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Betting on you; Part four

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Genre/ AU: Fluff, romance, angst, high school au

Summary: Four weeks was what Jungkook would get to make a girl fall for him. One week to get familiar. Three weeks to be with her. Until the bubble burst and it was all back to nothing.

Author’s note: It has come~!!! The last part :D I hope you’ll enjoy~

Week four

☑ Otters sleep while holding hands so they don’t float away

☑ Cow have best friends

☑ Rats giggle when you tickle them, but it’s too high pitched for us to hear without equipment

☑ Baby puffins are called pufflings

☑ When male puppies play with female puppies they intentionally let the female puppy win

☑ Worms communicate by snuggling

Scrolling through the list of facts he smiled as he remembered every single reaction of her. It had been four weeks since the bet started and Jungkook knew the last day of them hanging out together would be today. Today he would ask her out and tomorrow he would dump her. He would never hang out with the ones he dumped after just because it would be too much drama and he did not want that.

“Did you know? Did you know? Did you know?” Jungkook kept repeating in different ways as to rehearse for the final one. Walking along the river in the park he looked around and smiled while picking up a pebble. “This one should do.”

Making his way to the cinema he smiled in triumph when he didn’t spot her yet. He wouldn’t be gentleman like to make the girl wait after all but most times than not was she earlier than him. Jungkook learned that the girl hated to be late, even if it was just a few minutes. Very uptight, he noted.

When the girl arrived he instantly walked up to her and showed her the tickets with a smirk.

“Now you can’t pay anymore,” Jungkook said with a grin but the girl only smiled.

“Then I’ll pay for the snacks!” She retorted making him frown.

“Fine…” he answered but smiled at her.

They opted for a big box of popcorn, sweet and salt mixed while taking frozen Coca Cola and Fanta as drinks. You could refill so why not.

During the movie he couldn’t help but chuckle silently as she squealed and gasped here and there. The movie was action packed and it made them jump out of their seats sometimes and whisper to each other to comment on high tech weapons and funny scenes.

“Thank you, Kookie,” the girl said with a smile as they were walking out and took off, strolling along the quiet streets. They had just finished the movie and with their stomachs content with popcorn and their refill of frozen drinks it was enough for the night. Even though it was very late, the lanterns illuminated their path towards her home. She had insisted on walking alone home but he wouldn’t be a gentleman if he didn’t.

“For what?” Jungkook asked absentmindedly and squeezed her hand before pulling her just a bit closer to himself, shielding her from the cold gust of wind. It probably wasn’t necessary because she never forgot the essentials; scarf, gloves and cap.

“Thank you for remembering my favourite coffee and colour and all the random stuff, thank you for taking me out to dinner, doing fun things with me. Thank you for looking at me. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for being with me.”

Come to think of it, this was the first time he asked her why she always thanked her. His expression stayed frozen in bewilderment. Those genuine smiles, the giggles. They were all real. And so was the sadness in her eyes. The conviction that no one would’ve done what he did in a genuine act, only when it was for a stupid bet. He understood now. It was the glint of feeling like she wasn’t good enough for anyone, didn’t deserve anything. The glint of extreme self conscience and low self esteem. And his further actions would only proof it was true.

His hand twitched and found the peddle in his pocket. This was the time to ask her out before there was a possibility that she would say no to him. He had gotten a bad feeling already, a feeling like she was talking as if their time together was ending.

“Even though it was a bet, everything you did was real. So thank you for these past few weeks.”

Jungkook couldn’t hide the surprise he felt, his feet planted on the ground, his eyes widening and his mouth agape. No girl had ever noticed let alone tell him right in his face. It felt somehow intimidating, but he regained his posture and cleared his throat. The boy didn’t even notice that they had stopped in front of her house.

“Is this the moment you ask me out?” She asked quietly. The question would have sounded rather cocky, but her soft and careful voice along with her look Jungkook already knew it was a genuine question of curiosity and nothing more.

The hold on the pebble loosened in his pocket and he nodded.

“Would you say yes if I asked you? Will you go out with me?”

“Why not? We had a good time. So yes, Kookie. Yes, I’d love to,” the girl said with a smile as if she was reminiscing about the last four weeks. Her answer somehow sounded like an evaluation of how he did, if he had made her happy or not.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The sudden words of goodbye caught him off guard and he could only mutter a little goodbye while he watched her walk to the door, unlock it and close it behind her when she entered. Standing in the cold he decided to start walking his way home.

What just happened? He couldn’t wrap his fingers around it exactly. She knew about the bet and still accepted him?

The walk had felt surprisingly short as Jungkook was still deep in thought. He figured that the girl felt like she was using him as well by prolonging their time together. He couldn’t feel bitter about it though since he started it.

Before he had realised, he was staring at the ceiling as Jungkook laid in his bed thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow he would break up with her. He should’ve been relieved, happy even by the fact that everything was in the open. She knew about the bet and didn’t make a fuss so she would also know about the breakup that would follow. The girl wouldn’t bother him anymore after like so many girls had done because they wanted something serious with him or they were simply too selfish and wanted the guy for their own.

Without reason he fell asleep with his shoulders not lighter but with a heavy heart instead.

The day came too soon and lunch even sooner for Jungkook. He felt just weird to dump someone who already knew it was going to happen.

Walking casually, passing by tables, he sat down on the familiar spot and smiled up at her silently, his eyes barely lifting from the floor. Was a greeting appropriate now when all he wanted to say was; ‘this is the moment I’ll dump you.’ It sounded cruel, yes, but so was this situation no matter in what way you looked at it.

“It’s over,” Jungkook said softly and looked at her for the first time that day. They stayed silent and looked at each other what felt like so long but it soon got interrupted when she blinked and glanced away. The girl nodded at his words and smiled at him once again.

“I know,” she replied and he could see the glint of sadness again. The girl chuckled in hopes to lighten the mood before she spoke up again. “Don’t worry, I deleted your phone number and such so I can’t contact you even if I wanted to!”

“Yeah, that’d be a bother. Thanks,” Jungkook chuckled along nervously before silence enveloped them.

During the lunch period he had stayed with her, eaten with her in the surprisingly comfortable silence, just bathing in the familiar bubble that they created when they were together. Because it would burst after and when it dissolved it won’t ever come back.

A ring of the bell and a short goodbye was all it took for it to end. It was abrupt just as fast the decision of his friends made him go to her.

Standing up, the loud sound made him look down and he found his phone on the floor as it had fallen out of his pocket. Picking it up he picked up the other small object that had dropped as well. Examining the pebble he put it back in his pocket and looked at his phone screen to look at the time. His eyes moved just a bit lower to read the note he had saved.

☐ Penguins only have one mate and they ‘propose’ by giving them a pebble

Your Life is My Favourite Read

aka - Platonic Soulmates is one of my most favourite things ever and nothing will ever change that, so deal with it.

“Your soulmate is so cute,” Genesis whined, slumping back against Sephiroth’s surprisingly comfy couch. “I wanna date him.”

“So why don’t you?” Came Sephiroth’s confused answer, watching Genesis from the other side of the couch.

“Because,” Genesis responded passionately. “He’s your soulmate!”

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The Wolf and The Snake

I made this as a combination with two requests 😃

Can I get an imagine? You do so well with them! 😁 Draco is super protective of the reader and one day in potions Snape is being particularly cruel to her and Draco starts a yelling match with him before getting fed up and grabbing the reader’s hand and pulling her out of the room. Once in the corridor he apologizes profusely for putting you in the middle of the fight and how bad he feels about the things Snape called you. In the end the reader hugs him tight and thanks him for being such a great friend not realizing how he feels about her. Thanks so much!- @ alyssagrasshopper

Hi! Could you do a fluffy Draco imagine where you’re a Slytherin and Tonks and Lupin’s daughter? thanks xxx 😘 - Anonymous

You couldn’t express how stressed and aggravated you were during potions. It started when you came in late because it was a full moon last night and you had to clean the cut you had on your leg. You’re a metamorphmagus but you were a bit different. You could turn into just a normal wolf during the full moon and the only thing you could change about your appearance in your hair colour. You only had a few strand in a purple colour. The rest were just in the colour of your normal roots. 

Professor Snape of course had to comment about your tardiness and give you a week’s detention.You had developed a certain hateful relationship with Professor Snape even though you were a Slytherin. A student in his own house. 

Snape despised your father, Remus and now he despises you for being his daughter. You thought he was exaggerating a bit. Annoying Snivelly…

Right now you were making Draught of Peace. A potion that could relieve anxiety and agitation. Oh how you really needed this potion. Especially right now!

Snape had placed himself in front of you as you were about to add in the porcupine quills. Your hands were shaking as he stared at you. You couldn’t see him as your head was down but you knew he was staring daggers down your throat. You could see his greasy hair shine from the light coming from your couldron’s flame. 

Fear erupted through out your body causing you to accidentally add too many porcupine quills resulting in your potion to turn grey instead of purple. You mentally curse yourself for being so clumsy. 

“Ms.Lupin, I honestly did not expect much from you given your…condition last night” He stated in his usual monotone voice “but your incompetence in this class is unacceptable”

You stared down at your potion as he continued as if you were a person who had no feelings at all. 

“Just like your father….lousy, ignorant, cack-handed-”

Your best friend, Draco, kept a close eye on you as Snape said these. He clenched his fist as he gaped at you. Malfoy felt his blood boil as your purple hair turned blue. A sign that indicated you were sad. He knew this feeling quite well. He was the shoulder you cried on when you changed for the first time in Hogwarts. He was always there for you as you were for him.

You dd your best to get through these little comments. Flinching at each word that came out of the potion’s master’s mouth. 

“You’re no better than your oaf of a father” 

That was it. That’s what broke him. 

Draco carelessly left his work and stepped in beside you and Professor Snape. This had surprised not only you but Snape and the other students as well. Draco was not a person to do this as he usually gets away with everything when it comes to Snape. 

The greasy git stared at Draco who had laced your fingers together. Your cheeks felt hot as Draco has been your crush for the longest time. 

“Mr.Malfoy what on earth are you doing?” Professor questioned, his voice sounding as if he wasn’t affected by this action at all. 

“I think that’s a bit rude, Professor” The blonde slytherin stated “I believe (Y/N) is capable of  many things…well unlike you who’s tried to move up to Defense Against the Dark Arts but always end up back in this filthy classroom” 

“Mind your attitude, Mr. Malfoy or else you’ll find yourself a two week’s detention” Snape warned. 

Draco did his usual smirk as he held your hand tighter “Fine by me as long as you doon’t talk to her like that again, you Greasy Git” Your eyes widened as Snape glared to your friend’s icy blue eyes. Everyone payed close attention to the scene happening. No one stood up to Snape like that. No one. 

“One months Detention, Mr. Malfoy! Ms. Lupin fix your stupidity of a potion!” The Professor fumed as everyone went back to their ruined potions- as they left it in the flame for too long. 

But Draco stayed put “I would rather do the squib’s job than be in this class” He said matter-of-factly. He turned to you, pulling on your intertwined hands before dragging you outside. You didn’t know where you two were going and neither did he. 

Once you’ve finally stopped in the corridor, Draco let go of your hand and sighed.You were already missing the feeling of his hand. It felt cold without his touch. Like a missing piece in a puzzle. 


“I’m sorry” Draco interrupted. He stared at the ground for a moment before looking back at your confused face.

“Why are you apologizing?” You asked, moving to lean a bit on him. Something you were accustomed to doing. 

“The way I was in there. I didn’t mean to do that, I swear it’s just…the way he called you those names…” He rambled on. You smiled wrapping your arms tightly around his neck and pulled him close to you, placing your head tucked on his shoulder. 

“Thank you” You whispered in his ear. He smiled, happily pulling you tighter against him. He wasn’t used to these kind of hugs but he loved it. Especially when he was hugging you. The girl he loves.

“You’re a great friend, Draco” Draco sighed, sadly. Maybe he should tell you. All these thoughts filled his head as if a war was happening between telling you or not telling you about his feelings. 

“Draco…” You spoke softly, pulling away but not exactly untangling from each other’s arms. You had noticed he was fidgeting. Something he only does when he’s nervous “You can tell me anything, you know” The way your voice would send shivers down his spine made him feel more apprehensive. Little shivers of perspiration ran down his face but not a lot to make it look obvious. 

Your eyes started turning into a sapphire blue colour. He was mesmerized by your wolf abilities. Almost as if you could look into his soul. You wanted to know what he was feeling. Too bad you’re not like your father.  

“I…” He took a deep breath, closing his eyes. His heart beat was beating too fast to even count as a rhythm. The words were on the tip of his tongue begging to slide out. Just three words could change everything. 

He opened his mouth to speak but all you heard was the sound of the bell that alerted you that the period’s over. 

“I have to go” You said hurriedly. You hugged him one last time before letting go of each other “Thanks for everything, Draco”

You smiled, leaning up to give him a kiss on the side his lips. The Prince himself started to blush as you giggled, turning around to go to your next class. 

“I’ll see you later!” 

Draco waved goodbye before he ran a hand through his hair, frustratingly as you left his vision. 

Now you’ll never know what he feels. 

You won’t know how much you changed him. 

How much you meant to him. 

He would die for you…you just didn’t know. 

“I love you…” He whispered softly to the wind. 

Daveys Got Some Regrets

What’s up guys? If you didn’t know yet,I write fanfiction! I have also made up a weird little AU where David is an edgy AF teenager. This is a weird story that’s been put together over one night and I kinda like it.
Massive thanks to @dadvidismycanonheadcanon
———–Story Start——-

Davey stood outside Saint Henry’s High School, watching the kids pour out of the large gray building from his shadowy corner.

He’d recently had a big fight with Jake and Barker. He’d put everything into the band that they had together, Sting Vale. But now it was gone.

He lit another cigarette; he’d had way too many today but stopped giving a shit ages ago.

Suddenly a realisation hit him. He’d thrown his life away. He needed to go home.

Davey upon returning home went straight to the bathroom. He sat there hunched over the sink. He’d been in the bathroom for a long time, just crying. He thought about all his recent life choices and what he’d done.

‘Why am I such a fuck-up?’ He thought to himself in dismay. The smokey taste in his mouth that he usually found comforting now felt like poison.

He’d already washed all his dye out and makeup off but he knew he had a long way to go before anything got better. If it got better.

Edward was worried about his son. Davey was a very hard one to talk to and Andrea had essentially given up on the boy now. Zoe kept out of way altogether, poor girl.

The stocky man got out of his chair and headed to the bathroom. He rapped his knuckles a couple times gently on the door.

“Davey? You alright in there lad?”

“Go away Dad! Go the fuck away!

This was a common answer but it wasn’t usually so harsh and upset. Edward knew when not push though so instead he left with a simple, "You can always talk to me if you want.”

It wasn’t for another hour later until Davey left the bathroom. His eyes were red and the bags beneath them stood out more than usual. His eyeliner and concealer had all been washed off. His spiky red and black hair was back to a normal red colour. His baggy black hoodie had been replaced by a plain blue t-shirt and his black jeans were now just gray joggers.

Davey sat down in the living room with the whole family staring at him. His heartbeat was going so fast he thought it might explode out his chest.

The conversation slowly started again but Davey wasn’t a part of it. He instead just kept his eyes fixed on the TV but didn’t really take in what he was watching.

It was Zoe who first acknowledged Davey.

“Why does Davey look different? Has he been crying? What’s wrong?” And all sorts of questions to his mother.

Davey wanted to snap and explode for no real reason like was his normal reaction when the conversation turned to him. He didn’t want anyone to care and outbursts like that made sure it stayed that way. This time however, Davey sat there and listened to his mother explain what was up despite not really knowing herself.

The next day, Davey woke up, still in last nights clothes.

Edward was sat at the table,eating some toast and reading the news.

“Morning Davey!” He looked over at his son. He still looked severely under the weather. This wasn’t his normal, angry, trying to be cool sadness. This was serious.

“Come on kid,somethings up. Have some toast and talk to me…”

Davey sat down opposite Edward but refused the offer of toast. Davey hadn’t spoken since he told his dad to fuck off yesterday but he realised that realised that this weird man he called Dad was all he could talk to.

“I’ve wasted my life Dad. I dropped out of school, I made very few friends, I wasted my life away. I just was so short sighted. Don’t even get me started on how many cigarettes I smoke a day!”

Edward looked upset. It was natural for him to regret what he’d done but he should know that this was nowhere near the end.

“Come on Davey. This isn’t the end. How about you try school today?”

Davey looked unbelievably at his dad
“No way! I’m not going there! I haven’t been in three years! How bloody stupid am I going to look?”

Davey started pacing up and down the room, almost acting out a scene about how he thought school was going to go.
“Oh look it’s Jonesey! Our good old punching bag! Has anything changed that we can’t laugh at anymore? No? He’s still a massive lanky loser with family issues and a shitty guitar? Brilliant! Well what about new stuff? What can we all out to make him feel insecure as all fucking hell? He can’t fucking remember what 2+2 is!”

Davey felt as if he wanted to lie on the kitchen floor and cry. He hated this. He wanted to scream, kick, and break something. He couldn’t handle the thought of going back.

He winced when his dad softly spoke. “You’ll be okay. I promise…”

At that moment, he hugged his dad. Tightly. He needed this. He wanted to change. He wanted to be better. Smiling weakly, he replied, “thanks dad…”