i hate iphone cameras

|august 20th 2017| since i’m starting school in a couple of weeks, here’s a small back to school stationery fave thing! (layout inspired by @ohlookimstudying)

haha i hate when my camera blurs for no good reason :/ @ iPhone 5 fix ur crap man (time for a phone upgrade)

I hope you enjoy the spread! 

- lucia

listening to: in the middle - dodie


i hate the actual camera on iphone why they flip ur pics? i flipped them back cause i’m ugly the other way also it’s got too much quality ok letting y'all see too much but also i’m just 😝


WOW helloO I AM BA C K!!!! (repost sort of not really, same content but better lighting since i deleted my previous post)

hello everyone how are you,,

i’ve given up on the 100 days of productivity, because there’s nothing to be productive about anymore after o’s, li f e  is  n ot  w or th  liv i ng??/?,,, kidding

but hello how are you, drop me an ask telling me about your day or if you’re on holiday what have you been doing during the holidays, i hope you’re doing alright wherever you are

(btw i hate my iphone 5c™ camera quality, first world problems amiriteヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ)

i track #nahstudies too btw!! tag me so i can see your posts!!


My tanks. I really hate the camera on the iPhone 4S. Suckes so badly. I will make some decent pics with the SLR cam when the plants grew back again. I need to give them a cut almost every week (especially the Rotala). 

No snails survive my tank expect bladder snails. :’( 
Water may be too soft, pH too low.