i hate houseguests

it upsets me that a lot of fans are completely nitpicking every word that some of these hgs say just so they have a reason to hate them.

exhibit a: when fans twisted christmas’s comment about “shoving my cast up your a**” to be about dom when she was clearly jokingly directing that towards paul, since he carelessly caused her to slip and fall not long beforehand.

some of these people really aren’t as bad of people as we try to make them out to be.

“I know this is going to sound bad but i don’t care. I hate how some houseguests have said they want to play the game so Raven can win It. I understand she has a medical issue but this isn’t a charity, I think she should earn her win by actually playing the game, not because people are feeling sympathy for her.”

Not to be THAT bitch but I hate when houseguests want people other than themselves to win. This is not Big Brothers best friend race!!! Fuck outta here with only wanting to be at Jury and wanting others to win over you because of their problems. Fuck outta here!!!! And fuck y'all “I’m not here for the money” hoes!!!! Then what are you here for????!?

  • houseguest: "i hate f*gs, n*gga, n*gga, n*gga, obama is a muslim monkey"
  • some of y'all: "just because they say these things doesn't mean they're a homophobe or a racist! everyone has a right to their own political views! you guys are too sensitive i'm self evicting from this tag!!"