i hate it the most when feminists 'reclaim' it or egalitarians use it

tumblr/internet vocab

Cut the drama on your dashboard by understanding the words used! I feel like a lot of “discourse” on tumblr has come about because there are many young and/or impressionable new people who have joined the site, and may not know or understand what every one of these words means, or the purpose of certain words/acronyms and their context.

PLEASE NOTE: I am a cisgender woman, and still lacking a lot of understanding with many complex issues myself, so pls let me know if anything below is incorrect so that I can fix it, or if I need to add terms to this list!

Cis = Short for “cisgender,” meaning preferring the gender given at birth.

Het = short for “heterosexual” meaning that someone is attracted to genders other than their own.

Cishet = Mashup of “Cisgender” & “heterosexual” which is usually meant to distinguish non-LGBT+ people. Not a slur.

LGBT+ = An acronym that means “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender,” and additional terms. Most people leave off the +, or add more letters to represent others, like P, Q, I, or A for “Pansexual, Polysexual, Polyamory” “Questioning, Queer,” “Intersex” and “Asexual, Aromantic” The acronym denotes non-cisgender, and non-heterosexual/romantic people.

Queer = An umbrella term for “not cisgender” and/or “not heterosexual.” Some people prefer this term so that they don’t have to use or find labels that may not fit them, or may not be easy to explain. Formerly a homo/transphobic slur, but has since been reclaimed by LGBT+ people, and now used as an academic term. Some people still prefer for it to not be used when referencing them, so respect individual peoples’ boundaries as needed, or blacklist the term.

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