I’ll always be the second choice and I hate that about me.

all of us: we need new content, our crops are dying or are already dead, our bodies are ready for season 4 no matter who the main is, we’re saying that we’ve got the feeling that the trailer comes out tomorrow on a daily basis and are making up whole new storylines for characters we’ve got like one photo of

julie: seen at 21:21

so… today i woke up to a vid of katie sayin she loves ha fans…. then signing ha name on supergirl’s blue suit w a blue sharpie… then gettin distracted by ha own boobs… then sayin thas a lot of boobs… now the Melissa and I shit .. signin a supercorp fanart.. and i still dont kno when the fck this asshole was born . Ok .

Nancy is so controlling of OA it’s awful. In the Olive Garden scene, before OA has even had a chance to look at her menu Nancy buts in with “Prairie, you’ll have your usual?” and since OA has been controlled for so long she doesn’t even think twice, she just goes along with it