i hate how much i love you douche

i love how everyone automatically hates Courtney and Bryce like they’re fucken disgusting.

Justin - was a douche at the start but learning more and more about his past, its made me come to realize how much shit he’s been through and how much he truly loves and cares for jessica. I think he deserves a second chance. Yeah he was shit for not telling Jessica, but if you think about it, he had the right intentions, just the wrong actions. He tried to stop Bryce, but he was pushed out and shit. I get his intentions and some of them are pretty cool (if it has to do with the people he cares about)

Jessica - honestly I hated her at the last few episodes because what kind of girl lets her “friend” go into deep shit? Like seriously man, You knew that girl. And you broke your whole friendship over a guy. it’s okay to be mad but not enough to cut someone off, especially when she needed you the most. AND she was shit to Justin. Like why the fuck did you flirt with bryce if you knew that he raped you? Even if you don’t believe it, do you think it was safe to hang out with someone who was even accused of doing so?

Sheri - is okay, she owned up to her mistakes (BUT SHE WAS THE REASON WHY MY BABY IS DEAD)

Courtney - douche douche douche. If i start my rant this will be long af

Zach - His actions were just all out of anger. But he was the nicest out of the jocks. + brownie points because he is such a good brother. I just find it shit that he ignored Justin

Alex - he owned up to his problems and I love him for that. I’m glad he knew what he did wrong and he understood

Bryce - piece of shit that shows the world what people are capable of when they have ignorant minds.

Clay - is a cutie okay, he was just dense and very reckless

Jeff - JEff is my baby who deserves everything good in life, truly the biggest MVP

Tyler - creepy shit though, over steps his boundaries as a photographer

Ryan - is so sassy i love it. So glad that he acknowledges how much of an asshole he is bc of his arrogance and i love him because he calls out courtney “come out, come out little girl” 

Montgomery - he’s shit i’m sorry

Tony - best friend you could ever have

Over Again

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Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Request: “SEbastian Smythe X reader? Maybe where Blaine is your brother and when he throws the slushie you get mad and tell him the relationship is over and he argues it was meant for Kurt and u say it’s the same thing bc Kurt is family and Seb pleads for u to stay and she rejects him. Later after time being apart he tries to win her back and is successful (maybe this happens in college, they’re both studying to b lawyers and he gets a second chance bc he’s more mature now)hope I’m not a bother!❤️”

Word count: 2.512 (Oops, sorry.)

A/N: I’m sorry for the late post, but I hope you like it. It’s a little bit long, I know, but I didn’t know how to write the story line and I just went with the first thing that came in my mind. Thank you for requesting and you will never be a bother to me.

- G. x

People say that everything that has happened in the past remains in the past and we can’t do nothing to change it, but we know that we can always use the past as our point of reference to learn in the future.

But did they know that everything that we put in our heads stay there? Like we remember some things, don’t we? And usually we remember the things in the past that we want to forget and forget the things we want to remember.

These thoughts kept running through your mind as you studied for your Law and Government exams. You honestly couldn’t concentrate on your papers since the moment that you knew that Sebastian Smythe was studying in the same college you were attending. You both wanted to be lawyers, but you never thought that you could attend the same school one day, mostly after what he has done in high school.

Sebastian Smythe was your loving but snarky and annoying ex-boyfriend. You loved him so much and people knew how you both completed each other. He had many positive traits, such as his intelligence, his talent at singing and dancing, his capacity of treating girls right. Although, he was so competitive and he didn’t accept defeat. He was never the loser, so he always needed to play dirty.

You remembered how you met him and how he made you fall in love, even though you hated him at first.

“Hi, I am (Y/N) and I think that you are a douche bag.” You said to him annoyed. He was bothering Kurt while you two were in your favourite coffee shop, Lima Bean, and you thought that it was a great move to stand up for your brother’s boyfriend.

“Mademoiselle,” He flashed you a kinky smirk. “I am Sebastian and I don’t care of what you think.” He smiled sarcastically and you groaned because of his annoying gestures.

You started your conversation in that way, but you never thought that you would’ve loved him nevertheless his flaws and it never bothered you whenever he planned something bad just to obtain victory. It didn’t matter if he cheated or he stepped on other people, he should always win. You never minded him about doing those bad stuffs, until he made a really bad mess.

He was part of a glee club in high school, the Warblers, and so are you, but in a public school, New Directions. These two groups hated each other, since both of them wanted to win every sectionals, regionals and nationals and the memory of a terrible happening was still fresh in your mind, even though many years have already passed.

It was another day of fight with The Warblers, when New Directions sustained that the first has copied your group’s idea of performing a Michael Jackson song during the regionals. A sing-off had took place, so this way your group could show them that you deserved to do a Michael song.

Bad by Michael Jackson was sung by both of the groups, that have shown their best to get what they really wanted.

Everything was going well: the song, the performance and the dance moves, until something went really fast and you haven’t gotten any idea of how it has happened. You were singing the last part of the song as you saw your elder brother, Blaine, fell on the ground. He was covering his face as he was shouting for pain and agony.

“Blaine,” You quickly ran to him, not even minding to finish the started song, and kneeled in front of your suffering big brother. Around him there was a big puddle of melting red slushie. “what’s happening?”

“I can’t open my eyes; my face is burning.” He yelped in pain once again and the guys of the group quickly helped Blaine to get up. You were so confused of how it happened, you were sure that The Warblers did something stupid again.

“Talk to your boyfriend, he did this.” Santana spat her words like they were venom in her mouth. She then gave Sebastian a stinging death glare, that made you confused even more.

“Seb?” You couldn’t believe at her accusations, so you turned yourself at him and you saw that he was holding a large empty paper cup using his right hand. He was shocked on what has happened.

Anger and delusion quickly filled your emotions. You couldn’t help but get up from where you were kneeling and give him a sharp and violent slap on his right cheek. He deserved it, he really did.

“You let me down.” You shook your head and you slowly walked away from him. He was shocked on what you did, obviously, but he knew that he deserved it.

“(Y/N), it was not meant for Blaine.” He calmly explained to you, he knew he was on the wrong side. Taking a step forward, he was trying to reach your hand. You asked for your group to leave you alone with him and they quickly went away, bringing Blaine, who kept on complaining under his breathe, with them and guiding him as he walked.

“Then for who it was? Santana? Artie?” You raised your voice a little louder and you noticed that his group mates weren’t there with you anymore, in short: you two were both left alone in the room.

“It was for Kurt, damn!” He raised his voice and answered you aggressively. “You know how much I hate that annoying friend of yours.” He let the empty cup fall from his grip and he walked towards you.

“And it was okay to hurt him?” You raised your left eyebrow, sarcasm in your voice could be heard. He crossed the line and he knew that.

“I have my own reasons why I should’ve hit him with the slushie.” He sassily answered and you were honestly tired of his shit. “Who cares if I hurt Kurt?”

“Sebastian, are you fucking hearing yourself? You did this to win the regionals and I know that, because you’re too competitive! And second thing, I care for Kurt, I care for everyone in that group. I care for them and it wasn’t okay to hurt Kurt because he is part of our family, since he’s Blaine’s boyfriend.” You shouted at him. You lost your calm because of his stupid plans and his stupid words.

“And you didn’t care for what I felt? You don’t care for what your boyfriend is feeling right now. Your boyfriend.” He held everything against you that you never cared for him whenever your friends were involved. He looked at the floor with a death glare, but then quickly looked at you.

“Sebastian, I cared for you and I really did. Nothing was a lie for me and I loved you so much, with or without your flaws. I loved you, but you really crossed the line this time.” You shook your head as you spat words that hurt you and Sebastian so much. “You need to grow up and I think that it’s better if we end this relationship now.” Tears then started to stream down your face.

“No, you don’t want to break up.” Sebastian shook his head many times, not believing of what you have just said. “We decide this together, (Y/N)! You can’t break up with me, just because your friends hate me or just because I hurt Blaine accidentally. No, you can’t and I am not letting you to do so.” Sebastian was a hard-headed person and you knew that he wouldn’t agree with your decision easily.

“Sebastian, I am so damn tired of tolerating your fucking actions. You grow up and I think that this would be better for the two of us.” You sadly told him and you turned yourself away from Sebastian, trying to walk away.

“Thank you!” He sarcastically shouted. “Thank you for leaving me after what I have done for you (Y/N)! After the patience, the support and the great things I’ve given you. Thank you.”

You didn’t mind what he has said, because you knew that Sebastian was acting up like that just because he was angry with everyone, he was angry with himself. You decided to leave him, even though it was a fast and hard decision to do. You walked away from him, turning around for one last time to see Sebastian crying while he was giving you a stinging death glare. It was hard for you to let go, but you really needed to let him go.

That painful thing happened many years ago and it caused you a hard time moving on from your first serious relationship, who would’ve ever thought that just a bad happening could separate two people that loved each other.

“(Y/N)!” You suddenly heard your brother calling you and you shook your head to erase your thoughts, the gesture slightly gave you a headache.

“What is it, Blaine?” You snapped at him as you turned around to face him.

“I called you a millionth time now.” He rolled his eyes as he went near you. “You were lost in your thoughts?”

“Uhm…” You bit your lower lip and nodded as you looked in his deep hazel eyes.

“What has happened?” He curiously asked you, taking the sit beside yours.

“Something is just bothering me, but it’s not that important. Don’t worry.” You lied through your teeth and then added a fake smile at the end.

“I’m not convinced, (Y/N). I know when you’re faking it or not.” He laughed out loud and you just rolled your eyes in response.

“What is it? Why are you here?” You bitterly asked him when he caught that you were just pretending to be okay.

“Someone’s looking for you downstairs.” His face quickly became serious. You suddenly felt a sting in your chest and you became nervous for a second.

“Who is it?” You curiously asked, trying to hide your nervousness.

“I didn’t ask, but you should go now.” He flashed you a sweet smile to courage you and you just nodded your head, not knowing why you quickly got up and walked out of your room.

You quickly ran downstairs and you felt another pang in your chest as you saw who it was. How could it be possible that you were thinking of him just a moment before and he then suddenly shows up at your door?

He was talking with Kurt calmly, but they suddenly stopped when they noticed that you were fixing your gaze on them.

“(Y/N)!” Kurt happily greeted you, like what he does every day. It’s a fun to live with Blaine and Kurt, because they always spoil you and you always get what you want. They take care of you as if you were their daughter, even though you are grown up now.

“Morning, Kurt.” You absent-mindedly greeted him. He got up from the couch and smiled at you.

“Do you want something while you talk to Sebastian?” He gently asked.
“I’m fine, Kurt. Thank you.” You sweetly smiled at him and he smiled back at you.

“Alright, I’m leaving the both of you then.” He started to walk upstairs, obviously going to where Blaine was. You and Sebastian both followed his steps, but then looked at each other shyly when Kurt was already out of the scene.

“Uhm,” He shyly started. “Hi?”

“Hi.” You shortly replied. You couldn’t deny the fact that you missed him so much, but he hurt you and you couldn’t just hug him tightly, like what you used to do.

“How are you?” He seemed happy at that moment. He was happy to see you and you knew it, you could see it in his eyes.

“I’m fine, stuck at studying Law and Government.” You sighed as you break the ice between the two of you and you treated him as if he didn’t do anything in the past. “How about you?”

“I’m good, thank you.” He smiled. “If you want I can help you to study.”

“Uhm, okay.” You nodded slowly and his smile widen even more. “Why did you visit?”

“Oh,” His smile suddenly fell and he had a serious look in his eyes. “it’s about the past.”

“Sebastian, we can’t change the past.” You reminded him coldly.

“I know, but we can change our future.” He looked at you and you saw the loneliness in his green orbs. “If we want to, we can.”

“But,” You didn’t know what to say. You want to fix everything with him, but it feels like your pride is still eating you whole.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to, but let me say that I am sorry for what I have done in high school. I know that I was a douchebag that didn’t deserve anything in his life, but I am grown up now. I know what is right from wrong and believe me that I really do. In high school, I thought it was all fun and games, until it’s not.” He explained it seriously while he fiddled with his fingers. “Losing you made me realize something and I knew that I wanted to change myself.”

“Sebastian.” You sadly pronounced his name. “I really don’t know what to say.”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say something.” He bit his lip and then he admired his shoes, as if they were the most interesting things in the planet. “I just wanted to tell you this.”

“You really changed.” You smiled sweetly. You missed Sebastian and you couldn’t lose him for the second time now. If you both met once again after all these years, there is a possible reason. “I’ve been unfair to you that day, I know, but I am happy that you decided to change yourself.”

“It wasn’t easy to lose someone you loved so much.” He looked at you straight in the eyes, but he looked away when you both felt embarrassed.

“I agree that it wasn’t easy.” You nodded slowly. “And you know how much I want to change the future with you.” You were shocked for the words that slipped out from your mouth.

“Really?” He was full of enthusiasm and he was really happy on what you have just said.

“Really.” You shortly answered.

“So, can we start it all over again?” He asked you sincerely. “Obviously, in a better way.”

“Hi, I am (Y/N) and I think that you are a douche bag.” You winked at him, remembering how you two first met.

“Mademoiselle,” He flashed you a kinky smirk. You smiled because he still remembered everything. “I am Sebastian and I am sorry for treating your friend bad.” He then smiled and winked at you.

You both chuckled loudly and you both got up from your seats. You warmly wrapped your arms around each other’s body and you enjoyed his touch silently. You missed his smell, you missed his hugs, you missed everything, but you are happy that you can finally have all of these things every day once again.

Dear Jamie, my best friend's ex

How are you? I’m sorry about your breakup with my friend, it must’ve been hard realizing you’re a controlling asshole. And then you have the audacity to turn around and call HER the abusive one. You know, when I first heard about you, I thought you were a nice guy. You were always polite when we talked, and I could see that you cared for my friend very much. Maybe you really do, I don’t know.

Unfortunately, she has revealed your true colors to me. Getting mad at her for not devoting every second of her time to you, whenever she talked to someone who wasn’t you, and when she had homework. Really, dude? She can’t do ten things as once, slow down. You’re a clingy person, a person who’s way too clingy.

And on another note, this self-harm thing. Look, I have come to understand that you have severe mental issues, she’s told me. You need to get them treated, they are getting out of hand. And don’t start whining about your parents and classmates not liking you, I shouldn’t believe a word you say. Mostly because you have threatened suicide so many times I’ve lost count. And faking it, too. Yeah, my friend told me about that. It seems that you do not understand how goddamned serious that is, that’s the only explanation I can think of. Don’t do that just because you want attention.

And your manipulation, Jesus Christ. Trying to separate my friend from her friends out of jealousy. And then you get your friends to turn on her after she broke up with you. And then you made her out to be the REAL manipulator. You’re a scumbag, you know that? I have never met a human being so cruel in my entire life.

Mental illness plays a part in this, I’m certain. But if you go around blaming every single thing you do on it, that just makes me angry. Don’t use it to gain sympathy. Oh yeah, you already did it with my friend.

You’re an attention-seeking lying asshole manipulator that needs serious help. You were NOT the perfect boyfriend, she could do so much better. She deserves someone who actually CARES for her well-being, doesn’t get jealous so easily, and oh yeah, LOVES HER. You’re awful, even her BROTHER would be a better boyfriend than you.

I hope you see this, I really do. Everyone needs to know how much of a douchebag you are, especially so they don’t make the mistake of dating you.

Quit whining about how the whole world hates you and grow some balls. This won’t get you anywhere in the world, so stop being a douche.

Love, Anna

pref #11: you break up (p.2)

omg thank you guys for the amazing feedback/tons of requests for a part 2 it means a lot <3 but yeah i got a request to make it in his pov and i really liked that idea so i decided to make it like a mix like half and half

part 1 here

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Misha Collins is a literal angel.

I’ve been thinking recently about Misha Collins, and what a blessing he is not only to Supernatural and as the actor who plays Castiel, but as a part of the fandom community that we’re all so deeply immersed in. Here we have a man who has gone above and beyond what your typical actor does for their fans, especially on a show on a network like the CW; he engages with us, has in depth conversations, includes us in his activism, creates communities and charities and wonderful side projects that he encourages us to be a part of. He, out of everyone on the Supernatural cast, to me, truly shows how much he loves his fans so unconditionally and openly. And I also think that he loves his character just as much, and that his comments about the treatment of Castiel only go to prove that.

Jared and Jensen are incredibly protective of Sam and Dean, which is wonderful to see as a fan of SPN, but the bond between the Winchesters is never actually something any SPN fan should be worried about. They’re obviously never going to take that relationship away, its the heart of the show, and their positions on the show are never truly in jeopardy. Nor is the bond between the brothers, just read through their comments during conventions and interviews. Their first and main priority is Sam and Dean’s relationship and that bond that they respect and play into and want to bring across to the viewers during every episode, even when the boys are fighting. So its nice that we have actors who really protect and defend their characters despite whatever may come their way. I’m very grateful that the two leads of one of my favorite shows are so invested in what they bring to the screen, and I really love them for it.

But, to me, Misha goes above and beyond this; he makes no small statements when it comes to Cas, he doesn’t carefully craft his responses based on what he thinks the audience wants to hear at conventions or during interviews, in fact, you never actually know what he’s going to say next because his opinions, like any one of us, constantly change, and he’s so vocal about it! This is not to negate anything Jared and Jensen say about Sam and Dean, I believe they’re open and honest as well, but to put this bluntly, not as much as Misha. He doesn’t come to Cas’ immediate protection and defense is he believes Cas is wrong or being stupid at one point or another; he doesn’t just pander to his fans and give us exactly what we want to hear. I’m not saying that Jared or Jensen do this, but I haven’t heard them say much besides how much they love the brothers and their bond and their love of each other and how they just want them to get through their troubles and be a family again. I haven’t heard them go too deeply into how they feel past the general “bro-bond is super duper important” type of responses. And I think that says a lot in comparison to how Misha responds to our questions!

When it comes to Misha, he’ll laugh right in your face and tell you, “Nope, hated that. Oh I totally disagree. Yes I loved that part. Hated that part. What a douche.” He tells us his true thoughts, he tells us when he thinks Cas is an awkward dumbass, he tells us when he thinks the boys are being stupid, he tells us when he thinks the writers have mistreated Castiel, he tells us when he thinks there’s clearly something to be seen in the subtext of Cas’ relationship to either of the Winchesters, he tells us what he thinks of the writing and whether he thinks its actually terrible or great, he tells us openly and honestly his thoughts and feelings and isn’t afraid to share that with the fans. That’s so fucking beautiful, and I’m so goddamn grateful for it.

He lets us into his personal life with things like the cooking show with West, he releases the TSA dvds and incorporates the SPN fandom into that immediately, don’t even get me STARTED on GISHWHES and how wonderful that entire organization and event is; and do NOT get me started on his personal life, his past, what he’s overcome and done for others, and how absolutely beautiful and amazing his personal beliefs and morals are.

For his portrayal of one of my absolute favorite characters on any television show, for his good natured, kind, and warm heart, for his love of his fans, friends, and family, and for his unfiltered honesty and open admiration for the people who adore him, who he adores just as much, I truly just LOVE this man.

There were times where I’ve almost stopped watching Supernatural because I got sick of the constant back and forth between the brothers, the lying, the crap that goes on and on and on over and over and over again that we know is only there to drag out ten episodes until it eventually gets resolved because it always does because, duh, bro-bond. There were times I literally wanted to reach into the screen and shake Sam and Dean until they saw sense, because their personal problems were so easily resolved, yet they got dragged out for absolutely no reason for SEASONS at a time to the point where I was so frustrated that I couldn’t even enjoy watching anymore because of the pointlessness of it. There were times where I actually groaned at my screen and rolled my eyes and predicted the arc for the entire season because the predictability of their relationship on the show was just getting ridiculous. There were times where I was done, not for any fandom/shipping reason, but because I got tired of watching the same tropes and storyline get used and reused and shoved back at me with an air of expectancy that I was just supposed to accept it and not question it at all. There were times where I really was just finished with SPN, that not even Sam and Dean’s love for each other was enough anymore, because they kept building it up, ripping it apart, building it up, ripping it apart, and the cycle was just exhausting and honestly, getting rather boring.

But I can tell you that when I first saw that blue eyed BAMF walk onto my screen with fucking SPARKS flying all over his trenchcoat, with the shadow of his wings bursting across that barn door; when I tuned in every week just to see his stoic expression slowly start to melt away with his understanding of humanity and what family is and what it meant to doubt everything he’d ever known, when I started to see how carefully crafted every expression on his beautiful face came across and what every head-tilt and wide eyed gaze at the hunters was, every time I watched him smite something and that incredible glow filled the screen as he absolutely fucking DECIMATED his enemies, every time I watched him rebel for his love of the Winchesters, break himself apart for the good of humanity, destroy his own family time and time again for the sake of God’s creatures, literally rip himself open, sacrificing his entire being, tearing himself apart, never once pausing to complain or question why, just going, going, going, because he was a goddamn SOLDIER with so much love in his heart that he literally burst with the force of it – EVERYTIME Castiel, Angel of The Lord graced my screen, I was pulled right back in.

And now, reaching season 10, I can only say I’ve only grown to love him more with every passing season. His relationship with Dean is one of my favorite parts of the show, and now I can say that his relationship with Sam is on the fast track to becoming equally as wonderful for me. The emotions he’s finally displaying, his camaraderie and loyalty to the Winchesters, his protection of them, his outright devotion to protect them and do what’s right because he knows the Winchesters deserve it; I am so grateful that he became so much more than what he was originally meant to be. Just as there could be no Dean without Sam, or Sam without Dean, I cannot see a Sam and Dean without Cas ever again. Team Free Will is a packaged deal for me, and that’s that.

It is a testament to how amazing Misha is that Castiel has come this far, and still makes my heart burst with joy every time I see his face on the screen.

Castiel saved Supernatural for me, and every time I see Misha’s name in the opening credits, he saves it a little more. He will always be my favorite character, and Misha will always, always, be one of my favorite people.

I honestly feel sorry for the family of Fred Phelps. Yes he had douche-y opinions and he was such a bad man but guess what? His family still deserve the respect of being able to bury a loved one without so much hate.

I honestly think being so disrespectful by protesting at his funeral is just making you look as bad as he did. The man is dead, you protesting at his funeral is doing nothing but harm just like he did when he protested.

You all are freaking out so much that he’s dead and how great it is but just think about how people who loved him feel before you decide to make jokes or say how great it is.

TL;DR Fred Phelps was an awful man but his family still should be able to bury him without receiving masses of hate.

Preference #14: Hatred

Calum: “I hate you!” You scream, shoving past your fuming boyfriend and storming from the kitchen to your shared bedroom, not caring that it’s 2 AM and you could be disturbing your neighbors. “Don’t say that!” he demands, following right on your heels. “I do though!” You spin around and plant your palms on his chest, giving him a hard shove backwards, not knowing how to handle all the pain and anger inside you. You and Calum have always fought, but things had gone way too far tonight and he had said some things he really didn’t mean. “Why do you always have to be such a douche bag? You’re supposed to care about me, not treat me like shit every chance you get.” You growl, pushing the heel of your hands into your eyes to remove the moisture gathering there. “You know I care about you.” He argues, his voice much gentler than yours. He was always weak when it came to you crying, no matter how pissed he was he could never stay mad. “You don’t act like it! If I’m so ugly, and so worthless, and just so stupid, why don’t you go date one of your perfect little fans and forget all about me? It doesn’t matter that I love you or anything, I’m not good enough for you anyway.” You spit, your arms crossed tightly across your chest. He comes to stand in front of you, his hands grabbing your waist before his arms circled you completely. “I’m sorry, Y/N.” He whispers, his lips brushing against the top of your head. He sniffles, and it’s a very real possibility he’s cry along with you. “I hate you.” You repeat again, the conviction in your voice fading, already starting to forgive your crying boyfriend. Because, although he’s a douche bag a lot, you love him more than anything. “I hate you so fucking much, sometimes." 

Luke: "Why do they all hate me so much?” You cry, storming into the hotel room you and Luke are sharing for the next 2 nights. You’ve been dating Luke for nearly 8 months now, and no matter how hard you tried to get along with them, it seemed like his band members weren’t ever going to like you. “They don’t hate you.” He feebly argues, coming to sit next to you on the bed, his arm circling around your waist. “Yes, they do!” You don’t want to cry, but fuck, you’re a teenage girl and it hurts to know that Luke’s best friends don’t approve of you. “They’re just looking out for me.” He tries to reason, pressing his lips against your temple, letting you curl into his side. “I know they come off as harsh, but they don’t hate you, love, I promise.” You don’t believe him though, there’s no way that they could even slightly enjoy you. You can see the looks Calum gives you, hear the snide remarks Michael makes, and see Ashton talk about you to the other two boys. You’re not an idiot, and you know disdain when you see it. “Maybe they’re right.” You say, sniffling and wiping the few tears you happened to shed. “Maybe I am no good for you.” “Babe, no.” Luke sighs. “I’ve been around for months, Luke. If they were going to warm up to me they would have by now.” You mumble, fiddling with your fingers. It’s not like you necessarily needed their approval, but you wanted it. Luke moves so he can grab your face in his large hands. He knows that the guys don’t hate you, but after his last girlfriend they don’t want to see you hurt him, but he doesn’t know how to explain that to you so you believe him. He just wishes they would see you aren’t like his last girlfriend. “What’s wrong with me?” You ask, letting your shoulders slump forward. Luke frowns and plants a kiss on your forehead, hating seeing you in pain, especially because of his idiot friends. “There’s nothing wrong with you. We can talk to them tomorrow, honey. It’s gonna be okay, everything’s gonna be okay.” He assures. And sure enough when he comes home from the studio tomorrow he has his 3 best friends with him who tackle you into a bone crushing hug, apologizing for being dick heads and accepting you into the family. You smile at Luke over their shoulders, silently thanking him for whatever he said to him while he watches his 4 favorite people in the world finally start to get along.

Ashton: You make a face at the mirror, running your fingers underneath your eyes to gather the mascara smudges beneath them. You don’t know why you let Ashton install a full length mirror in the bathroom, it only gave you more opportunities to criticize yourself. Soft sobs pass your lips even though you try to stop them, echoing in the large bathroom. “Y/N?” Ashton’s concerned face comes through the door, only making you cry harder. You can hear him sigh before he opens the door, dropping to his knees next you to stare into the mirror as well. “I hate myself.” You cry, letting Ashton gather you into his strong arms and cradle you against his chest. This isn’t the first time Ashton has found you crying somewhere in the house, mumbling about how much you didn’t like yourself. But no matter how many times he saw you like this it didn’t make it burn in his chest any less when he saw you crumbled like this. “I love you, though.” He mumbles, pressing his lips to your forehead, letting you cry it all out. “I love you enough for the both of us.” “You should hate me too.” You mumble, wiping your eyes on the back of your hand. “I couldn’t ever hate you.” He says, trying to keep his voice steady, but you know how much this hurt him. He moves to smooth the hair out of your face, pushing the strands off your cheeks, placing soft kisses to the wet skin of your face. “Look at me.” He says softly, patiently waiting until you opened your eyes, staring into his hazel ones. “You’re beautiful Y/N. Absolutely fucking stunning, and you’re perfect just the way you are. No matter what other people say I’m always gonna be here, with you. And I don’t care if it take the rest of my life to prove it to you, but one day you’ll see just how beautiful you are too.”

Michael: Michael’s arms rest firmly around your waist, his thumbs rubbing small circles on your hips as you glare at a specific blonde across the room. That girl happened to be Michael’s ex-girlfriend. You won’t ever admit it out loud, but, even if you don’t like to admit it, you’re an extremely jealous girl, especially when it came to Michael. Even though you’re aware that he wouldn’t ever touch any other girl besides you, you still hate when girls hang all over him. You move your hand to grip you have on his thigh, narrowing your eyes as she finally spots Michael across the room. Her bright eyes light up as she waves, too giddily for your liking and continues swinging her scantily clad hips around some more. Michael’s lips brush against the shell of your ear as he laughs under his breath obviously amused by your hatred for the girl. “Baby, you don’t need to be so jealous.” He whispers and you shiver, involuntarily. “I’m not.” You lie, not even trying to sound that convincing, both of you are aware that you’re lying. He moves his hands so his palms are resting flat against your hips so he can pull your body back into his more. “You’re such a liar.” He whispers again, nipping at your ear lobe. A low groan reverberates from your chest as you tighten your grip on him. “I hate her.” You say, having no good reason for it, but hating her anyway. “I know.” He replies, digging his fingers into your hips. “Jealousy is so hot on you, though, baby.” His lips attach to the skin on your throat. You close your eyes and lean back into him, hoping she was watching the way he held you, and remind yourself to hate one of his ex-girlfriends again sometime soon as long as this would always be the reward. 

- - - - - - -

this is actually kinda shitty but its too late now ive posted it 

request shit x

Okay, I have to speak up..

I usually don’t do this on here and I stay out of the drama (when there is any) as much as I possibly can. But, seriously this is gotten out of hand. 

You all say how you love how open the twins are with us, and how it’s amazing how they tell us about their love lives and personal lives and include us in so much that most celebrities don’t. But look what our fandom is doing.. we are belittling and bullying someone Megan obviously cares so deeply about. There are hate pages about Chris and I’m seeing all these texts posts about how much of a douche he is.. who are we to judge Megan’s happiness? And who are we to judge the man Chris has become. Do you know him? Personally? I don’t think so. Like Megan said.. they are in a mature relationship now. They were kids before and sure he hurt her, he hurt her bad.. but if Megan is willing to try it again.. who are we to put our two cents in? Their heartbreak gave us so many beautiful songs, and it sucks that Megan was feeling those feelings.. but it shows she loved him.. and hopes to feel a even more mature love now. She is happy.. and her fans are sitting there doing exactly what her and Liz have taught us not to do. Bully. If we keep this up.. do you really think that Megan and Liz are going to open up to us anymore? That they will tell us these personal things, and share personal pictures with us like they do? I’ll tell you.. NO. NO THEY WILL NOT. THEY WILL SHUT US OUT LIKE MOST CELEBRITIES DO. 

Do you want that? Do you want Megan and Liz to feel that they have to hide their lives and keep their happiness a secret from the people that say they only want to see them happy? I didn’t think so. So before we start to look like little psychos.. I suggest we stop being bullies. I say we because we are not just “a macer”, we are “macers”, we are a family and we need to stick up for the people who have made us one. So let Megan and Chris be happy. And stop acting like children. 

Thanks. That’s all I have to say.

Teenagers (Dean imagine)

I requester one where dean and the reader are sixteen and the hate each other and their dad work on a case together and they are left in the impala alone and they start arguing and dean kisses her and john catches them.

This one is defiantly not my best, sorry. hope you enjoy it anyways :)


You never had a normal life. You were the child of a hunter, which wasn’t easy. Your dad was always moving towns, you haven’t had a home since you were about 7. You always moved about, in a different school every couple of weeks, and it was tough.

Your dad had this friend called John Winchester. He was often on hunts with your dad. He had 2 children. One called Sam, who was 12. He was a sweet kid, very smart. His brother on the other hand, you really disliked. He was called Dean. He was really cocky, and thought he was hilarious. He got on your nerves.
Tonight, your dad was going on a hunt with John. Which meant you had to spend time with the Winchester brothers. Great.
“Sam is at Bobby’s. I’m bringing dean to keep the impala running while we are out. You can leave y/n down to bobby’s before you go” John said to your dad, as he got out of his car. John was like that, he wouldn’t say hi, he would just get straight down to work.
“y/n, you going to come along?”
“I guess” you say grabbing your rucksack which had your gun, ammo, salt and holy water all packed inside.
A couple of hours had passed, you were sitting in the back seat of Johns muscle car with dean beside you. John and your dad had just left to go hunt whatever it was they were hunting. Dean was playing some crappy rock music. You turned on the radio rather than his stupid tapes but he batted your hand away.
“Hey” you said. Lightly hitting his arm
“I was listening to that, y/n”
“You cant just turn it off that’s rude.”
Dean climbed into the front seat, and you got in the passenger seat. Dean put the car in reverse and started to back up
“Dean what are you doing” you ask with panic in your voice
“Relax, we are going to the store its like 2 minutes away.”
“Dean don’t we need to wait for our dads”
“They will be at least an hour we will be well back by then” you really did not want to leave your dad. So you pulled the handbrake on.
“What are you doing? Y/n stop touching everything”
“I’m not leaving my dad, Dean. Stay here”
“But I’m hungry” Dean said with puppy dog eyes, but they didn’t work on you
“Dean for gods sake. We are staying here. You are no-” your words are cut off by Dean’s lips on yours. You were about to push him off, when you heard a knock on the window. It was John. He opened the door.
“You better quit that before her dad comes back. When you get shot with a salt round, it hurts” John said to Dean. He gulped. It made you giggle. John grabbed the extra holy water from the back seat and left again.
“What was that all about, Dean?”
“Um, well, i kind of like you”
“But your always such a douche to me”
“I know, I’m sorry. But the truth is i act like i hate you but its the exact opposite” Dean said to you. You had to admit, you always found him pretty cute, no matter how much you of a douchebag he was.
“Can we just forget that happened?”
“Dean, if you want a girl to like you, you have to be nice to them not annoy them”
“I know, but i have never had a girlfriend before. I have never even loved a girl before until now” he realized what he just said and started to panic
“What?!” You say in shock
“I mean like, yeah like. Pft i don’t love you” he put his head down, he was red with embarrassment.
“Dean?” you said to him putting your hand on his. He looked up at you. You leaned forwards and pressed your lips against his. He was in shock, but he put his hand on your head and kissed you back. You were interrupted. Again.
“Dean knock it off. Get in the back. You too y/n” John said. You both climbed in to the back seat. Instead of sitting at each end, dean sat in the middle seat, so he was closer to you. He held your hand the whole ride home and was talking to you, but not being a douche. You were starting to think you could fall for this guy.