i hate her very much


What your father did to you, the choices I had to make.

BTS As Things My Brother Has Said Pt. 3
  • Seokjin: Honestly the chicken was very dry
  • Yoongi: Wow. I hate her so much that her face is actually making me gag. Shit, I’m going to throw up
  • Hoseok: I just. I think bumblebees are cute
  • Namjoon: Hey guys...I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think I broke my collarbone. Haha. Don’t worry though. Um. Haha. Can...can someone...call the hospital i aM IN PAIN
  • Jimin: The best part about dating her is that she’s shorter than me. Even in heels
  • Taehyung: I have an elephant but I can’t show you. It’s private
  • Jungkook: 1997 BITCHES!!!!!!!!
  • - Eden (*^3^)/~☆
You know you’re a good actress if in real life you emit rays of darkness but then you perfectly portray a character made up of sunshine and rainbows

You know you’re a good actress if you’re Rowan Blanchard 

office Cat wearing red/blue/purple  

happy birthday, @damelola

when i was a lot younger playing TS2, there was this girl i really hated on this oekaki drawing forum. i hated her so much that i made a very ugly sim based off my impression of her and gave her the bare minimum as far as a house and made her suffer by confirming all her fears. i also made her suffer by keeping her needs in the red. then i got bored and burned her to death. or maybe drowned. or something.

Awe :c
I don’t understand why people hate her so much, she is honestly very sweet. The day I met manson I also got to meet her. She was the first person Marilyn introduced me to. And then she kindly took me and Marilyn’s picture.
I just wish them both the best and hopefully they’re both okay.

More in “Things I love about Barn Mates”

I’m glad to see a problem with Steven come back that we haven’t seen since “Sadie’s Song.”

Steven is an endlessly compassionate person with sympathy for pretty much anyone, and who wants to solve as many problems as possible with friendship, forgiveness, and goofy songs. And most of the time he’s very successful with this.

But Steven’s emotional intelligence does have limits, and those limits particularly comes up against certain negative emotions, particularly when people want to be LEFT ALONE to deal with those emotions.

We saw this on a smaller scale in “Sadie’s Song.” The moment Sadie’s mom suggests that Sadie give a big performance in front of everyone, Steven gets swept up in this excitement and his usual perceptiveness goes out the window in regards to Sadie’s clear uncomfortable feelings about performing. After all, performing is what STEVEN would love to do so OBVIOUSLY Sadie would want to do the same, right?

I figured that this issue would come up again in a much larger way and it clearly has with Lapis.

Steven wants Lapis to be friends with Peridot because, well, doesn’t EVERYONE want friends? He wants friends! He wants everyone else to be friends too! And Lapis likes him, so obviously she’ll like Peridot too, because Peridot is his friend! He of course knows that Peridot has grown a lot because he’s seen it firsthand, and doesn’t Lapis trust him? So clearly she should trust him about Peridot!

Steven obviously feels bad about what Lapis had to go through when she told him all about it in “Same Old World” but Steven is still having issues with understanding when what will make other people happy is NOT the same as what will make him happy. He simply seems utterly unable to understand why Lapis won’t change her mind about Peridot the moment he tells her that she’s different now. He can’t accept that Lapis would be well within her rights to hate Peridot forever based on her past experiences, and that if Lapis WERE able to change her mind about Peridot that she’s going to need TIME to get there. Steven thinks that because Lapis likes him and trusts him that she should be able to do that with anyone - he can’t quite grasp that Lapis makes a huge exception for Steven because he’s the ONLY person she’s encountered in actual centuries who has not tried to use her as some kind of tool or to further an agenda.

And nothing has really been resolved yet. Sure Lapis saves Peridot at the end of “Barn Mates” but having the attitude of “I would not like you to be captured/killed by Homeworld gems” is the barest minimum of caring and very far from the idea of friendship. Plus we haven’t yet dealt with the fact that while Lapis has been alienated from Homeworld she DOES NOT consider herself a “Crystal Gem” either, something that Steven would probably assume (she likes me, so she’s one of us!). If Lapis does become aligned with the Crystal Gems, it will probably take her at least as long, if not longer, than it took Peridot to defy Yellow Diamond. 

I for one am very excited for where Lapis and Steven’s relationship is going to go, not just for Lapis, as I’m interested to see where her character who has always wanted freedom above all else will choose to align herself (or NOT align herself possibly). I’m also excited to see if Steven’s friendship with someone who mostly just wants to be left alone and IS NOT out to make friends with anyone and everyone will help him learn something new.


Haylijah Appreciation Week #2

Day 2: Favorite Quote(s)

cullen must miss his family soooo much, but what if Josephine and Leliana are acting as his sisters and cheer him up! <3

In the meantime, this same guy condoned and participated in kidnapping children from their families, Leliana just lost her mentor, and Josie, too, is miles away from her own family, which also struggles financially at the moment, and simultaneously has to deal with people plotting against them and trying to assassinate her.

But I, a person who went into Josephine’s tag, am supposed to feel bad about that guy not seeing his family for some time, okay cool.

My princess is my princess.

No one gets to call her their princess but me. No one gets to call her a kitten but me. I am her mommy. She’s mine and I am hers. I love my princess very much and hate it when I hear someone call her a pet name only I can use.

I don’t know if I made myself clear in the last six months (this is sarcasm ok), but let’s try again: I’m a hate-free blog. I don’t hate Sophie (actually I like her very much). I don’t want any kind of hate towards her on this blog. And if someday I feel like I need to stand up for her here, I won’t hesitate to do so (I hope it never happens tho, because seriously). Spread your goddamn venom anywhere far away from me.