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Meeting The Stars - PRABHAS  &  RANA

From the moment I got back home after watching Baahubali: The Beginning, I wished to meet the entire team behind the Epic because one, they were ideals in my mind for attempting something of such an impressive magnitude and coming out successful; and two, they seemed so fun to get to know after all their interviews together despite the heights of their fandom. It was indeed a dream team and my dream to meet them got a lot more stubborn after watching The Conclusion.

So last May, on a fine Friday morning, I came across a tweet about a contest regarding Baahubali the Lost Legends—the animated series of the franchise on Amazon Prime India twitter handle. It promised two sets of winners, the first three would get to meet the stars and the next ten would win certain Baahubali merchandise. My eyes zeroed in on the promise of those gifts cause I consider myself as a bit of a collector. I decided to give my best shot at it hoping to win at least one of them goody bags. I answered all the nine questions about the animated series. They promised to announce the winners that night and I almost forgot all about it until after dinner. When I did though, I rushed to see who won the goody bags and didn’t find my name so made peace with the thought that it just wasn’t meant for me. And not 5 minutes later, they announced the 3 winners who will go on to meet the Baahubali stars on top of getting the merchandise as well and my name was right on top of it—and I’m pretty sure I kept blinking owlishly at my mobile screen for 10 minutes straight. I legit couldn’t believe my luck and I thought it was a prank until everyone assured me it wasn’t. With what one would term a Cheshire grin, I danced around my place and kept shoving my mobile at everyone’s face (the ones who made the mistake of listening to me, that is). Friends who had me as their whatsapp contact were subsequent victims to my excitement as well. However, my mum and brother were an exception as they tried to tease me, mercilessly might I add, about my pintsize and how either Rana or Prabhas might have to lift me up so that I was in the same frame as them in the pictures—tried being the key word. It still had zero effect on my delight and I eagerly waited for the day that I would meet the team. (rest under the cut bc its super long)

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anonymous asked:

Do you think that with Conner's phrase in TLOS, Chris tried to say something negative to Darren? As if he were claiming for not facing the world.

Quite the opposite Anon. Thing is, if Chris and Darren have issues, they discuss those privately like any couple. Chris does not need a public platform. They are a couple who live together and make decisions together. They fight like any other couple and they love like any other couple. Chris does not need to admonish Darren through his books.

I have found through my 2+ years here, publicly, Chris is fiercely protective of Darren and goes out of his way to try to shift the burden onto his own shoulders. He has use these books as a way to encourage and support him.

Let’s look at the quote you are referring to:

“It takes courage to face a giant, but it takes a true hero to stand up to the world.”

It takes courage to face a giant...” Darren is standing up to the giants every single day of his life. Make no mistake about that fact. He fights every day to survive and to be true to himself and what he wants. This is so evident in his career choices. It is evident in his song lyrics. And how he speaks to people who are listening.  And that takes courage. 

“…But it takes a hero to stand up to the world.”  That is Chris encouraging him. Letting him know that his fight is not just for Darren and his ability to be free. His fight is for his community.  But to do so, he has to face the world at large and not just his oppressors. Because it is not just Fox/Murphy/Ricky/SS/Mia that are oppressing him. It is society’s attitude towards the LGBT+ community. That is still to this day is not nearly as accepting as we perceive.  

Darren has the ability to change perception, I believe that. Chris and Darren have the platform to show the world what a strong, smart, talented same sex couple can accomplish.  And if they can accomplish this and successfully fight societal perception and prejudice, they have the ability to be heroes to so many.


Don’t listen to them, being you is more than enough.


we sat around laughing 
and watched the last one die

When I saw tinyconfusion’s tags to this post

#he straight up gets super offended though  #lmao  #and he lets it be known  #that tentoo is the one that’s great at sex  #lbr  #that’s what he means

my brain just instantly went

And what has Rose to say to that?

An OPM OVA where Saitama and Genos get really into a conversation. Like, really into it. It essentially becomes a debate. The OVA starts with Saitama bringing up something small and mundane, but they start going back and forth about it and even as they head out for the day, they won’t stop.

(’Hey, Genos. You know when you buy something new and it’s really shiny and nice and it makes you not want to use it?’

‘Yes, sensei?’

‘Then what’s the point of buying it?’

‘Perhaps you needed a replacement for an older one?’

‘But if you need a new one and then don’t use it because it’s new, what’s the point…?’

‘Well, think about it like this, sensei…’)

The kind of chaos you expect happens around them, with monster attacks and them crossing paths with various other heroes. It’s all very fast paced though, because they keep pushing monsters out of their way all while continuing this conversation ///

When Genos is fighting larger monsters, Saitama just raises his voice to be sure that Genos can hear him from up there. Genos answering back mid-battle. Many cameos, like the Fubuki Group (’Are you two even listening?’), Sonic (’Wait…where are you… Get back here and face me!’), King (’I guess I’ll just get going then… You guys seem busy…’), Bang, Mumen, Tatsumaki, it’s just a constant cycle of literally everyone getting ignored while they walk away to keep this debate going ///////

The last scene is while they’re asleep late at night…until Saitama opens his eyes suddenly because he’s finally figured out an answer or compromise to what they were talking about. Genos wakes up immediately because that last explanation finally makes sense ///

He takes note of it in the notebook he keeps under his pillow /////

Mikanoa Fluffy Fluffiness

HERE IT IS, FOLKS: AS PROMISED, YET ANOTHER MIKANOA FIC FOR YOU TO SAVOUR. Just kidding, but I do hope that you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Pairing: Mika x Shinoa (this time it’s definitely on the otp side lol)

Word count: 3,422 words


Here’s a preview: From the corner of her eye, she saw the vampire lay down, placing his hands behind his head. “It has also been a while since I last saw the stars.” Still looking upwards, the lilac-haired girl replied, “Quite a sight, isn’t it? Makes one realise how insignificant and diminutive we actually are.”

A/N’s: You know, the usual - please don’t repost anywhere, and constructive criticism is more than welcome! Occurs in canonverse, following the events of the anime finale. They’re maybe a little bit ooc, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. I seem to have this tendency to make sleep a recurring theme in my fics, and for that, I apologise. Kind of. Not really. What I do apologise for reals is for any typos that I might have missed. I freaking hate typos. That is all.

**Under the cut**

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about fanfiction reviews

I don’t know how many times I have to say this until people understand: 

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catharsis [part four]

member: jaebum

genre: light angst

word count: 2700

summary: jaebum’s hurt and it takes mark to get you to be honest with yourself.

part one | part two | part three | part four | part five

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i hate when i have the smallest typo in my text and then the person replies with “???” or “wdym??” like bitch can u not read past that shit


I keep foam stickers in my backpack to give to people who I think need or deserve one and they’re very colorful and I have an assortment of not only aliens but also dinosaurs and like as silly as it sounds I genuinely want to mail one of those stickers to Dan like I dunno if it would help but he could have a little purple dinosaur or a little green alien to stick on his fridge or whatever and I think that’s always a nice thing

Dan if you’re reading this go buy some foam dinosaur/alien stickers and put them on ur fridge like it’s definitely not gonna solve any of your problems but it’ll look super silly and you’ll feel like a seven year old and it’ll be great I promise trust me on this one I’m a scientist

Don’t play Mystic Messenger

I just finished my 11 days of torture, absolutely no sleep, 546 alarms, fearfully rushing through phone calls bc I was in the middle of irl ppl stuff, the strike of fEAR that runs through u when you realize you passed out for 15 hours and missed 7 chatrooms, 4 phone calls, and have 6 messages, and too many feelings over a buncha pixels inside my phone for my tiny luke warm heart to handle.

So obviously I started a different route 1 hour after finishing my test route.