i hate it when there are too many different scenes and the colours look stupid in the end

The Wolf and The Snake

I made this as a combination with two requests 😃

Can I get an imagine? You do so well with them! 😁 Draco is super protective of the reader and one day in potions Snape is being particularly cruel to her and Draco starts a yelling match with him before getting fed up and grabbing the reader’s hand and pulling her out of the room. Once in the corridor he apologizes profusely for putting you in the middle of the fight and how bad he feels about the things Snape called you. In the end the reader hugs him tight and thanks him for being such a great friend not realizing how he feels about her. Thanks so much!- @ alyssagrasshopper

Hi! Could you do a fluffy Draco imagine where you’re a Slytherin and Tonks and Lupin’s daughter? thanks xxx 😘 - Anonymous

You couldn’t express how stressed and aggravated you were during potions. It started when you came in late because it was a full moon last night and you had to clean the cut you had on your leg. You’re a metamorphmagus but you were a bit different. You could turn into just a normal wolf during the full moon and the only thing you could change about your appearance in your hair colour. You only had a few strand in a purple colour. The rest were just in the colour of your normal roots. 

Professor Snape of course had to comment about your tardiness and give you a week’s detention.You had developed a certain hateful relationship with Professor Snape even though you were a Slytherin. A student in his own house. 

Snape despised your father, Remus and now he despises you for being his daughter. You thought he was exaggerating a bit. Annoying Snivelly…

Right now you were making Draught of Peace. A potion that could relieve anxiety and agitation. Oh how you really needed this potion. Especially right now!

Snape had placed himself in front of you as you were about to add in the porcupine quills. Your hands were shaking as he stared at you. You couldn’t see him as your head was down but you knew he was staring daggers down your throat. You could see his greasy hair shine from the light coming from your couldron’s flame. 

Fear erupted through out your body causing you to accidentally add too many porcupine quills resulting in your potion to turn grey instead of purple. You mentally curse yourself for being so clumsy. 

“Ms.Lupin, I honestly did not expect much from you given your…condition last night” He stated in his usual monotone voice “but your incompetence in this class is unacceptable”

You stared down at your potion as he continued as if you were a person who had no feelings at all. 

“Just like your father….lousy, ignorant, cack-handed-”

Your best friend, Draco, kept a close eye on you as Snape said these. He clenched his fist as he gaped at you. Malfoy felt his blood boil as your purple hair turned blue. A sign that indicated you were sad. He knew this feeling quite well. He was the shoulder you cried on when you changed for the first time in Hogwarts. He was always there for you as you were for him.

You dd your best to get through these little comments. Flinching at each word that came out of the potion’s master’s mouth. 

“You’re no better than your oaf of a father” 

That was it. That’s what broke him. 

Draco carelessly left his work and stepped in beside you and Professor Snape. This had surprised not only you but Snape and the other students as well. Draco was not a person to do this as he usually gets away with everything when it comes to Snape. 

The greasy git stared at Draco who had laced your fingers together. Your cheeks felt hot as Draco has been your crush for the longest time. 

“Mr.Malfoy what on earth are you doing?” Professor questioned, his voice sounding as if he wasn’t affected by this action at all. 

“I think that’s a bit rude, Professor” The blonde slytherin stated “I believe (Y/N) is capable of  many things…well unlike you who’s tried to move up to Defense Against the Dark Arts but always end up back in this filthy classroom” 

“Mind your attitude, Mr. Malfoy or else you’ll find yourself a two week’s detention” Snape warned. 

Draco did his usual smirk as he held your hand tighter “Fine by me as long as you doon’t talk to her like that again, you Greasy Git” Your eyes widened as Snape glared to your friend’s icy blue eyes. Everyone payed close attention to the scene happening. No one stood up to Snape like that. No one. 

“One months Detention, Mr. Malfoy! Ms. Lupin fix your stupidity of a potion!” The Professor fumed as everyone went back to their ruined potions- as they left it in the flame for too long. 

But Draco stayed put “I would rather do the squib’s job than be in this class” He said matter-of-factly. He turned to you, pulling on your intertwined hands before dragging you outside. You didn’t know where you two were going and neither did he. 

Once you’ve finally stopped in the corridor, Draco let go of your hand and sighed.You were already missing the feeling of his hand. It felt cold without his touch. Like a missing piece in a puzzle. 


“I’m sorry” Draco interrupted. He stared at the ground for a moment before looking back at your confused face.

“Why are you apologizing?” You asked, moving to lean a bit on him. Something you were accustomed to doing. 

“The way I was in there. I didn’t mean to do that, I swear it’s just…the way he called you those names…” He rambled on. You smiled wrapping your arms tightly around his neck and pulled him close to you, placing your head tucked on his shoulder. 

“Thank you” You whispered in his ear. He smiled, happily pulling you tighter against him. He wasn’t used to these kind of hugs but he loved it. Especially when he was hugging you. The girl he loves.

“You’re a great friend, Draco” Draco sighed, sadly. Maybe he should tell you. All these thoughts filled his head as if a war was happening between telling you or not telling you about his feelings. 

“Draco…” You spoke softly, pulling away but not exactly untangling from each other’s arms. You had noticed he was fidgeting. Something he only does when he’s nervous “You can tell me anything, you know” The way your voice would send shivers down his spine made him feel more apprehensive. Little shivers of perspiration ran down his face but not a lot to make it look obvious. 

Your eyes started turning into a sapphire blue colour. He was mesmerized by your wolf abilities. Almost as if you could look into his soul. You wanted to know what he was feeling. Too bad you’re not like your father.  

“I…” He took a deep breath, closing his eyes. His heart beat was beating too fast to even count as a rhythm. The words were on the tip of his tongue begging to slide out. Just three words could change everything. 

He opened his mouth to speak but all you heard was the sound of the bell that alerted you that the period’s over. 

“I have to go” You said hurriedly. You hugged him one last time before letting go of each other “Thanks for everything, Draco”

You smiled, leaning up to give him a kiss on the side his lips. The Prince himself started to blush as you giggled, turning around to go to your next class. 

“I’ll see you later!” 

Draco waved goodbye before he ran a hand through his hair, frustratingly as you left his vision. 

Now you’ll never know what he feels. 

You won’t know how much you changed him. 

How much you meant to him. 

He would die for you…you just didn’t know. 

“I love you…” He whispered softly to the wind.