i hate line art so much

o_o .. there was an ‘Iwa with glasses’ in my inbox. I had to obey. Especially after that damn preview last ep.
Class duty Iwa-chan with his hands full having no way to fend off Oikawas stupidity. <3 I love them so much… and I hate copic markers :)


Extended A4 version of my submission for @gfzine. I hope everyone got a copy, because the art I’ve seen so far is absolutely stunning. A physical 600 dpi print of this is available at my redbubble shop, and I’ve fine tuned the lines a bit, so it will look nice even as an oversized poster.

I like drawing Mabel’s hair too much. Dipper’s face is adorable. I officially really hate inking clutter. I always wanted to draw ghost-posessed Mabel (One small step behind Bill-possessed Mabel,) so I’m really glad I got the kick in the ass I needed to finish this piece.

Also, break from tradition here. I’m posting this piece directly to my artblog. My personal is @isoscelesfish.

yuuri is helplessly queer and i love him

a tiny coffee shop au drable, for @jeffishere, who asked for coffee shop + fluff + victuuri. Check out their art! It’s much better than my writing I swear

There’s a hot guy in the line.

There’s a hot guy standing in the queue and oh god Yuuri is going to fuck up so bad.

He hands the teenage girl in front of him her drink on autopilot, already feeling his cheeks begin to flush, despite the fact that the guy is like, three clients away. Hell, it might be Phichit who takes his order, instead of Yuuri. That would be a blessed day.

It’s not like the guy is mind-blowingly gorgeous or anything - okay, he really, really is.

He’s got stylish silvery hair, long and shiny, so soft-looking that makes Yuuri want to reach out and touch it (in a very non-creepy way, okay, Phichit?). The guy’s taller than him, and slim in the sort of way that hints at muscles underneath his blue sweater (and oh, would Yuuri pay to see those muscles up close). And it’s not even the fact that he’s attractive that is throwing Yuuri into the path of irredeemable madness; he’s also cute as hell. The heating is on at the café, so most people carry their coats in their hands, sighing at the difference in temperature and fanning themselves, but the guy has resolutely stayed the way he came in, almost as if he’s making a statement.

And he’s got the whole outfit, too: a long scarf wrapping around his neck (thankfully not covering all of his face, so it’s there for Yuuri to drool over), an adorable hat which goes down to cover his ears, with a pattern made up of snowflakes and ice skaters. But the worst part is…

…the mittens.

The guy is wearing mittens (wolly, pastel blue, puffy mittens) inside, and it’s absolutely doing it for Yuuri. He wants to cuddle the man. What is wrong with him?

“…Excuse me?”

Oh shit. Yuuri stops his very-polite-appreciative-gaze (it’s not staring, Phichit, stop laughing) and snaps his head up to meet the custumer’s eyes, embarrassed, “Um, yeah, what will you be having?”

He’s just finishing up, giving the middle-aged man his beloved chocolate muffin (Yuuri saw the desperation in his eyes, and he totally gets it; he’s the same with pork cutlet), when Phichit says, “I’ll be in the back.”

It doesn’t register for a moment, until it does.

If Phichit’s in the back, and no one else is attending customers, and the line’s getting shorter, then -

“Hi,” The Most Beautiful Man Yuuri Has Ever Seen says, smiling and brightening up his world without a second thought. He’s got blue eyes. Yuuri’s never been this dead in his entire life, and he once accidentally gave Leo’s mom a lap dance. “Could I have a latte, please?”

“Uh,” Yuuri’s trying, okay?

The guy’s smile widens, just a little, before he leans his head down a bit, looking at him from between his eyelashes and murmurs, just loud enough for Yuuri to hear, “And maybe, your number?”

He’s never finished a coffee faster in his life.

Baz Pitch lol I love this boy soooooo much and I was bored in my photography classes cause my teacher kinda doesn’t like me so I don’t really listen to him when he talks xd also, I hate drawing detailed hair and I hate lining so why not do the two things I hate and I suck at xd Simon is almost finished and he’s freaking awful so I’ll see if I’ll upload him xd

Okay this is something that’s been bugging me for a little while. I’ve seen a couple of pieces of McHanzo art and fic floating around with the punch line of “Hanzo likes tea and hates coffee. McCree likes coffee and hates tea.” And while these are good and funny, I feel like fandom is missing out a brilliant opportunity when it comes to Hanzo vs. coffee headcanons.

You see, tea is definitely super popular in Japan. And not just green tea but black, barley, oolong, jasmine, the works. Hell, you can buy giant liter bottles of tea at the grocery store and those basically get served up with meals, when guests come to visit, or whenever you need something to drink.

The thing is, in Japan coffee is just a ubiquitous as tea. 

In the same vending machines on every corner where you’ll find tons of hot or cold green tea for sale you’ll also see at least three different varieties of canned coffee. Convenience stores and grocery stores sell pre-mixed lattes. If you thought Pumpkin Spice Latte craze was bad, Japanese Starbucks not only go PSL but they also have cherry blossom flavored lattes and a ton of seasonal flavors.

Also Japanese people can be complete and utter snobs about coffee. You see this? That my friends is a Kyoto-style slow-drip brewer. It is $250 of some of the fanciest coffee brewing known to mankind. It can take up to 24 hours to brew a single cup.

So rather than the tried and true “McCree likes his coffee, Hanzo likes his tea,” please consider that while McCree might like coffee and settle for some percolator brewed mass-produced store brand stuff, Hanzo loves his coffee and is insulted by McCree’s unwillingness to understand the true depth of flavor in a diluted cup of 24 hour brewed caffeinated art.

Here’s some Feferi line art from almost a year ago! This was meant to be colored by someone for an art collab but that person kinda ditched me after I already did my half and my back’s condition is declining too much for me to color this myself. If any of you guys want to color this for practice or just to say you collabed with me, feel free! I hate to see this line art go to waste.

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“Noah appeared beside Blue. He looked joyful and adoring, like a Labrador retriever. 
Noah had decided almost immediately that he would do anything for Blue, a fact that would’ve needled Adam if it had been anyone other than Noah.”


One of my mysterious commissioners instead of actually requesting specific artworks challenged me to interpret a few prompts. One of them was “make it hurt but without blood” and then I thought of that one line of Grima that I genuinely hate.

What if Robin can still feel all of those things and it’s so much worse given he can’t do anything, all that’s left for him is despair while being stuck in the prison of Grima’s soul?
And Grima can sometimes hear his wails when it’s really bad.


It’s 2 am and I’m here to tell why I struggle so much with Lucas’s fan art
I’m usually pretty satisfied with the sketch but
Why the hell he is impossible to line 
It’s either an absolutelly different person or a piece of shit (which he is, but not literally omg)

Funny enough my friend has the same problem so we are suffering together

But look i drew a weird ass Saitama

Моя попытка номер пять

                        ◤ With the stars on show.. it is finally showtime !!

With all my free time I was finally able to to complete a drawing which I am very proud of !! I regretted it afterwards that I didn’t record it as I thought it would’ve made a good speedpaint, but otherwise it was nice to draw two of my favourite villains


jade gets an orchard. everything is right in the world


The fact that Stans mom didnt have any say about Stanly being kicked out of the house has kind of bothered me for a while.

So here is my little alternative, where Ma Pines is being a badass protective mother, and draws the fucking line in the sand for her fucking husband.

 God I hate that man so much. Cause if you think about it the entire shitstorm of Ford and Stans lives happened because of this guy. 

Seriously fuck Filbrick Pines.

who says sweaters aren’t tough

So I made this comic based off of what I think Yandere-Chan would do if she had a high reputation during this part of the game. Please no hate. I know this might not happen but, hey, I can imagine, right? The lines go as follows:
Yandere-Chan: If you cared so much about the school, then why didn’t you come after the first murder?
Megami: How dare you ask me a question like that?!
Kokona: Yeah, where were you.
Budo: Yan-Chan is right!
Musume: Like, where were you?!
Megami: It doesn’t matter where I was!
Midori: I want to email Yandere-Dev about this!