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Pre-Kerberos! Matt HC

[Pre-Kerberos! Matt]

★ Matt is the whitest of the whites, he eats one hot chip and it’s game over.

★ He’s allergic to pickles

★ He got Katie into aliens and cryptids

  • He doesn’t regret it                                                                             

★ Him and Shiro were friends, even before the Garrison.

★ He’s a little shit, the Garrison teachers expected him to be the perfect student since he was Sam and Colleen’s son.

  • They were wrong, he started a black market and wasn’t found out until it was too late. He made more than $500 bucks cash.

★ Whenever he was called into the office to talk about his future he just answered with “Kick ass, go to space, represent the human race.”

The cost of losing a bet with him was high

  • Once a kid had to go up to Iverson and ask if he was a furry and if his boyfriend was bigfoot.
  • They were required to help Iverson for the rest of the year during their free hour.

★ Anytime anyone asked if him and Shiro were dating, he did finger guns and awkwardly backed away.

★ Has been the cause of the science lab blowing up at least 5 times.

  • Shiro was apart of three of them.

★ Puns were his shit no one could escape

  • Shiro does this make us…..Kerbros?”
  • “If it weren’t for the laws of this land, I would’ve slaughtered you, Matt.”

★ Would fight you if you said Pluto wasn’t a planet

★ Is the most oblivious of people, two kids had a crush on him at the same time and he never noticed

  • But he can somehow notice when people have crushes on each other??

★ He met Neil Degrasse Tyson once and cried

★ Katie and him show their love by roasting each other on the daily

★ “I know you love those peas, Dad.” was only the tip of the Yikesburg™ .

★ He dyed Shiro’s hair once

  • It went as well as expected
  • It was neon blue

★ He smuggled Pidge into the Garrison once with the help of Shiro

  • Keith found them dragging her through the window
  • He just stared silently and walked away

★ He can do a perfect Yoda impression

  • Katie sadly found out when she on the verge of sleep at 3am

★ Subs always liked him for some reason, no one really knew how or why though.

★ He could name all 206 bones in the human body, and he taught Keith how to break every one of them

★ Katie popped out the lens in his back-up prescription glasses

  • He cried

★ He can quote back to the future word for word

★ “What are you gonna do punch me???”

  • The kid decked him
  • He broke their leg

★ He threatened to sell Katie to the Garrison for a pizza

  • A guy’s gotta do what they gotta do to get some decent food

★ “How’d you do in your flight test, Matt?” “Oh, I nearly killed Shiro. it’s chill though.”

★ He cries whenever he sees dogs since the Garrison is in the middle of nowhere

  • He once cried for more dog deaths in three school days than his entire life

★ “Hey Matt, high-five the stars for me okay?” “Of course, Katie.”

  • She hasn’t found out if he did or not.

★ It was his idea to name their dog Gunther

  • “What the fuck, Matt” “It haS CHARACTER KATIE”

★ Him and his mom are kickass together.

  • Everyone is low-key terrified of them

★ He crashed his bike into a tree once

  • “Lol you guys will never guess what happened”
  • “What”
  • “My bone is no longer in my leg”

★ “Do you think Iverson and—” “I’m gonna stop you right there.”

★ He hacked the speakers in the Garrison to play Bill Nye the Science Guy when someone said he wasn’t a real scientist

★ Believes in the multiverse theory and soulmates

  • Maybe in some other universe him and Shiro are happy

★ He’s pan and poly, fight me   

  • Katie got him a shirt that read “Pans for Bigfoot”    
  • He wore it everywhere

★ He finished the office in a week and stares at a security camera whenever something stupid happens

★ Someone confessed to him once and he panicked and said “Thank you”

★ Matt is actually a super good crossdresser???

  • Shiro and Keith are surprised???
  • Katie had to get it from somewhere y’all

★ Lowkey likes to make fun of Keith for being Texan

  • “Y’all’d’ve done good if y’all had listened to me.”
  •  “I hate living because of you, Matt.”

★ Bill Nye the Science Guy is his dad and you can’t tell him otherwise.

  • He’ll fight you if you say he isn’t a real Scientist


★ Him and Katie learned Latin for kicks

★ Speaks fluent meme

★ **Drops one piece of candy on his room floor** “,,,,,,,,” **Kneels down to look for it**

★ 10/10 doesn’t know how to handle any crushes he has

  • He realized he had a crush on Shiro with the “help” of Katie and Keith
  • He tried to eat an entire jar of pickles afterwards

★ “Matt, you have a crush on my brother, admit it” “New glasses, who dis?”

★ “Shiro, when I was your age,,,,,,” “One day, you’re just not going to wake up.”

★ He somehow convinced Shiro to dress up as Watson while he was Sherlock

★ Hamilton’s number 1 fan

★ He spits out facts at random

  • “Y’know Alexander Hamilton spelt Philadelphia wrong in our Constitution?” 
  • Katie, who has been running on 3 hours of sleep: please shut tf up

★ “You’re a little shit Matt” “Atleast I don’t quote Fairy Tail any chance i get”

★ Katie, grabbing his backpack full of assignments from the Garrison: Y E E T

★ He hates coffee but will drink 5 cans of soda in an hour


  • Sam Holt voice: Please,,,,just go to sleep”

★ He’s a Gryffindor

★ Someone bet him that he couldn’t eat 2 of the new Grand Macs

  • He ate 4, Katie ate 5
  • Everyone was impressed and low-key terrified

★ Shiro: bro take off your glasses
★ Matt: bro everything’s a blur
★ Shiro: that’s my life without you
 Matt, tearfully: Bro… 

Iverson: any questions?
Matt: Yeah, first of all, how dare you?

★ “Would you slap Katie for $2,000?” “I’d break both of Katie’s arms and my own leg for a small fry from McDonald's”

★ Shiro gave him one of his sweaters when it was cold out once

  • Shiro hasn’t seen it since

★ He had an emo phase that lasted 2 months before he got tired of the eyeliner

  • Katie likes to bring it up at the worst times

He’s covered in bandaids 90% of the time

  • Most times it’s because he and Katie were fucking around while building smth

★ “The amount of uses for a dead horse is infinite” “Matt, honestly, just go to church”

★ His mind is just a constant loop of that scene in VeggieTales where the realized they didn’t have hands and just sadly looked at each other


★ Mashed potatoes can and should fuck him up

★ Learned to play the kazoo for meme opportunity

★ Once burnt off one of his eyebrows from boiling water

★ Him and Katie do the handshake thing from Zack and Cody

★ Whenever someone asks to see a picture of Katie, he just pulls out a picture of Pidgey from Pokémon

  • Matt: Isn’t she pretty?

★ He beat every island in poptropica

★ He can make really nice flower crowns nobody has questioned it

★ He talks with his hands a lot

  • He’s hit Keith in the face more than once because of it

★ You know when it snowed in Egypt for the first time in years and that guy had that giant ass snowball and was gonna fucking dunk it on his friend?

  • That’s Matt

★ He can dance?? Where did he learn it? Nobody knows

★ “Keith I came as soon as i heard! I can’t believe it I knew you two were close”
★“Wtf are you talking about?”
★“Punk is dead, Keith”

★ When the rumour that MCR was coming back you bet your ass Matt was ready to blast every song whenever he saw Keith

★ “I’m Matt, the radar technician”

★ He recreated BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and cried

★ “Bitch, I am a gift of God, square up”

  • Get it? Because Matthew means gift of God??

★ He can solve a rubix cube behind his back in under 35 seconds

★ If he laughs hard enough he’ll start snorting

  • 50% of the time he won’t notice because he’s too busy laughing
  • The other 50% he’ll stop and frown in disgust at his own snort

★ He found out Shiro poured his milk in before the cereal and kicked him out their dorm

Matt: Hey, Shiro, want to stay for dinner?
Colleen: Do you want to stay forever?

★ Iverson lowkey reminds him of Snape, so by default he just doesn’t like him

★ “Work, work!” “Matthew!”
    “Work, work!” “Katherine!”
    “,,,,,and Keith”
    “The conspiracy theorists!”

★ Unlike his sister, he likes to garden and starts one in their backyard with their mom

★ Matt would totally force Shiro to cosplay Team Rocket for Halloween with Pidge being Meowth and Keith being an edgier version of Ash Ketchum

  • Shiro as Jessie and Matt as James of course

★ He owns every pokemon game in existence

  • Pokemon Snap was his shit when he was like 7
  • He 360 noscoped the Pokemon with apples

★ Has read all of the Harry Potter books three times

★ He tried to teach Shiro how to dance

  • They never finished though because neither of them could take the sexual tension

★ He was more into the galaxies and multiple universes part of space, while Katie was excited for the tech advances 

  • They were both 100% ready for aliens though

★ Shiro told him he couldn’t create the Marauders Map, so he did out of spite

★ Talked in nothing but Shakespeare for a day to piss off Katie

★ He loved ducktales

  • Too bad he can’t see the reboot

★ Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses was his shit

★ When Katie was born, he brought a potato with him when he went to the hospital to compare the two

★ He always wore sweaters that didn’t quite fit him, so he could have Sweater Paws

★ There was a supposed ‘haunted’ house on his street, so him Katie and the Broganes all snuck out to investigate

  • A window broke while they were in there
  • Keith shapeshifted into Sonic and bolted, Katie started hysterically crying and laughing at the same time as she ran, and Matt jumped into Shiro’s arm and Shiro fuckin’ booked it
  • They all agreed not to talk about it

★ Once in gym, a ball was about to hit someone in the face but instead of yelling “duck!” he yelled “dICK”

  • To this day no one has let him live it down

★ Uses an absurd amount of emoticons when texting

★ 10/10 would meme again

★ Used the word “Yo” too many times to count

★ Tried to bury Katie underneath a bunch of snow when she was 10

★ He can’t swim

★ He’s cried during nearly every Disney and Pixar movie

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Warframe personalities from how I see them, by my first glance at them.

Heads up, this is a long post. Enjoy~!

Ash: Aloof mofo with a stabbing habit. could rob you of all your money in texas hold ‘em. Too much damn side eye. Kills everyone is the room, then breaks for coffee like nothing happened. Ninja who steals the last slice of cake from the fridge.

Atlas: would kick your ass then be your best bro. is dead inside? somewhat likely but can’t tell anymore. makes shitty jokes. I get he’s a one punch man stone golem, but c’mon, the guy gives pretty good hugs.

Banshee: Resting bitch face, but is sound sensitive so she has a reason. Most likely up to god knows what hours listening to music enjoying synethesia sensations. Knows a thing or two about where to find the best obscure books. Caring protective friend.

Chroma: Moody guy who just wants some fucking peace and quiet. Hoards things like trophies from kills, bet this guy has so many hunting trophies? ffs, his ult is a dragon pelt, might as well be a dragon! Really good at pissing off people without even trying.

Ember: Sassy friend wants all the tea. Best booty to boot. You see that guy over there? He’s on fire. She fucking murdered him with sick comebacks. Don’t get me wrong though, she might like her bacon crispy but she’s a pretty loyal friend. Probably would come get your ass for a revive with intent to raze the fucking field with wildfire.

Equinox: Calm balanced friend??? Has two sides she shows to different people, everyone who talks to her might find something different about her. Likes keeping a lot of houseplants in her room in the dojo. Courteous and polite and gives the best backhanded compliments under a pleasant facade.

Excalibur: Average Joe. Good at a lot but not the best, really doesn’t give his best. Very athletic. rushes through missions impatiently. Might play too many hack’n’slash games in his spare time.

Frost: Stoic, quiet, probably has some thought going on at all times. Reads a lot of mythology from before the orokin era. Procrastinates and stalls for his buddies while holding down the fort. solid person to talk to if you need someone to listen.

Hydroid: The guy has enough mentions about tentacle porn, it’s safe to say he’s hoarding a hentai stash somewhere. or people assume. just a guy who loves the water, could talk for days about fish and where to find all the best seafood restaurants. has had enough people mentioning pirates around him. has a good, hearty laugh.

Inaros: Tired, always fucking tired. Sleep? I’ll sleep when I’m dead. if you can kill me, that is. Mmm. nom. Corpus tastes metallic. Grineer tastes like really bad slimy chicken. I’m not sharing what infested taste like. Shields? What the heck is that? Appreciates old architecture and hoards ayatan statues.

Ivara: Sneaky sneaky~ I got an arrow for just about any job. Just because i am a cyclops doesn’t mean i don’t have depth perception, dumbass. Carefree happy lady, fun to talk to. Makes lots of banter with teammates on missions.

Limbo: Trolls might love this guy, why doesn’t he have a fedora helmet yet? I’ve not seen enough Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to know what those references mean. He’s a real gentleman, very inquisitive. He’s a scientist? Aw, cool. Prolly spacing out while carousing through the rift, thinking about his next project.

Loki: The Cheeseframe is what people call him. Knows where all the loot is, all the time. Giggling and pulling pranks 24/7. Can do shit effortlessly and stares at his team wondering why the fuck the had to trigger the damn alarm in a mission. Also, hammerhead shark. This guys likes playing card games too.

Mag: In a state of calm and panic at the same time. Doesn’t show much though. Magnetic personality? Could crush your heart in a minute. Has a good taste in interior design, rather good at art deco/ industrial. Has some walls to get through before befriending her, but melts like a marshmellow when ya do.

Mesa: 360 no scope!!! It’s high noon! okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s keep going. Keeps an orderly schedule, off doing solo missions all the time. Loves a good movie, could talk about her favorite film for hours. Deserts are dry? So is her humor. Would shoot you without even thinking.

Mirage: You thought Loki’s pranks were bad? At least her enemies get these night mare shows and not you. This chick loves horror films, special effects make up and disco. Pretty good at good at lighting up the room and your smile. She really just wants a good time, okay?

Nekros: Sick mofo who tells dead baby jokes. Has some interesting kinks. Rarely eats, if ever. Would look you dead in the eye and try to tell you bad puns seriously as possible. Has seen the dead walk again, thinks they’re best buddies. good guy to go to a graveyard with.

Nezha: Srsly good looking.. guy? girl? oh idc he can be genderfluid and i’d still think he’s attractive. Got serious hula skills. Never takes himself seriously and just loves going for long missions. Knows a thing or two about culture, rather classy guy but can be a bit childish. Never really grew up, but you don’t notice that behind the charm.

Nidus: This is the I-don’t-give-a damn guy. He wrecks everything he touches, spreads space aids, yet his personality is far from cancer. Very good with animals. A bit messy. Too many damn things talking in his head from the infested and ignores them like a champ. They bend to his will.

Nova: A Good Egg, if slightly cracked. Giggles at the mention of inane words. Everything explodes!!! ADHD in a frame. Good natured wholesome friend who loves everyone. Bad habit of breaking appliances and electronics. Geiger counters near her start playing Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive?

Nyx: Look at this frame. You took a good warframe and gave it anxiety, sheesh. Shy, kinda hard to deal with hearing everyone’s thoughts sometimes. ain’t got time for your drama. Loves talking about current events, but not much of a gossip out of respect for others. giant personal space bubble, do not touch!

Oberon: Royal pain in the ass, but a lovable doofus so you kinda just let it go. Very protective dad friend, complete with dad jokes. Probably would like to finish your sandwich if you’re not gonna eat it. Would open his home to you if you needed a couch to surf on.

Octavia: This girl loves all music, could help you find just the mix you were looking for. Got sick dance moves too. Might have been in band. Would happily binge watch any tv show with you and discuss everything about it. You don’t know what so charming about her, but you really like her so you always accept her invites. Had a bad habit of fidgeting.

Rhino: This guy could bench press a grineer ship in one hand and corpus ship in the other. you don’t move out of his way, he runs you over, simple as that. gym rat, for sure. somewhat impatient. watches way too many superhero blockbusters and devours the comics. Mows down the entire enemy wave just get your sorry bleeding ass back up and fighting again.

Saryn: Oh, good lotus, this chick has got good looks and a deadly touch. Cunning girl could outsmart anyone. Low key annoyed in general. Would back stab you without a thought, given a reason. Knows a lot about cooking. I mean, if you’re going to poison someone or at least know how to work in the biolab you should probably know how this type of chemistry works. dodges responsibility a lot tho.

Titania: flighty as fuck, gets startled easily. graceful; she has good fashion sense. you have no idea where she came from in the room. fairy tales are definitely her thing, but happy endings really aren’t true with that state of things right now in the solar system. too many butterflies, but is fine with it since they help her stay calm. Actually really good at flying archwings, I think?

Trinity: First one to rush into the fight, last one to leave until everyone is okay. Is the Mom friend. Likes to be helpful. Rather much a bitch to those she hates. She may have an open heart, but don’t walk all over this girl. Cross her once, shame on you. Cross her twice, she leaves you for dead on eris, end of story.

Valkyr: Look, she’s been through some shit, has ptsd, the very least you can do is give her a cat plushie and your support, okay? Gets angry easily and has meltdowns. She’s not a pushover. She knows what’s best, she can endure. semi serious, jokes fly over her head. it may take a bit for her to like you. literally a cat frame, you don’t know love until you’ve been loved by a cat.

Vauban: Forget Limbo being a troll. This is THE trollframe. Went to college for engineering, came back out a smart ass. Don’t loan money to him, he prolly won’t pay ya back. Pretty good drinking buddy tho. Reads a shit ton of shakespear to know what that sense of humor really is. Shit poster, meme hoarder extrordinaire. you can have a grenade! And you can have a grenade! YOU ALL CAN HAVE GRENADES!

Volt: Impeccable taste mixed with sharp commentary. Why does he have a helmet that’s a boob? maybe he has a high schooler’s sense of humor? would be honest with you and tell you straight up what needs to be done. This guy likes expensive suits. Has a tendency to be impulsive.

Wukong: Has loads of stories to tell. Good memory. Can comeback from just about any setback. determined and will happily grind with you in missions for hours. Also pretty damn stubborn and doesn’t listen well to others, kinda has to speak first.

Zephyr: Life’s a breeze here, right? Kinda goes with whatever and has a hard time deciding on things. Kinda clumsy too. Crashes raids and blows away the enemy. Usually minds her own business with her head in the clouds.

S/O doesn’t believe in love


Jin told you he loved you every chance he got. You knew he did and you knew you loved him, but still. Something was bound to come in and wreck it all. Insecurities, past experiences, another guy or girl, it was just a matter of time. Of course you never voiced this thought, that is, until Jin began to wonder. 

“Jagi? Why do you never say I love you back? I know it might be small, but I was just wondering.”

You stopped for a moment to think. “I do love you, but what if something happens to where I don’t or you don’t? Then the love is wasted on nothing and we’re both miserable, just like every other failed relationship i’ve seen.”

Jin went quiet before coming over and sitting next to you. “I get what you mean, but we’re not those people. Even if something does happen and we’re no longer together, You still own a piece of my heart. But I’m glad you were honest.”

You smiled and laid your head in Jin’s shoulder. “If it means anything, I care about you most in the world.”

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You and Suga had been dating for a while, and to be serious, it scared you. You knew he cared and that’s all you needed. Yet, when he kissed you with such passion it made your heart stopped for more than one reason.

Suga looked into your eyes with such emotion, you knew what was coming next. “I love you.”

Your eyes brimmed with tears as you shook your head. “No no no no. Don’t say that.” Suga looked at you in confusion before you went on. “True love doesn’t exist. The moment you say you love me is when stuff falls apart. That’s what happened to my parents, my sister, even me. Please. don’t say that.”

Suga pulled you into a hug and shushed you. “It’s okay. I get it. He looked at you again and gave you a weak smile. “How about this then; we go on as normal. No love, just mutual hate for the world and we’ll be partners in crime. Deal?”

You gave a small laugh and wiped away your tears.”Deal.”

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The worst thing about loving J-hope was how vocal he was about it. It was always yelling and cheering and to be honest, you kinda doubted it. 

“How can you love someone though? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I acre about you in a different way than I do for others, but love is for fairytales and movies. It just doesn’t happen in real life.” you explained on evening on a walk.

J-hope just stopped and looked at you oddly. “Why do you say that?”

“I’ve seen it all over. People just find someone who they’d like to spend the next 80 years with and call it good. If thing’s don’t work out, then oh well.”

J-hope took a deep breath and nodded. “I’m gonna prove you wrong.”

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Namjoon was sitting on the couch when you came over and plopped down with your laptop. “Look. According to this, half of all marriages end in divorce and only a third of those left are happy marriages with another third secretly hating them.” Namjoon gave you a slightly alarmed look at where this was going. “Look, statistically, love doesn’t exist.”

Namjoon finally understood, thinking back to the small rant you gave when he confessed his love for you. He sighed and took your hands in yours. “Yet, think about this. It’s an almost 100% chance that our atoms were together at the big bang. According to science, they’re biggest goal is to reach each other again. Why can’t the atoms finding each other be true love?”

You sighed as you saw his point. “I know. I’m just scared. So many relationships have gone sown the drain.”

Namjoon nodded and pulled you closer before giving you a small kiss on the head. “With or without love, I want what we have.”

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Kissing Jimin was nice. Hugging Jimin was nice. Cuddling with Jimin was nice. Yet, that didn’t mean it was love. When ever Jimin brought up the subject, you usually changed it quickly. This began to worry Jimin though. “Y/n, do you love me?” he finally asked.

You took a deep breath before you sighed. “No. I care about you to the moon and back and would do anything for you, but I don’t believe in love. It’s failed me to many times before.”

Jimin eyes watered slightly but he nodded. “But, you do care about me in a special way, right?”

You smiled and pulled him over to you. “If you mean does my tummy do a 360 spin every time it sees you, yes. If you mean that I can’t stop smiling when I’m with you, then yes. If you mean that I care about you emotionally, mentally, and physically with every fiber of my being, then yes. I care about you in a special way.”

Jimin laughed and kissed your nose. “I suppose that’s enough then.”

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Tae was always being childish in some way, but you adored that about him. It wasn’t until a long walk that made you realize some of his childish thought though. 

“We’re gonna be just like the stories. True love and all.” That got a laugh out of you for sure.

“True love is a bunch of bullshit.” You said as you shook your head. Tae looked at you, slightly hurt. “Look. I love you, but face it, we may be together for 80 years, but that love is gonna fade some day.” 

Tae nodded, still not fully convinced. “Can it be 90 years instead?”

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Jungkook loved you no matter what you said. He was sure of his feelings. “True love exists. I’m gonna prove it to you.” he insisted.

You rolled your eyes but let him continue anyway. “Why don’t you believe in it anyways?”

“Lets see. There the failed marriage of my parents. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of my dad. My mom’s many attempts of finding someone. Not to mention the arrest of my brother-in-law for beating my sister out of hatred. Love exist, true love doesn’t”

Jungkook sighed as he laid down. “None of them are us though. I won’t let that happen.”

You were touched by how evident Jungkook loved you and you thought that maybe, just maybe, the universe would allow the love between the two of you continue.

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Why I want to stop watching the Blacklist (a.k.a., A Rant by Me)

This used to be my favorite show. Hands down. I would legitimately schedule things around it; I would leave events early to make sure I could watch it live; I would post about it on Tumblr and read other people’s posts the rest of the evening; I would search through multiple review site’s posts the next day.

I loved the dynamic between Red and Liz. I loved the mysteries and the little morsels of answers that we would get. I loved how, in the S1 finale, it felt like no one was safe: Meera got killed; Harold got attacked and nearly killed; Tom was shot and left for dead.

But, over the past few seasons, this show has become the bane of my TV-watching experience.

I would watch it, sure. But that was because I didn’t want the folks on Tumblr spoiling it for me. It was because I thought we were finally getting answers – which is what they teased us with every other week – only to feel so disappointed.

This last year, I made reaction videos for a friend of mine for every single episode. You know what one of the most commonly said things in those videos is? “Well, at least next week’s preview looks good.” Only to be disappointed in that episode, and to say the same thing about next week’s preview, and the cycle repeated itself until we actually got a half-way decent episode (which was usually some kind of finale or premiere, because that’s the only time actual shit can happen – during Sweeps Week).

Over and over again, both online and in person, I compared this to those scenes in cartoons where someone puts a carrot on a fishing pole in front of a donkey, and the donkey runs so hard to reach the carrot, only to never get there.

That’s how this show has felt the past season or two.

It’s only a shadow of what it once was, and I’m tired of it. I wish I could stop watching it.

So many other people I follow on Tumblr have said they’ve either stopped or thought about stopping. By comparison, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead seemingly increase their viewership every season; the Blacklist has been NBC’s lowest-rated show in the demo for the last year, IIRC. The ratings for the Redemption spin-off were so low, the showrunners tried to pass it off as a one-off miniseries, when it was ALWAYS intended to be its own full-length show.

I understand that the show does well in DVR viewership numbers, and it was the most expensive TV show that Netflix had purchased when Season 1 was released.

But, this show continues to disappoint me. There’s hardly anything I like about it anymore. Hell, even James Spader, who’s a master at his craft, seems to be bored with it. His monologues are becoming more and more cliche, and even his amazing performances can’t save this dumpster-fire.

Its protagonist, Liz, is all over the fucking place in terms of characterization. First, she was naive and learned her “husband” had used and abused her. Then, she went to the dark side, chained him up on a boat and said she’d never forgive him for what he’d done. Then, she apparently forgave him, slept with him, had his kid, tried to remarry the guy, and then faked her death to get away with him and is now living her happy dream life with her little girl and her ‘perfect’ husband.

What happened to the dark, morally questionable, grungy Liz? What happened to the Liz who was jaded and afraid after being on the run for several weeks, or months?

She just settled down with a guy who she used to hate and she’s living the dream.

What in the literal fuck?

And, for all the time that has been invested in Liz, she has made little to no progress in her characterization these past few seasons. In fact, she’s done more of a 360. She’s right back where she started, more or less.

Why should the audience give a shit about her journey if she’s not making any progress? Why should we care that, halfway through this show, she has everything she’s ever wanted?

The side characters, like Aram, Samar, Ressler, Cooper and others are there just to serve the plot. Any time there’s a semblance of some character development or plot progression, the showrunners regress everyone back to Stage One so we can do it all over again. Aram and Samar look like they’re making progress in their possible romantic relationship? Fuck that, we’ve got to make sure Aram runs back to his abusive girlfriend and string this thing along another season! Remember when Ressler got shot, had prescription drug problems, and was in Narcotics Anonymous? Yeah, me neither.

Mr. Kaplan, who was best when she was on-screen to sass and help Reddington once every few episodes, gets pushed into the spotlight for some made-up bullshit reason that had never been discussed or hinted at previous to the “Mr. Kaplan used to work for Katarina Rostova” storyline. And while Susan Bloomaert is a fantastic and underrated actress and did her absolute best to make those scenes between her and Liz feel emotional, I didn’t really care about their dynamic at all because it felt so forced, underdeveloped, and out-of-nowhere.

Whereas the relationship that I care the MOST about – that between Red and Liz – that has been the most built-up and developed over the course of the show keeps getting thrown under the bus as Liz does the whole “love Red, hate Red, forgive Red” song-and-dance routine. She claims she agrees with Red when he tells her not to go back to Tom in Season 2… only to go back to Tom later in Season 2. She’s totally down with asking Red to help her whenever she’s a criminal on the run… but the minute her wedding gets shot up, she yells at him and says it’s his fault.

And now, as far as the Lizzington fans go, which I count myself as one of them, the show has written itself into a corner. Because all the amazing chemistry and romantic tropes throughout the show feel incredibly creepy now that Liz believes Red is her dad, regardless of whether he actually is or not. I don’t care how they try to pull themselves out of the ginormous hole they’ve dug for themselves on that one – why the hell would a woman ever end up with a guy that she once thought was her dad, even if it turned out he actually wasn’t?

And the only real way out of it is the Impostor Theory – a well-written and well-researched theory, but one that makes people have to do fucking mental gymnastics for it to work. You have to assume a lot of people like Naomi and Reddington’s former roommate from the Naval Academy who’s now an admiral, are in on it. Whereas dudes like Finch or the Director aren’t…

Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s a wonderful theory and it explains a lot. But, if it ends up being true, it means one of two things:

1) The writers didn’t plan this from the beginning and lucked their way into it


2) The writers DID plan this from the beginning, which means they have the ability to be really good writers, but then they fell into all this other bullshit – like Liz’s weird arc and other things – which really means that they’re not that good of writers; they just had the one good idea.

And if the Impostor Theory DOESN’T end up being true, in some form or fashion, that means that Red really IS Liz’s dad, and this whole fucking show – Red’s entire characterization, his relationship and dynamic with her – has been a lie. Canon can be throw out the window to rot in the sewer and fuck itself in the interim, because the writers don’t even care any more.

Which, I realize is unfair, because I know there are hundreds of people who work really hard to make this show happen, and while it’s not, like, the worst show of all time, the fact that it had such potential and has fallen so far, almost makes it seem worse than a show that was so bad from the beginning I never invested time in it.

And what makes it even WORSE is that the showrunners continue to act like this is the most groundbreaking show on television, and put it on a pedestal On High, along with the likes of Game of Thrones, The Americans, and The Sopranos… you know, actually good shows.

That would be the equivalent of the Taken director demanding that his movie should’ve gotten an Oscar. It’s like, you know it was a fine movie, and I had a good time watching it, but like, bring yourself back down to earth. Taken is okay, but it is NOT Oscar-worthy material, so get off your high horse, dude.

I guess, if nothing else, it shows that the showrunners, writers and actors are so talented that they got me to invest in the show to the point where I can’t not watch it, even though it’s fallen so far and I feel like it’s nowhere near as good as it used to be. They hooked me and got me to care about these characters and their dynamics so much that, even though it frustrates me week in and week out, I will still keep watching it.

It’s just that, now, I might be doing it with a bottle of vodka, taking shots every time:

  • Red has a monologue that proves James Spader is too damn good for this show;
  • Liz is bitchy to Red for little to no reason, while continuing to be lovey-dovey with Tom;
  • Ressler survives a fight or car accident or some other action sequence with no injuries whatsoever;
  • Harry Lennix is completely underused as Harold Cooper in an episode, because he only tells his employees to do the obvious… and literally nothing else;
  • Samar and/or Aram take a step back from getting together, despite hints that they’ve liked each other since Season 2.

So, bottoms up, Blacklist fans!

i expected to do a rundown of book reviews before school starts but i didn’t read anything during vacation. i half-blame kdramas. i half-blame the burnt out feeling i experienced when the semester concluded. there’s that, and i’m really sorry for my main blog because it has been neglected this holiday season even if i promised i wouldn’t put it aside anymore. i’m so bad at keeping up with it. 

nonetheless, i want to share some thoughts i have about some kdramas i watched (and finished) this holiday season because i loved a bunch of them and i just want to talk about them. 

Originally posted by nammminn

1. W: Two Worlds- the first one I decided to binge-watch. the chemistry between the characters of this drama was A++ also, i took interest in it because of the world it promised in its synopsis. nonetheless, it didn’t disappoint. everything in this drama was obviously so well-though of. although i’m not a fan of the female lead character, i loved kang chul’s character and that was enough to keep watching the drama till the end. i tackled this drama expecting a romantic love story but it isn’t much of that because it’s really action and suspense packed. anyway, i realized that too late to turn back from my interest in the world in this drama. 4.5/5 

Originally posted by asianfireflies

2. Cheese in the Trap- the setting of this drama is just so relatable because the characters are in college. kim go eun is an acting goddess. hats off for both park hae jin and lee sung kyung. nam joo hyuk is an adorable human once more. this drama had great acting and a great story rolled into one. it would only seem light at first but the story gradually becomes darker as it progresses. this drama gets your mind working because of how it drops its foreshadowing and all that so you know that this is a well thought out story. 7/5

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

3. Oh My Ghostess- this one only started to hook me around the middle part. but i’ll say it was great to watch. i was sincerely rooting for park bo young’s character that i didn’t fancy the parts with kim seul gi’s character possessing her and seducing jo jung suk’s character– and that’s quite a lot of parts. that doesn’t mean i hated kim seul gi in this, it’s just that i really, really wanted to see things work for chef sun woo and bong sun. this show, nonetheless, challenged park bo young, obviously, because she was technically doing two roles in one drama. and she did a great job!! also, it’s impossible to not fall in love with jo jung suk who was every second lovable and adorable in this drama. i also discovered another favorite actor in this drama which is kwak si yang. 4.9/5

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

(everyone needs a kwak si yang smile in their life. also, because the next kdrama i’m going to mention has si yang in it)

Originally posted by kdramastuff

4. Second to Last Love- adult romance and family drama. not a lot of people know about this drama but apparently, it aired the same time as scarlet heart ryeo and jealousy incarnate in SBS. i watched this just because of the promise that kwak si yang is in this drama. and he is!! kim seul gi being an amazing actress in this and sharing the screen with kwak si yang is a big bonus. i fell in love with him during oh my ghostess and i looked for dramas where he acts in and this is one of them. he’s the second lead in this drama and he did a terrific job in it. i’m a new fan!! anyways, this drama isn’t the usual thing to watch if you’re looking for oppas with hot bods to scream about. it’s a feel-good drama with plot twists so it’s not boring and not very light either. this is the quality and kind of drama that i hope filipino family dramas would achieve. even if it has a sad, dark back story, it is still relatable which makes it speak to audience. 3.8/5

Originally posted by dankkekk

4. Cinderella and the Four Knights- the title should be enough warning if you’re not into common and overused storylines. it already has cinderella on it so you already know what to expect right?? the story seriously reminded me of wattpad stories where a mistreated, poor, golden hearted girl’s life turns around 360 degrees because she meets this rich old man who lets her live with his super handsome and super bratty heirs. it just saddened me that it’s the case because jung il woo and park so dam who were both great actors. i think their acting was what really pulled me into finishing this series. eitherway, the other characters were too simple in a black and white way too so that didn’t impress me. i gave this drama a chance because i wanted to see if they’ll do something innovative with the cinderella concept but no. it wasn’t what i got. i continued watching it nonetheless because the acting was good, and i was looking forward to the happy ending of this drama that’s why i kept watching it. 2.5/5

some other stuff i’d like to mention: 

Originally posted by musingsofagirl1

-hwarang is still on going but i am loving it so far!! i can tell it will go down as a great story, especially with the interesting historical setting. on the leads, even if i love park seo joon being sun woo so much, i’m kind of rooting for park hyung sik’s character, sam maek jong. also, the other boys are adorable characters as well. 

Originally posted by sassy-smolder

-pls go ahead and watch weightlifting fairy kim bok joo. it didn’t really get the rating it deserved during its run but it has a promising story and great characters and talented actors. this is a very light but very well thought of drama. i talked about it on this blog a couple of times already and you’re probably tired of me saying it but go anead and marvel at the beautiful lee sung kyung and nam joo hyuk.

Originally posted by kdramagif

-goblin is a huge hit because it has a stellar cast, a stellar concept and a stellar story. i think it rose to popularity because of the leads but it is so much more than that. i’m looking forward to seeing more of this drama. huge bonus if you like aesthetically pleasing shows. i know a lot of kdramas have pretty cinematography but this one is just one of the best i have ever seen. i will always give this one a 10/10. 

anonymous asked:

The idea of Jon and Dany having a kid aren't Jonerys wishful thinking- it was in the leaked season 8 scripts that Dany is pregnant. Also from the pointed directions in the S7 scripts to have Dany come back to her ability to have kids and talk about it with both Jon and Tyrion. Also the director of the episode said that GRRM told him the entire point of the story was Jon/Dany and that he was trying to convey to the audience that them having sex was "inevitable."

I guess my post really struck a nerve because anytime a nonny gives me disproven S8 leaks as a rebuttal, they are engaging in wishful thinking as well. Especially when they involve pregnancy plots: I mean, don’t start picking out the colors for the baby’s room just because Reddit says that Dany is expecting (ppssstt: Dany you should really wait to announce until after the miscarriage window).

Anyway, I assume you are citing this interview with Taylor. Did you happen to read what he said at the end of it? 

Interviewer: So we’re just hoping everybody’s cool with the incest thing?Taylor: Oh, you know, it’s worked for Cersei and Jaime. [Laughs.] Nothing went wrong there

Ouch…not good foreshadowing for the good ship J0nerys. Especially in light of where Jaime and Cersei are now.

Moreover, he doesn’t say that them having sex was inevitable. You are paraphrasing incorrectly. If you were my student I would mark 20 points off your Tumblr paper. 

Let’s break down his interview:

  • On a romance, he says “it’s hard to see that not happening” - He sounds like one of us, speculating about the future of this ship. Hard to see? Why not just say “Yes they are in love and I was happy to direct the scene where they consummated that love.” 
  • Next, on that “GRRM thing everyone cites,” he said that GRRM said (sentence construction is a RED FLAG for second hand knowledge) that in a visit 7 years ago that “it” is all about Dany and Jon. Human recall error is one issue I see with this evidence. Another is that it is recounted by a director who doesn’t really understand the story (see next bullet below). Oh and before we get too lost in his ramblings, how does this prove anything about a Targ baby again? We know the story is about Dany and Jon. Did GRRM say “it’s about Dany and Jon and their incestuous Targaryen love child”? No he’s just like - I WROTE CHARACTERS, THEY WILL MEET.
  • Then Taylor says he was surprised because he thought Robb would be the next king - WELL ALAN YOU ARE UNDERMINING YOUR OWN VERACITY AS A SOURCE TO MAKE STORY PREDICTIONS BECAUSE THAT IS FUCKING STUPID
  • “And that it was clear to him that the whole story was coming down to this partnership” - no one is discounting that, and how does this relate back to Targ baby again? A story coming down to a partnership could be about ANYTHING. Also a partnership is something that lawyers engage in, not people who are passionately in love.
  • And then he says it was a great job by Emelia but he says nothing about Kit. He says it was nice to see her “feeling it into it and drawing back from it” - wow, “it.”: That’s an interesting way to describe this “partnership.” Why didn’t he use a pronouns like “him” and “her” like a regular person if this was such a deeply felt romance. 
  • Finally we should consider that directors of their episodes cannot be trusted as objective sources on the future of the show or books, let alone Taylor’s credibility on the subject of a romance or a Targ baby. He’s not going to admit that their love scene was unconvincing or part of a larger plot by Jon, b/c…major spoiler if that’s the case. 

Instead of paraphrasing some director who happens to have the honorable distinction of directing the most nonsensical season finale in the show’s history (not just my opinion it is universally panned) would you like to actually engage with what is happening in the narrative? 

I’m looking at this “couple” as a story arc and I see how an author would write them in a way that would be too good to pass up. The dramatic “twist” so to speak. The metaphorical KNIFE in the character’s (and readers) gut. Let’s examine that knife for Dany and Jon. Remember: sharp knives are best for this exercise since they are, after all, used effectively by GRRM who has said he likes to do terrible things to his characters and even has his characters realize this in the story. (In AFFC, Sam comes to the conclusion that there are no happy endings after he realizes that Jon manipulated Gilly).

So, I am assuming the worst here. NO. HAPPY. ENDINGS. I am a Jonsa shipper who is prepared for Sansa to be Jon’s Nissa Nissa. Got that?

Jon’s knife if baby is coming: Jon, who always wants a child–but not a bastard child–fathers a bastard child. But wait–he’s a king twice over. Couldn’t he could just legitimize him/her lickety split? And would he grow to hate this child? No, he would love it just as he was loved by Ned. Uhh…this knife looks like a butter knife now. Targ baby gives him a way out of his dilemma. Speaking of, will this baby be raised by two monarchs who are a happy couple? Or will it be dropped off at the doorstep of another couple after Jon and Dany are dead, absolving them of any responsibility? Okay, this knife has all the sharpness of a feather. I can’t even poke the characters with it.

Jon’s knife without baby: Now, what about the realization that he wooed this woman to hold his alliance together only to find it all falling apart because he didn’t know he was fucking his aunt. Ouch. That’s really fucking sharp. Jon would realize that the work he’s done all season was for nothing–in fact he may have actively been working against himself by having sex with her. He ruined any chance he had to keep the alliance platonic and civil. Now its messy and gives Dany cause to act even MORE reckless and impulsive when she finds out who he is. Now he has two enemies to contend with: dragons and ice zombies. I wrote about the dramatic impact of this realization here for Jon. In my view, Jon doesn’t need to also have a baby with her to feel extra horrified about sexing it up with his aunt. And, if he’s manipulating her that’s just the extra twist the blade needs to painfully wound our character. He did it to himself with imperfect knowledge. “If only I had known…” 

#regrets #Jon has them #wouldnt really regret having a kid though

Dany’s knife with baby: Dany wants a future. She wants children who can not only further her empire (and make her war less pointless) but also to find love with a family. And her being pregnant means - SURPRISE! She gets an heir. Yet, dying in childbirth (this…again?) is the most boring knife twist in the world. Sure, there is hope we’ll see a darling little snow haired baby with brown eyes stumbling around the dragon pit. Which side of the coin will it land on though? Yes, this could be a twist, but we’ll never have time to see in the story.

Dany’s knife without baby: Hey! You already have a family and a future! It’s right there! But you will make the disastrous choice to destroy it. A baby robs her story of this situational irony. It also robs Jon of being the super special Targaryen heir who is always being set up to make a choice between duty and love (this dilemma is the REAL “point” of the story). Also consider the Littlefinger angle: the “worst possible reason” for why he’s having sex with her. For me, it’s that he’s giving Dany false hope that she can procreate and have a future with him so that he can more easily sway/advise her. Damn Jon that’s ice cold. That knife you’re stabbing Dany with is almost as sharp as your own. So, while Jon risked Dany’s chances for a family because he got “too involved,” Dany orchestrates her own downfall because she will choose to react to his claim in a way that ruins her own future.

#regrets #Dany has them #wouldnt regret having a kid though

Many people refuse to believe a woman when she says she’s infertile. The finality of it disturbs them so they try to come up with creative alternatives like: “she’s not really infertile.” (did you see my eyes rotate 360 degrees around my sockets?) That is a bias on the audience’s part. Audiences need to work through this, especially on Game of Thrones when there isn’t a happy ending for shippers.

What people really need to analyze is the characters’ arcs and the way tragedies are set up. Cersei and Jaime are set up for tragedy. So are Dany and Jon. Here’s a homework assignment: read MacBeth and get back to me on this Targ baby thing.

TL;DR The HOPE for a baby serves a purpose to the narrative. An actual baby does not.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Summary: You are a freshman in college who moved into your NYC apartment with your best friend. Yet, what unexpectedly came with the apartment were the two rowdy boys next door who were from London, where one would steal your heart, despite how much you hated him.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, attempted robbery

Word Count: 1,300

A/N: Everyone is 18+ years old; Tom is mean, but he’ll get nice; there’s time jumps (breaks symbolize that)

“Finally!” you said, adding the final touch to your bedroom. You plopped down onto the new sheets and shut your eyes, unable to believe that you finally escaped the small town in Michigan where you were born and raised for the past 18 years. You daydreamed of the possibilities New York City had to offer you and couldn’t imagine going on this journey without your best friend who moved into the bedroom next to yours.

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anonymous asked:

how would the paladins (and allura) react if their s/o was kidnapped by zarkon as bait for voltron?

a/n: omggg i hope i didn’t disappoint! angst isn’t my strong suit. ;;;;


  • on the outside, shiro is very calm and collected but on the inside he’s practically going crazy
  • his outer appearance is just trying to figure out how to get to you and get you out safely but on the inside he can barely keep his train of thought he’s so scared
  • he hates to abuse his power, but for the mean time, until you’re found and brought back safely, all other missions are cast aside
    • the other paladins agree and he’s relieved, you are in fact a living being and very important to the others as well
    • everyone just knows that zarkon can’t have good intentions
  • when he gets you back be prepared for a very, unexpectedly clingy shiro for a while
    • he won’t let you out of his sight for the most part
    • it’s almost like he thinks if he glues himself to you zarkon won’t come back
    • because in shiro’s mind he’ll definitely try again
  • all in all he’s just thankful to have gotten you back alive
    • …. believe me, he’ll show you in more ways than one ♡


  • all he’d be able to see was red and if anyone tries to even postpone the recovery mission they automatically go onto his shit list
    • he needs to get you back asap and nothing will stand in his way
  • he’ll be understandably irritable for a while until you’re actually back at the castle with him
    • he won’t mean to be, but he’ll accidentally be snappy towards any innocent person who asks or says something that’s even remotely dumb
    • even after you’re back he’ll still be on edge
  • the poor guards who are on that ship… they won’t know what’s coming
    • he’ll blow through them like it’s just a video game
    • when did he get so good at dodging everything?
    • no one knows but it’s probably due to you!!
  • he’s really merciless when it comes to saving you, seriously these guys work for the main guy who stole you from him, why would he be nice?
  • after getting you back he declares the castle should have a new defense for times like that, people try to nudge it off but he literally brings it up every moment he can until it’s finally implemented
    • after that he’s very happy at least!


  • he’ll probably throw up when he first learns where you actually went
  • at this point, worry is hunk’s middle name, he can’t sleep, eat or even think without feeling upset
  • for his sake the others put this issue as their top priority
    • they’re not voltron without all five, so without hunk they aren’t a full team
    • he’s still too worried to even be flattered
  • basically, hunk isn’t hunk anymore and everyone needs to find you so they can fix him!!
    • well, they want to find you as well, of course, that’s their main priority
    • but hunk needs to be fixed too
    • mainly because they can barely form voltron with a sulky hunk in the yellow lion
  • he’s constantly nervous while the team goes to look for you and surprisingly pessimistic but once he gets you back he’s his usual happy self
    • no one realized how much of a 360 he’d take after having you back, he’s just seriously so over joyed to be with you again!!


  • won’t let the other paladins discuss anything other than finding you
    • oh? the castle needs to restock some food, too bad, you’re missing and zarkon is holding you captive
  • will be on edge for a long while until you’re found, very jumpy and skittish as well
  • he’ll even go out on a limb to threaten to take blue and go find you himself if people are dragging the process
    • lance please sit down, everyone’s moving as fast as they can
  • boldly will make a threat to zarkon if he gets to see him
    • “steal (y/n) again and i’ll single-handedly make sure your ship won’t make it to the closest galaxy!!”
    • “i’ll wreck you so bad you… you…!!!” he can’t finish his thought because you’re having to pry him away
    • he’d threaten anyone who took you honestly, including the guards who are… incapacitated
  • is over joyed when you come back, seriously his attitude is so much better the moment you were back in his arms


  • as soon as she finds out, she’s already trying to devise a plan to find you
    • who needs the help of the others? i mean, she would highly appreciate some efficient helpers, but you’re her main priority and she’s confident she can make a plan herself
  • when the others do try to help, she allows it but if they drag behind or they make dumb mistakes she won’t hesitate to just keep working
    • you’re out there somewhere on a galran ship and she doesn’t have time to waste
  • some of these plans she didn’t even know she’d be capable of devising it’s crazy what you can do when you’re under pressure
  • when actually having to spar with his guards she never knew she could fight so well
    • she’s not willing to have you kidnapped again just so she can, though
  • when you’re back she secretly thinks of different things she can plant on you to make sure she’ll know where you are when and if this happens again or something to at least make sure it won’t happen again
    • she of course doesn’t mention them because… that’s literally a tracker
    • “what the heck… pidge you’re not that weird.” she’d tell herself


  • please don’t take this altean princess’s love away from her.
    • there will be a lot of yelling and a lot of throwing things
    • literally she’s so tired of zarkon at this point she just wants to send him to the edge of the universe where no one will find him
  • the others try to cheer her up until you’re retrieved but it just doesn’t work
    • how could she be cheerful when you’re out there in the hands of… zarkon
    • she’s just… down… and cranky
    • seriously she’s so close to snapping at anyone who even barely grates on her nerves
  • unlike shiro, she’s not afraid to pull her princess card to give reasons as to why you should be first priority
    • she’s the princess and she says that the missions can wait
  • she’ll insist on fighting along with the others when having to go through zarkon’s ship, she wants to be there when they get you out
Anything For You

Originally posted by alternatrash

Pairing: Fem!Reader x Brendon Urie

Request: Yes. || I’m really sorry to bother you but I’ve been so sad today could you maybe write me some flulffy Brendon like it didn’t have to be long just brendon cheering the female reader up like I really need that

Warnings: SFW || No warnings.

Masterlist: Here

Guys, please know that you can message me to talk any time. I hate knowing that you guys are sad. I realize everyone gets sad sometimes but I will do everything I can to help you be happy. I love you all. Also, look at the gif. You’ve been booped by Beebo. Enjoy, my darlings. xx

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[Don’t Wanna Cry Series] Mingyu ver. (G)

Prompt: Don’t Wanna Cry - Mingyu
Genre: Angst
Word count: 820
Warnings: Implied character death 

A/N: Here’s Mingyu’s one! I was sort of inspired by the ‘skit’ he did with Sohye on Star Show 360! Hope you guys like it!

-jihooned 😶


S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The8 | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino |

Originally posted by mingyiu

Mingyu clutched the envelope tightly in his right hand, his footsteps heavy and he trudged back to his apartment.

“How long more do I have?”

“At the best, a month.” the doctor replied curtly, examining the scan on his monitor.

Mingyu’s heart dropped, as he fought to hold back the tears welled up in his eyes.

“Thanks.” Mingyu said, before making his way out of the consultation room.

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Originally posted by seong-wu

Pairing: Minhyun x reader 

Genre: teacher Minhyun, bullet-point scenario

Summary/Extra: Minhyun’s your college professor. 

A/N: First bullet-point scenario so it’s prob pretty bad ahaha. But enjoy! AND PLEASE REQUEST SOME STUFF!

  • teacher!Minhyun would give almost no hw, but when he does, it’s probably something huge project or essay that’s worth 70% of your grade
  • seems like a teacher that would seem super nice( and handsome) at first, but after the first week of school, hell breaks loose
  • SO
  • MANY
  • he teaches english and also computer science which makes everyone swoon
  • like he’s good at english and comp sci!? IDEAL MAN
  • would have favorites, but wouldn’t show who it is
  • doesn’t really fall for the teacher pets and those super annoying people that kiss up TO EVERY FREAKIN TEACHER
  • hates that one student who keeps interrupting the class with his psychotic laugh

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so @mikeybound wanted a martial arts au, and I was talking about it to @pining-keith earlier.  I didn’t want to overwhelm them with asks about it, so now it’s a whole post.  

It started with this: 

and here we go. 

Hunk: judo instructor, black belt, has been doing judo for years.  Before taking his class new students are super nervous and kind of afraid of him, because 

1. he’s fucking huge

2. he has a black belt (judo black belts take FOREVER to get, man)

3.  he and Shiro (jiu jitsu black belt) like to spar before class starts, so everyone gets to see them going full at it and seemingly trying to kill each other first. 

But then they get to know him and it turns out he’s a total sweetheart and a really good instructor who is gentle with the new students and explains things really well and lets everyone try moves out on him.

Y’know who else teaches like that?  Lance:  trained in karate and taekwondo, taekwondo black belt (because those LEGS man, tkd is the art for him s2g), certified instructor 

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boyfriend! kim jaehwan

how kim jaehwan, the waiter, would confess

  • so you really really like this restaurant on the corner of this street
  • like it’s your go-to restaurant and you go there all the time
  • the food is a1 and super authentic,, definitely a 5 star review on yelp
  • but you like going at night time since there’s less people and of course since you go there so often, the wait staff and the owner recognize you
  • and the owner really likes you and tries to get you to work there, and low key sets you up with jaehwan :)
  • she’s basically like your aunt
  • and jaehwan is always your server,, like every single time you show up he’s always waiting for you
  • sometimes when there’s no other customers, he comes and eats with you
  • he started talking to you when you laughed at one of his jokes one day
  • bc nobody laughs at his dumb jokes lmao he’s stupid
  • jaehwan said something on the lines of “why is a circle so hot? bc it’s 360 degrees”
  • wow you’ve never wanted to shoot someone so badly, but you ended up laughing instead bc math jokes are fucking gr9
  • and shitty jokes are always the start of an amazing and idiotic friendship
  • jaehwan slowly started falling for you each time you swung by to grab a late dinner,,, like how can someone look so good in sweats and an old stüssy jacket??
  • you make beauty look effortless in his eyes and wow he even loves how gorgeous you look when you show up to the restaurant in pajamas
  • story time: jaehwan once spilled water over the front of your shirt one time, and he kept apologizing over and over but you just laughed and joked “i guess you made me wet ;)”
  • and that’s when he knew you were the one
  • lmao jk
  • but for real who tf would hire clumsy jaehwan as a waiter wth
  • good thing he’s not the chef bc my boy tries to cook without the fire wow so genius
  • work makes you really stressed and you tell him about your crappy day and he actually listens to your problems and offers his advice aw
  • but seeing jaehwan at the end of the day really makes things a lot better
  • sometimes you ask him to sing for you and wow
  • he truly has god’s voice oml 
  • his voice is so sweet and calming and makes you forget about your stresses,, it’s like honey 
  • the first time you heard him sing was when you were eating and you heard him mumbling the lyrics of seventeen’s boomboom under his breath as he cleaned tables
  • and wow even his half-hearted singing sounded like heaven
  • you fall for his voice and how caring he was since he would sometimes walk you to the subway station and give you his jackets when he noticed you shivering
  • yeah jaehwan really likes it when you wear his clothes
  • at this point y’all are already pretty much dating but jaehwan’s kind of confused bc you’re sending mixed signals 
  • like you hella flirt with him but you might just be a friendly person??
  • so one day he asks you out to dinner to determine your true nature
  • and you’re just like “wow is jaehwannie asking me out on a date?” bc teasing him is so fun lol
  • and he light weight is but he’s tryna play it off and go “no wth i’m too pretty for you hoe”
  • woW offensive,,,, we are hands thrown
  • so you just try to piss him off even more and say “bitch i don’t need you i already have a sugar daddy fuck off”
  • it’s all jokes to you but jaehwan is internally screaming like wtf do you have a side piece??
  • so after dinner jaehwan actually can’t take it anymore and when he’s walking you to the subway station, he’s like “what am i to you?”
  • and that question really gets you thinking bc what actually are you guys??
  • and you’re so flustered by how straight up this boy is and you can’t formulate an answer
  • so you end up spluttering some gibberish and jaehwan just laughs awkwardly and says “forget it” and bids his farewells
  • you end up texting him at night after thinking about jaehwan and thinking of a good reply to him for like 3 hours nice
  • “you’re someone i love, that’s what you are to me”
  • and jaehwan is all smiles and an actual blushing mess when he reads that and comes in the next day with his guitar, prepared to serenade you as if you didn’t love him enough already
  • he even prepared a confession song and everything which he totally didn’t have planned two months ago
  • you’re so fucking embarrassed that you don’t even go to the restaurant the next day and curl up in your blankets the whole day and bash your head into the wall repeatedly bc you’re so stupid and cringe-worthy yikes
  • and he didn’t even reply after your flat out confession, and all these thoughts go through your mind like what if he hates you?? 
  • this boy left you on read,, the disrespecT
  • but that’s only bc he wanted to tell you his feelings in real life bc he couldn’t find the words to properly convey his love for you awe
  • yeah you didn’t know that so you’re kind of angry at his dumb ass for not even replying,,, 
  • jaehwan knows something is wrong when you don’t come grab dinner at the restaurant, and he’s really disappointed and anxious bc what if that confession was a joke too?? like he knows you love teasing him so what if it was a rouse to make him embarrassed?? ;;
  • at this point, this poor boy is doubting everything, and you’re at home singing single ladies at the top of your lungs bc boys ain’t shit tbh
  • don’t worry bc hunger will get the best of you and you’ll end up going to the restaurant anyway
  • and your petty ass will dress up hella even though it’s 12am to show this bitch what he’s missing out on
  • when jaehwan sees you walk through the door while he’s cleaning up and ready to close, his jaw drops bc damn you look stunning??
  • and he already had your favorite meal prepared before hand since he was waiting for you all night scute
  • you walk straight up to him and glare at him 
  • “why tf did you leave me on read you dumb hoe”
  • and jaehwan’s at a loss for words bc he was waiting for you to say you loved him or some shit haha beT
  • “i’m sorry i wanted to tell you how i love you in person”
  • he starts singing crush’s beautiful and holY
  • wow you just melt and maybe start crying a lil bc it’s fucking beautiful
  • “just say you’re mine god you’re sO ruDE”
  • is what you scream to him in tears as you cry into his shoulder
  • jaehwan laughs and even his laugh is music to your ears and it makes you cry even harder
  • the owner of the restaurant was secretly recording this whole time and fangirling since she was shipping you guys since last year 
  • yeah that’s the start of a dysfunctional beautiful relationship
  • boyfriend jaehwan is 100% sweet and 200% stupid lmao
  • jaehwan’s psycho laugh is the best thing in the fucking world don’t @ me, we all know it’s true
  • 90% of the reason why you love his dumb ass
  • his laugh is the only reason why you laugh at his stupid puns
  • sings for you!!!
  • raspy singing at midnight to help you fall asleep
  • writes song lyrics thinking about you,, most of his songs are written for you or written thinking about you :’)
  • owns an instagram and 99% of his posts are those cute aesthetic couple pics of you two
  • selca king wow
  • knows all the right angles and lighting holy 
  • karoake dates!!
  • yes karoake dates at 2am are a thing,
  • you love watching jaehwan sing his heart out and your heart flutters when he hits those high notes 
  • nothing makes you smile more when you see your bby so passionate and happy doing something he loves
  • threatened his nasty ass that you wouldn’t cuddle or kiss him until he took a shower, washed his hands, and cleaned tf up 
  • sO exTra
  • thought he was getting murdered once but it turns out he was trying to sing i will always love you
  • actually an embarrassment wth
  • when you go put on dates with him, he’s always trying to act super cool like he’s not wearing the same jeans from the 10th grade and 2 inch insoles 
  • tried to perform seventeen’s boomboom in front of you to make you laugh and you use that video as blackmail now 
  • what a scammer,,
  • god of exaggeration
  • “yes i’m 239 cm tall come fite me”
  • “i can do kung fu watch me babe”
  • “i’m a rap god, call me kanye east”
  • “i’m the dance king, exo got nothing on me”
  • “if i were in a kpop group, i’d be the main everything”
  • yeah, you’re having serious regrets about this relationship
  • but he tries so hard to be a good, caring boyfriend and things just don’t work out lmao
  • he tried to buy you roses once, but accidentally bought purple cabbage gg
  • tried to buy you a new album but got finessed by an unauthorized amazon seller
  • and of course, who can forget the time when he tried cooking without turning on the stove??
  • “lmao jaehwan i thought you worked at a restaurant”
  • it’s okay bc it’s v cute and it shows he cares about you 
  • cooks you burnt pasta and rice sometimes but
  • “it’s okay babe you tried”
  • never let this precious idiot go! 
  • 12/10 need to marry now

anonymous asked:

I find it quite cringy when I look at their Japanese interview (for coming over?). Where most of the members choose ks as the manliest and the members who didn't choose him at first when they looked at someone/something in front of them they changed their answers to ks (except yx?). Tell me about image manipulating.

It was from Ameba tv (35.55). Everyone chose him except ks who chose sh. Ks was consistent w his answer. yx pretending to be confused at the back, changing his answer from jm to ks. jd didn’t get the memo to choose ks. Lol. I can’t stop cringing at the last part. Ks is a role model hahah. Jm too hahaha. And ji tho. He was suddenly so quiet when ks did that.

Idk how ppl view this manliest part of ks. In that vid, pcy said that ks is a strong person and a quiet type. But I can’t find the relation between strong&quiet=manly. I expect a much precise explanation, not necessary long since they have been living tghtr for many yrs.

From my pov, this manly trait of ks means that he speaks his mind. He knows what he wants, what he wants to say. When no means no. When yes means yes.

  1. Ji said in this interview that ks will firmly say what bothers him.
  2. In 360 star show where jm said that his parents never say anything bout his eating habits but ks did.
  3. beat.burger mi.hawk said they had to change some parts in monster choreography coz ks didn’t want to do it.
  4. Jjs also said ks has a manly trait in 360 star show (tho he didn’t explain which part is manly). It was kinda unnecessary for him to bring up ‘ks is manly’ after he said ks is pretty and he wants to hold ks (lol).
  5. In their recent fanmeeting, ex0 cup, ks was voted the most as the person who will firmly say no/can’t. strict mom lol

But idk y some ppl re hung up w manly=dom/cold/buff/blabla. Where does it say that manly ks means that? Or did I miss anything? The man said himself he didn’t like working out and hates sweating. Tho he’s doing pilates now coz u guys didn’t like his cute tummy. Just kidding.

I don’t understand y some ppl gets easily triggered when we say ks is cute, likes being pampered, likes to cook, etc. Or or quickly dismissed this sides of ks which is more prominent. I bet some ppl didn’t watch that vlive app he did. Cooking and talking bout his mom non-stop w his round glasses being all cute. Lol. Told us don’t act like we know him. Yes, we don’t know him but these words didn’t come out from our mouth. Y is it ok to say ks is a macho man but not ok to say ks likes cooking and fold clothes and doing all these traditional feminine things. Some ppl will get triggered in 5, 4, 3, 2, I’m just kidding. Chill.

Honestly, it’s not about us. It’s not about our image of ks we have in mind and trying to project that to ks. This is about ks. Buffsoo was a yr ago. Get over it. Image manipulation exists n guess what, it works. Ks is seen as this cold and dom guy. This is not even about otp, who’s the top or bottom. Who fcking cares about that. Ks is the one fcking, not us. Some ppl needs to get off ff for a day. Lol. But then I forgot that some ppl don’t actually like rl ks, just ff ver of ks //coughcough.

Anyway, if you’re offended, you probably know I’m right. Cheers.

Have a nice day, anon!

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 27: The Day Awkward Questions Were Asked

Co-written with @tragicshadows

Recommended Song: Dimple by BTS (Vocal Line sub-unit)

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Jungkook finally tells you what’s been bothering him and you both reveal more than you expected to.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count:  2959

Length: 27?

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Give me all [MAFIA! AU]

Summary: He wanted supreme control, but one pawn was missing from his board, so he went out to get it.

Warning: Language and mentions of sex


1| 234| 5

“He is gone to meet the maker!” the dreaded declaration came.

It was set, they needed a new one.

Jungkook moved his grimaced face from the sea to the white as sheet body and then back at the sea. His eyebrows came down in a frown, he let out a sigh and wetted his lips hastily, the realization of a new trouble just sinking in.

“Do you have any info on what I asked you to look up?” his hands sunk down in his pants’ pockets and his tongue poked against his cheek in wait for the answer.

“I sure did, boss.” he wiped his somewhat bloody fingertips on his jeans. He retrieved a rectangular piece of paper and handed it to Jungkook. “An eye candy, isn’t she? I would love to get my hands all over her body.” his brows jerked up to emphasise his point. 

“I’m less interested in your boner than her background, Mino. Now shoot!”

“Hey, you can’t blame me!” smile washed off his face at Jungkook’s sneer. “Okay…her name is Mei, age 23, bra size 36C-” he choked when Yoongi’s hand collided forcefully with the nape of his neck.

“You idiot, cut the crap already!” Yoongi arranged his jacket on his shoulders.

“Ekhm, he rubbed the tip of his nose with his index finger, right, so she has a bunch of diplomas, gladly one of them being in law. Big European universities names. Her father took care of introducing her to big circles too. A promising young lady I can add. She seems to be settled in Seoul for the moment.” he kept on pointing at the photograph.

“Anyway, I have the file with her number, address, et cetera, back at the base.” for a moment the air was filled with the smell of sea salt and the sound of Mino’s sharp intake of air.

Jungkook looked displeased before he spoke, eyes still fixated on the waves “She looks like a prissy princess. She’s also my only promising option. Send someone to pick her up, I’ll be seeing her tomorrow at 4:15 pm.”

The other two men nodded and they all left in silence.


“Master!” Jimin’s voice requested as soon as he went past the door frame.

The pink haired head motioned for him to come in. The master was having his meal, it was like walking on thin ice when you report something to him during these times. Fortunately for Jimin, he was bringing good news.

“Well now, speak up!”

“Yes, master! The job is cleared, they don’t suspect a thing.” his chest heaved up and down from the hurried pace he had up to here.

Namjoon put the cutlery down carefully and clapped his palms once “Ah, finally! You can proceed to the next segment of the mission, but this time, make it fast!” and with a nod Jimin is out the door.

The man was nowhere in sight, but Namjoon’s smile remained, he was pleased as half of the job, and the most important one, was checked off the list. With a chuckle, he took the cutlery again and continued his meal with a grin stuck to his face like a leech.


His head was hurting for how hard he was frowning, he was very explicit about the hour and his tight schedule and yet they were late, not only five minutes but half a fucking hour. He knew this was a bad idea, he was good at telling shit beforehand, but what else could he do? Go to a Bar and request for a lawyer like a normal person, no thanks. Jungkook checked his watch again, his shoulders grew tense and he sighed deeply in hopes of releasing some of it. His eyes diverted to every man in the room, one by one his inquiring gaze bore onto them before turning with his chair and looking out the window.

Somewhere outside could be heard a roaring engine louder and louder when it came to an abrupt stop. They figured it was one of their men coming from an operation but then their attention moved to a dull engine and shuffled in their seats as they knew their guest has arrived. There was a commotion behind the closed doors before it flew open revealing a rather foreign silhouette.

The four men watched in slight shock as a woman took a seat in front of them, Jungkook on the other side was unfazed, his elbows rested against the rough surface of the desk, fingers intertwined and eyes squinted. How dare she cause such a clamor and barge in like she owned the place, this was his territory. He analyzed her face, still spoilt and fragile but now with some sort of displeased air he concluded.

“So, these are the men who my father worked for huh?“ her tongue went over her upper teeth.

Taehyung and Seunghoon nodded, a demeanor of cockiness attached to them.

“And you were also the ones who offered him protection, right?” her leg went to rest above the other while she leaned back in her seat not even acknowledging the murdering stare from across the desk.

“In flesh and bone, baby!” Mino came forward to stare at her better while fronting a playful smirk.

“There’s no wonder he is dead then!”

She reviewed the room in 360 degrees rotation while she gave them time to recover from her blunt words and startling demeanor. Mino ran his tongue across his lip with the smirk still on, his gaze now on the boss while leant back in his seat.

“For your looks, you aren’t as girly as we thought!” Taehyung blurted out clearly interested in the new twist of their situation.

“Daddy taught me better!” she winked at Jungkook without a second thought, and besides him, they all gasped shock written in capitals on their foreheads. 

Is she fucking stupid, thought Jungkook, coming into a mafia base like a tornado and insulting their boss. He deeply despised her from that moment  on, he figured she was a daddy’s spoilt little princess but now she was daddy’s loud idiotic bitch. She wasn’t the first woman who appeared to be all independent and feisty, there were whores like her all around, but at the first sign of clear superiority from him, they would back off. So would she, he judged.Not only he had a problem bigger than him now that his lawyer is dead, it appears that the only capable lawyer to take his place is this woman.

Jungkook doesn’t fancy women for one simple reason, he thinks of them as weak. It is a cruel world, full of death, hate, prostitution and all kinds of perversions and wicked people, in his opinion, it was a wonder how they still managed to survive up until this moment. It must be a trick, men must be preserving them in some way. The memory of his mother’s cries every night still unmistakably loud in his mind, how pitiful, what use served her to dispose of such an amount of water. His father, on the other hand, he was strong, he has never seen the man with tears in his eyes. In fact, Jungkook can’t remember his father having any other expression apart from the hard cold professional one. Even so, Jungkook could never bring himself to do one thing, he liked to believe that he loved his father as much as he loved his mother. Even with her weakness and her obvious inferiority to him, he loved her, but his father, he respected his father, he feared his father, but Jungkook never loved his father. 

Coming back from his reminiscence he frowned, hating her more for making him think of useless things, he slammed his hand on the wood with enough force to resonate trough the whole room. A morbid silence fell upon them. Yoongi was the first one to move retrieving a small box from his pocket. He lighted the match and let himself be absorbed by its flame, completely discounting the stiff air.

“If you’re done with your circus, we shall continue with more important matters! First of all, Why are you late when I specifically told the driver to bring you at 4:15. And I know for a fact he wouldn’t want to lose his head for someone like you.” with this he was sure to cut off her wings.

“It’s simple, Jeon! I don’t like being in the backseat!” he would give up a whole sector of his turf just to wipe off that all-knowing smirk from her lips. “And I only drive my car, Jeon. But your driver threw a fit, so there’s where your precious half an hour has gone.”

He almost growled at her, there was something in her that made him boil in anger.

“So that was you? The roaring engine from earlier?” her smirk grew letting Taehyung know that indeed was her.

“Don’t get over yourself, I know whores better than you. Just try and be half the lawyer your father was.” Jungkook strikes her again.

“I am half the lawyer my father was, but I also am the lawyer that I worked to be. Which means I am better than my father and he knew this, he knew you’d come for me too. That is why I am here. Not because your helpless ass sent for me, but because it was my father’s wish.”

“And you are going to listen to a dead’s man wish? That’s stupid!”

“It’s as stupid as you are smart, Jeon. The devil a bit.” His right hand grabbed a hold of his gun but then relaxed.

“Out! Everyone out! Only she stays!” Jungkook’s voice barked at them.

 “Things will get ugly. Oh well, nice to have met you, Mei!” Seunghoon tapped her shoulder before disappearing behind the door followed by the other three men.

Jungkook waited until the sound of steps faded into silence. He got up from the chair, took a pause to place his hands into his pants’ pockets and began strolling towards her. He waited for a bit behind her before placing his palms on her shoulders clamping them forceful enough to prove his superiority. He leaned in to whisper near her ear, a poisonous voice pouring in her veins.

“You think that I don’t know what kind of chick you are. You like to act  high and mighty, to give the impression you dominate you bark loud. But it only takes a bigger dog to bite you once to shut your mouth close forever.” He spins her chair abruptly and stops it just as precipitous, he fixated his glare on her eyes and closed the distance between their faces. He licked his lips with his eyes low, advancing once more before threatening her with his stare again for a second, but lowering it to her neck lazily, their cheeks brushing against each other.

“Is this enough? Or do you want me to bite you?” he drew back a bit so he could stare at her.She felt torn by his stare though she didn’t felt vulnerable in this position, nor did she wanted him to move away, to the contrary she wanted him to come closer, her mind focused on his plush lips.

Her body came closer to his and he only got a fraction of a second to avoid their lips touching. 

“I’ll take the bite…But one wouldn’t do the job, Jeon.” he became aware of her plan. But what was that just now, that tiny spark which went off inside in him and made him lose focus?

He shook the feeling away. If this was her way of cornering him, making him lose at his own game, she was failing miserably.

“Maybe, if the one biting you is an ordinary dog. Except I’m no ordinary dog, one bite from me and you’ll regret the day your parents met!” He frowned deeply at her standing his ground darkly.

“Why are you acting like Russia is stuck up your ass? Stop jumping down my throat! I am only here to help you, Jeon.” Mei tries to resonate with him.

“I am acting like this because a spoilt little brat will end the empire I’ve built!” Jungkook growls keeping his face close to hers to stress out the importance of his situation.

“Look, give me two month-” she tried to lay down an offer for him.

“I don’t have two months!” he simply denied her. But she still stood undaunted in front of him, her chest pressed against his.

“Give me two weeks and I’ll show what I am capable of!” she didn’t even blink.

“And if not?” his chest pressed back into hers.

“If not…ah…you can sell me as one of your whores!” she had him at this, his brows finally withdraw from their seemingly constant frown and raised up.

“So that’s how confident you are about your skills?” her fists tightened at her sides, barely holding herself back from punching his face, she would get a good shot from this position. She waited for an answer, but it never came. Only his eyebrows moved back into their frown.



“Fuck man! I wanna shoot this guy right now! Just let a bullet trough that thick head of his!” he kept on looking trough the binoculars his back all stiff.

“No! We are not here for that!” the other man was peacefully cleaning his gun, sat on the dusty floor with his back leant on the brick wall.

“But he’s so fucking close to her that I’m starting to think this meeting will turn in to a porn! Damn, why is he in a room all alone with such a babe?! Those thighs for fuck’s sake!” the man groaned and kicked the wall with his foot almost hitting the read head. The dull clack of the nun-chucks ringed trough the abandoned building.

The man rose to his feet pushing him away and ripping the binoculars from his hands. “Get out of the fucking way, Jiho!”

Jiimin adjusted his position and brought the binoculars to his eyes, he squinted a bit and saw the two bodies pressed against each other in what seems to be a heated negotiation. Namjoon wouldn’t like this, they got to her too late and she was already racing to Jungkook’s base when they finally got a sight of her. Namjoon will be pissed out of his fucking mind and that’s really bad as Namjoon has no ‘mind’. He is a somewhat twisted mastermind, but all in the bad way. Jimin still remembers the last time he brought bad news to him, how the fuck could he not, he still feels it on his left shoulder. His hand unconsciously went to squeeze the said shoulder, his face betraying pain.

“What should we do?” he asked trying to move his attention from his pain.

“Well, either we shoot her dead, but that would be a complete waste, or can we wait for…”

“Wait for what?” but Jiho didn’t answer him, he only pointed at him with a devilish smirk. Jimin suddenly realised what he was referring to and gave the man a small nod, biting his bottom lip.

So, this is it. The first chapter.

I can’t wait for your feedback, so send me lots.

I hope you enjoyed it!

A Perfectly Ordinary Visit

I once again bring another FMA fic!! This one was really personal to me, and I put so much thought and effort into it. I hope you all enjoy, it really means a lot!! 

Ships included: Royai and Edwin (Takes place after the Promised Day and Ed and Winry’s wedding)

It was safe to say that the years following the Promised Day were going surprisingly well. That is, until the brilliant idea to take a long awaited visit to the Elric-Rockbell’s house came into play. Roy wouldn’t have minded a bit of catching up, in fact, he was almost looking forward to seeing how everyone was holding up. No, the problem wasn’t the visit itself, it was what events would inevitably occur, especially after the occurrences in the office over time.

Roy and Riza, after much badgering by their team, were finally a public couple. It felt strange to be so open with their feelings, with everyone knowing the truth, but it just felt right. Roy knew they had been suspected from the beginning, and his offhanded comments regarding their relationship hadn’t helped. He could vividly remember the day Havoc approached him during a stressful work day, when he hadn’t thought once over his replies.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a BTS reaction when their are your roomates and they are crushing on you, and they accidentally walk in on you naked?

this was actually really hard for us bc were never naked bc we have brothers around this was probably harder than our cheating request

Nams: Walking around the house naked was not your idea of having fun. Ever. So when you found yourself without a towel or clothes after taking a shower, you knew it had all been set up by your best friend. It was the month of April and you and your loud mouth made the whole month of April the prank month. It’s like it says, the whole month you and your best friend could prank each other to your hearts contents. But this was pushing it. You pounded your fists on your bedroom door, which was locked.“[y/b/f/n]! OPEN UP! SERIOUSLY THIS ISN’T COOL!” Instead of opening the door, your friend just laughed it off. “THIS IS SERIOUS WHAT IF NAMJOON COMES HOM-” fuck. Turning around there he was, in all his glory, standing at the end of the hallway with wide eyes as he proceed the situation. “OPEN THE DOOR OPEN THE DOOR!!!” You yelled out in a different anxious tone as you tried to cover yourself up. “Jeez, what’s your damage?” Your friend asked as she opened the door only to find you in a mess as you pushed through the door into your room. “YOU DUMBASS NAMJOONS IN THE FUCKEN HALLWAY TOU ASS!” You yelled at your friend as you slipped on your clothes. “God I’m so embarrassed.” Little did you know that Namjoon found himself in an awkward position of trying to figure out when he would ask you out.

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Yoongi: You never really liked being naked, maybe that’s why you never really had an intimate moment with anyone. Nonetheless, when you and your best friend, Yoongi, decided to move in together, your chances of really making a 360° on your opinion of being naked went out the window. There was just something comforting about having fabric wrapped around you, maybe you felt that way because it was the social norm, at least for women. So when you found yourself naked in the kitchen eating a slice of pizza, you wondered why. Oh right, that’s why. You never really felt sexy in your skin, it’s not like you absolutely hated your body or anything, there were just pieces that you didn’t like about yourself. Which gets you back on the topic, your friend had recommended that you have moments with your body, when you were just naked. It was a weird spiritual-mind thing, and you didn’t think it would hurt. Besides, your roommate was always out with his friends or at work so during the week you had the house all to your self. So when you turned around seeing him standing there in utter shock and with his eyes wide and mouth gaped open of the situation, you freaked. You face turned red as you dropped the pizza on the floor and bolted to your bedroom, locking it as soon as you walked in. To avoid the situation, you put on a random t-shirt and hid yourself under your covers contemplating your life decisions thar led up to this spectacular event. ‘you dumbass why would you do that? What made you think that was ok?’ So maybe you were loosing it, a lot. When you heard a knock on the door you let out a whine, “y/n, c-can we talk?” A soft voice that belonged to the one and only min yoongi hit your ears. “Please go away, I’m already embarrassed myself enough for one day.”“ Y/n, cmon everyone has a body, it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” you cringed at yourself as you buried yourself deeper into your bed. “Y/n cmon lets talk.” Yoongi said one more time, reluctantly, you got up and walked to the door. When you opened it, you couldn’t even look at him in the eyes, so you looked down at the floor instead. “Are-are you wearing my shirt?” His question almost startled you as you looked at your shirt and then at him. “I-I guess I am? I’m so sorry I’ll go chan-”“no, no it’s fine-god, uh” you’d never thought you’d see Yoongi this perplexed. “Would you, uh, do you wanna go on a date some time?”

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Taehyung: ‘Alright tae today’s the day, you can’t keep beating around the bush my dude!’ Taehyung kept pumping himself up in the hallway of their apartment. “Why can’t I just ask them out???” He said as he ran his fingers though his hair in frustration. “It can’t be that hard!” He exclaimed before he ran down the hallway in search for you. Hyping himself up maybe was a good Idea in the moment but when he opened your door to find you getting ready to change clothes, all there in all your naked glory, he completely blanked. “OH MY GOD TAE GET OUT!” You said as you threw a pillow at his face before running behind your bed. “Kim taehyung please get out!” You whined out, Tae, finally snapping out of it turned around red faced. “Wow good job Taehyung! Now how are you going to ask them out?” He exclaimed thinking it was all in his head. “Woah woah wait- what?” You said as you grabbed your t-shirt and covered your upper body as you peeped from behind your bed. ‘Fuck’, “I said that out loud didn’t I?” He said as he refused to look at you. You stumbled as you quickly put on your pants and stood behind him. “You dork!” You said as you wrapped your arms around him, “I mean you already saw me naked, I’d be a shame if I didn’t go out with you.” You didn’t need to see his face to know that his goofy, beautiful, signature smile was plastered on his face.

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Jin: running late was never your style, running late with makeup, hair and no dress on was totally not your style. Your friends had invited you to a night out and since it was a Saturday you decided going out wouldn’t do much harm. Nothing wrong with a girls night out. But of course you decided to start getting ready 30 minutes before your friend picks you up, real sly. Sadly, time was not on your side, as you scurried around the cubicle apartment, searching ever nook and cranny for your pink satin dress.
“Ughhh, SHIT, where is it?!” You whispered screeched after demolishing your closet, making it look as if a monsoon had occurred. Placing your hands on your hips (and away from your which had taken you nearly an hour to straighten), you tapped your foot and started thinking about where was the last time you saw your dress.
“Ok, first I left the house after Jin cooked breakfast, I finished class around 3:30 then went straight to the boutique to pick up my dress.” You thought long and hard. “And then I came home and showed Jin my dress—"
Cue the record scratch. Jin. JIN.
Without even realizing it, you stomped into Jin’s room, without even bothering to knock or throw some clothes on, and caught him playing some Mario Kart. Ha, very typical.
Jin looked up from his game when he heard a loud bang, only to drop his controller, jaw going slack.
“Y/n,” he said. “What are you, doing?”
You watched as his eyes trailed down your half naked form, a pink blotch spreading across his checks.
You cleared your throat, “ahem, my eyes are here, remember?”
Jin snapped his head back up, although his pupils looked like they were shaking. “What happened, shouldn’t you be getting ready.”
“I was,” you sighed in exasperation. “But it seems as if I’ve misplaced my dress.” You suddenly arched a brow at your roommate. “You wouldn’t have happen to seen it, would you?”
Jin tapped his chin in thought. “I remember you showing me, but that was the last time I saw it.” He looked up, noticing the suspicious glare you were throwing him.
“Hey! I swear, I didn’t touch anything. Cross my heart!”
You tapped your foot impatiently and crossed your arms. Opening your mouth to reply, you noticed something wedged beneath his bed, something pink.
“Uh huh, then why do I see a wad of pink under your bed?”
Jin looked over his shoulder, then back to you. “Um, everything in this room is pink,” he stated a matter of factly, gesturing to the pink rug, pink duvet, pink blanket, pink bathroom.
Well, looks like he caught you there.
Shoulders slumping in defeat, YOU heaved another sigh. “Alright, you’re off the hook. But what am I gonna without my dress?” You gestured to your bare torso, causing Jin to blush again.
He cleared his throats awkwardly and stood up. “Um, maybe you can borrow a dress from Hoseok’s sister. I mean she lives right on the first floor. Besides! She’s a model, I’m pretty sure she’ll have some dresses that’ll compliment your just fine!”
Your heart skipped a beat at that statement. Straightening up, you threw Jin a smile, before turning on your heel and walking into your room to get changed.
One hour later, Jin found himself indulging in his game when he heard his phone buzz. Picking it up, his heart fluttered when he saw a picture of you on a beautiful turquoise dress that was not too sexy, but made you look even more beautiful.
Underneath was a text: thanks Jin, I owe you one!!
Smiling to himself, Jin shut off his phone. Then, without even realizing, he reached under the bed, only to pull out a plastic bag and hanger they held the pink dress.
“It was a close one,” he laughed.

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Jungkook: Rooming with Jeon Jungkook definitely had its ups and downs. Face cleaners would sometimes go missing, shampoo bottle were often left half empty and there was the occasional tripping over timberlands—"swear to god Jeon Jungkook, if you don’t use the freaking shoe rack I’m kicking you and your sorry ass out of here!“ On the upside, Jungkook had a knack for singing in the shower which, while you wouldn’t admit it, was as quiet soothing. So yeah, Jeon Jungkook was full of surprises. Mostly good ones…
Jungkook stood in front of y/n, eyes wide open like a deer caught in headlights as he stared at her, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and an unclipped that was (thank heavenly) held by her arms. Y/b bore the dame expression, cheeks turning into a soft tint of pink. The two held eyes contact with one another for another minute or so, until Jungkook finally found the on button for his legs and started walking towards the shared closet. Digging through his side, which was (surprise surprise) nothing but white t-shirts, Jungkook grabbed a clean looking one, strode over to y/n and held it out for her, avoiding any sort of contact.
“Here. Take it,” he mumbled.
Y/n stared at the shirt, then back to Jungkook. “What, really? You’re lending me your shirt?”
“Yeah.” He cleared his throat. “Don’t want you to get a cold.”
Noticing the tinge of red on the maknae’s cheeks, y/n accepted the shirt, careful not to drop her bra, and watched as Jungkook exited the room, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly After one silent minute, y/n pulled the white shirt over her head, laughing as it reached her thighs.
From behind the door, Jungkook leaned against the doorframe, cheeks red from embarrassment. “Way to go Jungkook, there goes your chance of asking y/n out for a date.” He blew a puff of air. “At least she looked cute in my t-shirt.”
Yup, mostly good surprises.

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Hoseok: “Yah! Y/n!” Hoseok hollered from the dressing room adjacent to the one y/n was using. “Are you almost done, I’m hungry!!”
“Just one more dress, Hobi,” you replied, holding another dress in front of your body.
“That’s what you told me fifteen second ago!” Hoseok stomped his foot like an antsy child waiting for his mother.
With a huff, Hoseok marched back and forth, hands in his pocket, hoping to pass the time.
Why did he think it was a good idea to let y/n take him dress shopping with her? She could’ve gone with anyone. Anyone with more interest. Like Jin. He probably owned a couple dresses himself.
Sighing once more, Hoseok stared at the curtain that separated the two of them. Still, he couldn’t deny the last two hours of just watching y/n try on a dozen dresses and modeling for him was kinda fun. Every time she walked out sent nervous jolts down his spine and butterflies in his stomach. She looked beautiful in all of them, but obviously he wouldn’t say that.
Looking down, Hoseok noticed that the strings of his laces were untied. As he bent down to lace them up, the hood of his jacket suddenly caught the hook attached to the bar holding the curtain up. “Huh?” Hoseok tugged at the hook. When it wouldn’t budge, he started twisting around in hopes of getting his hood loose.
“Come on, let go—whoa!” Suddenly loosing his footing, Hoseok came crashing down onto the floor in a heap of tangled limbs and a broken curtain. Groaning softly, Hoseok looked up and flushed fire truck red. Y/n stood there, in all her glory with a red dress pulled half way over her torso. From this angle, Hoseok caught a glimpse of her lace under…
“I’m so sorry!” He cried, hands flying comically over his eyes as he jumped to his feet and sped walk out the room, curtain dragging behind him.
Y/b blinked twice, watching Hoseok scurry away and was now hiding amongst the mannequins. Shaking her head, y/n changed back into her normal clothes and went up to the cashier to buy the red dress Hoseok had seen her in. Well, seen her taking off.
But hey, buyers can’t be choosers…unless you’re a clumsy fool named Jung Hoseok. A cute clumsy fool.

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Jimin: Y/n lugged around a heavy basket of laundry, bending over to pick up clothes that were scattered here and there, courtesy of Park Jimin and his lazy-afternoon-lounge-around-the-house kind of mood. Shaking her head in amusement, y/n huffed, carrying the pile of clothes over towards the closet slash washing room. As she walked into the leaving room, she suddenly ran into a small table, causing a vase of roses to fall of the ledge. Luckily, thanks to quick reflexes, y/n dropped her basket and caught the vase in the nick of time, however, as a result, a big splash of water soaked her white (why she chose to wore white is a mystery) blouse, making it see through.
Y/n released a groan. One more addition to her ever growing laundry pile. Yippee. Mind you, most of it happened to be Jimin’s. With a sigh, y/n grabbed the hem of her shirt and started tugging it off. However, what she didn’t hear was the sound of the lock turning and the door opening, followed by a “y/n, I’m home—OH MY GOD!!”
Y/n looked up, flushing mad red when she came face to face with none other than Park Jimin, who stared at her with wide eyes, lips pulled into a straight line. She also notice how his pupils seem to waver, as if he was trying to keep his eyes from wandering…oh shit, y/n thought, realizing that she had spent thirty full seconds flashing Jimin with her lacy bra donned chest. SHIT.
Y/n reacted face, groping for the clothes from the laundry basket and pelting them at her roommate. “PARK JIMIN, AVERT YOUR EYES. SHOW SOME COURTESY.”
“You were the one flashing though,” Jimin’s muffled voice resounded.
Y/n released a high pitched whine, stomping out of the living room in pure embarrassment.
Once the coast was clear, Jimin pulled the pair of boxers off his face. He looked down, noticing a puddle of water as well as the toppled vase y/n had dropped, along with the roses. Jimin sighed. Grabbing a paper towel from the kitchen, Jimin cleaned up the mess and set the vase back into place.
“Crap…” he mumbled. “I didn’t even have a chance to give y/n these.” He peeled the plastic casing from the tulips he had bought earlier for y/b and placed them into the vase.
Jimin scratched the back of his head. “Maybe next time I should do chocolates. No shirt?” No shirt.

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-Pheo and sara

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I know you've already wrote one but maybe a drabble of ziam going grocery shopping with their little goddaughter brook and they lose her for a moment because they're bickering over something

“Pleaseseeeeeeeeeee,”  Brooklyn’s definitely been to Zayn’s school of getting   her own way with one word, and the use of her eyes as the biggest weapon.

She’s currently sat in the front of the trolley in the small seat. Her request.  She’s now begging to  get out.  

Liam exchanges a helpless  glance with Zayn that says “How can i refuse this face?”  before he turns his attention back to Brooklyn.

“Okay young lady, but don’t run off, and don’t steal food and eat it until we’ve paid for it okay?”

She blinks her eyes and then solemnly, slowly, nods her head up and down to confirm her compliance. 

Liam leans down and picks her up and he’s about to put her on the floor when she throws her arms around his neck and kisses him. 

“Fank you Uncle Lim.”

And then she’s  gone, well only four or five feet away from them, but she runs back and forth, collides with Zayn’s leg twice, almost becomes part of the trolley as she collides with it and then stops still, looks up at Zayn and Liam  grins widely,  giggles and then starts running round again. 

She’s exhausting in the best possible way.

“Anyway, like I was saying, you promised we’d have a rematch, if you’re going to welch on the bet, then well I’ll just assume you’re some wuss who’s terrified of my mad skillz on fifa.”

Liam snorts and looks across at Zayn, he’s not shut up about the rematch since the moment Liam trounced him 12 -1 in a game last night.  

“I’d have thought that rather than a rematch, you’d want to burn the game, pretend it never existed and try to work out how to get past the first five minutes of the walking dead without turning into a zombie.”

Zayn shakes his head. 

“It’s a good job we aren’t in the fruit and veg  aisle or I’d be plotting your impending  death by some kind of heavy vegetable.”

Quick as a flash Liam fires back.

“Yeah, and just like in Fifa, you’ll miss and knock out some random bystander in the crowd or in this case in the supermarket and I’ll spend the next 10 years visiting  you in jail and explaining  on interviews that yeah, Jonathan, Zayn won’t be releasing  music for all that time and it’s all because he’s a shit loser and got into a strop over being shit at Fifa.”

He feels the light punch on his arm, and the “I hate you, you smartarse knob,” but then Zayn smiles, “Maybe we should play frogger instead or get on the arcade games instead, you’re well shi-.”

Zayn stops talking mid insult,  the smile disappears and its replaced by panic. That’s not a facial expression Liam’s familiar with on Zayn but it’s clear and even before he turns away, even before he hears Zayn’s next words, it’s like the bottom’s fallen out of his world.  

“Where’s Brooklyn?”

Liam’s eyes dart to in front of the trolley and she’s not there, he moves around in a 360 degree circle, eyes roving  everywhere and still no sign. 

He drags a hand through his hair, bites at his lip and sees Zayn do the same right before Zayn starts moving  forward, saying  quickly “You go down that aisle, and I’ll go down that aisle,” he signals with his hand and then he’s gone.

Liam pushes the trolley to the side, apologising to the woman he nearly strikes with it and then he’s walking, almost running  down one aisle, trying not to think of all the scenarios that could happen, praying  to anyone he can think of for them not to have to make the phone call. 

Then he walks down another, and another, and there’s still no sign.  As he reaches the end of the alcohol aisle, he sees Zayn who’s walking towards him, forehead creased in concern, and he knows he mirrors the same expression as he doesn’t see Brooklyn running behind him.

“What do we do?” Liam asks as they stand in front of each other.

Their eyes meet, and well the logical answer, the best answer,the only answer really is to call Caroline, call security or somehow develop eyes that can look everywhere and find out exactly where Brooklyn is right now.

Oh, and keep praying.

Liam hears a deep breath, then Zayn’s speaking.

“We think like Brooklyn, that’s what we do, we’ve come here to this supermarket loads of times with her Li, and we even talked about it before, she may have even heard me say it and it was like a siren call for her, we know how much she loves them,”  Zayn says nothing  else as he starts walking , picking  up the pace before he  glances around and calls.

“Well, are you coming or not?”

Liam has no idea where they’re  going until just before they get there, and it hits him and of course, it’s so obvious.  Except not really, cause what other 3 year old children would prefer the fruit and veg aisle to the aisle with all the soft toys and games?

Other 3 year olds don’t matter though, never will until it’s time for them to have a 3 year old in their lives. 

They reach the fruit and veg section, eyes scanning everywhere and they don’t see her initially, each of them standing in a  slightly different place, until Liam takes a step forward closer to the cauliflowers and he sees a woman with a uniform.  

A Sainsbury’s uniform who’s crouched down and talking to someone who’s sitting behind the pillar next to the cauliflowers and broccoli on the shelves so he moves closer, calling Zayn’s name as he does.

“And how old is Colin? Can Colin tell me where your parents are?”

“Colin’s four,” Liam hears but any other response is lost as Zayn joins him, lets out a relieved sigh and well, same and they take the couple of steps forward, round the plllar and there she is.

Cmpletelyunphased, completely enraptured by the little army of cauliflowers and broccoli that sit next to her, completely engrossed in telling the shop assistant, each of their names and ages.

Talking of ages, Liam was 23 when he walked in this supermarket an hour ago, he reckons he’s about 93 now. 

“Eh Miss Brooklyn, what did we say about not running off?” Zayn puts his hand on his hip as he says it, wags his finger and then kneels down next to Brooklyn.

Zayn probably needs to work on  #strictdadzayn before they have kids as Brooklyn giggles as he settles next to her, and then presses a kiss to her forehead.

Liam smiles, probably the weakest smile he’s ever smiled, and now that they’ve found her, now that they don’t need to make the call, he feels almost boneless with the weight of the relief and he sags as his body leans against the pillar and looks down at Brooklyn and Zayn.

Till he hears a throat clear, and a small cough and he looks up and the shop assistant is standing in front of him, head tilted to one side.

“I remember now, you bringing  this little one in before, except it’s been a while, though I’ve seen you both in here before together, my sister loves you both,” she shakes her head then, “Sorry, probably shouldn’t have said that I’ve seen you both, but we’re ever so quietly proud that you come to our shop and that you’re local boys so anyway, this little one was fine,  she was just telling  me all about her little family there while she was waiting  for her Uncle Lim and Unc Zay.”

Liam smiles, reaches a hand forward towards her, looks at the name badge and says “Thank you Lynn, for your discretion and for looking after this little menace.”

He half considers offering a picture, except it would have to be just one of them ,but she excuses herself before he gets the chance and it’s just them then.

He kneels down in front of Zayn and Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s still chattering on about her broccoli and cauliflower family while Zayn rests his hand on her shoulder, and as Liam kneels down he does the same on her other shoulder.

“Hey Brook, you, me and Uncle Zayn need to have a talk about what it means when we say not to run off in the supermarket, okay?” 

He’s quite proud of the serious tone in his voice and he exchanges a  glance with Zayn who  gives him an approving nod.

“OKAY Uncle Lim, can Colin and Bob and Berta and Cawoline come too?” 

Yeah, maybe #strictdadliam needs some work too. 

She stands up then, attempting to hold the vegetables before 2 of them slip out of her hands, but Zayn’s there catching them before he and Liam stand up too.

“Yeah, okay,” says Liam, and he could suggest that they carry on with shopping , and he’s sure their trolley would still be where they left it, but he’s done with Sainsburys for this weekend. 

“How about we pay for Bob, Colin, Caroli,- I mean Cawoline, “ he corrects as Brooklyn sends a withering look, that’s her mother’s to a tee, his way., “and Berta and then we head to McDonalds drive thru and go home.”

“So Lim can beat Unc Zay?” 

Liam laughs and Brooklyn looks entirely too pleased with herself.  

“ getting dragged by 3 year olds, this is a new low,”  but the tone of his Zayn’s voice doesn’t match his words and he adds, “Sounds like a plan.”


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