i hate how tumblr changes the colors and everything

Bullet Journal- set up

Okay so the last month I’ve been wanting to get really organized and prepared for this upcoming semester at school because it’s my last one at community college and I really need to do well in each class.

My sister told me about bullet journals and then the past 2 weeks I’ve been looking them up on tumblr, so I decided to set one up for myself.

I have pictures below and stuff to use as a guide if you’re thinking about setting one up for yourself.

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I really fucking hate how the majority of tumblr users design their blog as if it’s for ants. Tiny fonts, tiny navigation, tiny content, TINY EVERYTHING.

as if that weren’t enough the text and background colors are too similar so on top of zooming in to all hell I have to highlight the damn page to get anywhere. Then your mouse cursor gets changed to something entirely different and it takes 5 minutes to figure out how to use it, and once you finally figure it out and start highlighting text… you still can’t read it. Why? Because the owner put in some annoying ass javascript code that makes it as if the blog is snowing or raining.

And I could forgive all of this, all of it, if they hadn’t added a music player that automatically plays music when you visit their blog. A lot of people nowadays are playing music of their own or casually watching Netflix while browsing. The last thing anyone needs is to hear whatever music you’ve got on your blog the moment the page stops loading.

I get it. You want to be creative in making your blog layout. That’s perfectly fine.

But please for the love of christ learn how to make an effective layout. Keep the text at a reasonable size and at a clear contrast with the background. Hell keep everything at a reasonable size, it makes it so much easier for potential followers to browse your blog and familiarize themselves with you before they decide to follow you. And if you HAVE to have a music player, keep it paused by default.

You can do all of this and make a really pretty blog layout, trust me. I’ve seen it done dozens of times. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you don’t need to go overboard with the pastel colors and change the damn cursor.