known knowledge. the world government literally burned down an entire island and wiped it from the map for doing this
  • devil fruit powers okay some of them are really cool like turning into fire or magma or causing earthquakes, but then there’s stuff like turning into a giraffe, slowing things down, being rubber, returning from the dead, controlling/becoming a ghost, controlling shadows, SPROUTING LIMBS FROM ANY SURFACE, secreting poison, being able to cut people up without killing them and switching their body parts around and switching their personalities. one character can control hormones and another can turn his hands into giant scissors. and the thing is, ALL THESE POWERS ARE STILL REALLY DANGEROUS
  • Water Luffy. Luffy is impaled by a giant hook at one point and almost dies and then like literally a day later he shows up with a giant barrel of water b/c the villain’s weakness is water. but the villain can also absorb water, so Luffy does the logical thing and CHUGS THE WHOLE BARREL OF WATER UNTIL HE LOOKS LIKE A HUMAN WATER BALLOON AND THEN HE STARTS LEAKING FROM THE VERY SERIOUS WOUND THAT NEARLY KILLED HIM AND SAYS “AHH!! I SPRUNG A LEAK!!”
  • this quote: “When does a man die? When he’s struck by a deadly disease? No. When he’s shot through the heart with a pistol? No. when eh eats soup made from a poisonous mushroom? No!! A Man dies… when people forget him.”
  • you’ll cry over that mushroom
  • Luffy’s idea of an insult is calling a guy who uses three-sword style “four -sword style”
  • also one guy holds a sword in each hand and one in his mouth and it’s badass as fuck i kid you not
  • literally no plot device is forgotten like everything mentioned at one point WILL COME BACK. one time a character was shown in a tiny panel in a super short flashback in chapter 13 or so, and then like 400-500 chapters later TURNS OUT THAT RANDOM BACKGROUND CHARACTER IS ACTUALLY A MAJOR CHARACTER
  • Angels!! Giants!! Dwarfs!! Long armed people!! Long legged people!! Minks!! Fishman!! there’s so many different species it’s great
365 Days of Journaling

This year I am comitted to journaling every day. To make sure I am inspired to write I’ve compiled a list of prompts using journaling prompts, list prompts and self-discovery questions. Feel free to use!

365 Days of Journaling

1. Your New Year’s Resolutions.

2. Personal fact file.

3. Review of 2014

4. How can you treat yourself more gently this year? Things you could lighten up on yourself about?

5. List 5 simple activities to nurture yourself.

6. What do you need to stop worrying about?

7. Secret

8. What do you repeatedly re-evaluate? Can you let it go?

9. List things you should be proud of.

10. What negative phrases do you say about your body? Can you replace them with positive affirmations about your body?

11. List 10 things your body does that is amazing.

12. How are you sleeping?

13. Friendship

14. In my heart I know the one way I can nurture my bod more this year is ___.

15. What makes you feel loved and cared for?

16. How does social media affect you?

17. List your greatest comforts.

18. Book Review

19. Design your outdoor area/garden.

20. Who do you want to surround yourself with this year?

21. An artist that inspires you.

22. List current and future goals and dreams.

23. What’s something you do differently to other people?

24. List what you are grateful for.

25. What’s something you want to do but haven’t?

26. Imagination.

27. List things you do to procrastinate.

28. Do you feel worthy of nurturing and gentle care? How does it feel for you to say ‘I am deserving of loving care. I take time to take care of myself?’

29. List words that touch your soul.

30. I wish animals could…… If they could, then…..

31. Has your greatest fear come true?

32. Never have I ever list.

33. What’s holding you back?

34. List dream jobs.

35. Favourite recipe.

36. List fictional characters with whom you have fallen in love.

37. Focus.

38. I am inspired by…

39. Your favourite flower?

40. Movie Review.

41. ‘If I won the lottery’ list.

42. In this moment are you happy?

43. Hope.

44. List things you like to do when you’re sick.

45. Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend?

  1. 46.  ‘If I ruled the world’ list.

47. Words to live by.

48. I wish I had one more chance to….. Then I would…..

49. 5 things you want in a relationship.

50. My overused words and phrases.

51. Dream.

52. Recipe for a perfect weekend.

53. Make a table, 10 things you love and hate about your body.

54. List your greatest achievements.

55. Doodle here.

56. What’s your happiest childhood memory?

57. In ten years from now where would you like to be?

58. What’s your perfect trip?

59. When have you felt most passionate?

60. Your skills.

61. I wish I could forget the time I ….. because….

62. Book Review.

63. Believe.

64. If not now – when?

65. Is it possible to know, without a doubt, what is good and what is evil?

66. Do you feel like you’ve lived this day before?

67. Write a letter, Dear Past Me.

68. What would you wish for if a genie granted you 3 wishes?

69. The most disappointed I’ve ever been…

70. What scares you?

71. Mystery.

72. 10 television shows.

73. Nobody knows that I…

74. Your favourite scent?

75. Do you cope with stress? How?

76. List your essentials.

77. Plan a romantic evening.

78. Your saddest memory?

79. What’s the difference between being alive and truly living?

80. Mistake.

81. I wish I had a million… Then I would…

82. List books.

83. Decide upon a three course meal.

84. If we learn from mistakes why are we so frightened of making them?

85. What’s something you’ve learnt today?

86. What was your favourite school subject?

87. 10 celeb crushes.

88. The most fun I’ve ever had…

89. What are you looking forward to?

90. List places you want to go.

91. Laughter.

92. Describe each day of the week as if it was a person?

93. Are you a worrier?

94. The tattoos you have?

95. 10 things to do before your next birthday. (95)

96. Who was your best friend?

97. List favourite quotes.

98. Favourite colour combos.

99. Movie review.

100. Who do you admire?

101. I wish I could learn….. because…..

102. Look through a magazine – what images stand out?

103. The biggest lie I’ve ever told is…

104. Favourite animation.

105. Something out of reach…

106. A mistake you won’t make again?

107. Wisdom.

108. List things that feel like home.

109. I am…

110. I’m not very good at…

111. List things you want to be known for.

112. What was your favourite toy?

113. Your character traits.

114. Pause.

115. Describe your dream job.

116. Write a letter, Dear Future Me.

117. Make an A-Z list of things that you want to do.

118. Write about your first job?

119. Adventure.

120. List of websites.

121. Ways to waste time…

122. Table of Do’s and Don’ts

123. Your make-up bag?

124. What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?

125. What makes you miserable?

126. Energy.

127. Things you find beautiful?

128. There’s no excuse for…

129. The most terrifying moment of my life was…

130. What was your first car?Design your bedroom.

131. In 25 years will you be proud of the things you did or regret the things you didn’t do?

132. Write a mantra.

133. Your bucket list.

134. Proud.

135. A-Z list of words to describe you.

136. What makes you unique?

137. Your next tattoo?

138. Lyrics of meaning.

139. Movie review.

140. Collection of jokes.

141. What happiness means to you?

142. Doodle here.

143. Simple.

144. List 3 things that went right or wrong today.

145. How do you deal with anger?

146. Are you forgiving?

147. Things I always did with my dad when I was young…

148. List things that remind me of a my childhood.

149. Favourite emotion?

150. What is magic?

151. Which is worse, failing or never trying?

152. When do you make excuses?

153. Unique.

154. List bad habits.

155. Childhood games.

156. List family traditions.

157. Something you overheard today.

158. Choose a poem.

159. List things that motivate you.

160. Grace.

161. Get a map and plan a route.

162. Qualities you look for in a boyfriend?

163. Your pet.

164. Your definition of beauty.

165. Plan a perfect date.

166. List things that happened on the day you were born.

167. Myth.

168. List of questions.

169. Your perfume?

170. HTML colour codes.

171. List pet peeves.

172. Robert Frost write a poem titled The Road Not Taken.  Name a road you’ve always wanted to travel.  Where do you hope it takes you, and what might you see on the way?

173. Hug.

174. Ways to relax…

175. Your favourite albums?

176. Authors whose work you enjoy.

177. The worst nightmare you’ve ever had?

178. 5 things you can’t live without?

179. Every child deserves…

180. What would you change about the world?

181. List things to collect.

182. Plan an exercise routine.

183. I wish I had enough money to……

184. Cocktail recipe.

185. List summer goals.

186. Best advice given.

187. Religion.

188. Your favourite piece of classical music.

189. Your talents?

190. What 5 traits do people first notice when they meet you for the first time?

191. List of 10 boy names.

192. Designer inspiration.

193. How much will power do you have?

194. Your favourite place and why?

195. Place your playlist on shuffle, write the lyrics to first song played.

196. List people you love.

197. Think back to the toys of your childhood.

198. Choose some scenery.

199. Favourite days of the year.

200. Today’s horoscope.

201. I wish everyone loved……

202. Advice to your best friend.

203. What does your sleeping position say about you?

204. Is there a heaven?

205. Things I always did with my mam when I was young…

206. Who would you like to thank for something they did for you in the past?

207. Favourite holiday.

208. Design something.

209. What did you buy today?

210. Favourite colour palette.

211. Are you competitive?

212. Create a pattern.

213. Your pet.

214. Find a new poem.

215. Independent.

216. What does love mean to you?

217. Ten ways to improve yourself.

218. Miracle.

219. Your karaoke song.

220. Here is what others see me as …

221. Your favourite weather.

222. What is your personal secret to happiness?

223. What does real success in life mean to you?

224. Things that happened ten years ago today…

225. Vision.

226. Your blog.

227. Your favourite season.

228. Honestly.

229. Mission in life…

230. In three words, describe your life.

231. Dreams for someday…

232. What do you think of the saying YOLO?

233. Best advice received.

234. What are means to you?

235. Most valued idea.

236. Most fun day ever.

237. Are you brave?

238. Happiest moment lately.

239. Who am I really?

240. Yesterday, I was…

241. What kind of day are you having, and why?

242. Your wedding song?

243. In what areas are you optimistic, and in what areas are you pessimistic?

244. Describe your life in colour.

245. What do you see in the mirror?

246. Future.

247. Interior design inspiration.

248. Success.

249. The headlines today are…

250. Write down today’s stresses.

251. What is your earliest memory of home?

252. Qualities you look for in a friend?

253. A promise I must make myself.

254. Cloud.

255. Something you learnt the hard way?

256. Urgent challenges.

257. What would your superpower be?

258. Lost.

259. How much self-control do you have?

260. Who do you talk to when you have a problem?

261. Paint a picture.

262. Where would you like to be lost?

263. How old were you four years ago? Describe some things you can do now that you could not do then.

264. Book review.

265.  Choose a religion.

266. List of things to photograph.

267. A place you relax.

268. Favourite family photo.

269. Describe how university was for you?

270. A photo that makes you happy.

271. Complete.  

272. Use a newspaper for inspiration today.

273. Your house rules?

274. When I am old I will…

275. Who or what has had a strong influence in your life?

276. Write about climbing.

277. What’s the meaning of your name?

278. Make an emotional graph whilst listening to a song.

279. Doodle here

280. List places you would not visit.

281. What other profession would you do?

282. Power.

283. What does it feel like to be wrong?

284. Would you jump out of a plane?

285. What have you won?

286. Favourite brands.

287. Where do you feel most comfortable?

288. A woman who inspires you.

289. Which is least important to you–money, power, fame–and why?

290. Describe a dream that you had recently. Provide as many details as possible.

291. Why is it important to be honest?

292. A ridiculous law held in your country.

293. Why do you work where you work?

294. What’s your least favourite mode of transportation?

295. Place your playlist on shuffle and write the first ten songs that are played.

296. Where do you people watch?

297. Collect some wallpaper.

298. Movie Review

299. Draw optical illusions.

300. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

301. What headline really got to you today?

302. Write about a difficult time in your life when you showed strength.

303. Best lesson you’ve ever learnt?

304. Something expensive you won’t buy yourself.

305. What historical events happened the year you were born?

306. Legend.

307. Does Never Never Land really exist?

308. Favourite candles.

309. List of fictional places you wish you could visit.

310. Do you look after yourself?

311. Seven things I love to do.

312. How does the weather effect you?

313. What do you think of animal testing?

314. Escape.

315. List five things you would buy if money wasn’t an object?

316. If you were a doctor, what kind of doctor would you be?

317. Open up a random book to page 33, and take the first sentence at the top of the page and start writing from it.

318. A-Z list of words that mean something to you.

319. Sometimes I pretend to be.

320. Describe your relationship with your grandparents.

321. As a writer, my dream come true would be…

322. List 3 things that went right today.

323. Trace your hand, write words on how you feel today inside.

324. Favourite superhero?

325. I promise to…

326. What effect does music have on you?

327. What can you see out of your window right now?

328. Name one thing you have always been good at doing.

329. What is your favourite form of exercise?

330. A festival you would like to experience?

331. The problem with being me is that…

332. Today’s fashion inspiration.

333. Families are important because…

334. Are you doing what you believe in or what you believe you should be doing?

335. What era inspires you?

336. A myth or legend that intrigues you.

337. What really moves you?

338. Take a walk, what did you think about?

339. What must I do tomorrow?

340. What’s making you mad today?

341. Write a letter to your future daughter about growing up.

342. List of 10 girl’s names.

343. Write down something no one knows about you.

344. Give yourself a pep talk?

345. When I was a child I didn’t realise that…

346. Your starsign.

347. List of your firsts.

348. What would you tell your future self to stay more positive?

349. Book Review

350. Words that mean something to you.

351. List of things you look forward to.

352. Was today a good day?

353. Something that helped to shape your outlook to life?

354. Write a description of a winter’s scene.

355. Your Christmas shopping list?

356. Events to remember this year…

357. What did Christmas mean to you as a child?

358. What does Christmas mean to you now?

359. How was your Christmas?

360. What’s great about today?

361. Would you change anything about this year?

362. What are you proud of achieving this year?

363. What I learnt this year…

364. Words to describe 2014.

365. What are your resolutions for the upcoming year?

anonymous asked:

RFA + V + Saeran playing Mario Kart!?!? gimme the angst

holy shit anon u know whats up


  • “Jaehee, we bought that Wii three years ago and we only use it for Netflix. We’re completely neglecting this poor thing.”
  • later in the week when you go to the store, you stop by the game shop too and look at the pre-owned games
  • you came home with Mario Kart and Wii Sports Resort
  • after dinner, you convince her to play some Mario Kart
  • she is so upset that you’ve beaten her all but two games
  • this girl is just like coffee she’s so bitter
  • she knows if you let her win, so you’re stuck beating her
  • “Hey, we’ve been playing for like five hours now. We should probably sleep. We can play more in the morning.” You tell her as you pry the wiimote from her hands
  • after 20 minutes of bickering and “I will go to bed after I redeem myself,” you finally convince her to just go to sleep with you
  • around 4am, you roll over and realize that Jaehee isn’t in bed with you
  • “she must be in the bathroom”
  • the lights are off in the bathroom and you figure she probably isn’t peeing in the dark
  • when you walk out of the bedroom, you hear that music
  • the music that will probably haunt you for the rest of your life
  • “Jaehee it’s 4 in the morning and you’re playing rainbow road are you kidding me”
  • “I’ve almost beat everyone else on medium difficulty!”
  • you walk to the wii and unplug it from the wall
  • “Babe you need to sleep, this isn’t healthy.”
  • basically, she gets pretty upset and you don’t want to get your ass kicked by your girlfriend
  • you eject the disk and get in the car and leave
  • You sleep in the gamestop parking lot for another couple hours and beg them to let you return the game
  • after explaining, the manager takes pity on you and lets you exchange it
  • you buy animal crossing instead and decide to let Jaehee use your old DS
  • she just needs a peaceful game without Waluigi in it


  • you should have known
  • you fool
  • you bought the man Mario Kart for Christmas and you really thought things would end okay
  • you used the blue shell
  • he was about to win the game but there’s absolutely no recovering from a blue shell when it’s a tight race
  • he dropped the remote and just walked out the front door without saying anything
  • he just kinda sprawled out on the ground outside and screamed
  • when you came out to make sure he was okay, he got up and went inside
  • he locked you out and changed the security gate’s settings
  • you sat outside for a good hour yelling at the house, basically begging for forgiveness
  • when he came out, he apologized for locking you out, then challenged you to another round
  • HOW?
  • WHY?
  • literally every power up that he got came right for you
  • you’re still insanely bitter
  • you probably could benefit from couple’s therapy at this point
  • you’re hung up on how he’s a sore loser and he’s hung up on… being a sore loser
  • you guys don’t play Mario Kart anymore because it just makes life easier if you avoid it


  • “What on earth is Mario Kart?”
  • “So… It’s like driving? But? Without any actual dangers? Okay let’s buy it.”
  • you knew damn well what you were getting yourself into
  • but you just had to fucking do it
  • you cackled like a witch the whole time you were setting it up
  • when you called him out to tell him it was set up, you couldn’t stop laughing
  • “Why are you laughing?”
  • oh bby you’ll find out
  • you let him have the big remote and turn on the motion controls so he has to drive like a real car
  • he couldn’t stay on the path
  • “Jumin we’re going at the lowest speed possible. Just take it slow. Baby steps, hon.”
  • he tried to steer his kart with his entire body
  • at one point, he jumped up and put the remote above his head and started bringing it aroooooound town
  • you were laughing so damn hard that he actually beat you
  • you were literally laying on the floor crying and he didn’t understand?
  • why???
  • why were you crying?
  • rainbow road was a freaking blast
  • you still don’t know if it was out of his own frustration towards the game or if it was because he thought you were crying over the game, but after a few hours,
  • he yanked the entire console from the wall
  • and just
  • he went out onto the balcony
  • and threw it
  • you don’t try to get him involved with current technology anymore


  • you stop by a garage sale one Saturday on your way back from class and they’re giving away their old gamecube and some games
  • $15 console and $5 games? Don’t mind if u do
  • you pick up Mario Kart, Super Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, and Smash Bros. Melee
  • “oh no”
  • “oH YES”
  • you sort of stash Sunshine and Wind Waker away for yourself to play when he’s playing LOLOL
  • you two immediately go for Melee, which lasted like three hours
  • there was almost constant screaming and cursing
  • but also a lot of laughing, so at least there was that
  • the neighbors probably filed a report about that
  • after taking a break to lay on the floor and get some water, you pop in Mario Kart
  • the neighbors thought you were bad earlier…
  • the screaming gets louder and the cursing got more frequent
  • the two of you lasted maybe twenty minutes
  • any bonding done during Melee was completely undone
  • Yoosung demanded that you take the game back to where you bought it from
  • “Yoosung a garage sale isn’t going to give me a refund.”
  • “They don’t need to give you a refund. They just need to take this terrible game back.”
  • You wrestled for the disc and ended up in the kitchen
  • he pinned you against the counter next to the sink
  • he turned on the garbage disposal
  • rest in fucking pieces Mario Kart


  • he just barges in one day after work with a wii in his arms
  • “I think I might be able to…..”
  • when you guys sat down to play, you were both vaguely confused
  • “okay but how am I supposed to hold it”
  • “it says to tilt right IM TILTING RIGHT WHY AM I GOING LEFT
  • “where is the gas pedal”
  • rainbow road is never good for anything
  • y’all left the window open and the fish buns guy heard the screaming
  • he offered you free buns so that you could offer them to Zen as an apology
  • he accepted, but then felt bad because you felt like you had to apologize
  • he apologized
  • after some makeup kisses, you immediately unplugged the wii and put it back in it’s respective box.
  • that wasn’t enough, so you wrote “CURSED” on a piece of paper and taped it to the box
  • Zen said he’d go offer it to someone else at work
  • actually…..
  • you go outside and ask the fish shaped bun man if he would like a wii
  • the fish shaped bun man has a wii at home now and everyone should be happy for him


  • The man is blind
  • All is right in the mushroom kingdom and also V has been driving into the same wall since the game started


  • you hijack Seven’s WiiU just so that you can show this poor boy the wonders of Mario Kart
  • “why are they letting babies drive motorcycles?”
  • he’s so fascinated by the concept of babies driving that he ends up playing as Baby Peach
  • you play as Baby Mario for aesthetic purposes
  • he pauses the game because the boy forgets to breathe 
  • “Saeran, if this is too intense-”
  • every time he falls off the edge of the map, he lets out an assortment of sighs and other noises of that sort
  • “okay, I think I’m finally getting the hang offfffffffFFFFFUUUUUUUCCK”
  • after the first round is over, he calmly places the controller on the seat next to him and stands up
  • he stands up and screams softy
  • “okay let’s try that again”
  • with each round, he gets a little more audible
  • by round 6, he’s yelling 
  • this poor kid hates Luigi
  • every single time Luigi passes him, he screams
  • he thinks that if he plays as Luigi it’ll make him both a better player and also less angry
  • he just ends up hating himself
  • “MC this isn’t fun.”
  • you give Seven his WiiU back and never ask to touch it again
Makes the Heart Grow Stronger - Fred Weasley

Prompt: Fred and the reader are slowing falling out of love and in order to save their relationship they decide to take a break from each other

Words: 4,374

Warning: Angst, Fred sort of pulls a jerk move at the end but take it how you want, maybe two swear words. I’M REALLY SORRY BUT I DID NOT HAVE TIME TO FULLY EDIT THIS!):

Y/n still loved Fred. She truly did with everything inside of her, but not the same way she once  had loved him at the start of their relationship. Something had changed along the way. Through the thick and the thin they sailed past, Y/n managed to get caught in the drits and pulled away. No, this wasn’t some out of the blue thought on a particular rainy morning that fills your insides with a cold, lonesome mush of a feelling like the guts of a pumpkin, and makes you rethink every thought and decision you’ve ever acted on.

She couldn’t exactly pinpoint the precise day, or moment that made her feel this way but she does remember glancing over at Fred and her heart feeling close to absolutely nothing. It terrified her. They had been bickering like crazy over the last three months. Y/n was upset that Fred focused more on his Quidditch matches and his pranks than on her, and Fred was annoyed with the amount of people she found comfort in rather than himself. He knew something had changed between them but he wasn’t sure what.

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What I’m Proudest Of


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: You were his Eliza.

Note: (uses super vague summary so you have to go into this disaster fic BLIND) So, essentially I’m a monster and this is the outcome to that but @letsgiggletogether ENCOURAGED IT SO BLAME HER TOO.

Word Count: 4,247 (distant screaming)


2 years before

“Babe, have you seen my journal?”

“Lin, I can see at least five journals from where I’m standing and three of them are definitely yours,” you snorted as you watched him scurry around the apartment.

“Okay, fair enough,” he said. “But like, I need it.”

“It’s the Eliza one, isn’t it?” you asked knowingly.

“Maybe,” he looked at you sheepishly.

“Last I saw it was in the pantry, god knows why,” you laughed.

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Secrets And Lies

Reid x Reader

Y/N and Spencer parted from each other as the song ended, a look which they both understood passing between them. They retreated to the teams table at the FBI Spring Gala, excuses running through each of their heads.

“I’m feeling a little drunk,” Y/N offered up first, JJ offering to escort her back to her hotel room. Y/N shook her head, it was only two floors up; she’d be fine.

Twenty minutes later and Spencer rubbed his temple’s, complaining of a headache. “I might just go and lie down for a while” he told JJ, missing the look she shot Emily over his shoulder.

“Sure, Spencer okay. You get some rest. You gonna call Georgia and let her know how tonight was? Shame she couldn’t make it.”

Spencer nodded and made his way around the tables and out of the room. Why did they have to mention Georgia? It only made him feel guilty and reminded him that what he was about to do, what he’d been doing for the last four months, was so wrong.

He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, he couldn’t believe he even was doing this. Spencer Reid, a long time girlfriend AND sleeping with his work colleague and best friend? No one would have ever believed it surely?

But it was happening, and it had been happening since a horrific case four months ago. Y/N had been distant on the way home from work and Spencer had taken it upon himself to go to her apartment later that evening to check on her. Georgia was out of town lecturing so he had nothing to do anyway. When he’d found Y/N crying into a glass of wine, the stress of the last week at work too much for her, he’d held her, comforting her. But the comforting had led to something else, a moment passing between them, a deep look. And then they were tearing at each others clothes, kissing and tasting each other like there was no tomorrow.

But tomorrow did come, and the guilt came. So Y/N and Spencer promised that it was just a one off. A moment between two friends, no one had to know, Georgia certainly didn’t have to know. It didn’t mean anything.

But it did. It meant so much, to the both of them, something they only admitted three weeks later when Y/N found herself knocking on his apartment door at 12:17am. She knew Georgia was out of town again, and she knew Spencer would answer to her.

So it had happened again, in the bed that Spencer shared with his girlfriend when she was home. And when the morning came, they promised each other once more that it wouldn’t happen again. It couldn’t happen again right? Spencer loved Georgia.

He did. But he knew now that he loved Y/N too, and he’d loved her for a lot longer than Georgia even if it was only friend love for a while. Now it was more though. Now it seemed that Y/N was his perfect partner, the missing puzzle piece in the jigsaw of his life. And she felt the same, not that she told him directly.

The guilt burned through Spencer’s veins every time he texted her, every time he even looked at her. But when they were together, he didn’t think about it. When he was with her, he forgot everything else that was happening in the world and it was like only they two existed.

He made his way to her hotel room, pulling out her spare key card that she’d slipped to him earlier and pushing open the door. Y/N’s shower was running, a trail of her clothes leading from the bed to the bathroom. Spencer’s own clothes joined them piece by piece as he made his way into the bathroom, slipping into the shower behind Y/N.

She immediately turned around and pressed her wet naked body to his, her arms looping around his neck as she caught his lips in a kiss that could easily make him forget his own name.

Their bodies melded together in the way they had done more often than either Spencer or Y/N cared to admit. They knew what they were doing was so wrong but it felt so right. Y/N wanted him, needed him right now and he felt exactly the same.

They moved from the shower, to the bed, even rolling onto the floor at one point in a fit of giggles before righting themselves and continuing their worship of each other. During the brief recovery times they allowed themselves, they talked. Not about her, but they made plans. Plans that they knew wouldn’t come to anything unless Spencer left Georgia, something he knew he’d have to do sooner or later.

But Y/N hadn’t asked him to do that.

That was part of the problem.

Y/N traced the outline of his face with her fingers, a map she’d memorised weeks ago. It was around 5am and she was sore and achy but she didn’t want to go to sleep because then she’d wake up and it would be tomorrow. And then Spencer would have to go home and she wouldn’t be with him.

She hated that, with a passion. She used to like Georgia as well, the first few times Spencer had bought her out with the team, Y/N had made an effort to get to know her. As Spencer’s best friend and close colleague, it was her duty to like his girlfriend. And she WAS a nice person.

But she wasn’t right for him. Y/N had thought that from day one, not that she’d voiced her feelings because she couldn’t give a specific reason as to why she thought that. Now she realised though that it was because she was secretly in love with Spencer. And that she secretly wanted him for herself.

She snuggled into his side, his arm holding her tightly against him. She loved him and she wanted him to belong to her the way she belonged to him.

But she couldn’t ask him to leave his girlfriend could she? He had to come to that decision himself, right?

What if though… What if he was waiting for her to ask? What if he was waiting for her to tell him she was so truly, madly and deeply in love with him. A love so irrecoverable from that she knew she was ruined for anyone else.

“Spencer….. ”

“Hmmmm?” his voice was raspy with the lack of sleep, his fingers drawing lazy patterns on her skin.

“I….. nothing.” She backed out, knowing once she said it that there was no going back. Right now they could try and kid themselves that it was just lust even though they were both fully aware that it wasn’t. Once those words were spoken, that was it. Decisions had to be made and someone was going to get hurt. And Y/N was petrified it would be her.

“No…. There’s something. Tell me,” Spencer tilted her face up to his, his eyes searching hers.

“I can’t tell you”

Oh gosh, how quickly she’d ruined this moment. She could feel her chest tightening with emotion, with the frustration at not being able to tell the man she loved that she WAS in love with him.

“Yes you can, Y/N. You can tell me anything, you know that,” he murmured to her, pressing a soft his to her forehead.

“Not this. I want to but… I can’t. You know though, don’t you?” her voice was filled with so much meaning, so much emphasis. He nodded.

“You know that I’m the same right?” he asked her and she felt the emotion that she’d been holding in, breaking free, a tear sliding down her face.

Spencer pulled her close again, pressing his head to hers.

“I can’t stand this anymore. I can’t stand to feel this way, it’s not right. What we’re doing isn’t right.”

Y/N’s heart started to break knowing it was going to be over shortly. This was where it ended, where they ended. It had to be.

She thought back to the dance they’d shared only hours ago. She’d been happy. In reality she was dancing with someone else’s partner but in her head, she was dancing with her boyfriend.

Mirror For The Sun - Part 2: Cedar Point

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 1  -  Part 3

Summary: Series: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other. 

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 2057

Author’s Note: I LOVED Cedar Point as a kid, but hubby pointed out to me while I was writing this on the road that not everyone knows what it is… I think I’ve explained it in the fic, but if not, google it and be jealous. It’s mind-blowing. Ok I added this gif after because it totally looks like a roller coaster harness…

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

“Okay! Okay! I recognize this!” Y/N shouts slapping my arm absentmindedly as she leans forward between the front seats. “Go left up here.”

I had been pleasantly sleeping before this rude awakening. I groggily force myself more upright and swat her hand away “Stop hitting me.”

She stops, but doesn’t answer me in any other way. She doesn’t lean back to include me or tell me where we were, or even turn her head in the slightest to acknowledge me. Shit. I’ve really pissed her off. I thread my hand into my hair, pushing it off my face and catch Steve’s warning glare in the mirror. I can practically hear his mom-voice ‘You don’t have to snap at her Buck, she’s just excited.’

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anonymous asked:

Hi, would you do an imagine where Bucky wife suffers from a lung Inflammation but he’s currently on a longer Mission. So one day he gets the call that your condition got worse and you’re already in the ICU. Bucky then gets home immediately, staying by your side and hoping for you to get better? :) I also suffer from this at the Moment and it sucks to be in a Hospital :(

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: just a lot of angst lol

A/N: Hello there love! first of all, let me say that I’m very sorry to hear that you’re in the hospital :( I really really hope you’re gonna get better soon and if I can do anything for you, you let me know ok? <33 also, I’m sorry this is so late, but I still hope this is what you wanted bb!


Natasha sat down next to Bucky and nudged him with her elbow.

“What’s up Winter Soldier? Why are you looking like someone just ate your sandwich?”

He quickly put the picture of you back inside his pocket and got up to join Fury and Steve, who were currently looking at a map of Russia.

They’ve been on this mission for two months now and he hadn’t heard from you since.

He wanted to call. God, he wanted to call you so badly.

But they’ve been on radio silence ever since they left, in case anyone was listening in.

They were on a mission to destroy this huge Hydra base. Normally he didn’t go on missions this long, mostly because he couldn’t stand being away from you this long, but this was a personal mission and he had to finish it. To finally come to terms with his past.

Once they were done with the briefing, Cap and Natasha went to the kitchen of their small apartment they all shared. It was old and rundown and he was so ready to leave this shithole and go back home.

To you.

When Bucky wanted to join the others after a second, Fury placed a hand on his shoulder, a serious expression on his face.

“There’s been a phone call. I think you want to call them back.”

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To Build a Home (2/3)

Rating: M

So…this got away from me and will now be in three parts because I needed to add some Captain Cobra.

Killian throws the note in the water and Emma waits in a house that is no longer a home.

Part One here

Henry is wondering, not for the first time, if he is the only sane person left in this town.

(And really, last time he thought that, he had totally been right. Cursed and all.)

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Portrait of a King

Words: 1325

Characters/Pairings:Reader, Thorin, Thorin x Reader

Summary: Reader is an artist, struggling to draw Thorin 

Notes: based on this prompt from @imaginexhobbit 

If you weren’t covered in orc-blood - or your own, for that matter - you were usually covered in dirt from your trek with the Company of Thorin Oakenshield. And, if you weren’t covered in dirt, blood, sweat, or any other grime, you seemed to be covered in charcoal dust up to your elbows.

You weren’t sure how the packet of parchment had survived this long, or how you had managed to draw twelve dwarves and a hobbit and save them.

Tonight, by the fire, you were working on two separate portraits. One was of the youngest dwarf, Kili. You had managed to draw his brother three days ago on another rest, and now, you were finishing up that damned smirk Kili wore at all times, smudging the charcoal with your fingers to render the correct shadows and highlights.

Shuffling the papers as you got more comfortable, your thumbs left little prints in the corner as you packed Kili’s portrait away. The new parchment sitting before you had a handful of studies on it, all from different moments of the journey. All of them, of your leader, Thorin.

For some odd reason, you could not draw the King Under the Mountain. You had studied his gait, the way he stood, the way he held the weight of all those he cared for on his shoulders, but his eyes.

The line of his nose, the way his mouth curved just slightly on the right when he tried not to smile … you could draw  every speck of personality Thorin possessed, but his eyes was where you drew the metaphorical line.

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Family (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Request: Hi! Could you please write a imagine where you receive a letter that you (muggleborn) are expelled from home bc your younger sister is not a witch and they treat you like trash because you are and Moony takes care of her and they cuddle in his dorm?

Warnings: Abusive family

A/N: This is the first time I wrote since I quit writing, 3 months ago. SO PLS DON’T JUDGE TY TY ILY ALL!!
Word Count:

Originally posted by nellaey

Tears streaming down your face, you could not believe what was happening. Of course you knew this day would come, but you were probably not expecting it to be this soon. Your family hated you. That was a fact. They were bitter and cold against you whereas they were also afraid. A witch? In their own, happy family? Why the hell were you a witch, when your sister was a completely normal and healthy person? These were all the things that they made you think since the day you got your Hogwarts letter. You had not realized for once how special you were and your family was the one to blame. Now, the letter crumpled in your letter was the last straw. It was enough torture you had to face for years. You quietly whispered “Incendio” and burned the letter that made you face the reality; you no longer had a home.

You stormed off your dorm to get outside and breathe. Although you were furious, you were also built up with anxiety since you no longer had a place to stay until another year at Hogwarts started. You marched towards the lake and started screaming and sobbing. You stayed there until it was dark and until you were no longer able to even stand up. Exhaustion and hunger made you forget about your problems for a while and led you to the dinner.

Great Hall was full with noisy students that were thrilled to go back home, enjoy their holidays. You headed over to your friends, James, Lily, Sirius, Peter and Remus. They were in their usual spot, messing with each other, as always. You put a smile on your face, because the one thing you hated the most was to worry them. “What’s up guys?” you asked as you sat next to Sirius. “Well, it was not very well until you came and brightened up my mood” Sirius replied with a smirk. “Cut the flirting Pads, I saw you laughing your ass off at James just a second ago.” You chuckled.

“Y/N we were just planning on visiting Hogsmeade before the summer break, one last time. Would you like to come tomorrow? You know we won’t be able to see each other for a long time,” Lily asked, squeezing your hand and giving you a reassuring smile as she knew what was going to happen to you. You quickly nodded, trying hold back the tears that had been building up since you sat down next to your friends. You were going to be all alone, on your own for a very long time and you just could not accept it. “I-I have to go,” your voice cracked as you got up from the table you just sat down. James murmured: “But you just came-“ and was cut by Remus following you and leaving the table.

You did not exactly know where you were going which led you to wander around dark halls, sobbing uncontrollably. Everything around you was silent, you weren’t even hearing yourself. You were caught up by the thoughts of your own family disowning you and not wanting to see your face again.

“Y/N?” The soft voice coming behind you, calmed you down. You turned around to see who it was, though you could not recognize the face. The shadow came near you and the scent and the height of the person helped you make out who it was. You wiped off the tears on your cheeks and gasped: “Remus? What are you doing here?”

“I think I need to be the one to ask that? What happened? We were all so worried about you and I think I had taken a stroll around the entire school for three times.” He chuckled a bit to calm you down because you were not breathing properly and he couldn’t think anything else to say to take your mind off. However, it did not work. You actually did not even listen what Remus had said because it was impossible to focus on him in that moment. “Hey, hey. It’s okay. I’m here. I’m here with you.” Remus whispered while placing his long arms around your body. You buried your face onto his chest, murmuring: “Please don’t leave me,” over and over. Remus placed his chin on top of your head and whispered. “I could and would never do that Y/N. Believe me, you are the best part of my life. How could I?” His voice cracked. He could not bear your painful sobs anymore. He loved you so much that a single tear rolling down on your face, broke his heart into a million pieces. First he hesitated, then he did not think once more and placed a gentle kiss on top of your head. That made you forget everything. The suddet contact of his lips sent shivers down your spine. You felt your cheeks heated up. “Y/N, we are your family. Me, Sirius, James, Lily and Peter. We knew it all along. In fact tonight, I was going to offer you something. I chose to wait you to tell me about it first. Just because some ignorant people that don’t care about you because of who you are doesn’t mean you don’t have any family. I will take care of you, I promise.” Remus’s words were like a lullaby to you. They calmed you down, warmed your heart and you felt safe. You lifted your head up to face him, his arms tangled around your waist and your hands were on his shoulders. On a regular day, both of you would not be able to come this close but tonight was different. His face was still not clear but the part of it that was lighted by the moonlight was dazzling. You could feel his eyes gazing around your face. You could not help but gasp: “S-Stop looking at me like that! You’re making me blush…”

Remus chuckled quietly. He held your hand and led you to the Gryffindor common room. You kept asking where he was taking you and what his offer was but he just did not answer you. When you arrived at his dorm, you could feel your heart beat a little faster. “From now on, I want you to come with me, to my house when the break starts. We all discussed this and you know James has Sirius over his home and Lily is busy with her own family. And I was more than willing to take you to my house.” He looked down at his feet, anxiously. He was not sure about telling you the last part because his voice was lower towards the end of his sentence.

You did not know what to say. Before even thanking him, you asked. “And why is that?”

Remus was still hesitant on his moves but still smirking, he wrapped his one arm around your waist, other lifting your chin up, he replied: “Because I care about you,” he whispered and came closer. Your noses brushing each other’s, you were breathless His scent sending ecstatic vibes all over your body the thought of his soft lips on yours, the feeling of his little curls on your fingers made you forget about all the boundaries you had with your dear friend Remus, you could not bear the tension between you tow anymore and you finally kissed him.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I absolutely love your writing, and no pressure or anything, but I thought of a great writing prompt - there's this story how if one folds 1000 paper cranes, one's wish will come true. Hux makes 1000 cranes, wishing for Ren's affection!

It’d been a story his mother had told him before she passed away. Hux remembers sitting eagerly in his bed as a boy, waiting for his mother to come to his room after finishing her kitchen duties, his favourite red book cuddled close to his chest. Mother was never late, always creeping into his room one night a week to read to him before bed. 

“1000 paper cranes,” she would whisper to him, turning the book around so little Armitage could see the picture of the paper birds suspended in the air as though gliding. “Fold them with care and hang them on string, and you will be granted the wish of a king.”

Repeating the rhyme over and over in his mind, Hux stares at the piece of paper in front of him, slightly battered and crisp white against the dark wood of his desk. As a boy, he’d wanted nothing more than to spend his days folding paper to get his wish, though he was never sure what he’d wish for. To be taller? More time with his mother? For the rain to stop falling?

There’s a knock on the door of his office, three harsh rasps that startle Hux from his daydream. Before he can open his mouth, the door swishes open and Kylo Ren breezes in, the only storm that Hux would ever welcome. Kylo’s mask is tucked in the crook of his arm, held tightly against his ribs. Hux wishes the damned thing was on Kylo’s face, hiding his dark, brooding eyes from Hux’s sight. 

 "General,“ Kylo greets blandly, though the sound of his voice is like a perfect symphony to Hux’s ears, in-tune and blissfully warm. “The Supreme Leader is requesting an audience with the two of us. He wishes for an update on Project Starkiller.“ 

As Kylo talks, Hux fixates on his lips, plush and pink, imagining how they’d feel against his own. Kylo is a beauty to behold, an odd mix of uniqueness and paleness that attracts Hux to him like stars to the sky. 

Hux wants, but knows he can never have. 

“Very well,” Hux replies, mimicking the monotone that Kylo had used, doing his best to disguise his feelings. “I’ll be there momentarily." 

Kylo nods, turning around quickly to leave, as one would to get away from a bad smell. Hux sighs, sitting back in his chair. Kylo intrigues him to the point where Hux thinks he’ll go mad if he dwells on it for too long. The moment the knight removed his helmet in front of Hux for the first time, Hux knew he was ruined. 

But it’s impossible, Kylo would never– 

Hux looks down at the paper, suddenly knowing what his wish is. 

He begins folding, remembering how his mother had shown him how to make the perfect little crane. It’s tricky with gloves on, but with his nimble fingers, Hux manages to make his first crane out of the white paper, albeit rustily so. 

"I wish he would fall in love with me,” Hux says aloud, quiet enough that no eavesdropper would hear but loud enough that the gods and stars would take note of his beginning. 

He leaves the paper crane in the middle of his desk and stands, straightening his jacket, ready to meet with Snoke, and to see Kylo again. 

Only 999 cranes to go.

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Impulse (part 2)

As promised, here is part two. I did not edit this. Just finished, so please ignore any typos and weird things. Hope you like it! xx


He’s knocking at your door before he knows it, the drive to your place being made in less time than it should, breaking a few traffic laws in his desperation. There’s a deep frown on his brow and his knuckles are knocking persistently against the wood of your door – he knows you’re awake. He can hear the TV on.

“Who is it?” You sound light, sleepy and not at all what he would expect and it makes him indignant. You’re supposed to be hurt too. You’re supposed to be having sleepless nights and you’re supposed to be missing him. Like he misses you.

Instead of answering he just keeps on knocking, until he can hear your feet coming closer and closer to the door. He purposefully keeps himself away from the peephole because he knows you won’t open the door if you know it’s him.

“Who’s this?” You ask again, forehead in a frown as you look through your peephole but there’s nothing there. It comes to your head in a fleeting thought, a hope you’ve been ignoring since the moment you left his house in a run, that maybe it’s him… but it couldn’t be. “Is anyone there?”

“’S me.” You hear on the other side of the door after a long moment of silence. It makes your heart jump on your chest, his voice making you gasp. It had been so long since you last heard him talking. In fact, every message he’d sent you was left untouched on your phone, because you were too scared of what he had to say. Your eyes almost pop out of your head when you see his disheveled head of hair, pointing to every direction, appear on the small hole. “’S Harry.”

Your silence is all he gets, yet again. You’re leaning against the door, hands covering your mouth so he won’t listen to your breathing and your eyes are already filled with tears. So long without talking or seeing him, so long missing him and crying every night because of your stupid damn mistake that had cost you a friend - your best friend, the one who was beside you for everything.

You were mortified, so ashamed of your lack of control and respect for his own wishes and wants that you couldn’t face him. The shame along with the fear of rejection was why you ran. It was why you went into hiding. And it was too late to go back now.

“Talk to me, please.” There’s a punch to the door and a loud grunt and you sob, tears spilling from your eyes. “Damn it, I know you’re in there, talk to me!” He shouts, frustration dripping from every word he says.

“G-go home.” You say, voice cracking on your words. Your eyes are already wet with tears, the feeling of missing him so strong it suffocates you, the knowledge that he’s just outside making every nerve on your body go into short circuit.

“She speaks!” He exclaims, bitterness tainting the words and it’s like a harsh slap to your ego. You never imagined he’d be this harsh to you but it seems that your silence had hurt him more than you thought it would. “That’s something I never thought I’d hear again!”

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D Half Moon

OC x ChildhoodFriend!Jimin
Length: 2.8K of fluff
Recommended OST(s): (x) // (x) // (x)  
(a/n) a little something before I need to focus on my finals hehe ENJOY LOVES I have many more things to finish in my drafts… I think this is more like a drabble LOL 

Originally posted by bangtanboysbutterfly

The sunrise paints itself over the glittering jewels of the ocean, illusions of light with corporeal beauty that leaves you to your thoughts and the rhythmic inhales and exhales of the boy next to you. You let the sea breeze soak into your skin, allowing the colors of the sunset to saturate into every wrinkle of your brain until the image is impressed upon your memories and safely stored away for those nights. To the right, the moon has already risen into the multicolored sky, her position just short of the loud colors because she always preferred the somber blues to the sultry violet reds.  

“Say Jimin,” you begin after a huff, “don’t you think the moon is sad every night?” The tuff of chocolate brown on your lap tilts upwards every so slowly until you’re granted the view of his smiling crescent eyes. It makes your pulse stutter and your heart ache because even the moon would be envious of such beauty too. Soft, melodic, albeit amused laughter floats to your ears as Jimin looks up to meet your eyes, his hand coming up to thread through your hair and your heartstrings. 

“Why is that?” he murmurs, the prompt enough to spill your thoughts into messy splatters. “Because, she’s always missing something. Even when she’s full and shining the brightest, she knows that it’ll only last for so long until her pieces are scattered once again. Never satisfied. Never whole. Eternally incomplete.” The sentence picks itself up and departs from your lips along with your train thought, leaving you to wonder if maybe the thought was too eccentric and after all when the only response you earned is an echoing silence, occasionally filled with the oscillating crash of the waves. 

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Originally posted by hopeatuuli


Summary: In this world, heartbreak not only hurts, it scars. Jin meets the young man who loves too much and Namjoon meets the one who doesn’t.

Chapter 1: Gold

The first time Jin meets Namjoon he notices two things, his brilliant smile and the scars that are streaking his body. It is both hard to look at and look away from the gold trails blazing on the surface of his skin. He is about to recoil when they shake hands, but Namjoon’s grasp is steady and strong. From here Jin can tell Namjoon is burning, his personality warm like a gentle fire. It makes Jin’s stomach knot and he can’t help, but wipe his palm on the thighs of his jeans when no one’s looking.

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Eggsy x Reader

Eggsy smiled as you made a quiet noise in your sleep. It was the first night he’d slept at home for weeks and he’d fallen asleep on the sofa with you on his chest. He was all too aware that in a matter of hours Roxy would be calling and Merlin would jet them both off to where ever they were needed.


“Eggsy?” You hummed as your eyes opened sleepily and you smiled brightly.


“You are very beautiful.” He sighed and moved you higher up his chest so he could kiss you.


“And you are very handsome.” You giggled as he grinned and covered you with kisses.

“I know I am, I look better in a suit.” He winked and carried you into the kitchen where he set you down and started rummaging through the cupboards.


“Well you are a tailor so I don’t think it counts.” You said as he yanked open the fridge.


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anonymous asked:

Hi! For the prompt, fluffy highschool keynew please~ and congrats for you both xD

His eyes are dark but he is spun of light. When he moves, when he dances, the stage thrums with his every step. He breaks into a sweat of diamonds that slip along his limbs and shower his collar with damp. He is finite in the iron of his muscles, it is the mercury of his movements that defines infinity. In one moment he is untouchable steel, and in another he becomes molten lava. What little audience he may find is struck as if by the crackling of a star, its power and heat released in waves at their faces until they are red with surprise, with delight, with shock–that something could be so bright and yet not blind them. He spends days, weeks, months in the auditorium; alone and tireless. He builds his skill from blocks of courage and pebbles of aspiration. He dances mountains, creates buildings with a form so few in this school can appreciate or enjoy. He dances because it gives him peace, he dances to validate his existence in his own mind. He dances because his pulse burns and his heartbeat soars and his life ripples like an ocean of calm suddenly shaken awake into tide. Jinki knows as he watches from the sidelines; he will be a great artist one day, a great performer. He will become unforgettable when his feet touch veneer. He will rise above the rest and take the throne that awaits him.

But Kibum is more than all this. Much more. 

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anonymous asked:

Mc goes hiking and tells the guys that it should be like 1-2hr trip (idk around that) then SHE GETS LOST AND CANT MESSAGE BACK FOR 2/1 day(s), how would they react to finding her in the woods?

ok im really living for this concept thanks anon


  • MC planned a hiking trip for them and Yoosung
  • he’s really excited about doing something new with MC
  • “this is going to be so much fun!”
  • but that dumb boy
  • on the Friday Yoosung and MC are supposed to leave
  • Yoosung remembers he has end of the semester exams starting monday
  • “umm…MC…I don’t think i can go anymore”
  • “what?! why? are you getting cold feet?”
  • “I totally forgot about my exams…”
  • Yoosung smacks his palm into his forehead
  • he begs MC to stay with him instead of leaving
  • but MC is like boy i spend all week planning this hike, im going
  • “fine but I’ll miss youuuu”
  • Yoosung puts on his cutest possible act to try to get MC to stay
  • “oh no, im not falling for those puppy dog eyes this time. you messed up!”
  • Yoosung just continues to pout, sticking his bottom lip out
  • MC leaves him to a lonely weekend of cramming his ass off, despite his efforts to make them stay
  • when MC doesnt return sunday night, Yoosung starts to get worried.
  • after his first exam Yoosung feels exhausted…he just wants to go home and sleep for three days
  • maybe MC is back now?
  • on his way home, he gets a call from a number not saved in his phone
  • he answers the call
  • “Hello? You’ve reached Yoosung Kim!”
  • “Yoosung….thank god….”
  • MC’s voice reaches Yoosung’s ear
  • they sound like they havent heard Yoosung’s voice in years
  • “MC? You ok?
  • “Yoosung…i…i got lost. im calling you from a payphone”
  • “you what?!”
  • “I’m lost.”
  • “well….where are you?? i’ll come get you!”
  • “Yoosung, I’m lost. i have no idea where i am.”
  • Yoosung slams his palm onto his forehead again
  • why did he say that
  • “well….whats around you?”
  • “Um…there’s a little restaurant, but mostly trees”
  • “what’s the name of the place”
  • MC tells him the name of the shop they’re calling him                                                                         from
  • “Im on my way”
  • Yoosung looks up the name of the shop and thank god it was on google maps
  • it was also about a two hour drive
  • damn MC how lost did you get
  • MC please stay still…im coming
  • Yoosung pulls up to the restaurant finally, and MC rushes into his arms
  • he laughs a bit as MC squeezes him
  • “heeeey! dont laugh at me!”
  • “I can’t help it! youre so helpless”
  • Yoosung teased MC
  • “shush. i hate the woods. can we go home, please?”
  • “of course, cutie”


  • Zen sees MC researching good trails in the area one day
  • “hmm? whats this? going on a hike princess?”
  • “yea! wanna come with?”
  • Zen would love nothing more than to spend two days hiking with his sweetheart, but he’s especially busy with work these days
  • when MC leaves on their hike, Zen makes sure to send them off properly
  • “don’t be out one second over two day’s okay? ill worry”
  • “Zen, iv’e done hikes plenty of times. dont worry about me and dont work too hard”
  • Zen kisses MC sweetly
  • “dont forget about me out there in the woods…”
  • “you’re so dramatic, but still sweet”
  • MC gives him a peck on the cheek before leaving for good
  • one day goes by
  • two days go by
  • three days go by
  • why hasnt MC come home yet…?
  • Zen decides to go look for MC
  • when he’s searching for his keys, he finds a folded up piece of paper on the counter he hadnt noticed before
  • he unfolds it
  • its a map
  • oh my god
  • MC forgot their map
  • thankfully, MC had marked their desired trail in red pen, so Zen knew where to find them
  • by the time Zen started on the trail, it was night time
  • he roamed around the forest with nothing but a flashlight, fighting off mesquites
  • after about an hour of roaming aimlessly and dozens of bug bites, Zen hears some rustling 
  • “hello…? MC…?”
  • “Zen!”
  • MC appears from the darkness and runs into Zen’s open arms
  • “Zen…im so stupid. i forgot my map”
  • MC’s voice is muffled as their bury their face into Zen’s shoulder
  • “you’re not stupid, baby. every princess needs a knight in shining armor sometimes”
  • Zen smiles, glad that he could rescue MC
  • “Zen you aren’t my knight in shinning armor. you never have been”
  • Zen pulls away from MC
  • “huh?”
  • “You’re my prince”
  • the smile returns to Zen’s face and he kisses his princess
  • “let’s get you back to the castle. i’ll make some hot chocolate”
  • Zen carries MC’s bags back to the car
  • Zen also carries MC to the car


  • Jaehee beg’s Jumin for time off to go hiking with MC but he simple refuses
  • the cat hotel needs to be Jaehee’s top priority right now according to him
  • “Will you at least call? i dont want to worry about you…”
  • “Jaehee, i’ll be in the forest. I can call”
  • “Oh…”
  • poor Jaehee would be so lost without service
  • Jaehee buys a disposable camera for MC
  • “since i wont be able to see the trail with you, will you at least take some pictures for me”
  • “of course, Jaehee! i’ll be back soon”
  • so on the day MC said they’d be back Jaehee visits their place
  • she’s so excited to see those pictures!
  • when MC doesn’t answer the door, Jaehee starts getting worried
  • did something happen?
  • so she decides to go to where MC said they would be camping out
  • after walking on the trail for a bit, Jaehee finds MC’s tent
  • but….they’re nowhere to be found..
  • as Jaehee looks around more, she grows more and more worried
  • did someone take MC?
  • what if someone killed MC and dragged their body in the forest?
  • should she call the police?
  • Jahee chill
  • just as Jaehee starts to head back to where she has service to dial the authorities, she hears MC’s voice rip through the quiet of the forest
  • “My tent!”
  • Jaehee turns in the direction of the voice to see MC running toward the tent, and then spread their arms over it lovingly
  • “Umm…MC..?”
  • when MC looks up to see Jaehee, their eyes widen
  • “Jaehee?! what are you doing out here??”
  • “i got worried when you didn’t return on time…”
  • “awww Jaehee! you worried about me!”
  • Jaehee’s face warms up as MC wraps her in a warm hug
  • “let’s go home and i’ll show you these pictures, okay? I took so many for you!”
  • Jaehee smiles at MC, relieved that they’re safe and sound after all
  • “okay”


  • Jumin is having a real hard time grasping the concept of hiking
  • “is there a place for you to stay in the woods?”
  • “no, Jumin”
  • “I’ll send the chef with you”
  • “he can’t come, Jumin”
  • “why not?”
  • “there’s no kitchen on the trail, Jumin”
  • “oh…i see…”
  • Jumin kind of hates that MC is just going to the forest for two days
  • arent there wild animals out there?
  • what if MC get’s too cold at night?
  • what if they run out of food?
  • he doesn’t even know if he can go two days without hearing their voice…work is going to be a lot harder now
  • Jumin takes MC to the trail entrance himself, wanting as much time together as possible
  • “I’ll pick you up here at 6 PM sharp in two days, okay?”
  • Jumin points the the trail exit on the map
  • “Okay. dont worry, i’ll be there”
  • “6 PM sharp?”
  • “6 PM sharp”
  • so two days later, Jumin pulls up to the hiking trail exit at 6 PM sharp
  • but MC’s not there
  • his actual worst nightmare
  • ok but he actually does hire a search party immediately 
  • “no one rests until we find MC, okay? i want every inch of this forest looked through. leave nowhere unchecked.
  • despite Jumins fear general dislike for the forest, he searches, too
  • “Sir! we found her!”
  • one member of the search party appears, MC walking next to them
  • without saying anything, MC runs to Jumin, throwing their arms around his neck
  • “Jumin, Im so sorry i worried you, thank you for finding me”
  • Jumin pulls away from MC and kisses them
  • “I’m just glad you’re safe now, my love”
  • “please never let me do that again”
  • Jumin laughs a little bit
  • “I have no problem with you never leaving my penthouse, if it’s what you want. you know that”
  • Jumin squeezes MC tightly, wishing he never had to let them go


  • he’s very supportive of this
  • “one hermit is enough in this relationship and it’s me”
  • he even helps you pack sort of
  • he fillls an entire backpack with honey buddha chips and dr. pepper for them
  • he keeps referring to it as MC’s “rations”
  • the backpack may or may not also have a small tracking device inside
  • he also does some “helpful” research
  • “MC, do you know how to fight a bear? come read this wikihow i found”
  • “MC i dont think you should go until you know how to properly escape from a pit of quicksand”
  • what?! you’re not even taking a pair of anti-rhinoceros under garments?! do you have a death wish???”
  • finally, MC is able to leave
  • Seven does some last minute checking up on them
  • “map?”
  • “check!”
  • “chips?”
  • “check!”
  • “baseball bat?”
  • “Seven…”
  • “remember, if an alligator tried to chase you, run in a zig-zag pattern”
  • “Yes sir”
  • “and you know where to meet me if the zombie apocalypse starts, right?”
  •  “the abandoned building on 34th”
  • “very good. you are well prepared.”
  • Seven sends MC off with a forehead kiss
  • the next day Seven decides to check up on MC using the tracker in her backpack
  • and they’re like….waaay off course
  • at least five miles from the trail
  • if MC wonders off any farther they might actually have to fight a bear
  • so Seven sets out to rescue MC from the depths of the forest
  • he locates them pretty quickly thanks to his tracker
  • Seven finds MC standing in the middle of the forest, face buried in a map, mumbling to themselves
  • “Um, hello? im looking for a helpless cutie. have you seen anyone around here like that”
  • “Seven! i was just…um..”
  • wait
  • “how did you find me?!”
  • “I used ancient native american tracking methods? duh?”
  • “I didn’t know the ancient native americans knew how to bug people”
  • Seven moves in close to MC, pushing their map down to minimize the space between them
  • “hey, aren’t you gonna thank me for coming to your rescue?”
  • “…..thanks”
  • “hmm? what was that?”
  • “thank you defender of justice, god seven, all hail thee. is that what you wanted to hear?!”
  • “it could have used a little less sarcasm, but yes. you’re welcome”
  • MC’s arms are crossed
  • Seven leans down and kisses them, gently brushing some lose hairs out of their face
  • “maybe next time you go on a hike you should invite your genius hacker boyfriend”
  • MC kisses him back, a bit reluctantly
  • “…fine”
  • “now lets go home, you dork”
  • MC’s cheeks heat up
  • sometimes they wished Seven didn’t know everything, but right now they were honestly pretty thankful that he came to their rescue
  • what would they do without him?

HEY IF UR AT THE END OF THIS POST, THANKS FOR READING~! hope u liked it cause it was fun to wrote lolololol

headcannon requests?

If You Stay (robb stark x reader)

request: Hi there! I’m so happy I found your blog! May I have one with Robb x Reader. They’re married but fighting each other all the time because they both are too stubborn. But one day Robb went to war and came back injured. Reader is super worried and says something beautiful, kinda like ‘please-don’t-leave-me’ things, she is afraid of losing him and think he can’t hear it(but he heard everything obviously *wink*) Thank you! I love Bucky and Robb so much I really happy I found your works. :)

pairing: robb stark x reader

a/n: thanks for the request anon, I might have changed the request a little but I hope it’s still alright also I’m super busy this week since I’m working full time shifts but I’m currently writing more parts to Hateful Attraction and trying to get all requests written so keep sending them in :) also for this imagine I followed a storyline from the book where Roose Bolton secretly betrays Robb Stark and Lord Tallhart by sending the Lannisters word of secret battle strategies that Robb had planned, resulting in the loss of over three thousand of Robb’s army and the death of Lord Tallhart. 

p.s: I have the vomiting bug and am very unwell so I apologise if this is really bad

War is no place for a woman. That along with many other sayings in Westeros was a common one you had been hearing all your life, told to you by your father, your brother and any other man who had ever heard you voice your opinions on the subject.

You had grown up watching the boys of the North learn how to wield a sword and shoot arrows and how to use daggers, while you sat inside sewing and learning how to embroider with your Septa.

It hadn’t been something that had interested you very much, but it had always made you curious to know why war seemed so dooming to a woman. Why your father, brother and uncles had never talked about battles or their pasts in front of you or your mother.

But in the last few weeks, you had learned that war, was no place for anyone.

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