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a long list of keith + lance concepts:

  • keith or lance waking up before the other, and admiring the other quietly as they sleep
    • lance, waking up, tiredly: hi
    • keith, already awake, smiling at him: hi
    • or
    • keith, just waking up: good morning
    • lance, smiling at him: it is now
  • the two of them standing close to each other and speaking quietly — no one else knows what they’re saying, but keith is laughing
  • their insults for each other becoming pet names
    • keith sitting in the rec room, looking up when lance walks in from a mission: hey, genius
    • lance, removing his helmet and walking up to him: what it do, mullet (leans down and kisses him)
  • the two of them comforting each other when they’re missing home, having a rough day, or just feeling sad
    • keith with his head bowed and fists clenched, angrily wiping at his tears until his boyfriend pulls him in for a hug, making him feel better instantly
    • lance with a forced smile on his face and teary eyes, swearing that he’s fine!! until keith embraces him, and he feels safe enough to cry
  • keith wrapping his arms around lance from behind, at random points in the day, burying his face against his shoulder
    • keith during a team meeting: (hugs lance like this)
    • lance: (smiles and covers keith’s hands on his waist with his own)
  • lance coming up behind keith and wrapping his arms around keith’s shoulders, saying ~stuff in his ear
    • keith, smiling, leaning away: shhhh! shh
  • the two of them sharing a pair of earbuds (sharing their favorite songs)
  • keith lifting his chin a little whenever he wants a kiss
    • (the team after one of shiro’s pep talks, about to get back in their lions)
    • keith: wait (taps lance’s arm) (leans close, raising his chin)
    • lance: (smiles, and kisses him) good luck
    • keith: (smiling) you too
  • lance tapping his cheek whenever he wants a kiss
    • (the team about to head out on a mission, exiting the rec room)
    • lance: hey (at keith, before he leaves) aren’t you forgetting something? (leans forward and taps the side of his face)
    • keith: (smiles and kisses his cheek) there you go
    • lance: hm… i think i need a little more.
    • keith: … (grabs lance’s collar and pulls him in for a deep, long kiss on the mouth) … all set?
    • lance: (heart eyed and a little dazed) yeah
  • holding hands under the table at breakfast
  • laughing together in the rain

Black Girl Magic

  • Sasha Banks - Muscle & Fitness Hers  (cover)
  • Cameron - Rolling Out Magazine  (cover)
  • Naomi - JET Magazine  (Beauty of the Week)

anonymous asked:

I'm confused, this seems different to the sailor v anime episode?

Yeah, it definitely is. I thought Episode 42 was pulled from the manga in some way, and I suppose it still could be from the main work. But it’s definitely not from Sailor V at all.

Or at least not in a way that’s directly recognizable. Something I find interesting about the creation process between the manga and anime (and something I feel gets overlooked or ignored more than is probably fair) is how they were created alongside each other. While there’s a definitive starting order – the V manga, the Moon manga, the anime – that’s about as clear as we’re ever going to get. From there, the mangas and anime are overlapping in ways that I’m absolutely positive influenced each other across the board, not purely in a one way manga -> anime funnel that has been insisted on over the years. None of this happened in a vacuum.

I obviously don’t know yet what, if anything, the main manga will bring to Minako’s backstory, so some of the elements in Episode 42 may yet pop up there. Or it’s possible it’s a purely anime development. Though again, I think we have to consider how much we don’t know about the creation specifics, and in that sense, it’s a fantastic example of what I’m talking about above. FOLLOW MY THOUGHT PROCESS HERE.

Let’s assume that the main manga won’t introduce these details, about Minako living in London and fighting the Dark Kingdom, and pretending to be the Princess, nor will there be a Katarina and Alan and that god awful plotline.

But let’s consider for a moment where those ideas came from. Maybe just the anime creators, that’s certainly possible. But it’s also possible they were given an outline or set of rough ideas for where Takeuchi was planning to take the Sailor V story, and so that’s what they built on. And maybe she saw it was a generally shitty episode and so never introduced those ideas, something she could easily do not actually finishing V until years after that episode had aired. 

Or maybe it was original to the anime, and while Takeuchi didn’t absorb the whole thing, she did borrow pieces. Consider that Katarina and Not-Rei serve very similar functions to the story as high-ranking members of law enforcement working with Sailor V. They both also have the big sister/little sister relationship going on. There’s even the basic framework of the Minako/Katarina/Alan story in the chapter about the manga creator and her editor.

So how does the idea flowchart look? Was it manga to anime? Anime to manga? Manga to anime to manga? Completely independent of influence from each other? We could speculate for the next twenty years and still never know. Even the people involved may have no idea at this point, it was so long ago.


But yes, back to your ACTUAL question. Looking purely at what’s on the page of the Sailor V manga, Episode 42 appears to be an original take on Minako’s backstory.

Jet Set Radio Redesign Project 19/19: Roboy

I lied before when I said Clutch was the last GG. The true last GG (besides Pots) is none other than Roboy, the smart mouthed robot assistant of the GG’s. Why do the GG’s even have a robot? Who cares! He’s cool and that’s all that matters. 

extilia  asked:

rolo is the jet (from atla) of voltron??? he's a butthole.... but u can't help but love him??

it’s actually hilarious because i hate jet but at the same time i completely see what you’re saying


-poem by naum


in honor of the month of halloween, i decided to do my first official giveaway! also, tysm for 1.25 k, i hope i can get that to 1.5 before halloween. love you guys!


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i might do a giveaway with halsey/melanie sometime soon, but i wanted to do something spooky, so here goes! good luck!


This asshole put us through hell and back last night. (Please ignore my screaming and horrible cinematography)

PS @trianglesgoding I heard you were looking for this!