i hate it so much that the show wants us to believe that sam should never be angry and that when he's angry he's wrong

The Day Dean Walked Away

Quick Info - Dean walked into a diner with Sam for lunch. He walks away after finding what he’s always wanted.
Word Count - 1499
Warnings - language, Daddy Dean, angst, abandonment

No clue where these stories are coming from…

This is for @one-shots-supernatural Weekly Hiatus challenge. This week’s prompt is I’m trying my best to be polite here

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The Day Dean Walked Away

See warnings before reading below cut!!

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Of Angels and Devils...

I had several requests to write a sequel to this imagine! Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Summary: Reader chooses between Sam and Cas, both of whom want to be with her.

Word Count: 1433

Two weeks ago, your whole life had shifted, changed into one you hardly recognized. Turns out, your unrequited feelings for Cas were actually returned. That alone was enough to throw you off a little, because you had never before allowed yourself to consider the possibility that the two of you could make a relationship work.

But Cas’ blunt revelation over dinner, in front of both Sam and Dean, was not the only thing that had shocked your world into spinning the opposite direction. Cas’ confession had led Sam to a confession of his own. 

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anonymous asked:

idk if its just me, but i was expecting more destiel scenes on last night's ep (considering that dabb wrote it and he is a huge ass shipper)

I’m sorry you were disappointed. Personally, this episode is what convinced me once and for all romantic Dean/Cas is endgame. I have no idea how explicit it’s gonna be (though, IMO if you’re gonna put THIS MUCH effort into it, seriously, do yourself a favor and go big otherwise why didn’t you altogether stay home), but I’m 101% convinced it’s endgame.

Time together=/=forwarding destiel. And overt references also are not necessarily what forwards destiel more than everything.

Ok, let’s go. I’ll try to be as articulate as possible, but please excuse me if it’s a bit all over the place because I’ve finished watching a couple hours ago and I’m still freaking out. I’ll mention a lot of things and themes intersecting so if any connection I’m making between stuff isn’t clear, just tell me and I’ll try to make the passages more explicit.

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A/N-I finished this one faster than I thought. Any who Tell me what you think x)

Dean x Reader

Word Count-1710

“Stupid Dean!” you yelled banging your hand against the steering wheel. “He’s an idiot! I don’t need him!” Arriving at your destination you angrily get out and slam the car door behind you. You mumble angrily under your breath as you walk up to the front door and knock. You hoped that he was here. When he didn’t answer the first time you knock again. You heard footsteps from the inside coming closer to the door.

“Do you know what time it is?” he yelled as he swung the door open. He sighed when he saw it was you.

“Hey Bobby can I sleep here? Please.” You try as hard as you can not to sound annoyed. After all Bobby has nothing to do with the raging anger that dwells within you.

He seemed a bit confused to see you but let you in. “What are you doing here at this hour?”

“I decided to leave the bunker because Dean is a little shit and I hate him and I just-“ you clenched your fist and let out an angry breath.

“So what you two idjits broke up over something stupid?” he said with a sigh.

Your eyes widened, you never thought about it. “I didn’t break up with him, but I should have! And it wasn’t something stupid!” you yelled.

“What happened?” he asked, bringing you a beer.

“He took my kill.” You say through gritted teeth.

He rolled his eyes. “And that isn’t a stupid reason?”

“No… You know how my family was killed right?” he nodded sadly. “Well this was him… I had him… I was about to cut its head off… and stupid Dean came and killed it instead. He knew! He knew how much I wanted this!” You hand tightened around your beer.

Bobby seemed to understand your anger. “Does Dean know you’re here?”

“I doubt it. I moved to my old room in the bunker and decided to just leave all together. Didn’t tell him or Sam that I was leaving or where I was going. If he calls you please don’t tell him I’m here.” You take a sip of your beer. “Don’t worry I won’t stay here forever, just a couple days.” You add.

“Nonsense. Stay as long you want.” He said.

“Thanks Bobby.” You smile.

The next day

Sam was making coffee in the kitchen when Dean walked in. Noticing that you weren’t there. “What is she on a hunger strike too?”

Sam looked at him sympathetically “Dean…”

“What you think I’m in the wrong too? You think I shouldn’t have killed the stupid vamp that was about to rip her throat out?” Dean yelled.

“No… I think I would have done the same. I just hope this doesn’t ruin anything for you guys. She was pretty pissed off.” Sam replied.

“Yeah… I would apologize but I don’t regret it. But I know how much that meant to her. She was finally going to have her revenge and it wasn’t like she went looking for them either.” He sighed. “I took that away from her so I know she’s hurting.”

“Just give her, her space. I’m sure she’ll come around.” Sam said.

Dean nodded. He can only hope you do. Not knowing you had already left. They were in the library all day. Sam was on his laptop and Dean had a book in front of him. He wasn’t reading it though. He has been on the same page as was since opening the book, which was a several hours ago. Every couple of minutes he would look up towards the open door to see if you came out of your room. When it became night, he was angry that you hadn’t come out to at least have a snack. He made you a sandwich and was standing outside your door. He waited before he knocked. It was fine if you were still mad, so long as you were alive. That should have been enough but Dean couldn’t stand it. Sure you two have had your share of fights but you both would always talk it out. He took a deep breath and knocked on your door.

"Y/N. I know you’re mad but you still have to eat.” He paused for your answer but didn’t get any. He knocked again “Come on Y/N… Please…” He again waited for a response. 

He decided to just open the door. Staring into your room, he saw your bed was neatly done and the closets were open. His eyes widened as it registered that you had left. Plate crashing to the floor as he dropped both arms to his sides. Where did you go? When did you leave? Were you going to come back? These were the questions swirling around in Dean’s head. He walked over to your desk. He saw that you left your favorite photo of the two of you there. That’s when he knew that you probably hated him now. He wasn’t about to let you go. No, if you were to leave him it wouldn’t be for this reason. He didn’t have time to wallow around, waiting to see if ever come back. He has to look for you.

“Sam!” he yelled as he walked out of your room.

“What is it Dean?” Sam answered.

“Y/N is gone. I have to look for her.”

Although they looked they couldn’t find you. No motel had seen you. Dean was frustrated. That was when he received a phone call.

“Y/N?” he hoped.

“No idjit it’s me.” Bobby said.

“Bobby! Have you seen Y/N?” Dean asked.

“Yeah. In fact she’s been here with me this whole time. Asked me not to tell you.” Bobby said looking over his shoulder, making sure you weren’t coming.

Dean sighed on relief. “I’m close by. I’ll be right over.”

“I’ll try talking to her. Prep her or else, the way she is now she’s capable of shooting you.” he said.

“Thanks Bobby.” Dean smiled.

“Yeah yeah thank me when this is over.” Bobby said. He hung up right when you entered the room. “Y/N” he said “Look it’s not like I don’t like having you here but shouldn’t you patch things up with Dean?” Bobby asked, looking up from his desk.

“Nope. There’s no excuse for this.” You say. “I… I don’t ever want to see him.” You add as a whisper.

“You don’t sound too sure of yourself.” He tells you.

You groan. “I-I just… I hate him. I can never stay mad for very long. This is actually a record and it’s not that I’m not still mad. I still am but. I just. I want him to know how it hurt. I know I was about to die but that monster killed my family! I’m happy it’s dead I just wish it was me who killed it, you know. We… Dean and I usually talk things out. But if we did that” you paused “I just didn’t want it to be over that quickly. After so many years.”

“Well kiddo if Dean comes looking for you, you better tell him all that. That idjit won’t understand unless you tell him.”

You sighed. “If he comes looking for me. It’s been a couple of days now and he hasn’t shown up.” You say sadly. You had hoped he would show up sooner.

Bobby smiled knowingly. “How about you go buy us more beer. We’re running low.”

“Sure thing. I’ll be right back.” You say, perking up.

While you were gone Dean arrived. Bobby asked him to park in the back so you wouldn’t see the car.

“Where is she?” Dean asked anxiously.

“She should be back any minute now.” He answered. “I sent her to for some beer. Where’s Sam?”

“The bunker. He stayed in case Y/N came back while I was out looking.” He responded. “So… I’m guessing you know why she’s angry?”

He sighed, “Yeah, she was pretty angry when she got here.”

“Bobby! I’m back.” You yelled beer in hand. “Could you believe they questioned my age! I mean I clearly look old enough to buy” you paused as you saw Dean “beer… D-Dean? What are you doing here?”

“Well I’ll let you two get to it. No one’s leaving this house until you work things out, ya here?” Bobby said taking a pack of beer from you and leaving.

“Y/N” Dean smiled. He missed you so much and now you were right in front of him.

“What are you doing here Dean?” you repeat.

“You have every right to be mad at me.” He said. “What I did hurt you and I’m sorry for that. But I couldn’t stand by and watch that vamp take you away.” It pained him to even remember the vamp that was about to bite your neck off.

“I had it under control.” You retort.

Dean was about to yell but stopped himself. “I wasn’t going to take that chance Y/N.” He paused, debating whether he should say what he was thinking. “I didn’t…” he paused “That vamp that killed your family… I didn’t want it adding you to the list.” He said softly taking your hand in his.

He was right, had it not been for Dean you would probably be dead. Sure you would have killed it, but you wouldn’t be able to celebrate it. You weren’t entirely angry with Dean. You were angrier with yourself. If you had been stronger. If you were composed. Of you hadn’t charged at it. Things would be different. You squeezed his hand. “I’m sorry” you say. Seeing as he was confused at your apology you continued. “I blamed you. I pushed my rage onto you, when I was mad at myself. I’m sorry. I wasn’t strong enough.”

“Y/N” he placed his hand on your cheek, gently lifting it so you could face him. “You ARE strong. Most hunters would chase after the monsters that hurt them and some get killed. You chose to put it aside and save people. You are a badass hunter.” He pressed his forehead onto yours knowing that it calms you.

You smiled. Dean always knew what to say. “Thanks Dean. I’m sorr-“

“Sshh no more sorrys. Let just go home.” He said.

Hope you like it! x)