i hate how everyones so narrow minded

I just needed to rant a little bit about Snape hate

I highly doubt people understand exactly how I feel about Snape haters. Like, seriously. I want to fight them, but they make me feel really uncomfortable at the same time because a lot of them seem so ignorant and narrow-minded. I don’t like people who pretend to be morally superior to everyone else when they’re really just being hypocritical. Especially when it comes to Snape. Like seriously, did I even read the same books as these people? Snape turning out to be a good guy was, like, oh, I don’t know, the entire fucking point. Even though he was kind of an asshole. I’m not going to deny that. I don’t think anyone has tried to deny that. But given all the shit he went through and the circumstances around him, it damn well explains why he was the way he was, and even justifies his behaviour to a degree.

And guess what? Even if there hadn’t been an explanation for Snape’s sometimes questionable behaviour, I would still be allowed to like him. Liking a fictional character isn’t the same thing as completely worshipping everything about that character. I can see Snape’s flaws, of course I can, and that’s why I like him. Because people aren’t perfect so why should fictional characters have to be? You’re allowed to like a character no matter how morally corrupt that character is. I don’t care if you don’t like Snape, but you sure as hell don’t have to act like you’re morally superior for it. Especially not when Snape haters are the ones attacking people who’ve done nothing wrong except LIKING A FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

Also, most Snape haters should probably try to re-read the books with a more open mind. You know, to realise that Snape is, just like many other Harry Potter characters, not very easy to classify as simply “good” or “evil”. Which is one of the things I like about Harry Potter in the first place. It’s a shame to see that the fandom has just completely missed the lesson the books were trying to teach.

I hate what they are doing to Chris!

And I hate how bitches are bitching about him “trying to murder Alicia and her mom”. He was never going to do that! He just wanted to speak to her, maybe apologise. But he saw that knife, probably was thinking about how they didn’t trust him to such an extent that they were keeping a knife close to the bed (in a house where that was forbidden), and just went over to it because he couldn’t believe in it. And BOOM! Just a second and everyone are scared of him, hate him, telling bullshit about him.
This is so not fair! He’s one of the most interesting characters of this show, but the writers keep on making other characters and narrow-minded audience to hate him. Like there’s not enough hate already.
I just really hope that they are not planing to kill him off! Because if they’re going to do so I’ll just stop watching this show. I’m not that interested in this show to watch it after the death of the only character I like so far.
And first of all, Chris doesn’t deserve all of this! He lost his mom, had to give mercy to a still alive man by killing him, his father dissapointed in him for trying to keep them safe, his new family hates and distrust him, the girl he cares so much about now is mad at him and scared of him for the mistake he made. Yes, he’s an angry kid who feels abandoned by his own father and his new family in the middle of the apocalypse. But the thing that Madison did was low. She told him that she trusts him, but immediately after that complained on him to his father. Of course he was mad on her! And then he saw a chance, this woman, the woman who steals his father (his only close person left) from him, could just disappear. So he left her save herself. That was his choice, the wrong choice. But then, talking to Alicia, he was just afraid. He was afraid that they are going to leave him behind, like that dude has said. And, well, Madison was totally about to do so! Because he is not her son. I’m pretty sure that if that was Nick she would act completely differently.

So, let’s face it, Chris was right in his fear. And now he’s gonna suffer for the thing he never intended to do.
Chris Manawa doesn’t deserve this shit!
Stop doing this to him >_<

When I see anti stuff on any tag, this case rey kenobi, I’m just pulling my sleeves up ready to have a freaking word fight and explain to these narrow minded humans how to maybe have some faith but then I remember… they are not logical in the slightest and just here to get that reaction from me so I roll my sleeves back down and scroll past it. 


  •  And these are the same people waving they’re silly fingers to me on “cross-tagging” (despite that they clearly want their childish hate to be seen by everyone). It’s just… 

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Permission (Newt)

{Requested by @world-of-idea}

Request/description: have you ever considered doing ships? If not, could you write newt fanfict where the girl character is thomas’ little sister and newt’s a bit scared of having feelings for her but eventually they both end up together with Thomas “blessing”.

A/N: I’m sorry this has taken so long and that I’ve procrastinated writing. I’m focusing of school first, then writing when I can.

Warnings: None

Word count: 1432


He hated you.

Well, sort of.

He hated the way you made him feel. It scared him. He was usually fine in the Glade, on a normal day. But that all had to change when you arrived, didn’t it? Because now, he could think of nothing else. Just you. The way you smiled and how your hair would softly brush against your cheek when the wind blew. He’d laugh whenever you rolled your eyes a Minho or stuck your tongue out at Thomas.

These were the little things that made his heart trip over itself. The little things that changed Newt forever.


“Could you hurry it up, Y/N?” Thomas said behind you as you laced up your shoes.

You finished your right shoe and internally rolled your eyes at Thomas. You moved to your left and made sure to take twice as long tying the two strings together. Thomas groaned and leaned against the Runners hut, tapping his fingers against the door frame impatiently.

After a whole minute had passed, you finally stood up straight and brushed off your pants. “Ready,” you smirk.“

"You know, why couldn’t Chuck be my sister?” Thomas sighed. “He doesn’t take an entire year to tie his shoes.”

You shrug. “You shouldn’t have rushed me.”

Thomas pushes your shoulder lightly and jogs in front of you to the opening in the Glade. You follow closely and even attempt to step on the back of his shoe. You kept missing thought and to your disappointment, you reached the Glade before you could get it to come off.

Minho waved to you from Frypans kitchen and you nodded back. It was his day off so you and Thomas got to run together. Wonderful.

You put your hands on your hips, waiting for the Maze doors to open. You glance around and look at all the others who were already awake. Some of the builders, Alby, Newt and Frypan.

Newt stood from his work and leaned on the rake he was using. He looked up to you and squinted against the rising sun. When he realized you were looking, he froze and held up a hand in a rigid pose. You guessed he was attempting to say hello, but he looked like he was in pain instead. You wave back to him regardless and you can barely see him smile to himself.

Finally the Maze doors open and you follow Thomas out. Then you begin sprinting, ready for another day in the Maze.


Newt waited anxiously for you to get back. It was his favorite part of the day. He got to talk to you and be near you. Even eat with you at dinner if you were back by then. Those were his favorite days.

Finally there was five minutes until the Maze doors were to close, and you followed Thomas out on time, like always. Newt jogged up to you and nudged your shoulder.

“So how was running today?”

You chuckled. “This shuck face won’t shut up.” Thomas narrowed his eyes at you but you didn’t take it back.

Newt grinned and folded his arms. “You should’ve seen him the first day he got here. I’ve never heard so many questions asked before.”

“I’m still waiting to find out who qualified Gally to carry around a potentially deadly ax when he hates everyone. Seriously, who’s bright idea was that?” Thomas shakes his head.

Newt ignores his question and focuses on you. “Y/N,” Newt says anxiously. “Mind if I talk to you?”

You let your comfortable smile slip from your lips and nod. Had you done something wrong as a Runner? Newt was second in command after all and he could remove you from that position if he needed to. But you could’ve sworn that you’d obeyed all the rules…

Thomas promises to finish up all the mapping and let’s you walk to the Homestead with Newt. You lean against one of the pillars there for support and Newt looks from his feet to you.

“I-I can’t explain why, but you frustrate me.” Newts eyebrows folded and you have the urge to trace them. You loved every little thing they did. Heck you loved every part of his face.

“…Sorry? Did I do something wrong?” You ask innocently. You rub at the bone in your elbow.

“No, not at all. Well…” Newt thought for a second before shaking his head and squeezing his eyes shut. “No. You can’t help it.”

You raise a single eyebrow and adjust your position. “Newt? Would you please explain why you’re acting so odd?”

Newt took a deep breath and nodded, opening his eyes. “Okay, okay yeah.”

You both wait for a second. You knew the words were waiting to spill from Newts mouth, but it seemed like he didn’t know how to force them out.

“I…like you.”

“But you just said I frustrate you…”

“No, I mean, you do but in a good way.”

You relax your arms and shake your head, laughing lightly at how flustered he was. “Newt, you’re making no sense.”

He lets out a breath he seemed to be holding for an eternity. “Can- can I just…”

Newt gets a little closer and you don’t move. Your breathing slows, nearly stops, and you watch his body language. No way.

He gets close enough to you that you can feel his heat and you still don’t budge. Instead you have the urge to get closer.

Newt watches your eyes closely and looks for any signs that you want him gone. You give none.

You lean that last little distance and press your mouth to his, showing him that now you knew what he meant, and that you felt the same.

It was the first kiss you could remember, but to be honest you were okay with that.

After a moment, Newt pulls away and you find that your hands had wandered up to his neck. You remove them slowly and a smile plays at the corner of your mouth. “Why didn’t you just do that in the first place?”

Newt lets out a relieved chuckle and kisses you again.


Did he have to do this? Yes. He had to, right?

Newt slides a hand down his face and closes his eyes for a moment. Times like this he really wished he could remember life before the Glade.

Thomas had just gotten back from running the next day and Newt walked up next to him as he drank out of a water bottle.


Thomas swallowed the mouthful of water he had and nodded. “What’s up?”

“I need to ask you something about Y/N.” Newt pushed a hand through his hair and let out a breath.

“If she said anything about me face planting in the Maze, it’s not true,” Thomas counters quickly.

Newt gives a confused look but shakes his head. “No, nothing like that. It’s just that I really like her. And, surprisingly she likes me too. I wanted to ask you if it was okay if I dated her. Since you know, you’re my friend and her brother.”

Thomas pauses for a second before bursting out laughing. “You’re asking my permission?”

Newt folded his arms and raised an eyebrow. “Yes.”

“Dude. Of course you can. Maybe now that you two are together she’ll stop talking about you in the Maze. Do you know how many times she’s threatened to break a bone of my body if I told you that?”

Newts cheeks went hot and he laughed a little. “Guess not. But thanks, Tommy.” Newt clapped him on the shoulder and went off to find you.

You were just done getting changed from your running clothes when you heard someone knock at your door. You tell them to come in and they hurriedly do.

Immediately, Newts mouth is on yours. You kiss him back for a second but then put a little distance between you so you can see his face. “Woah there. I was only gone for a couple hours, Newt.”

He shook his head. “That’s not why I’m here.”

You furrow your eyebrows and wait for him to continue.

“I asked Thomas if he’d be alright with us being together and he said it was okay. And that you talk about me.”

You went ridged. “I’m going to kill him,” you mutter to yourself. Then louder to Newt: “That’s amazing! And I can’t believe you asked him.”

“Bad idea?” Newt said cautiously.

You slowly wind your arms around his neck and shake your head. “No, just very sweet.”

“Good,” Newt murmurs.

The problem with diversity.

“It’s always funny to see people hiding behind an anonymous tag daring people to face them. Take off your sheet, step into the light, and we can have a conversation. Otherwise, you can do like the other lot.”

Tom Brevoort, 2014

My name is Daniel Tonner.

I’m 27 years old. I live in Bremen, Germany and I work as an office administrator. I’ve been reading comics since I was 14 years old. Over that time span I’ve spent thousands and thousands of Euros on comics. I prefer Marvel over DC, because the Marvel characters are far more relatable than the DC characters. My favorite character is Peter “Spider-Man” Parker, because he has strong morals, is witty and funny and even though there are times, where it seems like the majority of New York hates him, even though he is just trying to do the right thing, he still never loses hope and continues to fight. And if there is a moment, where he throws his costume into a dumpster, he comes back shortly after stronger than ever before.

How is that for an introduction? Not that it really matters, since a person is still a person and it’s the opinion that matters. But you Mr. Brevoort… You seem to have a problem with critique from anonymous posters, but you deal with compliments just fine.

Speaking of critique… You also didn’t have a problem posting one question of mine, where you tried making me look like a racist: “We have a long way to go” you said and the sheep that follow you, followed along once again: “Yeah, look at that racist!”

We have indeed a long way to go and if you’re still reading at this point, you’ll realize why…

I said that I dislike seeing diversity in comics, because I find it phoney. It’s being invented by a bunch of frauds, who try to enforce it rather than trying to offer it.

I hate Miles Morales, but I don’t hate him, because he is black. I hate him, because Ultimate Peter Parker got killed off for it and for more drama Peter got killed off in front of his house with his poor aunt witnessing his death.
And then all of a sudden there is a new Spider-Man and he is black, invented by the biggest african american supporter in the comic book industry: Brian Michael Bendis.
I get it. African Americans are people just like you and me. Strange things can happen to everyone, so it’s not out of the ordinary for a black kid to gain superpowers and end up having an uncle that looks like Snoop Dogg and end up having african american villains too.

But that’s not what happens in comics. These are not random choices. You are replacing white characters, because it’s easier to spread diversity that way, instead of boosting already existing characters. Ultimate Nick Fury became black out of nowhere. Ultimate Peter Parker gots killed off and there was a black Spider-Man out of a sudden. You have an all african american Avengers team with a little bit of She-Hulk and Spider-Man sprinkled in. To profit more from the movies you get rid of 616 Nick Fury and come up with a black one, to profit more from the movies. Captain America gets pushed aside and we end up having a black Captain America (to be fair, Falcon was the only logical choice). And these are not the only examples. And DC does it as well. Wally West is black now? Earth 2 Superman is black? The Superman in Multiversity is black as well? There was an all black Justice League on one panel?

No african american can tell me that Marvel and DC are doing all of this the right way. It feels sooo forced and unnatural… and all of it only concentrates on african americans. As I said it, I would need 4 hands to count all of the black decision you’ve made, but I would fail to count the support other races get on just one hand.
Why are only african americans getting a push? Why are native americans not getting a push? Why are hindus not getting a push? What about the japanese and chinese? How about more muslims than just Ms. Marvel?

You construct comics as if North America is your absolutely only market. Well it’s not. I live in Germany and I buy comics here as well, translanted into german. Not that I would need it translated, but you get the point. In Germany there are not a lot of african americans around, but there are a lot of turkish people. Why aren’t there any turkish comic book characters? Why are you only appealing to the african american demographic?

Yes Tom, we still have a very long way to go. And here is something funny… In the notes to one of your “responses” to my questions, I saw someone making the comment that I must be crying every time Red Skull gets punched in the face and loses. In the eyes of your narrow-minded followers I am a racist. Damn, even a neo-nazi as it seems! How dare I call the “diversity” in comics phoney, blubrubrubrubrub!

At this point I know that everyone with a brain, who read through my post so far will know that there is something wrong with the diversity push in comics, but there is something else, which should be looked at as well…

Certain writers seem to be hating women. For that I don’t even have to talk about the “many rapes of Mark Miller”, but bringing up mainstream writers and their decisions should be more than enough to showcase the misogyny (for the stupid readers: misogyny = hate against women) in Marvel comics:

How about Brian Michael Bendis, the guy who loooves to boost black skin color in comics, while ignoring pretty much everything else:

1. Brian Michael Bendis had Jessica Jones being some kind of a weird sex slave for the Purple Man. Then he offered his pet character Luke Cage Jessica Jones’ butt… LITERALLY! Jessica Jones had painal sex with Luke Cage, because she wanted to feel anything, even if it was pain, humiliation or anger. And don’t say that it wasn’t painal, because everything in the dialogue of that god damn page indicates that it is.

2. Brian Michael Bendis brought Moonstone onto the first Dark Avengers team and the only reason was for her to have sex with the rest of the members. That was her SOLE purpose. She didn’t have a different role in the Dark Avengers comics, but to have sex with Noh-Varr, Bullseye, Mac Gargan and probably others.

3. Brian Michael Bendis completely failed to write the Lindy Reynolds character. For some reason he turned the Sentry into a retard, even though that character is supposed to be a genius, but I guess being stupid and not knowing if ripping someones head off is a good thing or a bad thing or not knowing if someone is breathing or not is a side effect of schizophrenia and agoraphobia in Bendis’ mind… So with the Sentry being so deranged Lindy Reynolds was afraid of him, but readers never felt for her… And then, when Bendis needed her death for some lazy reason, he wrote a scene, where Lindy got humiliated in the worst way possible and then choked to death by Bullseye. And I won’t even mention the time, where Lindy Reynolds got beaten to death by Ultron for absolutely no sensical reason. Talking about female comic book characters in refrigerators, huh?

4. Not Brian Michael Bendis, but Kevin Smith retconned the origin of Black Cat. She was a strong female character at one point with a “noble” origin, but Smith for some reason thought that turning Black Cat into a rape victim would make her a better character. So he wrote a story, where black Cat was not only raped once, but twice! Sigh… Rape does not make for better characters, you misogynist frauds.

So let’s sum all of that up:

All you care about is pushing the african americans in comics, because all you care about is North America and not the rest of the world. You don’t care about other races in total. You simply don’t. The push is only there for african americans.
The one time where you created a muslim character, you had to make sure that she is one of the good muslims in the very first issue by showing that she has a modern muslim family, who gives her the choice to wear a head scarf or not. And that she can eat pork or not and so on. BETTER MAKE SURE THAT THE FELLOW AMERICAN CITIZENS DON’T THINK THAT A POTENTIAL TERRORIST GETS SUPERPOWERS, AM I RIGHT?!

The misogyny in comics is real. Women are degraded to being painal-receivers, bimboish sex machines and rape and murder victims.
“But but, these are only 4 female characters out of so many!” … Oh, I could bring up more examples and that wouldn’t even be the point, because there are also only 4 somewhat important asian characters out of so many in the Marvel universe, while there is an entire Avengers book, where almost the entire roster consists out of african americans.

And these books aren’t even selling well!

The Amazing Spider-Man (two books), Superior Spider-Man and even Spider-Man 2099 are all out-selling Miles Morales Spider-Man. On the other hand Ultimate Peter Parker Spider-Man was one of the hottest selling books for a very long time.
There are multiple Avengers books selling better than Mighty Avengers. Even the Storm solo book seems to be selling better than the Mighty Avengers comic.

But hey, DIVERSITY!!!

I am not racist. You are. If I was writing comics, I wouldn’t support black characters only, but also other races and I especially wouldn’t treat women like crap.

But unfortunately we still have a very long way to go.

Choke on that, Mr. Brevoort and take your sheep with you. Actually no, I take that back. I like you. You’ve answered a lot of my questions, which didn’t have such a thought-provoking background. You are doing a good job, but you’re still just like everyone else and fail to see the bigger picture, which at this point isn’t even a terrible thing, because it seems to be the todays standard for the society.

I don’t think that you will ever post this on your Tumblr. In my opinion it features a lot of truth… a lot of  problems with the comic book industry, which you probably don’t want to expose to the public. I would be glad enough, if you took the time to read through all of this to see and maybe even understand where I’m coming from. You accused me of being racist, but I’m not. I just don’t think that the way Marvel and DC are doing it right now is the way to go.

Thank you for your time.