i hate it when i buy a bag of air and there are chips in it

Shots Fired

Word Count: 2440

Pairing: FBI Agent Dean x Pharmacist Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Some Angst, Some Fluff

A/N: Written for @dancingalone21 ‘s funny quote challenge. My quote was: “That attitude right there. That’s why I always got the extra cookie.” Also written for @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms Shit My Patient’s Say challenge. I used a ton of quotes from that one. They’re all bolded. 

A/N 2: Unbeta’d and unedited. Probably a shit ton of mistakes. My bad.

A/N 3: Most/All of the stories in here aside from being robbed (at gunpoint anyway) have happened to me in my career. More than once. Fun times. 

You left your 12 and a half hour shift at the pharmacy over 30 minutes late. Some asshole had decided to wait until 9:00 to come get their prescription filled that they needed right that second. Of course, they’d had the prescription in their hand for over three weeks. Not that you could turn them down. Your district manager would surely find out and chew your ass out for it the next day.

Grabbing your bags and sliding out of your car you realized Dean wasn’t home yet either. Your husband’s Impala was nowhere to be seen. Ever since he’d taken a job as an FBI agent, he’d been working crazy hours too. The two of you barely saw each other anymore and it sucked. Sighing, you trudged into the house and dropped your stuff, kicking off your shoes. You made your way into the kitchen, grabbing all the junk food you could find and a bottle of Captain Morgan before throwing yourself in a heap on the couch.

You were mindlessly watching TV when Dean came home, discarding his jacket and tie before he lifted your legs and sat down, resting your legs in his lap. “Rough day?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?”

“The completely eaten bag of chips, the leftover ketchup on the plate where you probably had a frozen cheeseburger, oh and the uh…half drunk bottle of Captain Morgan that was totally full yesterday.” Dean pointed to the bottle in your hand and you rolled your eyes, sarcastically scoffing into the air.

“Good job, detective.

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Chapter One

ch2║ch3║ ║ch4║║ch5║

Mystic Messenger High School AU

Word Count: 3,229

I’m so sorry this ended up being so long? But also, not sorry. lololol. Damn, I really really hope you guys like it so far. More to come!

      And there you were. Your shoulder had begun to sweat slightly at the weight of your bag straps as you walked from the classroom. Why had you thought it was a good idea to bring just your purse and carry your books? These classes were much more spread out than you had anticipated and your left arm began to feel like jello under the weight of all the text. Maybe it was time to start working out again? “Maybe…”

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Picnic Day

 errrbodylovesfinn commissioned an adorable little drabble featuring Finn and Rey on a picnic.

   It was such a beautiful day.

   Rey breathed in the fresh air. Originally, she had been worried about rain, but there wasn’t a single gray cloud in the sky. Smiling, she picked up the basket she had prepared for the picnic. Usually, Finn would take her out for lunch, and he would be the one who cooked, but today it was different. She had wanted to be the one to prepare everything.

   Finn was the perfect boyfriend. Not only was he adorable but he was romantic, talented and sweet. Rey always wondered how she got so lucky. Finn was the whole package. Why he was dating her, she had no idea.

   She remembered how they had met. They had both been foster kids. When Finn had gotten adopted before her, Rey had been sad, but to her surprise, Finn visited her until she found her own family. Even after being adopted, Finn had been a constant part of her life. There was no on Earth like Finn. Rey was convinced he was an angel sent from heaven to guide her. No matter what, he was always there.

   Rey’s phone rang. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out her phone. Smiling, she saw it was a text from Finn.

   ‘R U here yet? I’m hungry, and I miss you!’

   Rey looked up to see if she could spot Finn. It wasn’t too hard. He was sitting on the bench with his corgi BeBe. Walking over, she started to wave. When Finn looked up and saw her, he grinned. BeBe ran over to Rey, jumping around her feet.

   “I’ve missed you too,” Rey chuckled. “Even though you saw me last night.”

   Bebe barked and ran around in a circle. Rey’s smile grew. Finn walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

   “So, where do you want to set up?” He asked.

   “I have the perfect spot! Come on!”

   Rey grabbed his hand. There was a large oak tree near the lake. It was the perfect spot for a picnic. They were under shade and got a lovely view of the clear, blue lake. BeBe also could watch the ducks. Sometimes, she would even chase them.

   Once they had reached the spot, Finn helped Rey lay the blanket out. BeBe jumped onto the sheet as soon as the plaid blanket was on the grass. He rolled around, looking as happy as could be.  They managed to smooth out of the blanket, and they sat down.  Rey brought over the basket and opened it up. Since she was treating Finn today, she had made sure to pack all of his, favorites; kettle baked chips, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, root beer and for dessert, double chocolate chip cookies.

   “Wow Rey, I’m impressed,” Finn said as Rey handed him a plate.

   “Well it’s hard to mess up a sandwich and chips,” Rey replied. “But I’m glad I impressed you. You’re the only person worth impressing.”

   BeBe suddenly barked.

   “Oh, I almost forgot! I have something for you too!”

   Rey reached into the basket. She pulled out a bag of doggy treats. Upon seeing them, BeBe sat down. Their tail was wagging like mad. Giggling, Rey opened up the bag and gave the dog two of the treats. Lying down, BeBe munched away at the treats while the two humans began their lunch.

   “Isn’t it a beautiful day?” Rey asked.

   “Yeah, it really is,” Finn looked up at the sky. “We chose a perfect day.”

   “Any day is perfect as long as I’m with you.”

   Finn felt himself blush. Rey had this way of making him feel like Prince Charming. Rey was always saying how wonderful he was, but Rey was a fantastic girlfriend. There wasn’t a single woman in the world like Rey. Rey was brave, tough and loyal. How could he not adore her? Rey didn’t let anyone attack her loved ones. If you bad mouth someone Rey cared for, you could be sure you would either be chewed out or possibly attacked. Even when they were children, Rey didn’t back down. If she saw someone in need of defending, she stepped in.

   They had been dating for five years. They had known each other long, but they didn’t start dating until high school. As Finn ate his sandwich, he wondered how different his life would be without her. The more he thought about it, the more he realized he didn’t want to lie in a world without Rey.

   “Hey Rey,” Finn asked.


   “Have you ever thought about getting married?”

   Rey almost choked the chip she had been eating. That was had been a bit random.

   “Depends on who is asking.”

   “Well let’s say I was asking. Hypothetically.”

   “Okay,” Rey took a sip of her root beer. “And then I would probably say yes. Hypothetically.”



   “Yeah, okay.”

   “Okay, what?”

   “Okay. I’ll marry you. I’ll get you a ring and ask you. I’ll even get down on my knees,” Finn told her. “Then we can get married.”

   Rey stared at Finn for a second. Was he serious? This was the first time he had ever brought up the subject of marriage.  But she didn’t hate the idea of getting married to Finn. Her Finn. Her wonderful, adorable, loving Finn.

   “Are you being serious?” She finally asked.

   “Yep. Totally. Just let me save up a bit and I’ll buy you a ring.”

   “You don’t have to do that.”

   “Yes I do. Rey, I love you,” Finn reached over and grabbed her hand. “I love you more than anything else in the world.”

   BeBe sniffed around for more treats.

   “Okay, I love you more than anything except for BeBe. But other than that, I don’t have anything else I love beside you.”

   Rey was silent for a second. Marriage was a bit step for anyone.  Honestly, she had never really considered it. But marrying Finn would be absolutely wonderful. Waking up every morning and seeing his smiling face.  Rey pictured herself making him breakfast and giving BeBe scraps. Each night, Finn would come home to her, and they would snuggle on the couch, watching Netflix. They could even have a baby if they wanted too. What a pleasant thought it was.

   “Okay,” Rey grinned. “You buy me a ring, and I’ll say yes.”

   “For reals?”


   Finn leaned forward and kissed Rey on the lips. Rey smiled while BeBe suddenly barked. Finn pulled back to smile at the dog.

   “Are you angry because I didn’t give you a kiss?”

   BeBe barked and wagged their tail. Finn picked up the Corgi and placed a kiss on the dog’s fuzzy head. BeBe returned the kiss by licking Finn. Rey giggled.

   “Those are some good kisses,” Finn said. “Now, let’s give Rey some kisses.”

   Finn let go of BeBe, and the dog jumped up on Rey, licking her face.

   “BeBe, no!” Rey said between laughs. “No more kisses!”

   Finn laughed as Rey sat up, holding the excitable dog in her lap.  Finn scooted closer, giving Rey another kiss.
   “Have I mentioned how much I love you?” Finn asked.

   “You haven’t mentioned it today.”

   “I love you.”

   “I love you too.”

Manger des Cochonneries

Ao3 link

Just a cute story about Ladybug and Chat Noir bonding over junk food.

Chat Noir was clearly in a bad mood. He had barely made a single joke since they started patrol and he had a frown in place of his normal smirk. Ladybug had had enough.

“Chat, can we stop for a minute?” She swung onto a flat roof and gestured for him to join her.

“What is it?” He snapped.

“Chat.” She sat down cross legged and looked at him. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

He looked like he was about to say something but instead just sighed. He plopped down next to her. “It’s my father.” His frown deepened. “I know you don’t want to hear more, because it’s normal life stuff.”

“Hey.” She leaned her head on his shoulder, comfortingly. “You’re not the only teen boy in Paris to have issues with his father. I am sure a little venting won’t give you away.”

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green monster [jimin&you]

Summary: You never understood why Jimin seems to hate you.

a/n: here goes to the anonnie who requests for jealous jimin! truly sorry if it wasn’t super amazing. i went shopping all day and came home tired, but still wanted to finish your request. if it’s not what you like, send me another requests and i’ll work on it! thanks so much for requesting. ^_^

“Woah, your song suggestions are so amazing,” the youngest, Taehyung and Jungkook says as they listen to the music which plays in your shuffle list.

“Of course, I do enjoy the indie genre,” replies you, who cheekily grins at them both.

Just then, Namjoon and Yoongi walks inside the waiting room as they sit alongside the maknaes. Curious as to what you three are talking about, Namjoon quickly asks, “what are you guys listening to?”

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“Now the monsters can’t get you.” {Peter Parker x Reader}

A/N: Hey everyone, so this is my first fic up on this account. I wanted to start a new tumblr for fanfiction, so that I can write a lot more. A little disclaimer: I am from Australia! So if I make any mistakes referring to American schooling or context in general, I’m sorry!!! I’m absolutely in love with Tom Holland at the moment, and his Peter Parker too. I’ve always loved Spider-Man, and am so excited for Homecoming next year. I’m going to be writing fics for different people and characters, and Tom and Peter will be just two of them. If you have any requests, please do send, and I’ll try and write them! I hope you enjoy : )

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Fluff!!! You force Peter, your best friend, to watch a horror movie with you. He gets terrified. Later on, feelings are confessed…
Word Count: 2.6K

I knocked on the door of the apartment where Peter and his Aunt May live. The door opened only seconds later, revealing a smiling Peter Parker.
  Peter and I have been friends since the first day of Middle School, when he was sitting alone in our first class together. I noticed that he looked nervous, and I decided to befriend him. It seemed like a good idea since I didn’t know anyone else, and it seemed like he didn’t either. He was shy to begin with, but we soon hit it off and became close friends. Now he is one of my best friends, and we’re in our last year of High School together.
  “Hey,” he said, and reached out to hug me.
  “Hey Pete,” I said and hugged him back, or as much as I could since I was holding two bags. Peter noticed and reached for them.
  “Let me get them for you.”
  “Thanks,” I said and followed him into the apartment. Peter walked into his room and placed the bags down at the end of his bed.
  “Aunt May’s going to be staying overnight now after the meeting, it’s too far to travel back,” Peter said and smiled at me. I could see a glint of mischief in his eye making me smile back.
  “Okay, that’s fine. So movie night and food?” I asked, moving to leap on Peter’s bed and falling back. He did the same thing. Peter kicked my shoe with his and I looked over at him.
  “What movies do you want to watch?” Peter asked, and I smirked at him. He was going to love this.
  “A horror movie. I know just the one,” I grinned at him. I watched in amusement as Peter’s eyes widened. He groaned and turned to face the ceiling.
  Peter always refuses to watch horror movies because he’s terrified of them. He tries to act like it’s because he doesn’t like them and isn’t too scared, but I know otherwise. We’ve only watched one full horror movie together, because the other times Peter walked out of the room and refused to come back until it was turned off.
  “Please Pete, come on,” I whined, “it’s just a movie, it’s not even real. We could even have the lights on, if that made you feel better.”
  He turned his head to look at me, frowning and thinking.
  “Although having the lights on kind of defeats the purpose, and I’d rather have them on-” Peter rolled his eyes and interrupted me with another groan. He turned to face the ceiling again, covering his face with his arm.
  “Y/N,” Peter whined.
  “Okay fine!” I said, sitting up to lean on my elbow and look down at him, “we can have the light in the kitchen on!” Peter moved his arm so he could see me, and I grinned at him. “Please Peter! It’ll be fine, it’s not that bad.”
  He dropped his arm from his face and sat up on the edge of the bed, “I hate these movies, and you know that.” I sat up too, waiting for his decision. Peter looked over at me, “what movie is it?”
  I stared at him and blinked, “Insidious two.”
  “Agh! Y/N!” Peter cried out.

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Tim Shepard dating headcanons :

— requested

might have little errors, but I love it.

☢ he liked you because you were a good girl.

☢ your family was stable, unlike his, but you really didn’t like them sometimes. He’d always take your mind off of fights with your family.

☢ he’d sneak through your bedroom window and stay the night sometimes.

☢ he called his “Little Soc” when you first began talking, even though you were middle class but you did dress like that of a higher class Soc girl.

☢ he introduced you to smoking and drinking. He laughed when you coughed :

“Prove your not such a princess then, Princess.” He grins and hands you a shot of something clear.

You’re positive it’s anything but water, and knowing this you take it from him because you’re eager to prove that you’re not some goody-goody. “Jesus,” you take in the harsh scent.

“Drink it, Little Soc.” His eyes are blazing and blue, you can’t refuse. ‘No longer a good girl Soc’, you lift the glass to your lips.

The liquid slides smooth but stings. Having never drank much, never straight rum, you cough. You don’t mean to but the stinging feels suffocating and it irritates your throat.

Tim chuckles. It’s raspy and maybe even seductive. Maybe that’s just you. You almost regret taking the shot, but the look in his eyes prevents you from being too sorry.

☢ At first, you guys hated each other but he charmed his way into your heart.

☢ The relationship didn’t begin with him asking you out. It started with him kissing you :

“God, you’re so obnoxious!” You cry into the air in frustration. Your hands grip the fabric of your knee-length skirt. It was a way of releasing anger in a non-violent way, of course.

“And you’re oh-so-pleasant, too, you goddamned Soc!” He snarls back, running a hand through his curly dark hair. “Why can’t you just admit you like me, huh?”

You let out a loud huff of annoyance. “Because I don’t want to!”

Suddenly, Tim puts a hand on the bottom of your back and pulls you towards him. Before you can react he’s kissing you with passion and hunger. It feels different but similar to what you’d imagined, and you find yourself kissing back with a hunger alike his.

☢ “Tuesday night, doll. What’re you doing? I thought maybe we could head to the drive-in, and maybe you could meet some of my boys..?”

☢ “What’d you get on that test, Y/N? Go swell? We studied for a long time last night so I just figured…” He often helped you study, and it was cute because he’d read off flashcards in an unsure voice laced with obvious confusion.

☢ Tim made you less and less prudish and professional. You weren’t overly confident at all, just had high-standards and a general distaste for all those around you.  

☢ “So, what would you do if I just yanked on your little ponytail right here, right now?”

☢ You’d wonder about his personal life before you two were official, and he’d get bothered sometimes.

“Your mother,” you start unsure. “Why don’t you like her all too much?”

“I never said I didn’t.”

“You implied it, I inferred.”

“Well, apparently your inferring skills aren’t too great ‘cause if they were you’d get that I was implying your evacuation of my personal space. That enough fancy words for you to comprehend, Soc Princess?”

☢ Tim likes to lay flat on his back with an arm holding you to his chest. He’d tilt his head to your ear and whisper things; things about his day, things he loved about you, anything.

☢ Contrary to what most people assumed, Timothy never laid a hand on you. The relationship was soft and smooth for the first year or so. It was simple, then.

☢ He got drunk one night after coming to the realization that he loved you. He thought in his lousy state of mind that he should call you because to him, loving someone was important and for him it was something he’d always viewed as impossible.

☢ “Hey…” He’d warned one day. “Don’t get to looking like those girls we see all at Buck’s, alright? I know I tease you about it… But I don’t mean it, doll.”

☢ Tim wasn’t around all the time after the first year of you two dating, but in the beginning he was constantly making time to be around you.

☢ “What is it that you do, Tim?” You’d ask him deep, strange questions that you bottled up inside whenever you two stargazed. “What do you do when I’m gone?”

☢ Stargazing wasn’t the proper word for it. He liked to drive to playgrounds sometimes late at night when the kiddies were gone. He’d find a place on the grass near the swings that he liked to lay down with you in his arms. He liked to swing on the swings, too, and then leap off while the swing was still in motion. The fun in this trick was completely and totally unfathomable to you.

☢ He tended to buy or bring you milkshakes.

☢ Lots of people considered Tim to be the type of person to flaunt his girl, but he actually refrained from taking you to The Dingo and other greaser hangouts. Instead, he’d opt for quiet diners just barely within the Tulsa city lines.

☢ When the time did come where he’d need to take you out on social events such as New Years at Buck Merril’s, he’d never allow you to be less than a few yards of him.

☢ “Yeah, this is my girl. She’s cute, huh? Well, she’s mine and only mine. Never thought Tim Shepard would bag himself a Socy girl, did ya’?”

☢ Dating Timothy Shepard involved lots of kissing. It was sweet, though. Not usually hungry or rough, but it had been before, of course. Depended on how he was feeling, mostly.

☢ Tim had taken a liking to grabbing you in personal places, especially in public. He would laugh at the way you’d jump and scold him. You were never truly mad.

☢ He didn’t dance, but he sang for you once and he was breathtakingly good.

☢ He often forced you to make him homemade chocolate chip cookies and other baked goods.

☢ “You know I love you right, Y/N?”

☢ “Don’t you walk away from me, girl!” He’d pull your hips into his from behind, nuzzling into your neck until you erupted into giggles.

☢ When Angela got especially out of line he’d beg you to talk to her.

“Could you talk to her or something? C'mon, please, do it for me, doll.”

You pursed your lips, and flipped your hair over your shoulder. “Tim, I barely know her. Really, I think her brother’s girlfriend is the last person she wants or needs to get advice from.”

He doesn’t meet your eyes. “I’d do it myself, but we don’t communicate too well, you know? We don’t… talk, I guess.”

“Yeah,” you force a smile but it’s clearly one of extreme nervousness. “I’ll do it.”

☢ Tim saved up for an apartment for the both of you after about six months of dating.

☢ Curly liked to lounge around and considered the living room couch home. You’d catch him and groan instantly :

You shut the door and turn to lock it. Tim won’t be home until later. He’s getting drinks with Dally, but you have no reason to be suspicious of that or even worried. Tim doesn’t get drunk often, starting since the beginning of your relationship. 

When you turn, you expect to see the empty apartment. Instead, Tim’s little brother Curly is stretched out on the couch with a big, smug grin. “Funny seein’ you here.”

“I’m calling Tim.”

“Hey, hey, hey. Girl, can’t we just come to a nice compromise that doesn’t involve him?”

“Yeah, sure. Define 'compromise.’”

“Jesus Christ, just call him.”

☢ Tim liked to approve your outfits and what you bought for clothes.

☢ He got overprotective around Dallas and any other boys, but he tried to hide it. He’d just wrap his arms around your waist tightly.

☢ He got angry, angry, when you talked to other boys in front of him. He was easily jealous.

☢ Tim loved you more than anyone else he’d ever been with.

Super Mom

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12

A/N: Yeah… I skipped a couple of months. Sorry. Hopefully you’ll like this part. Next one will be about the birth so we’ll see how Y/N and Bucky will handle all that. Also, I know I asked whether you want Bucky and Y/N getting married and whether you want the baby to be a boy or a girl, I’m going to write all that in the next part so you have to wait a while for the outcome. I’m sorry. Or am I…? Oh, and I’m going to post another imagine tomorrow, like promised. 

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 2,737

Warning(s): pregnancy and the chaos that comes a long with it. seriously, Y/N is a whiny little baby in this so… be ready for that

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Dean X Reader: With Ghostfacers

Request: Can I request a one shot of the ghost facers meet up with the Winchesters and reader? Just something with them in it.

Request: Can you do a one shot of reader and boys are hunting and they run into the ghostfacers? Deanxreader relationship please.

Request: Hi!! Happy Monday!! I was wondering if you could write a oneshot where the reader is on a hunt with the boys and the ghost facers show up and start flirting with the reader constantly but Sam and Dean get pretty angry, please?? Merry early Christmas, thank’s so much!!!

Request: Can you do a one shot where the reader kinda looks like dean (freckles, eyes, hair color, etc.) and everyone thinks they’re siblings but instead they’re dating?

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No Stiles (Stiles x Reader)

Character: Stiles Stilinski

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, McCall!Reader, Sister!Reader

Title: No Stiles

Requested by anonymous:

Hey! You’re such a brilliant writer and I adore your teen wolf stuff especially! I know you’ve done stuff like it before but I was hoping you could do a McCall!readerxstiles oneshot please? Maybe Melissa McCall walks in on you and stiles making out quite passionately (maybe you’re meant to be grounded or doing something or she just walks in ) but she gets angry&you know the ‘no stiles!’ Thing? Maybe that?&later stiles sneaks in to see you&either gets caught or Melissa lets it go?

A knock on the door. There he was!!

Bolting out of my room and heading for the main door, my heart thumping against my chest, I opened the door.

A week. I hadn’t seen my boyfriend Stiles for a week.

They had been really busy with the supernatural stuff, going from one place to another, researching book after book. And of course, it was always the same: having an alpha for an older brother and a protective nervous Stiles as a boyfriend, I could do nothing but sit and wait while they did all the work.

But he told me they were finally done, and we could see each other again.

“Voilá!” He triumphantly yelled, throwing his arms into the air.

Smiling like crazy, I threw myself to hug him.

He happily chuckled as he caught me and placed his arms around me as well.

“Won’t you get in trouble?” He sweetly asked when we pulled away, his hands reaching out to push my hair out of my face with such unnecessary care that I got chills.

“Well, I’m supposed to be making dinner and cleaning the house while Scotty and mom are not here” I shrugged, definitely preferring Stiles. “But I’ll take my chances”

“Are you sure?” He insisted, trying to give his sweet caramel eyes a serious look even though the biggest grin was drawn in his lips. Oh, his lips!

I could not control myself and I gave him a quick sneaky peck on them.


“Okay” He said with determination, coming in and slamming the door shut behind us. “I asked you twice, now it’s not my fault. Let’s go”

I giggled as he took my hand and urgently pulled me up to my room.

We were alone in the house, and we had it all for ourselves.

Just as we came into my room, Stiles quickly took his sweatshirt off, leaving him in a red t-shirt that showed his muscular arms.

“Last chance, are you sure no one will come in?” Slowly, he walked up to me and stopped in front of me to place his hands on my hips. “I know Melissa, she’s got a temper”

I smiled and nodded.

“Perfect” He winked at me. “To infinity and beyond”

My arms flew automatically around his neck and I yelped as he tackled me to the bed, the both of us falling and bouncing on it.

He sweetly kissed my neck as I laughed out loud. He was such a goofball.

“To infinity and beyond?” I asked him between fits of laughter.

“May the force be with you? Is that better?” He briefly looked up at me with a silly grin.

“You’re so goofy” I held his face and passionately kissed him on the lips.

He chuckled, making me smile as it felt like the most beautiful sound in the world after being so long away from my Stiles.

“They’re gonna ground you if they know what you’re doing right now” Stiles playfully told me, kissing me in the nose.

“They can’t ground me if I’m already grounded” I cheekily said.

“You’re grounded?” When I nodded, he insisted. “How come?”

“Remember when I ran away and hid in your Jeep to go with you guys to the action?”

“How could I ever forget the heart attack you gave me when you popped out of the back of my car” I laughed a little, making him smile.

“Well, since Scott was there too, he told mom and now I’m grounded” I shrugged, but it really got in my nerves.

I could only go out for school, and I hated it because I loved going out constantly. To meet Stiles, to take a walk or even to buy a bag of chips.

“There’s no danger then” Stiles attacked my neck with bites as I laughed, running my hands up and down his back.

I yelped when one of his soft bites hurt a little. That was going to leave a mark.

Surprised, he pulled his head away and looked at me.

I grinned evilly and went for his mouth without giving it a second thought.

Hungrily, we kissed and held each other close, pressing our bodies together as our mouths didn’t leave each other even for a second.

As we got more and more heated up, I felt a wave of warmth spread through my body as his tiny moans caused a tingle on my stomach.

“Oh, I cannot believe this!” Someone’s voice interrupted us, and we slowly turned our heads to the door.

There was mom, her hands on her hips. She was still wearing her scrubs, which meant that she had just arrived from work.

Looking at my boyfriend, I noticed the posture we were in.

Stiles’ hands were in my butt, and my hands were stuck under his shirt, feeling his chest and stomach.

Stiles very slowly scooted away from me.

“You’re grounded, Y/N!” Mom yelled, angrily folding her arms against her chest.

“But I didn’t go out!” I complained, trying to get away with it.

Stiles stood there awkwardly, only thinking about leaving and escaping from my mother’s wrath.

“Oh, so you mean to say that you made dinner and cleaned the whole house?”

“I’m already grounded” I rushed to say, still pushing it.

Mom mouthed at the air, trying to think of what to say next.

Looking around the room, she searched for something to ground me with. Or better, without.

My laptop wasn’t working. The TV was broken.  And all the books in my shelf I had already read many times. She had nothing on me.

“Then no Stiles” She calmly said, looking at my boyfriend, who awkwardly sat there by my side.

“What?!” The both of us yelled in shock.

“No Stiles?” He pouted, looking at me as if the idea of being separated from me again horrified him.

“No Stiles!” Mom replied sternly, raising her voice.

He opened his eyes wide and ran off, picking his sweater in the process.

Sulky like a kid, I stood there in my bed while mom left my room, slamming the door as she did.

I had only seen Stiles enough time to make me crave him more. I was going to miss him so much.


Mom was very strict about my no Stiles thing.

My poor boyfriend had come a few times and tried to see me, even begging mom to let him in. But she wouldn’t give in.

At least, since Scott wasn’t grounded, he still could see Stiles. Which meant that he would come by every once in a while, and he’d always leave me a note under the door because mom took my phone so I couldn’t call him or text him.

One day I was tidying my room calmly, listening to music and singing to it.

And suddenly, I felt two arms wrapping around my stomach from behind.

My door was locked, and I was alone in my room. So I was extremely close to dying from a heart attack.

“Boo” Stiles whispered in my ear with a chuckle.

He probably climbed in from the window. I just thought it was a pity that I didn’t see that clumsy dork do it.

I let out a heavy shaky sigh and closed my eyes tight as I felt my heart very slowly beating to its usual calm pace again.

“Payback for the Jeep, right?” I whispered, still surprised that I didn’t yell bloody murder.

“You know it” Even if I was facing my back to him and I couldn’t see his face, I felt his smirk.

I wriggled in his arms to turn around and face him.

“We’re even, Stilinski” I intertwined my hands behind his neck and smiled as he firmly placed his hands on the small of my back and brought me closer to him. “For now”

Stiles’ fingers restlessly drummed against my skin, a nervous habit of his that I actually adored.

“You’re not gonna let it go, are you?”

“I’m not Elsa” I joked, making a cool face as he threw his head back to laugh.

When I realized that maybe mom, that was downstairs, heard him laughing, I rushed to cover his mouth with my hand.

The both of us stood there, holding each other and with wide eyes, awaiting our doom.

But we sighed in unison when no one came. Luckily, Scott was out with Kira, because if he was home he would have heard from the next room for sure.

“Melissa is very cruel, you know?” Stiles shamelessly stared at my lips as he talked. “Keeping you away from me like that”

“You still have Scott” I shrugged one shoulder and stood on my tiptoes to be a little taller, still not quite being taller than him.

“Scotty can’t compare to his sister” He whispered with a twisted grin, finally leaning down to kiss me. “Don’t tell him, though”

“Maybe I will”

He stuck his tongue out at me and I was about to do the same when he smashed his mouth on mine again.

His fingers curled up against my hips, grasping it as he thoroughly kissed me in the lips. My hands flew to his hair, making it messy as I pushed his head towards me to deepen the kiss.

“Y/N, I thought I heard…” And there was mom again. “Stiles”

When our lips separated from each other, a loud kissing noise echoed through my room. We looked over at her as she sighed exasperated.

Shaking her head and realizing it was a lost cause, she walked away again.

I looked at Stiles, who was biting the insides of his cheeks to hold his laughter in.

“I bet she’s gonna tell my dad” Even if his voice cracked just of the idea of Sheriff Stilinski finding out that he sneaked into my room when I was grounded to see me, he was still smiling. “And he’s gonna kill me. Thanks, Y/N”

“I didn’t tell you to come!” I defended myself, slapping him in the shoulder.

“Oh, well” He shrugged it off casually. “Better enjoy it while it lasts”

And then he kissed me again.

ktrk5  asked:

Number 20 ! Wildehopps

“You need to wake up. Because I can’t do this without you.”

In which I try platonic and fail. Write romantic and possibly fail. And do my best to avoid angst and definitely fail.

Cuddles and snuggles all around.

He falls in love with Judy in the morning.

Which is ironic, because he’s not a morning person.

She’s pounding on his door at six in the morning, the smell of coffee falling in from the hallway, her voice at that annoyingly cheery pitch that she seems to save just for him, and he thinks he might just kill her.

But he still falls in love with her.

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cvldbones  asked:

YOU ASKED FOR IT *cracks knuckles* i'd like to request #17 off that wedding AU prompts list for bellarke please & thank:-)

“my ex just invited me to their wedding and i need you to be my date so it doesnt look like ive spent the last few years failing to get over them.” ANYWAY I’m trash and this took literally forever. Forgive me! 

[AO3] [FFN]




“Double please?”



“What? No.” A pause. “Though I appreciate your take on pretty please.” 

Clarke groans. “Bellamy!” 

“Clarke!” he mimics—poorly, in her opinion. “Just don’t go.”

“That would be even worse than going alone!” Clarke exclaims. “Because then Lexa would think I’m too in love with her to watch her get married to someone else, which is wrong, so I need to go and you need to go with me.”

Bellamy makes a disgusted noise, staring determinedly at his book. 

“I’m going to be the world’s biggest loser,” she insists. “I’ll be forever known as the pathetic ex who’s doomed to never find love because she’s pining over a taken woman. Do you want that? To be best friends with someone who’s a known pathetic ex?”

Bellamy shoves his reading glasses up his nose, licks his finger and deliberately turns the page of his book. “How do you think logic works, exactly? I already know you’re pathetic, and you’re my best friend anyway,” he points out.

Clarke pauses. “Aww.” She pats his chest. “I think you’re pathetic too.”

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When You Kill The Lights (And Kiss My Eyes)

Chapter One

The first time they get together, Clarke swears it was a mistake. It was an accident. It was probably nothing more than good lighting and maybe a touch too much wine but she definitely, definitely didn’t mean to sleep with her best friend’s brother.

Multichapter semi-slowburn friends to secret lovers fic. Title from Hozier’s To Be Alone.

length: 1912 words

tags: #Secret Relationship, #Friends To Lovers, #I swear I didn’t mean to fuck my roommate’s brother, #Recreational Drug Use, #TA Bellamy, #Alternate Universe- College/University

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The first time they get together, Clarke swears it was a mistake. It was an accident. It was probably nothing more than good lighting and maybe a touch too much wine but she definitely, definitely didn’t mean to sleep with her best friend’s brother.

So it starts the day she moves in with Octavia. She and Octavia met their freshman year of college in a mandatory speech class that they both hated. They’d bonded over a mutual hatred for the professor and two years later, they were taking pictures together in the doorway of their new apartment. Well, really, Octavia’s older brother was taking pictures. Clarke has heard about him but she’s never seen him until she nearly ran into his chest when she was moving in a box full of old books. It ends with her staring at a wall of muscle under a thin t-shirt and oh god he’s hot. While she’s still staring at him, Octavia claps his shoulder and grins at her new roommate.
“This is Bellamy, my older brother,” she says. And two hours later, after he leaves, she adds, “Don’t fuck him.” [ao3]

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anonymous asked:

can you plz grace us with a Hogwarts!AU where a Slytherin Sasuke is crushing hard on a Griffindor Sakura. And he'll never admit to using love potions on her, tampering with her broom so she'll have to ride with him on his in class, making his snake bring her gifts, or sitting by her in the food haul because he doesn't like how the food on the Slytherin table tastes. And Sasuke has a love potion only because Itachi threatened to use it on Sakura if Sasuke didn't do his chores at home.


A snake hisses as he curls up on his seat by Uchiha Sasuke, his master. The snake, Aoda, is a gentle and respectful creature and is silent as he rests his head down. With unblinking black beady eyes, Aoda watches as his master drums his fingers against the desk in an absentminded impatience.

“You are sure she received the gifts, Aoda?” Sasuke asks as he glances at the door in slight anticipation. Aoda could only sigh in his mind as snakes would do as he raises his head and gives a curt nod as a reply.

As if on cue, the door bursts open as a young pink-haired girl comes barreling through with an angry expression on her face that could only be classified as either rage or annoyance or possibly both. “Uchiha Sasuke! What is the meaning of this?!” she shouts as she waves a package in her hands.

Sasuke smirks but seems glad to see her. “What’s what?” he asks in innocence as he bats not even an eye at her entrance.

She throws the package at the ground as it slides to his feet. He bends down to pick it up and sees that it is indeed the package that he had made Aoda deliver to Sakura.

“I swear! If you sent me another one of those prank gifts that you and Naruto always play around with… I’ll…I’ll—”

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You’re Fired (So Yeah You Win) - Ch. 8

Pairings: Clexa
Rating: E
Words: 7k+
Part: 8/?

Summary: The one where Clarke draws Lexa’s name for the office Secret Santa, not knowing Lexa is the President of the company she works for. The gag gift she gets her is a bit… unconventional. A dildo. It’s a dildo.

Aka, the Secret Santa AU

[Ch. 1] [Ch. 2] [Ch. 3] [Ch. 4] [Ch. 5] [Ch. 6] [Ch. 7]

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“You can’t heat taquitos in the microwave, you goddamn Neanderthal.”

Prompt: “You can’t heat taquitos in the microwave, you goddamn neanderthal.“
Main pairing: AkuRoku
Rating: M
Word count: 3,194
AO3 collection: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/AkuRokuRiSo_Month

Provided By: anon

It was two-thirty in the morning when Axel slouched his way into the first gas station he’d come across since getting back into town. For eighteen hours he had been behind the wheel of his banged-up, dusty Kia, and right now he was halfway to dying. Visiting the folks for their crystal anniversary had seemed like a good idea at the time, but oh, man, the logistics were killer. He was exhausted, grimy, itchy-eyed, sore all over, and had a weird taste in his mouth. He was also hungry.

With the Kia sitting outside, all fuelled up for the week ahead, Axel planned to use the last of his money to buy something to eat. Scratching his impatiently growling stomach as he passed through the automatic doors, he half-glanced at the cashier, a guy of about nineteen with sun-bleached hair and a bored expression texting on his phone behind the counter, and made his way into the aisles to browse the snacks. He passed by a trio of what looked like chronic pot-heads loitering by the chips and gave them a wide berth; they gave off an aggravating air, like they were looking for trouble. One of them, a guy in a trench-coat and beanie, levelled a long stare at Axel as he went by, the redhead noticing but ignoring it, avoiding eye contact, not in the mood for any shit right now.

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Twelve White Balloons

just a bunch of cute fluff


The second she stepped outside her hotel room, Selena instantly became tangled in a web of gold.

“Oh!” she gasped in surprise, glancing up at the culprit. A dozen white balloons with long, golden ribbons attached floated to the ceiling. She glanced down both sides of the hallway but there were no people in sight. Confused, she took the intertwined ribbons and pulled the balloons inside.

She noticed a small card attached to the end and liberated it from the tangled mess tied around it. Inside on one side was an address written in what she could only identify as Justin’s chicken scratch. The blue ink was slightly smudged, but she could still make out the writing. On the other side, a shining, brand new silver key was secured into place by a thin sliver of tape.

Her heart leaped out of her chest. Justin was known for his extravagant gifts, despite the fact that he knew how much Selena hated being spoiled. She bit her lip, pocketing the key as she picked up the card. She looked over the address once more, not recognizing the location. She sighed and shook her head. Leave it to Justin to send her on a crazy quest.

She grabbed a jacket to shield herself from the chilly Canada air and slipped on a pair of shoes before heading outside. A light drizzle fell from the murky gray sky, making her hope a storm wouldn’t come.

She typed the address into the GPS and was on her way, maneuvering through the bustling city.

Half an hour outside the city, crowded streets gradually gave way to a more quiet, empty street surrounded by tall pines. The shimmering blue waters of Lake Ontario reflected the sun’s rays through the trees, giving the appearance of driving through a golden forest.

Selena stopped and turned when she saw the mailbox poking through an overgrowth of vines, with the address number printed on the side. The gravel crunched under the tires as a red structure came into view. It was a nice little log cabin nestled between a grove of pines–it was modest in comparison to the luxurious mansions and even the hotels she’d become accustomed to. Morning glories took over the railing on the porch and snaked their way up a trellis on the side, hiding the wood beneath years of overgrowth.

Selena cautiously stepped out of the car, slamming the door shut as she approached the front door. She walked in trepidation, wondering if this was a good idea. Justin was always one to buy the most expensive and flashy items, and this was nowhere near either category.

The front step creaked as she put pressure onto it and for a second she held her breath, fearing she would fall through the crooked step. She let out a sigh of relief when it held and stomped up the top two steps, standing in front of the door coated in chipped paint.

Before she could knock, there was the distinct sound of footsteps coming from her left. She spun around and was immediately met with the familiar sensation of Justin’s lips pressing against hers. His palms pressed against her cheeks, pulling her face closer to his.

Justin groaned, pulling away from the kiss. “I’ve wanted to do that since you came to Toronto,” he confessed, leaning his forehead against hers.

“I’ve missed you,” Selena whispered, softly kissing him once more. She felt Justin’s hands drop from her face and she realized where they were again. “This place,” she gestured towards the cabin, “why did you bring me here?”

Justin didn’t reply, but instead walked over to the door and took out a key, unlocking the door in one swift movement. He pushed it open and a bouquet of twelve more white balloons floated just inside the entryway. He tugged on their golden ribbons, bringing them outside. “It’s ours,” he handed the balloons to Selena, “I bought it. The lake is a five minute walk from here.” He grinned, scratching at the back of his neck.

It took a moment to register for Selena as she gripped onto the balloons, making sure they didn’t float away. “It’s nice, Justin, it really is, but I don’t… I’m not moving countries just to be with you,” she stammered, trying to put it as lightly as possible.

Justin laughed lightly. “No! It’s not.. I got it so we can have our own private place that nobody else knows about. It’s our own little escape. You can come here whenever you need to, baby. Did you get the key I sent?”

“Yeah,” Selena nodded, patting her pocket. A light breeze blew by and she instantly shivered.

“Come inside,” Justin opened the door wider, allowing her to walk inside, along with the balloons.

She let the balloons float to the ceiling and looked around. The place was sparsely furnished, with only a blue couch and a coffee table resting in front of the fire place. She glanced up towards the half-log shaped stairs and saw.. more balloons. Balloons of every color filled the cabin, their tangled ribbons dangling down like some kind of rainbow waterfall.

“You have a thing for balloons.”

Justin merely nodded, and a mischievous smile broke out on his face. “I think there’s just one more thing we need to do before this feels more homey,” he said carefully, moving to stand behind Selena. His lips placed soft, feathery kisses down her neck.

“Get more furniture? I bet there’s not even a bed,” she murmured, tilting her head back to expose more of her neck.

“I wanted you to help pick out the furniture,” he slipped her jacket off, kissing her shoulder blade. “And who needs a bed when we have a perfectly fine couch right here?”

Selena shook her head and smiled, turning around to hook her arms around his neck. “You really are something, Justin.” She pressed her lips to his, backing up until she fell against the couch, pulling Justin onto herself.


“Mm, don’t get up yet,” Justin groaned, tightening his hold on Selena. “Up for round 4?” he teasingly asked, pushing some of her hair from her face.

“Justin!” she hit his chest, wiggling free of his grip to stand up. “We just spent three hours christening the damn house, I think that’s enough for today. I’m worn out,” she reached for her panties, pulling them on quickly.

“At least keep the clothes off,” he pouted, getting up to retrieve his own underwear.

“Join a nudist colony!” she shouted from the kitchen, rummaging through the fridge. To say there was nothing would be an understatement.. the only things Justin had even bothered to bring were a pack of strawberries and a bag of Tim Horton’s. She chuckled at that and grabbed the strawberries walking back to find him poking at the fireplace.

“We’re going to stave to death if you’re the one in charge of buying groceries,” she sat down on the couch, popping a strawberry in her mouth.

Justin sat next to her, pulling her close to his bare chest. “We could be starving, we could be homeless..” he softly sang into her ear, running his hands down her sides. “I love it when you go topless,” he remarked, stealing a strawberry from her hand.

“Pig,” she rolled her eyes, looking up at the ceiling.

“Did you expect any different? I’m a horny teenage boy,” he pressed his lips to her temple before moving towards her cheek, kissing it repeatedly. He smiled at the sound of her soft giggles and complaints that it tickled. “Is the fire warm enough? You seem.. cold,” he glanced at her chest and laughed.

Selena blushed and grabbed a blanket from the back of the couch, stretching it around her body and holding it under her arms. “I hate you.” She leaned against his shoulder, looking up to the colorful display above. “By the way,” her eyes trailed across the entirety of the ceiling; not a single spot was left without a balloon to cover it. “What’s with all the balloons?”

“The flower shop was closed this morning.”


words: 3.6k

warnings: swearing, mentions of smoking

a/n: i weirdly wanted to write idk like i wrote this in a few hours oops whatever get some tissues it’s a wild ride


Loving Dan is like when Phil saw his primary school teacher cry for the first time

He’s the kind of beautiful that stains a person’s teeth. Ragged, even, choked reds and yellows and lacquer purples like cracked smiles and a mouth that tastes like kerosene drenched flowers. Maybe if Phil doesn’t think about it, he’s not choking on stolen glances and bruised fingertips and the best and worst thing that has ever happened to him.

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KIND OF TROUBLE, fallout 4 fan fiction
Hancock/ Sole Survivor
Warnings: drug use, I’m still feeling characters out so maybe some OOC, no main story spoilers

The Sole Survivor doesn’t remember the long Latin name the docs called it, only that him and his squad mates called it Psycho because it made you fucking mental on the field. Just one quick jab of a needle and the horses were off to the races after they kicked you square in the teeth. It made you sweat in thirty degrees below, made you shake and laugh, made your pulse sing in your ears. Ride of the Valkyries drowning out your pal falling red and dead next to you in the snow.

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