i hate it when he bites his lip

No but Jungkook as that one person who always scrunches his nose because his glasses constantly slip off from the bridge. Yoongi just silently dies everytime Jungkook does it around him because the freshman is too cute for Yoongi’s fragile and weak heart to handle. One day Yoongi can’t resist anymore so he just leans over and kisses Jungkook’s nose.

He pulls back just as quickly as he’d leaned in, immediately regretting it because fuck what did he just do, Jungkook’s gonna hate him, why did he always ruin ever-

But Jungkook’s looking at him with the shyest smile, front teeth biting into his bottom lip the way they do when he’s thinking about something really hard.

“You know, hyung, I’ve always been a "first date before first kiss,” kinda guy.“

“Make It Up For Me” (M)


Member: Lay from EXO

Genre: ANGSTY SMUT (low key the best smut)

A/N: What started as that gif above of Yixing thrusting on stage, developed into sexual thoughts, which then developed into this smut hahahaha i’m fine. anyways everyone enjoy while i go cry over Yixing.

Summary:Three words, Make up Sex.

“NO I DON’T WANNA HEAR IT Y/N” Yixing yelled all over his apartment, his face red from anger. “Babe I’m not sleeping with my boss ok? He kissed me but I didn’t return the kiss ok? And he did it right when you walked in because he hates the fact that I’m taken.” You replied, trying to rationalize the argument you’ve been having for the past 2 hours.

Yixing has always been paranoid about your relationship with your boss. He knew he had feelings for you because he used to tease him about it without you knowing. Biting his lip every time you turned around, checking you out right at Yixing’s display. He hated the guy but also knew better than to fight him since you loved your job and he didn’t wanna be the one to take it away from you. so he sucked it up. That is until you’ve invited your boyfriend to go to the office Christmas party with you. Everyone was drinking, including your boss. First you’re talking to your boss in his office and the next thing you know his lips were on yours while you tried to process the happenings. But before you managed to even push him away from you, Yixing walked in looking for you. He looked heartbroken for about one second before he swung his fist at your boss’ face and grabbed your hand, rushing you out of the party.

“Your lips were on his. Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t have feelings for that asshole.” He looked you right in the eyes; face inches from yours, his body burning from anger. “Xing listen to me, I don’t like my boss. I love you and only you. Please believe me” your expression softened. “Why should I?” he shook his head. “Everything I’ve done for you, everything we’ve shared, all the nights I spent making you scream my name, all the times I spent making sure you knew exactly how much I loved you….does that mean nothing to you?” he bit his lip trying to stop his tears from falling. “It means everything to me baby. But if you can’t believe me or trust me in every way, then what are we even doing?” you replied, looking disappointed.

“You’re right. Get out we’re over.” His face hardened the minute the words came out of his mouth. “Wait what? That’s not what I meant baby let me explain!” you blurted out, watching him make his way to the door. “Get out.” He grabbed your jacket and held it out for you with hooded eyes. You walked over and snatched your jacket from his hand, opening the door and taking one more look at his face to see if he would do anything to stop you, but he only stared you down with his face on fire. You slammed the door behind you and ran home.

A week went by and nothing. Not even one message from Yixing. You thought he might think things over but there was no sign of regret from him what so ever. You’ve been a mess the entire week, crying before bed every day, Yixing not leaving your mind for a minute.

“Ok I know you’re going through a break up Y/N but this is your third ice cream pint and it’s starting to look desperate and I won’t let you stay a miserable whining mess. Go out with us tonight! Please? For me?” your best friend spoke beside you, grabbing the ice cream away from you as you sat on your bed, wearing your sweats.

“You know I don’t like clubs all that much……I don’t know…” you said as you clicked on the next episode of your show to play. “Y/N. it’s my birthday. You’re not missing my birthday for more ice cream and tears. Get your short black dress out and those heels I love and drag your ass to the club before I do it myself.” Your best friend said, getting up from your bed and opening all your dresser drawers. “OK OK FINE JUST GIVE ME AN HOUR TO LOOK SOMEWHAT PRESENTABLE OK?” you shouted at her, getting up and stopping her from making a mess. “Hurry up everyone’s already there and I wouldn’t want the hot guys to leave before we even get there!” she smiled at you, closing the door behind her.

An hour later and you almost looked like nothing ever happened. Your hair looked perfect, your makeup, your favorite dress that showed all your good attributes and the heels that made your legs look long, everything fell into place. “That’s the Y/N I’m talking about! You look fucking hot! Now come on we have to go” your best friend smiled brightly. You surly seemed to cheer her up.

Once you both arrived at the club, you searched for your group of friends through the club, passing all kinds of guys who looked hungry for you. “I knew this dress would work” you friend winked and nudged you. “Let’s just look for them ok?” you rolled your eyes and kept on with your foot steps before your friend froze at her place and tried to drag you in the other direction. “Wait wait where are you going? I think I saw them there by the bar!” you shouted in her ear, confused. “NO NO I REALLY THINK THEY WOULD BE BY THE DJ” she shouted back.  “What are you…doi…” you pulled her back in your direction, clearly seeing your friends standing behind some guys.

“HEY GUYS” you shouted at them, dragging your stubborn friend with you. They turned their attention to you and so did the guys that stood in front of them. Your gaze shifted to the guy who turned around and faced you from afar. your body instantly froze. “Y/N no… look…we can go…” your friend mumbled at your side, but you were blacked out completely and so was he. “HI CHANYEOL” your friend shouted at the tall figure beside Yixing. “Hey… um funny seeing you here…” Chanyeol let out, both him and your friend were eyeing you and Yixing, clearly trying to analyze the awkward air between you two. The drinks they ordered before just arrived and Yixing immediately grabbed one and headed to the dance floor, leaving all of you in silence before he snuck a quick look at your body.

“Uhh…. I dragged him and Baekhyun here with me…. I didn’t know you two would be here too…I’m sorry Y/N” Chanyeol said, offering you a drink. “No it’s ok. I’m here to celebrate this hottie’s birthday” you winked, biting off your shock from before. “I think we need to get everyone drunk!” your friend smiled before ordering a round of shots.

All of you sat at the bar, exchanging laughs and in Baekhyun’s case, also the looks of thirst he was giving your friend. Classic, You laughed to yourself. An hour went by and things stayed the same. From time to time you glanced over to Yixing on the dance floor, grabbing some other girl’s waist and giving her the dance of her life. He was always a good dancer and those moves always transformed in bed. You’ve had enough of this, you were drunk enough to go and dance with some guys so you stood up and headed straight for the first guy you saw.

He grabbed you with excitement on his face and you began grinding yourself against him to the rhythm of the song. Clearly getting Yixing’s attention when you saw him focus on your doings instead of dancing with his girl of the night. You made eye contact and he pulled the girl closer to his lap, his hand squeezing at her ass. You chuckled and returned the move, making eye contact again. He scoffed and positioned his head at the crook of her neck, sucking lightly as his gaze shifted back to you, smirking. You laughed at his challenge and grabbed the guy’s neck, pulling him closer to you. Soon attaching your lips on his, letting his tongue take over. You opened your eyes and glanced over to Yixing when you saw him making his way towards you. Without looking at you, he grabbed your arm and snatched you away from the guy’s lips. Dragging you over to what seemed like the VIP room, he opened the door and pushed you inside, pinning you against the now closed door.

“What kind of sick game do you think you’re playing?” he eyed you, his face looking as red as it did a week ago. “The same game you’re playing” you chuckled at his question, your hands pinned down to your sides by his grasp. “Well at least it’s not your boss.” He scoffed.  You escaped his grip and pushed him away from you with one sharp move, taking him by surprise. “HOW MANY TIMES AM I GONNA HAVE TO TELL YOU, I.AM.NOT.SLEEPING.WITH.MY.BOSS” you shouted at him, losing all control. “AS MANY AS I NEED” he shouted back, walking towards you. “You know what Xing?” you chuckled, about to say something else before he hummed back at you. “What?” his expression turning obnoxious and heartless. “I…”, “You…?” he replied, his body close to yours.

There was a weird silence in the room where you just looked at each other with pure hate. He let out a chuckle before he sharply grabbed your waist and pulled you to his body, attaching his lips on yours, kissing you roughly. His lips were moving fast and hard against yours, biting your lower lip between breaths, his grip on your waist tightening. You grabbed his neck and pulled him closer to you, returning the roughness and grabbing his shirt before throwing it above his head and onto the floor, revealing the body you so missed.

He backed you onto the wall and lifted you up so your legs wrapped around his waist. Both of your lips not giving up, he grabbed your dress and pushed it up your legs so he could remove your lace panties. “Actually….” He stopped, his lips murmuring against yours. He dropped you harshly on the floor and backed away from your body. “Strip for me.” He stood there with hungry eyes, commending. You stood there a hot mess, obeying his saying. You grabbed the straps of your dress, not breaking eye contact with him. The straps fell off your shoulders and the dress slipped off your body and landed on the floor as his gaze followed he bit his lip. Your fingers graced the sides of your underwear and you slowly slipped them off your hips as they joined your dress on the floor. You shot an innocent look at Yixing before he strut to you and grabbed your hip, turning you around with him as he leaned against the wall and dropped on the floor, bringing you down with him. “Ride me baby girl” He dropped your knees by his legs and unhooked your bra, throwing it carelessly to the other side of the room.

You grabbed his jeans along with his underwear and slipped them down to his knees, straddling your hips on his now hard dick, earning a hiss from him. His grip on your hip tightened as you began to move your hips against his, grinding and teasing. You grabbed his shoulders and lifted yourself up a bit before slipping him inside of you, slowly he dropped his head against the wall behind him and let out a long moan, closing his eyes. “Fuck…” you muttered, slipping him all the way in. once he was in deep, his hands traveled both to your sides, grabbing and slowly starting to guide you. Your hips began to move with his will, you bounced on him, every time you came down, he swirled you around him, making your walls clench and your mouth to let out countless moans.

Not letting you have any moment to breathe, Yixing continued to guide you and grind his cock deep inside of you, making sure you knew exactly how much he was determined to hear you shout his name in pleasure. Now with every move upwards you made, his hips buckled up and he thrusted roughly against your burning core, his one hand reaching over to your clit and beginning to rub pressure in circles. “YIXING” you screamed out, making him smirk in pleasure. “Come for me baby girl” His lips attached themselves on your neck as he sucked roughly against your soft skin, making you let out another loud moan as your head dropped back. A couple more thrusts and presses on your clit and you were out. You came, screaming his name across the room, gripping hard at his bare shoulders. His head dropped at the crook of your neck and he came as your walls came crushing down around him, making him moan in relief, dropping his hands to the side.

You both laid there on the floor, panting hard and your minds lost in your orgasms. His face slowly traveled to yours and he placed a soft kiss against your lips that lasted long. You opened your eyes slowly at him, seeing his gaze focus on your lips.

“I’m sorry. For everything. I overreacted and I’m sorry. I love you.” He let out. You smiled and pulled him into another kiss. “Your lips taste better anyways” you smiled against his red lips. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around your waist. “That’s right baby girl….I’m not done with you yet. Grab your things, we’re going home.”

sleep walk

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 731
Warnings: None
Request: could i request a lowkey angsty 40s!bucky x reader fic based off the song ‘sleep walk’ by santo and johnny? no lyrics, but the sound itself is so beautiful

A series of timid, arrhythmic knocks brings Bucky up to his feet from the couch. He doesn’t necessarily need to check on who it is, because he has a feeling he already knows. And he is proven correct when he opens the apartment door.

You stand outside, arms wrapped around your middle. A small smile spreads across your lips, but his attention is caught solely by the tears welling up in your eyes. “I hate to barge in on you like this, but…” You bite down on your bottom lip, and your voice breaks through what you say next. “I-I just need you right now.”

A frown pulls at the corners of Bucky’s mouth and he gestures you inside. Shutting the door behind him, he watches as you run your hands over your arms, a choked sob falling from your lips. He wraps his arms around you carefully, pulling you into a firm embrace. He lets out a soft breath against the crook of your neck when you hug him back, burying your sobs into his shoulder.

“Oh, doll,” he murmurs into the collar of your blouse, “you’re breaking my heart.”

For a minute he holds you like this, rubbing his hand between your shoulder blades, listening as your crying slowly falters into light sniffles. You adjust in his grip eventually, pressing your ear to his heartbeat. He looks down at you, noting your focused stare on the floors through your damp lashes. He lifts you into his arms then, carrying you to the couch. He lays you down, attempting to release your locked arms around his neck.

You frown up at him when he stands straight again.

“Just gonna get you glass of water,” he assures you. “I’ll come back.”

“You better.”

Your comment stirs the soft upturn of his lips just before he turns to get your water. When he returns, he finds that you have sat up, glumly eyeing the streets below through the windows. He sits beside you, lifting his arm above the headrest to allow you to cuddle in close to his side. You accept the glass of water with a muttered “Thank you” and he wraps his arm around you again.

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If I die, I'm going to haunt your ass (harvey/mike) - for anon

“You’re overreacting.”

“I am not, you son of a bitch, and how dare you imply such a thing.”

Harvey smirks. “Okay, I take it back, you’re acting with complete rationality.”

“I hate you.”

This just makes Harvey’s grin widen. “Sure you do.”

Mike turns away, biting his lips. When he looks back he has his best puppy eyes expression on, and Harvey might be in danger of falling for it, had he not built up an immunity over the last few years. “Do I really have to do this?” Mike asks with an exaggerated whine.

“Sorry, Mike, a bet’s a bet. You know if you’d won then you would’ve made me follow through on it.”

Mike’s face slowly brightens, his eyes losing focus as though he’s picturing how the outcome would’ve gone down had he won their wager. “Hell yeah I would.”

Harvey laughs. “Well, maybe if you’re a very good boy,” he says, lowering his voice in a way he knows Mike loves, “and fulfil the obligations of our bet then maybe I’ll do it anyway.”

Mike’s eyes widen in excitement before he turns and walks out of the office, throwing a, “She’s gonna kill me, you know. If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass,” over his shoulder as he leaves.

“You do that,” Harvey calls after him.


Mike’s back less than five minutes later. Even Harvey thought it would’ve taken longer than that. Mike looks … determined, which is not an expression he expected. He thought Mike might come back looking shaken or triumphant or relieved, but determined is a surprise. It’s still a good look on him though.

“So, how’d it go?” Harvey asks.

Mike doesn’t answer, just walks across the room. Harvey, still slightly confused, stands from his desk, but he doesn’t get far. Mike meets him there, taking Harvey’s face in his hands and kissing him.

“Never make me do that again,” Mike says, smiling, before pressing their lips together again.

Harvey chuckles. “You lost fair and square,” Harvey says against his mouth. He deepens the kiss, even though he knows he shouldn’t, that they’re at the office and despite what just happened this is still inappropriate. But once he starts, it’s difficult to stop kissing Mike.

“Okay,” Harvey says, finding the strength to pull away, “what did she say?”

Mike lips quirk. “She said to not bother wasting her time telling her something she saw coming a mile away.”

“That’s it?” Harvey presses, because he can’t imagine that when Jessica was told that they’ve been in a secret relationship for the last three months (secret because of the implied rule discouraging relationships between ranks) that her reaction was so simple and dismissive.

Mike pretends to think about it for a moment, before nodding. “Yup, that was it.”

Mike grins at him, then leans in again for another kiss. Harvey acquiesces, because it’s early on a Monday and no one is around and, as much as he tries, the fact that they are together at all despite so many odds just goes to prove that Mike is near impossible to resist.

“I thought I said no inappropriate behaviour at work.”

They jump apart, turning to see Jessica standing in Harvey’s office, arms crossed and a murderous expression on her face. Harvey turns to Mike, incredulous, and Mike admits, “Okay, so maybe that wasn’t everything she said.”

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You walked down the sunlit pathway of the city with your boyfriend, Peter, Who’s arm was tightly wrapped around you waist.You could feel someone else’s eyes on you, But it didn’t really bother you. Of course it ticked off Peter, Though. His face was suddenly burred neck, Leaving small kisses everywhere.

“Babe, We’re in public.” You whisper, Trying to keep from blushing.

“I know. But i don’t like how those men are looking at you.” Peter whines. You smirked, Trying to keep from laughing at him trying to be protective, Yet somehow still coming off as a cute puppy.

“They hardly even looked at me for three seconds.” You argued. Biting your lip.

“Well, I hate how they glanced at you, Then.”

“You’re adorable when you’re jealous.” You giggled, nudging his side playfully. 

“I’m not jealous!” Peter huffed in defense. Though even he knew that wasn’t true.

“You so are.”

Accidents Happen (Jungkook, Angst)

Originally posted by jinkooks

HI, I tried my best. My wifey @pyrocrastinate gave me this idea and I love her byeee. Please direct your hate to my inbox lmfao.

Words: 2010

Biting your lip, you turned to Jungkook from where you stood at the table. He’d been acting strange all night, and you wanted to know why.

It began when he came to pick you up from work. Jungkook walked into your work place with coffee for a few co workers you shared an office with. After you left with him, Jungkook had been silent the whole car ride back and even ignored you by turning the stereo up higher after you’d asked him how his day was.

“Jungkook,” you murmured quietly, stepping toward him. He was frying up some food for you guys to eat for dinner, as usual when the both of you were home together. You wrapped your arms around him, but he merely grunted in response. “What’s wrong? Did I do something to upset you?”

He snorted, tapping the wooden spoon he was using against the pot rather loudly. You let go of him so he could turn around. “Upset me? No, you didn’t do anything.”

“What the hell is with the sarcasm? I’m just wondering if I did anything wrong? Let me fix it!”

He sighed belatedly, shaking his head and turning back around toward the bubbling broth.


“You’re acting like a little kid right now. Wouldn’t you rather avoid conflict?”

“Me, acting like a little kid?” Jungkook shot back, eyeing you angrily from over the shoulder. “You’re the one flirting with all your co-worker’s as if you’re in middle school.”

Flirting? You rarely ever made eye contact with anyone let alone flirt with all of your co-workers. Jungkook was definitely getting whatever he thought he knew distorted.

“I’ve never flirted with anyone, the whole time we’ve been together. Jungkook, 3 years!”

“I saw you!” He raised his voice, turning around. You flinched at the sudden pitch he used, but Jungkook didn’t seem to care. “I saw you flirting with that asshole with my own two eyes!”

“Whatever you thought you saw is absolutely wrong!” You argued back, jabbing a finger against his chest. He swatted you away, tipping his head back with a groan.

“Whatever, I saw you holding onto his arm and laughing with that twinkle in your eye. You don’t think I don’t know when you’re flirting with people? I’ve lived with you for how long? Almost 3 years, (Y/N)!”

“Jungkook,” you warned. “I can’t believe you still don’t trust me after this long. You think I’m cheating on you or something?”

He was silent for a moment, dropping his head at the mention of cheating. Your throat felt thick with emotion, and eyes were beginning to prick with tears. Was he really going to accuse you of this now? After seeing you speaking to someone you’d been working with for so long? You would never do something as stupid as that, Jungkook should know. But, apparently he didn’t.

You swiped under your eyes quickly, not allowing any tears to fall as he turned back around to tend to the food. Trying to compose yourself enough to speak without your voice cracking, you began to walk away.

“I’m not hungry. Eat by yourself tonight, okay?”

Getting to the door, you slid a jacket around your body and kicked some shoes on. You had your phone in your pocket, so if someone wanted to call you, you’d still be available. Jungkook hadn’t made any attempt to stop you from leaving, so you picked up your car keys and went through the door. There was still hope he’d call you once he calmed down, though.

You’d begun to cry as you strapped yourself into your seat. Struggling already to see through the tears in your eyes, you shoved the key into the socket and revved the engine. Maybe just going for a ride would calm you down. It was darker out than usual, due to the long winter nights. It was older, too. During the mornings, tips of grass iced over and rooftops all appeared sparkling and white on contrast to the sun.

There was always a spot down by a lake you’d loved to go when you were younger, maybe that would kill your nerves enough so you could have a decent conversation with Jungkook and move past this. He would understand if you told him the truth, right? He always did after an argument, no matter what.

As you drove, you turned on the stereo to a station you’d grown to love after the long car rides to work every morning and evening. Jungkook had a soft spot for it too, but he always turned on other ones to annoy you until deciding on this one. It played a soothing tune, but just thinking about Jungkook had made you cry harder.

The tears has quickly become too much for you, so you picked up your sleeve and wiped as much away. Your shaking hand swerved a little too far to the left, but you regained control on the wheel. Heart beating quicker, you silently cursed yourself for thinking taking a car ride would be safe while angry and crying about your boyfriend.

You got closer to the lake, thankfully, and begun to slow your pace on the gas pedal. In your jacket pocket, your phone was suddenly blaring the ringtone you’d remembered was Jungkook’s. Your chest tightened as you reached into it, turning your headlights up to the brightest to see anything. Near the lake, you’d always have to be cautious for wild life. There were signs scouting the whole perimeter, even to the park down the high way from the lake to watch for oncoming wild life.

Answering the phone on the third ring, you held it to your ear.

“Where are you?” Jungkook’s voice was quiet, strained, as if he’d been crying as well. You doubted it, but the thought of him getting so emotional over a matter that wasn’t even real had even more tears washing down your face. “Come home.”

“Are you ready to talk and believe-” Something out of your passenger side window caught your attention, causing you to look out at the stretch of forestry concealing the lake from you. Nothing was there. Jungkook was speaking into the phone, but you weren’t really listening to his words.

“(Y/N), are you there? Come home. I want to talk this out, please.”

“Jungkook I…I can’t talk right n-” Looking out the wind shield, you noticed a silhouette in front of you. It was a deer, standing there in front of you. A shrill scream escaped your lips, and you dropped your phone to place both hands on the wheel. Your chest was tight and heart racing so fast it was thumping in the base of your throat. With your fingers gripping the wheel so tightly your knuckles began to change color. Yanking harshly on the wheel, you spun into oncoming traffic. Disoriented, you slammed down on the gas pedal instead of the breaks, sending you toward a swampy ditch.

Your screams filled the car and your tires were squealing. It was already too late to press the breaks on the car because of the slick grass you were stick on. Your car was sliding down the ditch, the sides of it teetering up and almost flipping as you braced yourself for impact. There was another sound in the car, that you realized was Jungkook screaming from the receiving end of the phone.

But it was too late. The car was tipping over and your consciousness was fading as you trashed around, head hitting the window, the dashboard and finally the airbag.

Your breath hitched as you tried your hardest to hold onto any sort of way to stay awake, but you were out cold before the car had time to tip.

You opened your eyes, gasping as much air into your lugs as you could before sitting up and exhaling quickly.

You were in a bed.

A white bed with a thin white blanket over your body. Your head throbbed, and there were cuts and bruises painting the skin of your arms purple and blue. Gently running your hand along your neck, you flinched in pain.

You were in a hospital.

Light shone through the tall window to your left, and you began to remember just why you were there. Catching your breath, you recalled what had happened however many nights ago it was. You got into a crash, a pretty bad one. Then again, any crash could be deemed bad if someone is in the hospital. Your head was buzzing in anger, telling you the lights were too intense in the room and the mere touch of the tender forehead had you wanting to fall back into a deep sleep.

In the corner of the room sat a figure, head against the wall and mouth hung open. Jungkook sat sleeping soundly with his hood over his head and hands dug into his pockets. His cheeks were a pinkish color, and eyes puffy.

“Jungkook…?” You murmured, but cut yourself off from choking at the scratchy dryness in your throat. The coughing woke Jungkook up, and his eyes snapped open to stare at you in shock.

The both of you watched each other for a moment, silent as tears filled his eyes and easily tumbled down his cheeks.

“Don’t…” You warned him weakly, holding out a hand. He hoisted himself to his feet, coming closer.

“You should take it easy.” He advised, gently picking up your pillow to lean it against the head board. “The doctor said you should be off your feet awhile.”

“I was expecting to wake up with you holding my hand. I guess that only happens in movies though, right?” You snorted, but regretted cracking a joke the moment you spotted Jungkook’s bottom lip quivering.

“Why are you crying? I’m not dead…”

“I could hear you screaming.” He pulled a stool from beside the chair he had slept in, and sat down beside your bed. Jungkook dropped his head into his arms on the side of the mattress. “I thought I was never going to see you again.”

“I’m here now though, aren’t I?”

“Look at you. You have a concussion, bruises and cuts everywhere and you’re here trying to make me feel better.” He laughed pitifully, picking up his head and running a hand down his face. Jungkook had deep circles etched into the skin under his eyes, and you realized you’d never seen him look this worn out before the whole 3 years you’d been together.

“It’s all my fault.” He decided warily, picking up your hand in his. He examined your arm, looking up at you with furrowed brows.

“Stop it.” You snapped, head still buzzing from the concussion. Tears were being brought to your eyes again as Jungkook cried in front of you. “Stop blaming yourself. You weren’t even there. It was a deer in front of me.”

“A deer?” He asked, dropping your hand and standing up.

“I remember just fine what happened. It’s not your fault, Jungkook.” You hushed him, reaching for his shirt to pull him closer. Jungkook allowed you to place both hands on his cheeks. His lips gently soothed the palm of one hand, eyes closing at the feeling of your skin caressing his. Jungkook took your wrists as lightly as he could, holding your hands on him for longer.

“I’m sorry for upsetting you.” You sighed, the warmth sending goose bumps running along your skin all the way to your elbows. He shook his head once, sighing in content.

“Stop.” He whispered, opening his reddened eyes to face you. “I had a lot of time to beat myself up over not believing my own girlfriend. I trust you.”

“I love you.” You whispered, hands dropping to his shoulders. Still weak from the sleep and pain, you pulled Jungkook as best you could. He laid both arms down on either side of you, kissing the tip of your nose, both cheeks, all the way to your lips.

“I love you too, (Y/N).”


REID X READER – written for a prompt in which Spencer has a crush on his coworker and gets jealous of her visitor. I added a an element of drunken fun just because it felt right to me so I hope you enjoy that as well :) Oh, and (m/n) = man’s name because I hate choosing when they’re based on real people. Happy reading! :)

Author: @thebeautifultimesofladybrooklynn


Spencer tried his hardest to remember the night before. He sat at his desk rubbing his eyes, searching his brain for last night’s events. He looked over to (y/n) sitting at her desk. His eyebrows furrowed as he studied her– the sight of her biting her lip as she filled out a report entered his eyes to captivate his mind. He licked his lips nervously as he watched her, the feelings inside of him causing his heart to flutter. There had always been something about her deep (e/c) eyes that captivated Spencer. The way her (long/short) (h/c) hair flowed over them when she glided through the bullpen area enticed him. Her voice escaped her lips like music, filling Spencer with want, as her spirit, the overall experience of her personality, filled him with excited joy. But today was different.

For some reason when he looked at her, he felt completion. He felt whole. Conquering. Invading. Something about her today felt different. When she looked up and caught eyes with him, flashbacks of her apartment popped into his brain. Images of his hands on her body surfaced, memories of feeling her against him stirred.

In shock, his mouth parted as a nervous breath escaped his lips. His furrowed brows positioned atop his wandering eyes as his head tilted down to his desk. Although he had fantasied about the very images his brain was firing off randomly, sporatically, and in no particular order, these visions seemed more like memories than desires. Had he really been at (y/n)’s apartment last night? Had he really touched her? Kissed her? Felt her anatomy encompass his?

When he closed his eyes, Spencer could see her bedroom as if he were standing in it. Lying on her bed, the pink sheets underneath him felt soft, silky, and comforting. Her white walls adorned with photos felt warm and inviting. As he turned his head, allowing her lips to brush against his neck, Spencer’s eyes fixed on a specific photo next to a family picture on her nightstand. His brows furrowed as he studied it– (y/n) smiling from ear to ear, next to a man. Her arm behind him, his around her neck. Spencer briefly tried to remember the conversations he’d had with her over the last year, but the alcohol Morgan had basically forced down his throat stopped even his eidetic memory from recalling the past. When he felt a hand on his cheek, pulling his lips into (y/n)’s, the thought of the photo had completely exited his mind. And he hadn’t thought of it again until now.

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“Hey, you wanted to talk?”

Jack leans back against the couch cushions. He hates how soft and tentative Bitty sounds. “Yeah,” Jack says. “I want to talk about what happened at the After-Kegster.”

Bitty doesn’t say anything. He bites his lip and looks down. Jack feels suddenly monstrous.

“I knew it was gonna happen at some point,” Bitty says. “I just–” his voice wobbles. “I didn’t know how much it was going to hurt, is all.” He pinches himself, hard. He’s not going to cry in front of Jack because that would turn this into a different conversation.

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Sexy Exo VS Weird Exo

(Y’all weird exo is going to happen next week when I have time cause school)

His man bun always had me fucked up

Sexy Luhan:









Cold guy aka will choke you out with D.o

this man will always be the death of me I will never understand how he does it to me to the universe

He is cold guy but is he cold in the sheets ;) ima stop




I’ll gladly accept that kiss tbh  who’s coming to the wedding??

I’m bout to snatch exo like all your favs gone cause ima snatch them

I couldn’t like i had to post it


This one goes out to I don’t give a shit or you got me fucked








MY soul is hurt

L I T spells Lit #TaoHun

Imagine Sam coming home from a hunt


He couldn’t wait to get back. He’d missed you so much, he didn’t know what to do without you there. It was getting harder and harder every time he had to go.

You heard a knock on your door and you ran down the stairs. You knew who it was, and you couldn’t wait to see him.

You flung the door open and threw yourself into Sam’s arms. He caught you, holding you up when you wrapped your legs round his waist.

“I’ve missed you,” you whispered against his neck, and he nodded, moving his head to seal your lips in a firm kiss.

“I love you so much,” he whispered against your lips.

“You too,” you told him, lowering your legs as he put you down gently, “I hate it when you go.”

He nodded, biting his lip as if he was considering saying something, before going ahead and saying it anyway.

“Come with me next time.”

Prompt: You’re a villain and you are flirting with Barry

(I apologise in advance for how short this is)

“Hello lover boy,” you taunted, appearing from the shadows. You wore a long black dress with a high neck and a slit running up the right side. Your hair was as black as a raven and was curled, reaching your hips. Your lips were lined with blood red lipstick and your eyes lined with black eyeliner that finished with a perfect flick.

Barry couldn’t help but stare, he hated that he found you so beautiful. He hated that he paid attention to all your little quirks and habits, for example, the way you would bite your lip and raise an eyebrow when trying and succeeding to be seductive, he paid attention to the way you played with your rings and smirked whenever a mischievous idea was forming in your mind.

“How did you get here before me? I’m the flash,” he said, clearing his mind and focusing on the matter at hand. He had heard about your plan through one of your spies that they had managed to capture, he was sure that he would get to the abandoned warehouse before you did, but here you were.

“Oh sweetheart,” your English accent was strong, something that Barry found incredibly sexy. “I’m a teleporter,” to prove this fact you teleported behind him to whisper the rest of the sentence in his ear, “I will always be faster than you.”

Barry shivered and turned around to look down at you, “Are you trying to impress me? Because if so, it isn’t working.” Barry was lying through his teeth.

You giggled, looking up at him through your eyelashes. “Oh but it is,” you purred, trailing your finger up and down his cheat, “deep down, you are impressed by me.”

You suddenly vanished, leaving Barry standing there breathless, he couldn’t hold back the smile that appeared on his face.

I have never watched the flash, I keep meaning to, so I hope this is ok x

Sex with Tom Riddle would include...

•occasional use of “my lord” and “sir”
•orgasm denial
•you hate him for it but love it so much
•the occasional time when you can flip him over against his will
•his confused face turning into surprise and a silent gasp because “Jesus,  how does she roll her hips like that?”
•Him releasing a low growl when you do^
•lip biting
•hickeys so everyone knows that you’re his
•blowing him under the table at a Death Eater meeting
•he eventually HAS to dismiss them
•"Never again, do you understand me?“
•"I didn’t hear you complaining”
•tricking him into cuffs
•he’s pissed and glaring and threatening you
•until you start on him
•and he’s suddenly breathless because
•"Christ, she’s good at that"
•he’d pretty much dominate you all the time
•but you love it
•then there’s the loving sex
•rare but mind blowing
•where he’d worship your body
•and tease you till you beg
•scratching his back until it bleeds
•handshaped bruises on your hips
•sharing a passionate kiss at the end because “I love you even if I never say it”


•pulling his hair discreetly in class to watch him squirm, get turned on and hold back a moan
•watching his eyes all class and you can practically SEE what he’s thinking
•and you honestly cannot wait


a proper audience greeting is a must..

then self-introduction is also part of being a gentleman.. 

Minwoo Oppa will explain like an expert while…

Eric Oppa.. hmm.. will stand by his side fixing his appearance LMAO

and while Minwoo Oppa is explaining he will twist from side to side.. XD

and Eric Oppa will do some weird lip biting habits.. just like this.. XDDD

OH! there he remembered what he should say!!! LMAO (after 48 years

and when Minwoo Oppa trolls him.. he does not have any other choice but to..

TBH.. i hate it when they say Goodbye just like this ~ OTL

missing them a lot…srsly..

no offense but imagine a broken hearted, sorrowful and teary-eyed got7 backstage with their injured leader telling them how much they love him and miss him and don’t want him to leave. imagine them giving him hugs and being careful not to hug him too tight in order to not cause him any more pain. imagine jackson asking jaebum if he’s okay every five minutes, imagine poor little youngjae not even giving him a hug because he’s too scared. imagine jaebum talking to them all and trying to cheer them up because he hates to see them sad. imagine mark doing that little lip biting thing he does when he’s trying to keep his tears in. imagine a crying bambam or yugyeom. imagine jaebum crying because he feels bad for not being with them. wow i need a fucking moment

52, General Hux

52. “I am addicted and I admit, I need help.” General Hux for @harrypotterimaginesandmore

One more to go c: I really liked the idea of Hux and his… addiction I hope you’ll like it as much :D

K, but imagine Hux with an addiction.

“Oh, come on” he says, grabbing your hip and forcing you to sit down on his lap again. The cigarette smoke bites the nostrils. Hux has that habit of smoking after work. He comes back to his private complex, doesn’t change clothes, just takes them off, then, sits in the chair and lights up a cigarette.

You try to look down at him but the height difference makes it impossible. Blue eyes are gazing straight into yours, his lips purse a little, eyebrows crease together. General knows you hate that smell, but he enjoys it too much and is not willing to give it up. “Can’t you do it, at least when I am not here?” the irritated tone of your voice brings him up a cheeky smile.

“No” Hux pulls you closer with one hand. “Your company and this” his gaze slips on the side to look at the other hand, holding a cigarette “are things that give me biggest pleasure. And I deserve both.”

You are trying your best to keep an unpleased expression but the compliment slowly breaks down this obstinacy. First comes a smile, then you tip your head a little, close eyes and giggle silently. The ginger man seems very proud of making you blush. You give him a slight push. “Honey-tongue” your face, still red.

It’s general’s laughter that fills up the room this time. “I might have something more what is at least as sweet” he says and moans silently into your mouth as you meet in a kiss and your hips press harder against his. Hux breaks the kiss in order to put out the cigarette in the ashtray. This one has barely been smoked but it didn’t matter, he has plenty more.

“You are an addict.” Both of his hands are undoing your shirt.

“I am addicted and I admit, I need help” says Hux, not really sure if he means smoking so much or the feeling when he’s around you. He chooses not to think about it too much, picks you up and carries all the way to the bathroom under the shower.

Lautrec’s master list

7:01pm (wonwoo)

type: idk maybe fluff
a/n: ok im sorry im setting a queue i have like many scenarios coming up dont worry pls dont hate me school sucks ily guys ill reply to you guys when i got the chance to

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drabbles || hate!sex

“What the actual fuck is this, what—“

Derek’s mouth cuts him off and he writhes into the contact, wrists tugging, testing, against Derek’s hold above his head. His body rises up, undulating into the press of Derek’s free hand raking up his side. His mouth moves like an argument, all panted breath and anger-rough moans.

Derek’s hand releases his, and he’s in motion immediately – one going to shove at Derek’s chest, the other to his nape, tugging and roughening the kiss until it hurts.

“What we both want,” Derek says almost a minute later, and it’s supposed to come out strong, in control. Not as this wild, half-panted groan when Stiles bites into his bottom lip and clings there.

“I don’t,” Stiles whines, hand wringing at Derek’s shirt. “I fucking hate you. God, you’re so. Coming in here, just expecting me to—“ He kisses Derek again, fast and frantic. “Just expecting…”

Stiles,” He draws back just enough to take in the boy’s heavy lidded eyes, for his own to flash alpha red. “Shut up.”

Stiles’ eyes flash back, totally human, all amber gleams of defiance and want.

“Witty, Derek. You’re winning no points for your clever banter here, you know.”

Derek smiles, all teeth, and ducks in against Stiles’ ear.

“My tongue has other talents.”

He feels Stiles shudder all along their pressed together frames. Watches his mouth drop open to drag in a deep, panted breath.

“That’s… you asshole, fuck.”

“Witty,” Derek returns, and sucks a bruise into Stiles’ pale neck.

The boy keens, pressing up into the pressure, writhing all over every time Derek’s teeth scrape like a threat… or a promise. Derek doesn’t know which idea turns Stiles on more, that Derek could turn him with a little more pressure, or kill him if he chose to. If he gets off on the threat, on standing at the razor’s edge.

With the fresh alpha strength screaming through him, promising pack and power, Derek’s not sure which thrills him more either.

Stiles is pawing at his hair, hips rolling, whole body lifting to grind into Derek’s as he sucks a line of claim into Stiles’ skin.

“Possessive bastard,” Stiles coos, like a compliment. “Think you can just come in here and take me? Mark me up, make me yours?”

The alpha power sings through him, screaming yes, he has that right. He has the right to take whatever he wants, whoever he wants. And he wants this infuriating boy, wants to rut him and claim him and make him beg.

Stiles’ hand is at his cheek, guiding him away from his throat, up until he’s staring back into those eyes, steady and lust dark and daring.

“Get this, Derek. I’m never gonna be yours. Whatever power high you’re riding right now, you’re not my alpha. I’m Scott’s friend, Scott’s pack.” Before Derek can do more than drag his lips back in a startled snarl, Stiles is pressing a wet, dirty kiss into his teeth. He pulls back, smirking.

“Can you handle that?”