i hate how henry turned out

listen up this is why i hate this book the secret history 

  • goddamn HENRY WINTER (what kind of name is that jesus christ) who translated like three books before he turned 18 and plotted to murder a classmate using mushrooms (MUSHROOMS) knew jack shit about the moon landings
  • “when did this happen?? how did they get there???” i swear to god
  • francis abernathy with his even fancier name sitting on a windowsill eating cherries straight out of a jar 
  • admits he doesn’t even like them while still eating them
  • henry winter gardens?? what the fuck
  • these are the most pretentious fuckers on earth i hate them so much i love them so much i just
  • bunny corcoran is a pie thief someone report him to the authorities
  • endless supply of cigarettes goddamn
  • do we all hate bunny?? do we all love bunny?? who fuckign knows
  • bunch of fucking teenagers running around in bed sheets and shit in the vermont countryside 
  • did they actually have an orgy??? henry never answered that. i want to know
  • nobody tells bunny anything
  • nobody tells richard anything
  • nobody tells anybody anything
  • richard sitting there like a kid who walked in on his parents having sex when charles and camilla did the thing in the kitchen
  • did henry actually collect plants from around the murder site or did i dream that
  • richard: i love you. camilla: thank you. richard: i love you so much. camilla: thank you so much
  • pretentious fucks

Emma telling Regina she did a great job raising Henry is the most forced thing ever tbh. They literally had the Evil Queen give lots of examples of how bad of a mother she was during the dark curse (mocking his fears, manipulating his insecurities etc) in the same freaking episode. Henry turned out to be such a great kid because he is kind at heart and had good examples outside of his house in Mary Margaret, Archie and later on with Emma.
Regina may be in the path for redemption and starting to be a good mother, but this is the same woman who bullied Henry for 10+ years. Please, do not imply she was a positive figure on Henry’s life.