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Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:


#look at their faces #they’re watching the narnia they loved #but everything changed #because they weren’t there #trumpkin just accused them of abandoning narnia #but they didn’t chose to #aslan kicked them out #he threw them into a world where they didn’t fit anymore #and now they’re back #and they feel so guilty #and so sad #they weren’t here to protect the narnians as they should have #and now look at this mess #fuck aslan #he’s the one who abandoned everyone

Let me talk about this mother fucking scene here for a second. This fucking scene.

So the whole time I was playing FFXV I knew Noctis was gonna die, I mean who didn’t? They made it as obvious as they possibly could. I knew getting attached to him was a massive mistake but I did anyway cuz I mean, he is fucking hilarious and cute and everything. Anyways, when Noctis comes back from the crystal he is acting more mature, he looks more confident and he actually acts like he knows what the fuck is going on, prior to his 20 year old self.

You know Noctis is ready to die and has accepted it, he knows he is going to die, there is no stopping it. The gods were like “Sucks to be you” and pretty much fucked him over. But this scene, this god damn scene is what finally made me start tearing up, because fuck you game. You send him to his death, you watch him kill himself to destroy Ardyn, you watch his father stab him and then you watch as he dissolves into nothing. BUT you are watching this KNOWING he is ready to die, he is at peace so you are at peace, then this fucking scene shows up at the end.

Noctis is pretty much fucking crying over the fact that he is going to die, he is doing it after seeing his friends again and it makes his resolution quiver. It goes back to the beginning of the game and brotherhood, it goes back to us seeing Noctis not as an “emo kid” that is just trying to be edgy, but a fucking kid that has been forced to watch his father DIE SLOWLY, knowing that he is going to be next. Noctis has known since he was little that he was going to die and not because of a fuck up, or because of an accident, or hell because he burns the kitchen down, no, he is going to die because he was born a Lucis and because the gods picked him. And there is absolutely NOTHING he can do about it.

Noctis wasn’t going “through a revel” phase when he was trying to push his duties away, it was his love for life that was doing that.  Noctis did NOT want to fucking die. You can see it through the whole game, you can see how much fun he fucking has, you can see how much he enjoys everything and is actually ready to jump in when it comes to an adventure. He acts like a god damn kid when it comes to fishing. Even if he is lazy and somewhat spoiled, you cannot tell me that Noctis did not fucking love everything about life, except being the “chosen one”.

Regis raised Noctis as a son, not a king, because through the trailers and the movies, and the cartoon and fucking everything, you can see that Regis was intending in bringing peace himself. Regis wanted to fix everything so his son didn’t have to die. He didn’t prepare Noctis to face death because he never wanted him to die, he wanted Noctis to be a normal teenager that makes stupid mistakes and doesn’t have to worry about his life being taken away slowly. Regis was a fucking beautiful dad that wanted nothing but happiness for his son, and he was trying to achieve that one way or the other.

But fuck man did all of that shit screwed over Noctis. Still, I can’t blame Regis, I’m just fucking upset. I’m god damn sad as fuck that you send Noctis to  die just to find out later that he didn’t want to die anymore. 10 years of isolation he tried to make himself understand that death was the only answer and seeing his friends for ONE DAY destroyed all of that resolution, but he had to go on because he needed to, not just save the world but show his bros that they didn’t put their trust on the wrong man. He needed to go on because it was the right thing to do. He needed to go on because Ardyn is a dickhead. All the people that died so he could end the darkness were counting on him. So he went on and died, knowing that he still wanted to live.

Fuck this game. I’m gonna go fucking cry under my bed now.