i hate making posts like this

why do ppl act like we’re the most politically correct generation??? we’re the ones that make shit like cards against humanity. we thrive on satire and irreverence. ya’ll aren’t mad because we’re “politically correct,” ur mad because we won’t let you get away with ur Elitist Bullshit so now u cry that “the sjws are ruining everything” because that’s easier to stomach than the truth, that your ideology is inherently flawed

no offence but when will people stop making posts that pretend like clark is beating up kara because she broke up with james/is with monhell now…..
they make me really fucking uncomfortable because while i hate karahell too, i would never want kara to get beaten up for being in a relationship with an abuser. like. haven’t you ever been abused by anyone in your life or why do you think this is funny?

The Goto twins

Shimako (left)|18|senior in highschool|youngest 

Shinako(right)|18|senior in highschool|oldest

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IM LITERALLY CRYING FROM LAUGHING SO HARD. I da just found ur blog about 6 seconds ago bc of the whole TOP thing and I'm wheezing at the memes. "black hearts and golden blood" will be my senior quote without any context. I'm so sry tht u r getting all this hate but as far as I can see ur handling it beautifully AND I saw u said to not threat the TOP fan base so ty for actually being a sensible person. When did all this start and can u please make a link for this or something so I can read it all

TYSM anon. If you actually make it your senior quote I will cry. Do something better like peppermint tea or smth. 

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When we made it into copypasta:

The entire ask

Animations and Suckin Dick

we don’t say the ø word here

and yadda yadda yadda. its been weird. i didnt mean to piss anyone off

I accidentally went on a four-and-a-bit month hiatus... oops

BUT I’m back now and I’ve got a new URL (prev. castiolnovak or jensdmitri or smth else idk at this point) and I need some more blogs to follow

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  • cockles/j2/mishalecki
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  • can post wank if it’s tagged I normally end up reading it anyway
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So with book 5 coming up and a lot of questions to be figured out (like a certain someone i’m sure dermatologists hate) here’s a very rough order of events so far based on what we know going to the end of TCS:

  • Sometime in the 1800s and pre-Problem, Edmund Bickerstaff gathers ancient texts and attempts to use them to create a window into the afterlife with the aid of his loyal servant, a boy with (possibly unusually powerful) psychic sensitivities
  • Bickerstaff is killed and buried with the mirror, the boy escapes but apparently dies unpleasantly not long afterwards, returns as a Type Three
  • First stirrings of the Problem decades later in the mid-1900s, in Kent
  • Marissa Fittes, confirmed to be an unusually powerful psychic and Tom Rotwell prove the existence of ghosts
  • Marissa finds the type three Skull in the sewers and is able to talk to him (there’s a mention that one of her famous early cases involves finding a bricked up skull? whether it’s the same one or not isn’t confirmed yet)
  • Marissa and Tom go their separate ways, Fittes Agency is set up with the Rotwell one established soon after
  • DePRAC and other agencies shoot up as the Problem spreads throughout Britain
  • Both Marissa Fittes and Tom Rotwell are reported to have died young, roughly in their 40s
  • Lucy is born in the 4th official decade of the Problem
  • Celia and Donald Lockwood die, later return as Visitors
  • Jessica and Anthony possibly put into care of an uncle who at some point dies of a heart attack (dear god what is up with this family dropping like flies)
  • Jessica Lockwood dies, Gravedigger Sykes hears of how her 9-year-old brother attacked the ghost and takes him on as an apprentice instead of letting him be trained by more conventional agencies
  • Gravedigger dies (hONESTLY)
  • George is fired from Fittes, steals a skull he assumes was going to be destroyed
  • Lockwood and Co. is established and goes through at least 2 members within three months (one girl is fired, Robin dies while on a case)
  • Lucy joins Lockwood and Co.
  • Lockwood and Co. survive the Screaming Staircase, discover Fairfax’s unusual gear apparently made for the Orpheus Society that DePRAC hushes up
  • The Skull informs Lucy that ‘death is coming’, implies the Problem is going to worsen
  • Bickerstaff’s body is found, Rupert Gale attempts to find the mirror (destroyed by Lucy), also apparently for the Orpheus Society
  • Rotwell’s underground experiments cause the Chelsea Outbreak
  • Assassins attack a parade apparently intending to kill Penelope Fittes
  • Rotwell begins more experiments in the countryside, attempting to send a living person into the Other Side
  • Penelope Fittes begins brief partnership with Lockwood and Co, gives them the offer to join her agency which Lockwood refuses
  • Lockwood and Co. destroy the Institute and kill Steve Rotwell, leading to Penelope Fittes now heading both agencies

My favorite part of Legally Blonde is when Callahan hands Elle’s resume over to Emmett and is like “SMELL THIS”, obviously trying to get him to make fun of Elle with him, but Emmett is just like “Smells good!” and walks away all “Sorry, buddy, but I’m not gonna participate in your pink-hating misogyny. You’ll get no validation from me.”

thoughts about the whole situation in skam’s season 4

i thought about it a lot and i guess i have to write my 1st post about skam because i love this fandom and i need to share my thoughts about this season with you guys

1st : i don’t have many blogs about skam in my dash so if you post/reblog posts about skam just like this post and i’ll follow you :)

2nd : english isn’t my native language so i’m sorry if i make mistakes i’ll try to be as clear as possible

so here we go

I) YOUSANA !!! while listening to i feel it coming bye

  • i have to admit that it is the very first otp i ship this hard. i loved jonas x eva, noora x william (i respect each of your opinions but i hate when you guys slander this otp and especially william but i may talk about it in an other post idk) and of course isak x even but these otps didn’t/doesn’t affect me the way yousana does and knowing that we’re only at ep 3 makes me wanna die because i know this isn’t the end of this WHOLE MESS surrounding these two puppies but anyway. i read a lot of your opinions about it and i kinda agree with what some ppl said : it’s obvious that they really like and appreciate each other idk we don’t even need to debate about it BUT now that we know that yousef isn’t a muslim we just can’t figure out what will happen in the future between these two since the decision belongs to sana and even if it’s a fact that her faith is really important to her we don’t know much about what she thinks about having a non-muslim boyfriend etc. i read a lot of posts written by muslims and it’s interesting that each of your beliefs differ, i literally love when muslims explain things and their lifestyles so that non-muslims ppl can have different point of views and can be educated about islam !!! anyway, i think we just have to wait for the next episodes to know what will happen while cheering for sana no matter what she chooses for herself and yousef (i still hope these two will have twelve child tho)

II) this noora x yousef x sana thing 

okay so i have 2 theories :

  • - noora really likes yousef and she just CAN’T KNOW that sana likes him too because she’s so quiet about her feelings and i’m in despair because i KNOW that noora wouldn’t do anything that could hurt sana so stop being mad about noora this girl deserves love and support even if we don’t always accept her character development yup
  • - noora knows™ (sorry sana) that yousef kinda likes sana thanks to the conversation they had during the party where the balloon boys join the girls squad or just because of the looks yousef could have give to sana during this mess party. idk if it’s a weird theory but whenever noora talks about yousef it seems like there’s something more than the fact that she liked him but i can be wrong

III) v..il..de….x…mag..nus

  • vilde is a lesbian and deserves her own season that’s all i have to say @ julie xx

IV) the girls squad

  • sana has always been kinda apart of the girls squad, tbh the girls squad’s relationships are all so weird like these girls just rarely talk about their feelings so they literally CANT understand each other and i’m so frustrated about it because i love them all. i’ve the feeling that sana, noora and vilde especially can’t manage to talk seriously about some of their feelings to the other girls  : 
  • - sana always has this boss ass bitch appearance yet when we all know that, even if she can be tough (and we all love this don’t we), she can be the softest human being. she ALWAYS defends her friends no matter what, especially vilde who isn’t even grateful smh (and this time where she literally jumps over iben to defend eva omg great times). nobody excepts noora knows sana’s soft side and i think it’s the saddest thing ever since sana is the friend everybody deserves + she’s complex and just so interesting in her own way 
  • - if noora talks more frequently than sana about her life and her feelings, the last episodes still prove that she’s kinda secret with the other girls. for example, she didn’t tell them she was in oslo during the trial when she clearly needed her friends to cheer up for her. she also didn’t tell ALL the truth about the fact that she left london, telling the other girls she came back because william worked too much blablabla. even if a lot of ppl are mad about the fact that sana’s season doesn’t really revolve about sana only (and i must admit i’m a lil bit better about it too), i hope noora’s character development will improve so that she becomes the noora we all loved in season 1
  • - vilde. vilde, vilde, vilde…this girl is so weird but i still love her. she’s annoying, noisy, most of the time idiot but i feel like this character has a lot of potential. when we think about it, the girls, and therefore us, don’t really know a lot about her if not her sexual life with magnus. i’ve the feeling that her personnal life (especially her family life) is a terrible mess that needs to be cleared up. it would be crazy if julie doesn’t increase this character, even a little bit since it’s sana’s season but i hugely need answers aND ALSO a great conversation between her and sana since their relationship isn’t that good (as a weird vilde x sana shipper after all, it would be a gift)
  • so what i’d like to have in this season is the girls taking care of sana for once, like sana took care of them when they were sad, disrespected or in danger

V) evak x mikael (+ balloon boys???)

  • i don’t really have theories about this storyline tbh but i’ve the feeling that it’s not that enormous like you know like i’ve said before sana is a loyal friend (remember this iconic line where she said that she’s not friend with the pepsi max girls because sara said that vilde was a slut in october 2015 like???? GIRL), she’s still in good terms with even as we saw in the 04x03 and she loves isak so much she couldn’t let him with someone who’s bad. to all my fellow evak shippers, don’t be scared. i’m pretty sure it’s not something who could break isak and even’s relationship 

VI) the russ bus storyline

  • so i’ve got a theory (i didn’t see nowhere btw) about the fact that skam is still talking about next year’s russ period even if we’ll see nothing (i’m crying while writting these lines). what if the sana and the rest of the girls just don’t participate ??? it’s kinda logical for me since i don’t see the point in talking about something we’ll never have the chance to witness you know ? the fact that they’re joining the pepsi max girls kinda consolidates this theory but idk

now, things that need to be appreciated during this season :

  • - sana’s healthy family relationships (i love mama bakkoush she’s so cute and fair with her daughter + elias and sana’s brother/sister bond is to die for)
  • - julie literally breaking all the stereotypes associated to islam
  • - sana’s yousef soft smile™ and dimples 
  • - the balloons boys squad serving some LOOKS in every scene 
  • - evak being the cutest puppies on earth
  • - evak x sana. we need more scenes btw
  • - sana praying, i need a full scene of her praying without being interrupted or disturbed (even by yousef okay)
  • - the SOUNDTRACK !!!!! (they’ve been amazing in every season tho)

When you see someone drawing/shipping/enjoying something you do not personally like or enjoy, it takes zero fucking effort to ignore it and move on with your life.

If something bothers you, blacklist it. Unfollow. Hide the post. There are so many ways to make tumblr a safe and comfortable place for you personally that I am constantly fucking baffled by how many people feel the need to reblog with hateful comments, send in mean-spirited asks, or do that passive aggressive vague-posting bullshit.

I don’t get it. Tumblr might be broken and their added features are garbage, but there is still so much at your fingertips to make it exactly what you want that most other sites don’t fucking have. Take advantage of it.

I’m so fucking tired of watching you guys be mean to each other for no goddamn reason and I’m seeing it way too much lately.

Play nice for fuck’s sake.

itsjustyouraverageweeb replied to your post: Why do you block yuri on ice?

Woah okay sorry I just have to comment this but: you’re the first level headed person I’ve seen who doesn’t like YOI. You did the mature thing and just blocked it, like wow. Respect to you my dude. I’ve seen anti’s on here who make accounts and dedicate their entire time to just hating the show and it frustrates me because they could just do what you did if they really hate it that much. But really tho, kudos to you

Well thank you very much! I never understood people who take hate to that level. I don’t even hate the show, I’m simply not interested. But it makes a lot of my friends REALLY happy, and seeing them happy makes me happy. Because I know this show is important for a number of reasons to a lot of people.

 so I’m not gonna lash out and tell them that they cant post it because its bugging me? Thats not my right nor is it THEIR problem. We are all responsible for our own experiences here on tumblr. I’ve hated some things and I’ve talked about it here and there from time to time, but I never went as far as to bash the PEOPLE who like it, I never had hatred so deep that I felt the need to make a blog about it. It’s too exhausting.

I dont expect to like everything that my mutuals like, i dont expect people to like everything I like either, but if I followed them it’s cuz we have at least ONE thing in common and I dunno, thats enough for me. :P

So yeah like, you guys love what you love. Keep doing you.

those people who make posts about how much they hate specific athletes in sports teams gives me the same vibe as the superwholock fandom making a post to threaten people with gifs and the promise of bodily harm with MagicTM they’ve mastered from watching like 3 episodes of spn 

Why are white people shitting themselves over that like i wish my life was so good my biggest problem is some bitch posting about dick cheese on tumblr and it makes me so mad i gotta send anon hate

I have been feeling absolutely shitty about my physical appearance lately.  Like ridiculously so.  To the point of actively hating it instead of just passively forgetting said body exists.  So, I’m gonna be silly and start posting pics of myself that I actually like and think don’t make me look like the biggest pile of crap ever amassed (maybe just a small pile.)  I’m gonna put each of them under a cut so my face doesn’t clog up people’s dashes, letting them choose to look or not.  Don’t feel obligated to look or say anything nice, but please do refrain from saying anything mean, deal?

Okay, first up, probably the oldest one I have still… me before my senior prom

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i dont want y’all to like roman anyways but the fact you go to great lengths just to fuckin tell everyone you hate him like tattoo it on your forehead idk

me i make an untagged tweet and tumblr post and im on my way abt the people i hate but some people try to make headlines 

youre so funny and hypocritical like i dont care about ur dick cheese post i just thought it was gross but after that suddenly everyone is Obsessed with you. it really is okay i promise people just think its gross and now ur whining like i was abused by this person youre all pieces of shit. like i wasnt straight up hating on you in that post i was just saying that it makes sense for people to think ur gross n people arent going to automatically know he literally forced you into it dont pull that

It’s funny how anxious replies can make me. Like sometimes I get a youtube notification saying someone replied to a comment I posted and for a second the worst thoughts float through my mind like 

what if they’re posting hate 

what if they took what I was saying the wrong way

what if I offended someone 

Like I freak out and usually it’s just someone saying ‘lol’ like srsly 

tiedtogetherwithadagger replied to your post: �� (topic: derek)

i totally feel this. like whenever i read a fic where scott is the alpha and derek is the beta, i literally have to take a step back and repeat it to myself until it makes sense, and then i’m able to continue reading it.

I HATE true alpha Scott with a passion. Like, if I’m reading an A/B/O fic I don’t really mind, but otherwise I hate it.

Sure, it was great that Derek gave up his alpha spark to save Cora but I feel like the writers really messed it up because Cora was never in another season, in a way making his sacrifice almost worthless, y’know?

I always write that Derek was willing to give up his alpha power and that’s what makes him deserving of being a true alpha, because that makes perfect sense to me. Because if anyone deserves to be a true alpha, it’s Derek. That’s why my tag for him is literally #the real true alpha

Scott has done absolutely nothing to be considered worthy of being a true alpha. It’s complete bullshit to think anything else, in my opinion.

anonymous asked:

youre so funny and hypocritical like i dont care about ur dick cheese post i just thought it was gross but after that suddenly everyone is Obsessed with you. it really is okay i promise people just think its gross and now ur whining like i was abused by this person youre all pieces of shit. like i wasnt straight up hating on you in that post i was just saying that it makes sense for people to think ur gross n people arent going to automatically know he literally forced you into it dont pull that

You are a very pathetic and jealous person and I pity you. truly. XD!