i hate it when idk what caption to put : (

luxurylotusmake: Make A Wish meet and greet experience ❤️ The whole story doesn’t fit in the caption but this should work as well:

  • Hugged all of the boys twice
  • Harry loved my cross tattoo
  • Liam and Louis looked at my book and told a security guard to take good care of it
  • I told Louis he was my sunshine and gave me an adorable smile
  • He smirked at me when he looked at my Larry bagde and Harry noticed it as well and I’m so happy about this because I’m Larry af and Louis’ smirk was priceless!!!
  • When I was still standing next to Louis he was like “sorry love” but idek why but he definitely told me because there was no one else. I’m still dead because he called me love.
  • Asked Harry to kiss my cheek and he did but then all of the sudden Niall did as well and it took awhile till the photo was taken so their lips were on my face the whole time omfg
  • Got my top signed
  • Selfie video with Louis and Liam
  • Niall and Liam pulled my top down a bit so it was easier to sign it and you could see like half of my bra and idek why but I told them that they could see my bra now and they apologized and Liam turned to Niall and said “it was not my intention” or “I won’t touch it” or so, I have no idea. anyway Niall totally laughed at this. I hate myself for saying this but I was just so nervous and overwhelmed and idk but it was still funny so when I got a video with Liam and he noticed he was like “hi I didn’t mean that.” because of what happened before omg lol

I think those are the highlights but I just couldn’t put all my emotions in the caption. I just can’t tell you how perfect this experience was and what it felt like hugging 4 of the most important people in my life.