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Everything is shattering (and it’s my mistake)

Neither of them knows exactly how it started, but suddenly the air around them is filled with anger. Will is looking at Nico from the other side of the room. There’s a storm raging in his eyes. Usually blue like a summer-sky. His fists are clenched at his side and his whole body radiates frustration.

And it’s all Nico’s fault.

If he didn’t have to be so damn proud, Will would’ve never gotten mad at him. If Nico could just act like a normal human being for once, none of this would’ve happened. He isn’t sure how exactly it has come to the point of yelling at each other, but he knows that it’s his fault. He knows that Will only tried to do what he thought was right. He knows Will only wanted the best. He knows all that, but he just can’t help it.

‘Why do you keep pushing me away?’, Will asks him. ‘I thought we were past that.’

We’ll never be past that. Nico is fucked up and he’ll never change.

Nico doesn’t answer so Will keeps on talking. ‘I just – I don’t know if I can do this. Not if you don’t want me in your life. Why can’t you just trust me?’

‘Don’t take it personal, Will.’

‘But that’s the problem! If you act this way towards everyone, how can I know that I actually mean something to you?’ Will runs his hands through his hair and looks at Nico. ‘How do I know I’m not just wasting my time?’

It feels like he’s been stabbed. This hurts more, though. And pain never made him stronger. It only makes him weaker and messes with his head. This is the reason he has trouble getting close to people. Because then they can hurt you. And Nico has probably endured more than one person does in a lifetime. And it is enough. He doesn’t want to give people the power to break his heart. He let things go too far with Will and now here he is. Getting stabbed by invisible swords.

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requested: pregnant with robb’s and seeks refuge at the wall

requested by a wonderful anon: Imagine where reader is heavely pregnant with robb starks child. But before she gives he gets killed at the red wedsing and reader seeks refuge at the wall where jon is to help?

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Lord Walder Frey received you in his throne room and welcomes you to his Great Hall. Musicians played and sang their instruments and cooks brought in their delicious meals with the some maids to serve. You sat beside Robb Stark, giggling when he rubs your big belly. You look at the newly weds up on the platform, busy with each other and you remembered the day you were married to Robb. You leaned back and looked at him. You caressed his stubbly face, his auburn curls tousled sleekly.

He kissed your hand and leaned back too. “What is it, my Queen?”

“I remembered when we married. It was quiet and it was just the two of us,” you whispered. “I loved every minute of it.”

He leaned in and kissed you dear on your plump lips. “We can recreate it everyday, my love.”

You pecked him at his brow and you stood up. “I’ll be outside to walk around,” you started. He moved his lips to answer back but you quickly interrupted him. “I’ll have ten men with me. Always.”

Robb stood up with you and kissed you softly again. “Be careful,” he said. “And come back.”

You laughed held his hand. “I always do. I love you.”

“And, I love you.”

Lord Frey eyed you carefully as you stood, and you raised your glass to him , which he reciprocated. You nodded at Lady Catelyn, which she smiled back at you and you made your way to door. Guards were the door, and one of them spoke. “Your Grace, I believe you can’t leave.”

A knight pushed his way towards the mere guard. “The Queen wishes to walk outside,” he said. The knight guided you out and waited for the other nine to follow.

“It’s quite chilly, Your Grace,” he spoke to remind you to put your hood on.

“You’re very nice, Ser.”

You started to walk and admire the castle. It’s astonishing to see the Twins at night, with all the little lights the people have lit. The people outside are laughing and also having their supper and that made you smile. You walked further, with two guards beside you. Suddenly, screams bursted and people were running. You searched for where it was coming from, and you saw the Great Hall full of people being stabbed and armored Frey men entering. You saw the familiar auburn hair in the middle staggered and turned. You started to ran when you saw an arrow pierced through his shoulder. He turned and he caught glimpse of you despite of the dark evening. Several men came charging your men and they fought them off. 

“We have to go back!” you screamed, clutching to the knight’s arm. “Please!”

Seven of your men ushered you to a stable and stole horses. They brought the Frey’s banners with them, and rode of into the dark. They led you to a horse and mounted you into one. You all rode off with you turning to see what’s happening. The next thing you saw was that the Great Hall was opened and people cheered. You saw the horrendous image of Grey Wind’s head mounted on Robb’s body and people were cheering and laughing.

You cried and felt your heart break. That was the last thing that you saw of Robb. Your heart ached but it turned cold. Your house trotted forward to be beside your guard. The evening fell darker and the moon gave you the light you need to see. You passed through brothels and inns and went to the woods to avoid the Kingsroad. Your men maid camp in the woods as best as they could and rested. They started a small fire and eventually blew it out. “Where are we going?”

Your trusted knight turned and said. “I believe our King spoke of a brother on the Wall, you’ll be safe there, your Grace.”


You traveled for weeks, your belly growing larger and your appetite growing large too. You touched your big pregnant belly and whispered to it, “Just a little while longer, my love.” You were handed a piece of a rabbit’s leg and you ate it quietly with the company of your men. They were four already. You helped them when they were wounded, but only four survived. A guard gave you a bow and some sharpened arrows, and you remembered Robb. You accepted it wholly, as a way to protect them also.

“My Queen, should we stop for camp?

You turned to them, your face hard. “Has it gone dark yet? I still see the sun. As long as there’s light we travel.” You called out. “And don’t call me that.”

You gasped at the sight of the big wall made up of solid ice. It stretches farther and the height was intimidating. You saw movements, black little things on top of the wall, and your galloped faster to enter the big wooden door that opened for you and your remaining men.

People stood still, when your armored guards entered and helped you off your horse. You looked around and observed them. People whispered about you and your belly. A blind man with links around his neck erupted from the stairs and looked at where the commotion is.

“Maester,” you spoke loudly. You walked carefully towards and stood until the Maester felt your hands on top of his hands. “Maester.”

“Sweet child,” he breathe out. “I heard you’re carrying a child.”

Words travel quickly, you gave a little laugh and a smile. “That quick?”

He laughed too and guided you inside for warmth and food to offer. Your men followed suit and ate as many as they liked. You ate as much too, since hunger consumed you. Men looked at you incredulous for how you acted, but you didn’t care. “A name, child?”

Y/N,” you started. “Wife of Robb Stark.”

“Robb,” a loud voice erupted and you saw a curly haired man came forward. You looked at him, he looked the same age as Robb and saw some features of him as same as Robb. “Is my brother alright?”

You stood up and he saw your belly. He smiled instantly. You came towards him and smiled. You held the stare longer as his eyes showed happiness. You broke down, “Your brother…”

He held you steady, “Is he alright?”

“He’s dead.” you cried. “We were at the Twins. Lord Frey and his treacherous men murdered the northern men and Lady Catelyn was there. I’m sorry.”

You looked at Jon, “I’m sorry,  Jon. I should’ve protected him. I should have been with him. I’m so sorry.”

“Your Grace,” the Maester stated, “My sincerest apologies. You are welcomed here.”

“My deepest thanks. Please call me Y/N.”

You saw Jon sobbed and he quickly wiped his tears away. He looked at you and said, “You have a place here. For you and your babe.”

“Thank you, Jon.” you spoke softly. “I’m sorry.”

“We both lost Robb, he was my brother and your husband,” he said. “We have to be strong. Especially you.”

You both hugged it out and you rubbed your belly. A part of Robb will live on, and you have to strong, you thought. You looked at Jon and gave him a smile. “Strong. We have to be strong.”


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Part II “Shaken” Chapter One

Chris was quiet the whole time they drove towards the Loft. He gripped the wheel with a tight, stone-faced expression. He did not let his mind stray to possibilities for that would distract him and he couldn’t afford distractions right now. He had to trust Peter and couldn’t go over the many ways this could go south in his mind. He glanced to the side as he parked the SUV, he didn’t know what the right words were. That’s when they heard the scream. “It’s Lydia!” He jumped out of the SUV, grabbed his crossbow and crouched low for a moment to make sure the area was clear even though it was still daylight. He glanced over at Peter and jerked his head. It was clear. He moved first and fast but he did not have the skills of a wolf. He would not have known that it was not clear, that someone was watching. He would not know that the air had a faint smell of death that only an expert nose like Peter’s would pick up.

“Peter Hale.” The voice whispered from somewhere down the street. “Maneuver your pack out of my way, I’m told maneuvering is something of a specialty of yours.” The voice was low and gravelly, dark as if not quite human but not quite wolf either. Something else. “Deucalion is mine. This is your only warning.” There was a reason Chris couldn’t detect him, he was too far away for human ears. If Peter made one wrong move, there was a good chance Chris was in danger. “I know where to find all of you.”

Scott nodded quickly and was out the passenger door quickly before Stiles’ father could see him, ducking and running. He ran fast through the town towards the loft, dodging through the street allies and avoiding being seen. He would be there soon and his senses were already picking up Peter and Chris, they weren’t alone.

Up in the loft, Lydia was still shivering and sobbing in Allison’s arms.

“Lydia?” Derek took a step towards her. “Were not dead. We’re not going to die. Snap her out of it!” He glared at Allison. “Do something.”

Noah Stilinski leaned in Stiles’ window and stared balefully at his son. “How about you tell me why you left school and what the hell is so important that you are speeding recklessly in rush hour traffic?”

Rush Hour traffic in this area of Beacon Hills wasn’t exactly impressive. There were maybe three other cars on the road.

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Peter cast a few glances at Chris as he drove. He wanted to reassure his mate that everything would be fine, except he didn’t think it would be. Not with Deucalion and his pack around. Peter expected Chris to say something when they parked, but he didn’t. Peter went to get out, then jumped out as Lydia screamed. Chris moved towards the loft and Peter started to follow when he smelled something unnatural. It reminded him of-his head whipped around as he heard a voice. He growled. “What are you?” He looked down the street, could just see the outline of a man. Peter wanted to protest, this wasn’t his pack, it was Derek’s. But Peter was going to defend his family, which meant helping the pack. “What do you want with Deucalion?” He didn’t know if he’d get an answer, but asking couldn’t hurt, right?

Allison glared at Derek. She pulled some hair out of Lydia’s face and helped her sit up. “I can’t stop it. We just found out she’s a banshee, I don’t think I can snap her out of it.”

Stiles wasn’t going to be intimidated by his dad pulling him over, it had happened before, despite it being awkward. Stiles sighed. “Who told you I left? Are you sure that I did?” He had kind of given himself away there, but he could maintain the innocent face. He wasn’t sure how long it would work though. “It’s an emergency, something’s wrong with Lydia.” Not a complete lie, but not the truth either. “And what traffic, I haven’t seen anyone at all on my way here.”

Peter could smell Scott as he got closer. “Stay back.” He didn’t want Scott blundering through and ruining his chance to get information from this man, or whatever he was.

the title to the bgm track where kanan walks past mari’s open arms is called ‘i have to make myself hate you’ and the title to the bgm track where they reconcile is called 'the most precious thing’ and if that doesn’t make you want to sit down on the floor and cry then that’s okay because i’ll do it for the both of us



The festival is in full swing. Artists are painting on buildings and showing off crafts and creating beautiful works of art on the street in chalk. ANNALISE wanders through the crowd with a CUTE FAIN.

They stop at a painting that stands out from the rest. It’s a small house surrounded by beautiful wilderness.

Annalise: Wow.

Fain: That’s amazing. Never seen anything like it.

They admire the piece a bit longer.

Voice: *From off screen* It’s our home.

Annalise and her Fain turn to see GABRIEL. Annalise looks uncomfortable. They haven’t seen each other since the war.

Annalise: Our? You mean– Is Nathan here?

Nathan pops over from the chalk art. He doesn’t notice Annalise. He’s covered in chalk and greets Gabriel by wiping his dusty hands all over Gabriel’s shirt.

Nathan: A gift for you.

Gabriel: It’s beautiful. How did you know?

Annalise laughs, which causes Nathan to notice her there.

Nathan: Oh fuck. I mean. Hello.

Annalise: Hello.

Nathan: What are you– *keeps glancing at the Fain* What are you doing here?

Annalise: Just looking at the art.

Nathan: Right.

Awkward silence ensues. Annalise takes in Nathan’s bright eyes and chalky exterior. It’s nice to see him covered in art and not blood.

Annalise: You look good. Happy.

Nathan: I am.

Annalise: Good.

Nathan: You look happy too.

Annalise: I am.

Nathan: Good.

Awkward silence.  Awkward silence.  Awkward silence.  Awkward silence.  Awkward silence.

Ellen: *Still near the chalk art* Nathan, come on! You have to finish this!

Nathan: Oh thank god. It was– Uh *pain, so much pain, this is the worst thing he’s ever had to do* good to see you again.

Annalise: Yeah you too.

Nathan pulls Gabriel away, who gives Annalise a wave. She watches them go. They hold hands the whole way. She takes her fain in the other direction.

Fain: That your ex?

Annalise: How did you know?

Fain: You only see tension like that when ex’s are involved. He’s ah–

Annalise: What?

Fain: Nothing. You just always made him seem kind of scary.

Annalise: He can be.

Fain: But he’s so… short.

Annalise: *Laughing* Yeah I guess. He can be scary, trust me. You just have to–

She turns back. Nathan is back to working on his chalk art. It looks like Gabriel is giving him pointers and Nathan is ignoring them. They’re both laughing. Two drops of dew glistening in the sun.

Annalise: *Smiling* You just have to see him in the right light.


MC x Max 

Based on this prompt

Warning: Some Language.

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reed college retrospective: paper titles by lise

I was going through my papers the other day and realized that I have some fabulous paper titles from my four years at this college and I am going to share them because the world deserves to know how much fun I have titling papers (even when I hate the paper itself):

  • Making Sparta Weird: Spartan Women and the Barbarian Other
  • Nobody Puts Black Widow in the Refrigerator: Challenges to Gendered Stereotypes in Comics
  • I Wanna Be a Boy (Cause Right Now I’m a Girl): Clytemnestra in Aeschylus’ Agamemnon
  • God Cares (Not Really): Job as Questioner
  • France France Revolution: Political Ideals and Social Influence
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Questioning Epic through the Figure of Satan
  • How Meta: The Discourse of Descartes and Pascal Concerning Skepticism
  • The Knight in the Tower: The Emasculation of Lancelot in “The Knight of the Cart”
  • Whatever Happened to the Myth of Tomorrow?: Superhero Comics and Classical Mythology
  • The Beloved and the Great White Sorceress: Rewriting the Romance Heroine in She
  • “That girl is a goddamn problem”: ferox Tullia and the female threat to social order
  • Boys Becoming Men, Men Becoming Wolves: Werewolves in Colonial Celtic Literatures
  • A Vampire Can Be a Lot of Things: Critical History of Dracula, 1897-2013
Escapism II AU

Castiel’s note consisted of a hurried scrawl of, ‘I’m not your good soldier and I can’t do pretend anymore. Sorry. Don’t look for me. I’ll be fine, if you care.’ The only sibling he truly wanted to say goodbye to wasn’t around and he couldn’t wait any longer. He should have felt glad he wasn’t amongst his older brothers to witness it, but in his eyes, family life hadn’t improved, no matter how many times Luke or Gabe described it to him.

He’d not taken the decision to leave lightly. It had been one he’d contemplated over months, and even years.  He’d made sure to distance himself from his friends and relatives – if they weren’t distant already - to make sure no one would miss him. He’d stolen a few hundred pounds and figured no one would miss it, either. Cas would need it a whole lot more. He knew it wasn’t enough to support him on. For a while, he knew he would have to live without a roof over his head. The teenager didn’t care. He craved a little adventure and spontaneity in his life. He’d taken his father’s beige coat which never got worn, and a backpack that contained some clothes, his phone and anything essential he needed for survival. He wore his normal jeans, jacket and a rosary around his neck.

Once a faithful and devoted catholic, always a catholic. That wasn’t something he regretted about his parents and upbringing. It was the absence and expectations and emotional abuse. Believe it or not, he’d prayed for guidance. He decided that this time he would take matters into his own hands and hope God – wherever He was- was on his side.

Castiel didn’t even look behind him when he walked straight out of the door, chucking his school books into a trash can on the way out. It was like a weight was instantly gone from his shoulders. Like he was walking away from a boot camp – which was essentially what that damn house was. He hadn’t ever been happier to catch a bus on his own down to the train station and board a train at random without even having to look at where it was headed.

The novelty wore off after a day, when the afternoon passed and it turned to a chilly evening, and Cas hopped off the train at a station that stank of piss and looked like it had been abandoned a long time ago. The city that lay outside wasn’t much different. The further he walked, the grimier and more empty the streets seemed to be. The people he passed starting looking more and more like they’d been wearing the same tattered clothes for days and he doubted any of them were smoking tobacco. He made sure to keep his head down. Castiel had been raised a quiet, introverted and naïve kid and been practically kept on a leash. He was an all-round nice guy eager to please. He could see now that maybe he would have to look for somewhere else to squat. He wasn’t sure exactly what he was looking for, but he was sure he wouldn’t find it in a place like this.

The first droplets of rain began to fall later that night, and by then he was on his last legs. He’d never been hungrier, colder and more tired. The prospect that he might find some empty building to sleep in was laughable right now, and he was starting to regret leaving the suffocating safety of his own room. Cas found an alley shaded by a tall brick building and sat down with his back against the wall, hoping he wasn’t sitting on broken glass. However much preparation he might have done, he didn’t feel as if he had been quite as ready as he thought. His hair felt damp from the rain and throat felt like it was on fire. Putting his head between his knees, he inhaled and exhaled slowly, convincing himself that this was a good decision, and that if it really turned out that bad, he could go to the police, however much that made his stomach churn. Thinking of that house in the suburbs brought him no comfort at all.

Besides, if he went back, it would be Rafael that would hand him the punishment. Probably literally, since his mother was away. His father had stopped caring a long time ago. The only reason he was still around was because he couldn’t leave Castiel to live on his own. His mother was insistent on him carrying on the family tradition and going into the church, or becoming a Doctor. Cas was smart, and the only hope left when it came to bringing money in.

He searched in his bag for a book and turned it over in his hands. The Hobbit. Now was as good a time as any to try some escapism.