i hate it when he bites his lip

All Too Well (M) | Pt. 1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 6,061
Author’s Note: I always wanted to try my hand on a Yoongi chapter story, and then I saw this prompt on tumblr and decided to go with it. I also want to note up ahead that I’m not super familiar with how the recruiting process for Kpop groups go and my knowledge only extends to really quick skims of articles just to get the basis. Regardless, I hope I can get to more parts, so let me know what you think.

also idk if this should be considered a prologue or a part 1 but oh well im just leaving it as part 1


You suppose that it all starts and ends with a letter.

Dear Mr. Min Yoongi,” Your boyfriend reads across the kitchen counter, fingers curling tightly around the paper in his hands, eyes blown wide with a gaze depicting such rare intensity that you’ve actually stopped fixing your morning coffee just to catch a sight of his expression. You can’t entirely place the feeling weighing itself into your stomach, so you settle with staring at him and trying to keep your own facial features as neutral as possible. “We are pleased to inform you that you have passed the final audition at our label and therefore are officially recruited into our newest group Bangtan Boys. You are going to be one of seven other boys joining our label as trainees and we are excited to finally bring everyone together to prepare for debut. Although training won’t officially start until next week, we ask that you come to the studio tomorrow morning to meet the other members as well as be prepped on our expectations and scheduling. We wish to congratulate you on your hard work and look forward to getting to know you more in the coming years. Sincerely, Big Hit Studios.”

When Yoongi doesn’t react immediately to the positive news, you flicker your gaze up to study him. His eyes, once again, are scanning the paper, quicker and quicker with each line as if he didn’t read it or hear it correctly the first time around. His eyes have grown to the size of saucers at this point, and you would have thought him to be a statue had it not been for the rather loud inhales and exhales coming from the boy. The sight itself would have been rather comical had it not been for the context behind the stare.

So you try for a gentle smile, leaning a little on the counter to try and further gauge his expression. “Yoongi?” You inquire softly, reaching a hand across the space to run your hand along his shoulder blade. “Baby, are you alright?”

Yoongi blinks, snapping himself out of his trance as he shifts his gaze from the letter to you, back to the letter, and back to you. “I did it?” He whispers, the statement sounding more like a question above anything else and you find your lips curling up into a fond smile in light of Yoongi’s confusion—even though he was the one to read the letter multiple times, running over the words in his own mind repeatedly.

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I Want It Fast, I Want It Loud, I Want It My Way

a/n: THIS PICTURE FUCK. i’ve rode many of things in my lifetime. ;-) just not a thigh, so this might not be accurate but heyyyyyyyyy it’s fine. and if we’re gonna be honest here, how many of y'all actually even rode a dick? let alone a thigh hahaha.  love y'all :-) (smut warning obviously) 

I’m tired. I can feel the familiar ache in my body. I want nothing more than to go home and sleep for hours on end with no interruption. “C'mon, love, lets go.” I whine into Harry’s ear. His arm that is wrapped around my hip tightens, “okay, hold on.” He absentmindedly replies. I huff out. I don’t want to hold on. What the hell am I supposed to hold on to anyways? I notice a chair on the other side of the room and I instinctively follow to it. 

 When I am seated, I rest my head against the wall and close my eyes. “Alright, up you get. It’s time to go, yeah?” Harry awakes me from my quick nap, a whine slips from my lips as I’m placed on my feet. “No.” Harry chuckles lowly as he bends down and urges me to get on my back. A sleepy smile etches on my face as I climb onto him. He stands up with ease. My head falls onto his shoulder as I fall asleep with Harry’s scent lingering around me. 


 It’s hot. I can feel sweat seeping through my shirt. 

My eyes open and adjust to the darkness. The clock reads three-thirty A.M., I can hear Harry’s breathing next to me. It’s relaxing. His arms are pulled under his pillow as he lies his head on it, curly hair flopping over. His mouth is slightly ajar, and I can’t help but look at his lips. They are such a nice shape, they’re so pink and full. The shirt I have on is soaked through with sweat as I peel it off my scorching body. The cool air soothes my skin and I sigh with relief. 

With my head back onto my pillow, I continue to stare at sleeping Harry. How can one human have so much beauty to them? Not just his looks either, he has a beautiful soul as well. My eyes skim back to his lips. God, his lips. If only they were kissing me right now. Down my neck, onto my collar bone. Biting and nipping, leaving a hickey in its place. 

 I play with the idea of waking him up just to do that, but he needs his sleep. When I make up my mind to be a good girlfriend, I groan and roll over. I hate that I’m a good person sometimes. My head is still spinning with the thought of Harry kissing me all over as I close my eyes and try to sleep. Minutes pass before I huff out and grab my phone. 

Looks like I’m not going to be sleeping tonight. One perk of having a famous boyfriend is that I can look up smut about him and totally try it the next time we have sex. And that’s what I do. I head over to my Tumblr app and type in “Harry Styles smut”. The first thing that pops up is an ask. The ask reads “OKAY but imagine riding harry’s thigh i Am HURT. You would grind down on him and it would hit your clit just right and his hands would leave marks on your hips and he could feel you soaking through his jeans, and he just gets off to you getting off FUCK”. 

 Okay what in the hell is thigh riding and why am I so wet now? My mind starts racing after smut with thigh riding involved. I’ve never heard of thigh riding, but I’m already liking it. I stay up a few more minutes, maybe hours, who really knows? Looking at smut that includes thigh riding. I’m aching for the feeling of it right now. My internal conflict is raging inside me and I think I have to wake Harry. The sleeping boy next to me looks so peaceful. How could I wake him up just to ride his thigh? I can feel myself pulsing for this feeling. “Fuck.” I groan out, I can’t wait any longer. My hand starts to shake his sleeping body, “Harry.” All he does is let out a soft groan. This is going to be harder than I thought. With a swift pull from the covers, both of our bodies are uncovered. 

Harry is naked from his hips up and he looks fucking great. The tattoos sprawled across his toned body never looked so appealing in my life. I want to run my tongue over everyone of them. Black  shorts that were around my hips fall off with a swift motion from my arms, my underwear following. Fire is in my veins. Harry visibly shutters from the loss of the covers but I climb on top of him to bring him warmth.

 "Y/N?“ He mutters, his voice raspier and deeper from sleep. Fuck, I’m literally dripping for this green eyed man. “Baby, I want to try something..” I say while unleashing kisses to his jaw and neck. “At-” He stops to check the time, “5:47 in the morning?” Huh, guess I was looking at smut longer than I thought. “Yes baby, please, I’m literally dripping for you. Plus, you have to get up an hour anyways for work.” I moan out, I can already feel his erection through his pajama pants. “Well if you insist.” He smirks. “What did you want to try?” He sits up holding me in his lap. My legs are by each of his hips and his large hands are roaming my back, hips, and thighs. “Well it’s kinda weird, but I really want to try it.” I tug my lip into my teeth, nervously awaiting his response. “Yeah? What’s it then love?” “Well- I- just- let me show you. Take off your pants.” I instruct with a shaky voice, he obliges as he lifts me off his lap. He is left in his tight boxer briefs. 

I manage to mount back onto his lap, positioning myself over his left thigh. “What’re you doing babe?” Harry asks me with puzzlement in his eyes. “Just..” I moan out as I begin to move hips on his lap. The contact of my clit to his thin boxers form incoherent moans. Harry’s hands move to my hips, gripping them. “Oh so you like thigh riding, huh?” Harry’s voice is like gravel on a road sending me to move faster as his hands insinuate rapid movements. My head nods feverishly as he moves me faster. I feel his lips attach to my breasts, sucking lightly. 

Curls are in my hands as I rock back and forth in his thigh. Cotton boxers against my clit work expertly together with the collaboration of my movements and Harry’s lips. Pleasure is racing through me leaving a beating heart and restless moans. Thoughts are construed in my mind as I try to piece together all the overwhelming things that are enveloping around me. Fuck, I’m so close. “Harry…” I moan out and he gets the hint. His inked hands grip my love handles tighter and my moves pick up pace as we move with the rhythm of an imaginary tempo. “Come for me.” Harry barely whispers in my ear as he adds a nibble to my ear lobe and before I can stop myself, I am sent over the top. An orgasm rattles through me with blacked out vision and shaking hands. Spearmint surrounds me as my head collapses into Harry'a shoulder. “I didn’t know you were into that.” Harry’s voice flows out to me and I laugh, “Yeah I didn’t either.” The clock now reads six-fifteen. 

Before Harry can react, I roll off of him and fall into my spot on our bed. The covers are pulled up over me, I hum in response. “Get some sleep, my angel.” Are words I hear before I drift off.

Too Far

Prompt: Something with hardcore hate sex /// Can you do a fic where it’s Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil and they have hate sex or something? /// Can you do one where it’s Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil and they can’t stand each other and they are partnered up for a school project (like college or high school) and they have hate sex /// Can you do Punk!Phil and Pastel!Dan and the have hate sex /// CAN YOU DO PUNK!PHIL AND PASTEL!DAN AND THEY HATE EACH OTHER BUT THEY ARE ASSIGNED AS PARTNERS IN A SCHOOL PROJECT AND END UP FIGHTING AND HAVING HATE SEX

Author’s Note: this fic is dedicated to what appears to be one anon that just really really wants some hate sex. the capital letters really put me in a writing mood! tbh i wanted so badly to rick roll you but i can’t find the malice…………  (You could stand to relax a little though lmao) (1.3k words)

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Going with Harry to tape the BBC Radio 1 interview with Grimmy (Fluffy af)

Or when you have to keep secret that you filmed a video question for Harry…

“Nervous?” you ask before taking a large bite of toast with butter and jam.

“It’s just a normal chat with Nick,” he wipes the crumbs from your lip before you can swat his hand away, adding, “I’m just nervous for it to air.”

“Yeah, too bad we can’t be on the beach with Nicky when that happens,” you smirk from your perch on one of the tall stools by the breakfast bar.

Harry smacks your thigh lightly from his seat next to you, nearly spitting out his tea. “You know he hates when you call him that,” he tilts his head to the side as his body shakes silently with laughter.

“‘S’why I call ‘im that,” you say with a mouthful of jam.

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✨ imagines; theme: "in love with you" ✨

🌻 imagine dan as the boy with anxiety , the boy obsessed with the stars and reading mystery novels, the nervous seeming boy who always shakes and stutters and avoids eye contact and phil as the popular boy who doesn’t even try to be liked, who has girls and boys alike throwing themselves at his feet. and he falls in love. with dan howell.

🌻 phil hating his glasses, not wanting to wear them but they’re the only way he can see, and he tells dan. dan just frowns with a “well let’s see” and takes phil’s glasses off, tilting his head to the side and he smiles softly. when phil asks what, why is he smiling, dan just smiles harder, putting his glasses back on. “i think i like it better like this. you look more like the phil i fell in love with.”

🌻 dan getting slightly (*very) tipsy while out with his friends at a bar, and he sings halo at the top of his lungs; it starts with humming and light tapping of his fingers before his friends start encouraging him , and soon he’s on the fucking piano, spinning around and around and singing (and if they’re honest it doesn’t sound half bad) before he starts to fall ; cue bartender phil rushing forward and catching him bridal style. dan giggles, his face tinted pink and blowing away the soft curls falling in his face. “can i have another drink pweasee?” phil chuckles. “i think you’ve had enough, love.”

🌻 phil befriending his best friend’s younger brother who’s always shunned by him; inviting him to hang out with them and soon enough just him, pulled in by dan’s sweet squishy face and his dimples and the way dan’s eyes twinkle when phil makes him laugh. one day dan’s being very reserved when they’re sitting on phil’s roof; he keeps biting his lip and pulling his sleeves over his hands and avoiding phil’s eyes, so phil asks what’s wrong. dan looks up, blushing like hell, holding his hands to his mouth like a chipmunk, his eyes wide. “i think i’ve fallen in love with you, philly.” his bottom lip trembles he lets his face fall into his hands. “i’m sorry, please don’t hate me.” phil grins, touching his arm. “hey,” he says gently, offering him a smile. “don’t worry. i think i’m falling in love too. so…” he takes dan’s hand, intertwining their fingers, and dan stares at their hands. “so we’ll fall together. okay?”

🌻 phil using pick up lines on dan all day, every time he walks into the room. “are you a magician? because when i look at you everyone else disappears.” “hey, dan? tie your shoes. i wouldn’t want you falling for anyone else.” and every time phil says one he gets this look on his face, his eyes lighting up and an excited grin stretching across his face, and dan can feel himself melting more and more every time but he just rolls his eyes until, finally , after phil compares his face to the night sky he blurts it out; “fuck you, phil, i’m fucking in love with you,” and leaves the room, leaving phil with his mouth dropped open.

The Holster

Summary: Endverse!Cas is missing Endverse!Dean, and goes to visit him in his cabin.

Word Count: 2100

Warning: Smut, drug use, a little angst (because it’s Endverse and it’s all angsty)

A/N: I love Endverse. I hope you do, too.

Cas fucking hates the thigh holster Dean wears.

It’s sexy as all hell, of course, just like everything else about Dean. It clings to that thick muscle in just the right way to show off just how strong Dean’s legs are. It tells anyone around Dean just how prepared, steady, and dangerous he is. Most of the women sigh and bite their lips when he walks by, staring at the damn thing like it’s his cock.

But Cas fucking hates it.

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i had the weirdest dream so obviously i had to write a fic about it


They met at the park. It could have been a meet-cute, except Derek doesn’t do cute so it ended up just being weird.

Derek was taking Nora for a walk like he always does when she decided it would be a good idea to chase a squirrel and practically dragged him around, only stopping when another dog got in her way – probably chasing the squirrel too – and they started growling at each other.

“Hey, man. Control your dog, I’m not ready to be a grandpa!”

“My dog is a female.” Derek said, tried not to stare at the other guy’s hands as he struggled to hold his dog back.

“Well,” the other guy said, “how can you know under all – that.” He gestured towards Nora.

“She’s an Alaskan malamute.” Derek took a step back, dragging Nora away from asshole-guy and his dalmatian. “Much better than a dog that you don’t know if it’s white or black.”

The other guy stopped, looked between Derek and his dog. “How dare you.” He narrowed his eyes. “Leia is beautiful.

“Leia?” Derek asked, smirking. “What happened to creativity these days?”

“I’ll show you creativity.” The guy growled, much like Nora was doing, then took Derek’s hand, dragged him towards a bench and started to list all the reasons he named his dog after Princess Leia.

Nora and Leia ended up getting along fabulously, and as fate would have it, so did their owners.

“Unfair.” Stiles mumbles, watching as Derek heads to the bathroom. “I’m supposed to be going to work. Stop teasing me.”

Derek smirks over his shoulder. “Are you sure? I was going to ask you to join me in the shower.”

Gah.” Stiles says as his dick responds to Derek’s smile. “I hate you.”

Derek laughs. “I know.” He walks into the shower, moans purposefully loud when the hot water hits his body. Stiles yells at him to shut up and seconds later he’s joining Derek under the spray.

“You’re gonna kill me.” He leans in for a kiss, nips at Derek’s bottom lip as he runs his hands over Derek’s wet chest. “Fuck,” he moans when Derek presses him against the wall, rubs their dicks together, “you’re awful.”

Derek bites softly at Stiles’ pulse point, enjoys the moan it elicits from him. He’s always talking, moaning, yelling, seriously, Derek is the one who’s going to die here.

It’s been two months and they aren’t even close to getting tired from each other. It’s still hot, fun and - even more - exciting. Sometimes, in between fixing a car or two, Derek checks his phone, sends messages to Stiles, some of them explicit others just telling him about his day, the awful clients that destroy their cars and ask Derek to perform miracles. Other times, it’s Stiles that calls him, rambles about his dad and Leia, about his friends and what he ate that morning.

They haven’t talked about what they are – if they are something – but Stiles doesn’t seem in a hurry, so Derek isn’t going to force him, as much as he wants to.

Really, Derek’s got it so bad even his boss noticed and he’s seventy.

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Just Pretend?

Requested by @evilqueen729 69: “Just pretend to be my date”.  

Feysand - modern au, Nessian wedding

“Come on, Feyre, please?” Rhys begs, catching Feyre off guard for a good two seconds, seeing a grown, strong man begging. She quickly recovers, however, flipping her hair as she studies her dress in the mirror.

“Don’t come crying to me last minute, Rhysand, you should have figured out this problem a long time ago.” Feyre answers, intent not to ever agree to any deal involving Rhysand Night, her outspoken enemy but somehow the best friend of her sister’s fiancee.

She is about to walk away from him when Rhys steps into her path, hands raised to stop her from going anywhere. “You don’t understand, Cassian just told me that she was invited, and I was planning on going solo tonight but now, that’s not possible unless we want there to be a scene.”

Feyre puts her hands on her hips. “Just get any other girl to pretend to be your girlfriend for the night, I’m sure there are at least ten listening at the door right now, eager for the chance.” She comments bitterly.

Rhys doesn’t even glance away from her eyes. “That’s the point. With you, there are no expectations, just pretend. Please, Feyre,” He literally gets on his knees. “I’m on my knees, begging you. Just pretend to be my date. One night.”

Feyre studies him for a few moments, weighing the pros and cons. It would keep potential creeps away from her, but would also ward off any cute guys that might notice her as maid of honor. It would also be feeding into the best man screws maid of honor stereotype, but she would love to see the look on the other girls’ faces when they saw them walk in together, as a couple. Not to mention it would be hilarious to see the reaction of this crazy ex-girlfriend of his.

Finally, Feyre sighs. “One night, Rhysand, and I’m not sleeping with you either, so don’t even think about it.”

A brilliant smile lights up Rhys’ face and Feyre can’t help but feel that this is a terrible idea.

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Call Me

Baron Corbin/OC: You accidentally butt dial Baron while you’re masturbating in your hotel room after a show. He’s about to hang up when he hears you moan his name and he obviously can’t let you do it alone. Smut. Requested by @screamersdontdance

Oh, look. I wrote another request. I’ve been working on it forever. And I finally got it done. Which means now I get to work on my angsty Valentine’s Day fic. It’s lit.

Tagging my bbies: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @fuckyeahbulletclub @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @bizclizbaybay @oraclegazes @culturalrebel @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @meaganottiz02 @karaboomhower @valeonmars @squirrel666 @livingthestrongstyle @damnbuvky @dmm-wts @caramara3 @abbie03d

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Just Say Stop (Jeff Atkins)

“Say stop and I’ll stop.” Your voice is low, heavy with tension.

It makes him hot, he realizes suddenly. He can feel the heat on his neck, how flushed his cheeks are.

Your lips graze his, and Jeff feels the beginning of a smile when he leans forward, barely touching your foreheads together. He looks up from your lips and at your eyes, already looking at his, and he feels like you’ve sucked all the air out of his lungs and now he can’t fucking breathe. It’s surprises him, he thinks with a satisfied smile, how great it feels.

He takes a shallow breath before he leans in fully, body angled near-perfectly into yours, and lets you kiss him.

It is slow, so slow, and he feels the beginning of something build up in his chest, spreading through him like warm water. His hands come up to your jaw and neck, his fingers sneaking into your hair, and he pulls himself closer, makes the kiss deepen and quicken.

It’s not so slow anymore.

He feels something hot build up in him again, this time lower, and he nearly lets out a high-pitched whine when you run a hand down his chest. It makes him shiver. It makes him want to do the worst things, the kind of things nice boys don’t do.

He trembles when you rest your hand on his thigh, close, but not close enough to the hot ache between his legs. He bucks beneath your fingers when they touch him just right, and he has to force his hips to still.

He almost cries when you take his lower lip in between your teeth. He nearly cums on the spot when you bite him.

He’s going to embarrass himself, he realizes. So he does what he knows is okay, and he says, “stop.”

anonymous asked:

Any Josh tonight mom?


You’re cuddled up on the sofa, your head in Josh’s lap as you watch Varsity Blues; it was one of your favorite movies since you saw it as a child, but you’d never let Josh know that. His fingers are playing with your hair, delicately enough to almost make you fall asleep right there, but when he shifts his thighs slightly, you groan softly, setting your hand on his knee to make him stop moving.

“Sorry,” he mutters. “Were you asleep?”

“Almost,” you whisper.

“Oh, well, that’s a shame,” he replies. “Real shame.” You can tell from the tone of his voice and the way that his fingers are now gently rubbing your shoulder that he’s trying to lead you into asking him what he’s talking about. You don’t give in to his trap immediately, instead focus on the movie, deflecting his comment; you feel him shift around again, as if he’s trying to discreetly get your attention.

“What is it, Josh?” you sigh.

“Nothing,” he replies. Again, the tone of his voice is telling: he’s pouting to gain sympathy. You let out a groan, rolling over to set on your stomach; you settle your arms on his thigh and rest your head on top of them so you can peer up at Josh. He’s looking at the television, pretending that he’s not paying attention to you.

“Josh,” you say. “Look at me.” He turns his attention to you, trying to hide the grin that’s beginning to creep up on his lips. “What is it?” you repeat.

“I wanted to do something.”

“Like what?”

“Don’t worry about it,” he mumbles. “You’re too tired.”

“Joshua William Dun,” you say. “You’d better tell me right now.”

“Okay, fine,” he says, shuddering at your words. “I hate when you call me by my full name.”

“That’s why I do it.”

“I was thinking…maybe you could…” He trails off, scratching the back of his neck.

“Say it.”

“Sit on my face.” You stare at him for a moment, seeing him avoiding eye contact with you while his cheeks flush.

“You want me to sit on your face, huh?” you ask, biting your lip. He nods his head, still refusing to look at you, instead focusing on the television again. “Okay,” you say. Josh’s head snaps in your direction, eyes wide as if he didn’t expect you to agree to his request. He looks eager, excited, but then his face changes to something more concerned. “What is it?” you ask, sitting up on your knees beside him.

“I want to get you off only using my mouth,” he explains. “So I need you to pin my hands down so I’m not tempted to use them.” Your face heats up at the thought of having some control over Josh; he was always the dominant one in sexual situations, and for him to demand that you incapacitate his hands, as he generally did for you, makes your stomach twist into knots. “Do you think you can do that?” he asks, lowly.

“Y-yes, sir.” You always knew that when he was turned on, you were only to refer to him as ‘sir’ and refrain using his real name; it would wind him up even more, making him even more ravenous.

“Good,” he says.

He moves from the couch and lays on his back on the floor, in the center of the room. Once he’s settled, he peers at you, waiting for you to join him. You stand from the couch, slipping your shorts and panties off of your legs; you walk towards him, lowering yourself down so you were resting with your knees straddling his head.

Josh stretches his arms out on the floor above his head, staring up at you; taking the hint, you wrap your fingers around his thick wrists, pinning them down to the floor. It’s a strange feeling to have any sort of control of Josh, but when you notice the look in his eyes, it’s clear that he’s aroused by it.

From this new position, you realize that you have more power than you originally thought you would have, and from the way that Josh is looking at you, he doesn’t realize it yet. He licks his lips, waiting for you to lower yourself down onto him but instead you opt to tease him.

You shift yourself, lowering your core towards his face, watching the way he licks his lips and grins at the sight of you, already wet for him. You don’t move close enough for Josh to be able to reach you, and with his hands incapacitated, he can’t make you do what he wants. He tips his head up in an attempt to get closer, but you’re just far enough away from him that he cannot reach you.

“I give you an inch and you take a mile, huh?” he asks. “You think that if I wanted to that I couldn’t overpower you anyway and get what I want?”

“I’m sure you could,” you grin. “But you know how much fun I have teasing you.”

“You’d better let me taste that pussy before you get yourself in trouble.”

“Yes, sir,” you grin.

Finally, you settle onto him not putting your full weight down at first, but enough to allow Josh to get a taste of you. He trails his tongue slowly from your entrance to your clit, sending a shiver through your body; he flicks his tongue over your clit a few times before moving back to your entrance, pushing his tongue into you. Your fingers tighten around his wrists, sighing softly.

“Come closer,” he mutters. “I have to get my tongue deeper.”

You press yourself closer to him, watching between your legs as Josh cuts his eyes to your face; you can tell that he’s grinning, as he slowly works his tongue into you. He lets out a soft, groan, closing his eyes and rocking his head so he can delve his tongue deeper into you.

“Mmm, Josh.” You hear him growl between your thighs, eyes opening again so he can glare at you; immediately, you realize your mistake, and hurry to correct yourself. “I’m sorry, sir,” you mutter. “It feels so good, please don’t stop.”

Josh groans, pressing his open mouth to your clit, lapping at it, breathing hard against you. He suddenly tugs his hands, as if he’s trying to break from your grasp, but he lets out a groan when he feels your grip tighten on his wrists.

He begins to suck on your clit now, and your hands move so your fingers are laced with his, still pinning him down. When you move, your hips are pressed closer to him, and you begin to very softly grind yourself on his face. As you do this, you hear Josh moan against you, squeezing your fingers as he toys with your clit even faster.

“Fuck, don’t stop,” you gasp, closing your eyes and tipping your head back. You circle your hips faster, pressing down harder against Josh’s face just to hear his muffled moans.

Suddenly, Josh overpowers you, snatching his hands from your grip and hooking them around your thighs so he could bury his face against you. As he moves faster, fingers now digging into your thighs as he keeps you still, you struggle not to moan too loud; Josh, as if he could sense you holding back, smacks your backside hard.

“Jesus!” you gasp, leaning over him and pressing your hands to the floor.

You continue to roll against Josh’s face as best as you can, but Josh holds you so firmly against his face, you don’t have the ability to move as much as you’d like. When you feel your climax creeping closer, one of your hands grabs a handful of Josh’s hair and yanks hard. You moan loudly, nails digging into the carpet below you and letting go of your moans as loud as you can. Josh hums his approval, muttering incoherently against you.

Your climax courses through you, your muscles on fire as you continue to grind yourself against Josh’s face; he’s moaning just as loud as you are, locking you in place so you can ride out your orgasm. You place both of your hands on the floor above Josh’s head, bracing yourself as you try to come down from your high.

“Mmmm,” Josh hums, slapping you hard on your backside. You yelp, body still tender from your climax; you peer down at him, seeing him grinning up at you. Quickly, you roll off of him, laying on the floor beside him; when you tip your head to look at him, he’s smiling at you still while he licks the taste of you from his lips

“You’re never gotten me off without using your fingers before,” you mutter, running your hands through your hair. “You’re like a wizard with that tongue, aren’t you?”

“I can never get enough of the way you taste,” he says, with a soft chuckle. “We’re gonna have to do that a lot more often.”

Better as Three Part 2 (M)



Part 1   Part 3

Characters: Mark Tuan (GOT7) x You (OC/Reader) x Im Jaebum (JB, GOT7)

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Slight Angst, AU

Length:   4,713 words

Plot:  Mark feels bad for ignoring you for the past few nights – and he is hoping to make you feel better with a pleasant surprise.

Warning/s:  Poly!Markbum, Polyamorous relationship, Kitchen counter sex, Overstimulation, Slight Dirty Talking, Fingering, Cunnilingus, just overly detailed het smut and it’s kind of a makeup sex too??? Idk jfc

A/N:  I ended up not changing much, LMAO.  So it’s pretty much still the same with the first one I’ve posted, I just removed the irrelevant parts and also did my best to proofread though idk if I succeeded haha.

You were stirred from your sleep the next night when you felt the need to drink some water; however, you had forgotten to bring some inside your room.

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an everyday spring conversation

I wrote a little drabble about your Elsewhere University. I hope it does justice! (Warning: profanity).

“These poor kids are gonna be eaten alive.” Rhea flaps a hand towards the high schoolers touring campus, but her attention is focused on her packet of fruit snacks. She shakes it violently. “Dammit, I can’t get this peach unstuck.”

Ivo reaches over, plucking the gummy from the package. He pops it into his mouth. It’s a little stale, and he has to bite down hard to split it into pieces. “You’re a freshman, Rhee. You didn’t know shit when you showed up.”

Rhea brings a hand to her chest, mock-scandalized. “Wow, talking shit and stealing my fruit snacks! We’re not friends.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Ivo rolls his eyes. “You’re so melodramatic.”

“Maybe, but they really are gonna get fucked up.”

“Like you almost did? I saved your ass.” Ivo curves his lips into the lazy smirk he knows she hates. She grumbles something unintelligible, and he grins, showing off white teeth. He cups a hand to his ear. “What was that? I didn’t hear you.”

She shoves his shoulder roughly, blushing a little. “Don’t be an ass.”

Ivo throws his head back and laughs. The sun is bright. He almost can’t believe that it’s already time for the tours. If he didn’t have a semester’s worth of his organic chemistry notes laid out in front of him, he might think that the gentry were just fucking with their heads again. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

“You know, Mallory was fucking around with one of them a couple weeks ago.”

Ivo hums - not disinterested, but not fully focused. He highlights another line of text. “Was she?”

“Yeah, I heard it was real bad. You know how the damn linguistics students are.”

He lets out a soft snort. “True. Do you remember Glenn?”

Rhea throws her head back, cackling. “He fucking threw his iron rings out the window because he was horny! Like, come on. That’s some next level thirst.”

Ivo looks up from his notes, grinning. Rhea’s laugh is infectious. Despite how high maintenance watching a freshman is, that damn laugh caught him, and he was hooked. He taught her to make salt lines, to always wear iron, to buy soaps at the market down the street and to not ask what’s in them. Now she’s all grown up. Oddly, he feels rather like a parent watching their child leave the nest.

“May I sit?”

Ivo’s eyes snap up. It’s a boy, tall and willowy. He has frog eyes.

“Of course,” Ivo says, and Rhea scoots over to make space. Always be polite. The boy ignores the new space, though, and balances on the bench arm, just next to Ivo. He gives him a grin that seems to show an impossible number of teeth.

“Not to intrude on your conversation, but I rather liked Glenn,” the boy says, eyes glinting. “He was honest, and a treat while he lasted.”

“I thought he was kind of a dick,” Rhea says, flicking through sheets in her portfolio. She doesn’t seem to realize what she’s said. The gentry’s eyes narrow.

“What’s that?” he asks, significantly less pleasant. He points towards it with a long fingernail.

Rhea tugs out a sheet with sketches autumn trees on it. She doesn’t make eye contact when she passes it over Ivo to the boy. “It’s my portfolio.”

The boy brightens significantly. “Do you do people?” He inspects the drawing, holding it in different angles in the light.

“Yeah, I do.”

He turns to Rhea with a wide grin. “Will you do me?”

Without any hesitation, she pulls out a sheet of thick paper. “Do you want me to draw you in this form, or…?” She lets her question trail off. The boy’s grin grows.

“Could you do it like this?” He smiles for her, and for a sliver of a second he is incredibly inhuman, with long horns and wide eyes that are too far apart. Rhea doesn’t flinch. Instead, she summons an eraser and a set of colored pencils from practically nowhere and begins to sketch from memory. For a moment, there is peaceful silence, and Ivo highlights another phrase.

“So, who’re you?”

Ivo looks up. The question stems more from boredom than from real curiosity, but he can’t leave it unanswered. “I’m Eye.”

“I’m See. How funny!” The gentry laughs a laugh without humor. “I’ll tell you what mine’s short for if you tell me what yours is short for.”

It’s not as if it’s his real name, anyways. “I’m Ivo.”

This earns him a pleased smile. “I’m Catahecassa.”

“That’s a nice name.”

“Of course it is. I wouldn’t settle for one that wasn’t nice.”

Ivo suppresses a sigh. The fae are always so vain.

“Excited to terrorize the newbies?” Ivo asks, waving a hand at the tour group that is somehow still in the courtyard. At least four overexcited high schoolers have their hands raised.

“Hell yeah,” Catahecassa chuckles, stretching. His shoulders pop unnaturally in their sockets. “These idiots don’t even know to wear their socks inside out. It’s fun to watch them try to figure out what the fuck is happening. You know, one of them has already fallen into the time fold by the fountain. The damn swamp hag his having a free-for-all.”

“Which one?”

“The one who lives in the time fold. Duh. I hate that bitch. Her hair is a fucking wreck.”

Ah, yes. The one who lives in the time fold. Excuse Ivo for not knowing how to do fucking origami with the time-space continuum, and for not knowing every swamp hag. Goddamn.

“It can’t be as bad as that spirit who haunted the tap in the lab last year.”

Catahecassa lets out a disdainful snort. “Ugh, he was an idiot. ‘Wah, the chemistry students don’t like me!’ Newsflash, asshole. Nobody likes you.”

“He almost gave me an aneurysm when I was cleaning out flasks.”

This earns a snicker. “The only thing he was good for.” He gives Ivo an up and down, curling his lip. “Chemistry majors are scum.”

Before Ivo can say something stupid, Rhea reaches out. “I’m finished,” she says, her paper covered in colors.

Ivo can’t really see it before Catahecassa takes it, but it makes the gentry’s face truly light up. “I do look good with that kind of horns. I fucking knew it.” Without so much as a thank you, he stands and leaves, walking impossibly smoothly. Not even Heelys could make someone walk that smooth.

“Well,” Rhea says, turning to Ivo with a grin. “I’m glad he liked it.”


I Still Like You

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Angst, mentions of one night stand, anger, smut, nsfw, unprotected sex (wrap it up kiddos) alcohol consumption

Word Count: 2219

Summary: Sebastian was the last person you expected to see when you came home for your brother’s birthday. There’s bad history between you both but there’s still something you like about him. 

I cupped my hands around my mouth, blowing on them to try and alleviate the frigid ache in my finger tips while my eyes stayed on Sebastian standing a few feet away. His phone was pressed against his ear and it was clear that he wasn’t liking whatever the person on the other end was saying, his hand running through his hair in frustration.

I rolled my eyes, shivering slightly as the rain ran down my back in cold rivulets, sticking my clothes against my body. This had been the last thing I’d expected when I got on the plane earlier this morning and my frustration was only growing with every second I continued to stand on the side of the road in the rain with the person I was least excited to see.

It was my Brother’s birthday weekend and when he’d asked me to fly down for the weekend I’d wholeheartedly agreed, having not seen him in close to six months. That excitement had lasted right up until I got off the plane and saw Sebastian waiting for me, my brother having tactfully avoided mentioning that he was also going to be spending the weekend. My mood had only soured further when the car hit a particularly deep puddle of water, spinning out on the slick roads before ending up at the bottom of a muddy embankment.

Another minute passed and Sebastian was hanging up his phone, walking back towards me while shoving his hands into his jeans pockets.
“So…we’re going to have to stay out here tonight,” He grimaced. “Tow truck won’t be here until the morning.”
“You’re kidding right?” I exclaimed angrily. “Please tell me you are fucking kidding me.”
“Hey, I’m not thrilled about it either princess,” Sebastian replied, his tone just as annoyed.
“Don’t you dare princess me Stan! I’m not - no, you know what? I’m not staying in this car with you all night, there is no way.”

I turned away from him, beginning to walk in the direction of the airport, only making it a couple of steps before Sebastian’s hand was curling around my upper arm, holding me tight enough that I couldn’t keep walking.
“Where is it that you’re planning on going?”
“Anywhere but here with you.”
“Stop being so immature,” Sebastian practically growled, spinning me back to face him. “It’s pitch black out here, it’s storming and I’m not going to have your brother kill me because you walked off and got yourself lost out here somewhere.”
“Let me go.”
“We can stand out here and argue as much as you like but I’m not letting you go until the both of us are back in the car.”

After a few more minutes of shivering I sighed, my will to get warm and somewhat dry over running my will to get away from Sebastian. Begrudgingly I followed him back down the bank to the car.

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Goodbye Internet.

Summary- In which Dan ruined what him and Phil had and made his last video. 

Genre- Angst?

Word Count - 1.7k 

The flat the two shared used to be full of life and happiness, now it was only full of sadness and regret. Dan had messed up big time, him and Phil fought. Now Phil was gone and Dan couldn’t forget him. He was everywhere he looked. Dan couldn’t bear though to get rid of the things they had together. He couldn’t even be bothered to pick up the engagement ring Phil threw back to him just before he left. “Fuck you Dan. I trusted you with my life and agreed to marry you and you went sleeping around?” Phil scoffed, twisting the ring off his finger. His face was tight, the veins in his neck popping out as his eyes watered. “Here”. He threw the ring at Dan, hitting his chest. Dan watched it fall to his feet along with his heart. “I changed my mind. I’ll get my stuff over the week.” He turned and walked out, slamming the door, leaving Dan standing there with tears falling from his eyes, landing around the ring on the floor. 

About a month ago it hit Dan, he was getting married. He wanted to marry Phil, god he did. He was scared and did what he usually did. Dan ran. He ran from his fear, ran from everything and into the arms of another person. A few actually. Thinking back now, Dan realized they all had one thing in common, they were just like Phil. Every woman he went home with was a huge kid on the inside with the sweetest smile. If Dan went home with a guy he noticed things about them to, they all were nerdy and had the sweetest personalities.

Staring at the ceiling as his fairy lights shone above him, illuminating the room with a melancholy mist. Dan hadn’t done much of anything since Phil left. He hadn’t gotten out of bed unless he needed to use the bathroom or wanted a drink or snack. Even then he just started hoarding bags of maltesers and water bottles in his room so he wouldn’t have to leave as much. Unlike the rest of the house, Dan’s room was black and white basically. The less color he had the better. To Dan, Phil was like a bunch of colors that shone brightly making everyone happy. Except Dan, the colors only made him sad now.

Tears slipped from his eyes and slid down the sides of his face. He didn’t want to continue YouTube alone, he didn’t want to abandon the gaming channel, let alone his own but he couldn’t do it. He met Phil through YouTube, and it ended on YouTube.

Sighing, Dan found the strength to climb out of bed. His head throbbed in pain as he walked to the bathroom, his head dropping once he saw his appearance. His hair was greasy and curled, bags and dark circles were under his eyes. His shoulders drooped and his clothes hung off his body. He was wearing grey sweatpants that were big on him alone and a jumper that was way too big for him.

Tears fell from his eyes again as a sob crashed through his body. Dan leaned against the wall and slid down, fully sobbing now. “I-I’m so sorry P-Phil.” He gasped through every cry to himself. He doubted he’d ever get to tell him how sorry he was. Phil was right in Dan’s mind to leave. He didn’t deserve Phil, he never did and he proved that.

Dan couldn’t do this. He wasn’t happy. YouTube doesn’t make him happy anymore. It’s been a week, almost two now since he even logged on. He sat there on the bathroom floor for hours thinking it over.

Music blasted in his headphones, and he stared at the tiled wall. Was he doing this? “I guess I am,” he mumbled, the life drained from him. He pulled himself up and trudged back to his room, setting the camera up in front of his bed. Turning the camera on he sat there for five minutes before saying anything.

“Hello internet,” he waved his hand. His voice wasn’t happy like it usually was when he did his intros, then again he wasn’t happy anymore. “I look like a literal rat right now, and I deserve to.”

Dan sighed and hung his head trying to think of how he wanted to explain everything. The fans never knew that him and Phil were together, so how was to explain what happened without outing them. Hopefully Phil wouldn’t hate his anymore than he already did..

“As you guys probably have noticed, Phil and I are no longer gonna be living together.” Dan bite his lip and looked down. “A-And it’s all my fault.” He looked into the viewfinder for a brief moment to see how he was doing.

“Phil and I were a couple. I asked him to be my boyfriend back in 2011 and he said yes.” Dan smiled but that smile was nothing but sadness anymore. “We went through tough times like any other couple, as you all know we grew apart in 2012, but we came back around.”

Dan could feel tears forming back in his eyes but he refused to let them fall again. “After being together for over 5 years, I decided I would ask him to marry me. I wanted to make it perfect, because that’s what Phil deserves. I planned a trip back to where it all started. You were so clueless. My heart was soaring, beating out of my chest. I was gonna ask you to marry me and I was terrified you would say no. Looking back? You should have, but for some reason you chose to say yes.”

Laughing a bit Dan remember how nervous he had been that day. “I took you to the train station where we met for the first time. I was nervous to get off the train that day. I was worried you would hate the me you would see in person.”

A single tear rolled down his cheek, “W-we planned to get married in May. We planned on recording bits of it, and uploading a vlog as a surprise to you guys.” Dan chuckled, “Some of you, many of you actually would have been expecting it.”

Dan closed his eyes and let the tears roll freely now. He brought his hand up and covered his mouth, letting sobs escape his body. His eyes were more than likely bloodshot as he looked back into the camera. “Then I fucked up big time.” Came from his lips in a whisper.

“Loyalty is something everyone deserves. T-trust to, and I broke both of those things. P-phil… If you by some chance watch this, not that you would want to see me again in any form, but I-I’m so sorry. You should never forgive m-me. I was scared. I s-still am now that I’m alone again because I-I’m so used to having you here. It’s not the same. There’s no dork to greet me when I finally crawl out of bed, no one to help when I fall into an existential crisis. I fucking took you for granted, and I will never f-forgive myself for that.”

Dan fell back onto his bed and let the sobs come, the tears pour. A good 15 minutes later once he composed himself, he sat back up and looked into the camera. “I che-cheated on P-Phil Lester. I fucking hate myself f-for it.” He wiped his eyes before looking back into the camera.

“It hit me that I was getting married and I started to panic. I started thinking about how Phil, how you could c-change your mi-mind any moment and it scared me. So, like any other time I was scared, I ran. Instead of running to you, I ran from you. Into the arms of others.”

“I want you guys to do me a favor. I want you all to, if you love somebody, make sure you tell them. If you get scared f-fucking tell them! Don’t do what I did. Don’t be stupid and cost yourself the one person you can’t live without. This? This hurts like fucking hell and it sucks. Phil, you mean everything to me an- and I’ll never get you back and I deserve that. I deserve to be lonely and to never hear from you again.”

Dan sighed, scared shitless to end this video. His face was tear stained, his sleeves were damp from crying and his eyes were bloodshot and puffy. “The last few things I w-want to say to end this on… I-I’m moving. I don’t know where, but somewhere. Hell, I don’t even know if I’ll stay in London, it all hurts too much. J-just like this… YouTube used to make me happy. Now it mocks me. I look and see most of the videos I created were with you Phil and I can’t do it. So, this is it. No more Danisnotonfire. No more live shows, no more updates. I’m going back to being Dan, and getting rid of my internet persona I’ve built over the years. Please, if you guys see me in public, please don’t come up to me. I don’t want this “fame”,” Dan put hand quotations around fame. He never considered himself a famous person. Just someone on the internet. “I loved meeting you guys, but when your other half is missing you just don’t want to continue.”

Dan sighed one last time and wiped his eyes before looking into the camera. “I’m Dan and this was Danisnotonfire. Goodbye internet.”


Dan had just finishing packing up the last box of things from his bedroom. He was moving back home, not too far from his parents’ house. Carrying the box out to the lounge, he looked around. What was once a happy place was now nothing but a bad memory. The ring he gave Phil lived in his wallet. The remains of his YouTube career were going with him. He had uploaded the video a week ago and wasn’t sure how everyone was reacting. He didn’t check the comments or look on any social media. He was too scared.

Dan’s phone went off in his hand and he looked at it.

YouTube: AmazingPhil has just uploaded a video: Phil’s Final Video Blog - 2nd March 2017

Part 2

so cold 01 / min yoongi

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part 02 part 03

requested by @ jiminieechim

summary: you’re in love with bff yoongi but as soon as you tell him he starts acting cold and keeps on rejecting you. 

note: I’m making this into 3 parts so each part will have it’s own summary

note2: I changed it a bit around hope that’s okay 

enjoy reading!

‘how to love someone you can never have?’ you typed this sentence in the search bar at least 100 times today but nothing good popped up, just a bunch of stupid articles that talked about nonsense.

this type of question was on your mind 24/7 for the past couple of weeks. 

see the problem is that this person is your best friend.

best friend

the word rang in your ears and you couldn’t get rid of it. no matter what you tried it didn’t work. you tried liking many other guys from your school but no one is as reliable, trustful, smart and handsome as Min Yoongi. yup that was his name. you sometimes wished you didn’t even met him in the first place because you wouldn’t worry so much. but how could you know?

when you two met you didn’t feel anything towards him. not even the fact that he’s handsome while all the other girls drooled over him. you met him at a bar while you were crying because your ex boyfriend stood you up. you didn’t have a ride back home so he nicely drove you. he didn’t even feel like a stranger but as if you two knew each other all your life. you two clicked instantly. and soon you became best friends. you never thought of him as more than a friend, so when the feelings came in you tried pushing them away but it didn’t work. you don’t know what it is but he’s just different. a good kind of different, taking care of you in bad and good times, a shoulder to cry on someone to trust. but damn it, sometimes you wished quietly to yourself you could kiss him. however you knew that if you tell him this it could either end your friendship or it could be the start of something new.

but this was the day you decided that you were finally going to confess. you knew someday you would have to or it could kill you inside. so you took your phone from the night stand and quickly typing a text sending it to him.

You:  got time? need 2 talk 2 u

Your heart skipped a beat, after just a few seconds he replied back.

SUGA: yup coming

quickly locking the phone and throwing it on the bed you jumped to your closet searching for something better to wear. usually you don’t care how you look in front of him : without makeup, sweatpants and a hoodie. however today you wanted to look more presentable, popping on black ripped jeans which were his favorite, he always complimented your legs and how sexy they look but of course you took that as a best friend compliment and nothing more.

that was also something you liked about Yoongi. him being so nice and always giving you compliments and making you feel better. he never once let you down and neither did you.

finishing your outfit you put on a white tank top and sat down on the bed waiting for him. you didn’t lock the door to your dorm which practically you never do. except at nights and when your out but you know that Yoongi will come in barging whenever he likes.

“y/n!!!!” you heared your name been yelled from miles away. it was his voice screaming at the top of his lungs until you would answer but you didn’t. you were to busy laughing at the same time fiddling with your fingers because you were nervous. 

“hey why won’t you answer i yelled your name 5000 times” he said opening the door plopping right beside you putting his hand on your shoulder. his touch felt amazing it gave you goosebumps but you quickly pushed it away moving back a bit.

“what’s wrong?” he said with a pouty face realizing you acting weirdly.

“if it’s about the cookies I’m sorry I ate all of them but they were so fucking good” you couldn’t help but to laugh at the sentence. how you wished it could be that but it wasn’t. the moment was here and you need to do it now. right now at this very minute telling him and that’s it. fighting back at your own words you mentally curse at yourself getting ready for the confession.

“no it’s not that don’t worry about it…but i do have to tell you something and…” you trailed of looking down on the floor not being able to look up to his eyes. and when he lifted your chin up with his fingers you closed your eyes still not looking at him.

“y/n…what’s up tell me please I hate seeing you like this, you know you can tell me everything right?” you simply nodded at his comment biting at your lip scared of everything.

‘’I’m….’’ you started off but as soon as you said that tears started streaming down your face. you tried so hard to fight them back the more you thought about him the more tears you spilled. he took your hand in his tracing his fingers over your hands, giving you a few squeezes.

“wow okay this is something serious y/n calm down okay? whatever it is it can’t be that bad’’

‘’but it is…you’re so going to hate me for this I just know it..’’

‘’hate you? I can never hate you y/n’’  

thinking still if you’re going to tell him or just keep it to yourself, but it hurt so bad. he was your best friend if you lose him you lose everything. he’s like a anchor to you, bringing you up whenever you’re down lost in your own world.

‘’okay…here I go..’’ you started off as the last tear slipped by you wiped it away with your hand and Yoongi moved a bit closer to you.



‘’I’m…um..i’m in love with you..’’

there. the words have been spoken, those hard words that you’ve been anticipating to tell him. closing your eyes again you could feel his hand slip out of yours and you felt emptiness. you knew what you just said is something that he didn’t want to hear.

‘’say something please…’’

‘’what?! what I’m a supposed to say huh? what the actual fuck y/n?! You’re in love with me?!’’ he yelled at the top of his lungs just like he yelled out your name minutes before. you were shocked not expecting what he had just said to you. I mean you did fear rejection but not in this kind of way. so cold.

you stood up from your bed and running to the bathroom putting your hands on the sink looking up to the mirror. eyes swollen, lips swollen you were a crying mess. opening the water you splashed your face with cold water trying to push the thoughts away and the words he had spoken. a few seconds later you hear the door slamming and you knew he just left.

what are you going to do now? you just lost someone you cared so much for, maybe you shouldn’t have said anything and just move on. but it’s hard loving someone you can never have.

I Love You ~ Remus

“Babe, you’re being distracting. I’m trying to work.”  You groaned as your boyfriend, Remus, tried to bury himself into your side while you were studying for your final tests of the year.

“I just want cuddles.” HE said, muffled into your side.

Remus was more of a puppy dog than a wolf. He was just big and cuddly with a lopsided grin and tousled hair.

“And I just want to study or these tests.” You huffed.

“Do you not love me anymore.” He jokingly grumbled.

“No, Remus, I love my tests more.” You replied sarcastically.

He feigned tears and returned to your side.

“Rem, you’ve gotta stop.” You told him, moving away from him.

“Can you please come upstairs with me for just a little bit? You’ve been working all day.” He whined, looking at you genuinely.

“Fine!” You gave in, throwing your stuff aside and standing up, “But I’m not saying I’ll enjoy it.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He rolled his eyes and took your hand.

You both walked out of the bustling common room and up to his dorm. None of his roommates were in the room. Sirius was off flirting with his new girl, James was at Quidditch and Peter was somewhere doing whatever he was doing.  

You collapsed onto Remus’ bed once the door closed, suddenly realizing how tired of studying you really were.  Remus appeared next to you on the bed and you twisted in the white sheets to curl into him. He draped his arm over your body and tangled his hand in the hair at the base of your head.

“See, isn’t this much better?” He said softly.

“Much.” You mumbled into his chest.  

You lay like that for a few minutes before Remus shifted from his side to his back, pulling you onto his chest. With legs intertangled, you were pressed flush against him and couldn’t be happier.

“This is where I am meant to be.” You thought to yourself.

Remus pressed a kiss to your temple and buried his nose in your hair.

“You smell good.” He murmured.

“Thanks.” You scoffed. 

You lightly traced the scars on his face with your fingers. He hated every scar he had on his body. But even more so the ones on his face. The one across his nose, the two on his lip he got from biting himself when he transformed. And the one on his cheek. 

Stretching your neck and looking up, you pressed chaste kisses to his jaw. Soon, starting to nip at the skin there.  

“Hey, love.” He chuckled, moving to look at you, “What are you doing?” 

“What does it look like I’m doing.” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows at him. 

He kissed you on the nose. 

“Let’s just cuddle, okay?” 

“Sounds good.” You smiled. 

He turned on his side and practically crushed you under his body. 

“Remus!” You squealed, trying to shove him off of you. 

“What! I’m not doing anything.” He laughed.

“You’re suffocating me!” You gasped. 

“I can’t hear you. What did you say?” He said loudly in your ear. 

“I said ‘get off me’!” You yelled, laughing and struggling. 

He finally rolled back over and kissed your forehead lightly. 

“You know I love you, right?” You said. 

“I know.” 

Just a quick thing… hope you all like it. 

Catch Me (Day 7)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,633

A/N: I’m sorry for taking so long to update. I had family and school things to attend to but here it is! The final part of Catch Me - I hope you guys enjoy it and thank you to everyone who reblogged/liked/commented on any part of this story. I adore each and every one of you.

@avengerstories​ - thank you for editing this you queen :)

Day 6

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“We’re all needed for this mission,” Steve states from the front of the conference room. His lips are set in a straight line and there are no hints of the smile he was wearing only half an hour earlier when the two of you were eating lunch together. It goes to show that something as seemingly insignificant as a ten-minute phone call can change everything.

“What is it this time?”

“Infiltration.” Steve hesitates before adding, “Of a HYDRA base.”

Bucky who, for the first time ever, voluntarily chose to sit next to you for this meeting, clenches his fists under the table.

“Even me?” Bruce questions, stealing your attention away from HYDRA’s former golden boy. He’s fiddling with the sleeves of his sweater and you wish you could offer him some kind of comfort. You know how opposed he is to becoming the big, green monster unless it’s absolutely necessary.

“We’re only going to need your medical expertise for this one Doc.”

“Oh thank god.” Bruce sinks back in his seat and relief floods through you. At least someone is guaranteed to come out of this mission unscathed.

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