i hate guilt

#relatable trauma survivor feels
  • “i dont know”
  • inconvenient flashbacks and panic attacks
  • randomly being reminded of your trauma
  • dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty
  • bad bad bad bad bad
  • either having the mindset of a young child or an adult, no in between
  • “i thought you were older! you’re so mature!”
  • being legitimately terrified of small sudden movements and everyone thinks it’s hilarious
  • immediately losing trust in whoever thinks it’s hilarious
  • the absolute terror of becoming like your abuser one day
  • it’s my fault
  • Constant Vigilance
  • that self-doubt due to repressed memories
  • “do i hate them or do i hate myself?”
  • Guilt™ 

If you aren’t ready to 100% love and care for a child don’t have a child
Because no child deserves to grow up feeling like a burden
No child deserves to be made to feel worthless
No child should have to earn a parents love
No child should live in constant fear of saying the wrong thing and being punished
No child should be scared of being kicked out of the house
No child should feel like they aren’t enough to deserve love
Children don’t ask to be born
Don’t make them feel like the wish the hadn’t

And now im the other woman. I’m the one you’re girlfriend smells on your shirt. It’s my lipstick she sees on your sleeve. I’m the reason she’s sick with insecurity. The worst part is I know exactly how it feels for there to be another woman. I know how much she wants to be mad at you, but she can’t help but think it’s her fault for not being enough. I was selfish and I let you convince me that what we did was okay because you were going to leave her anyway. The thing I didn’t realize was that you were never going to leave her atleast not for me. You just knew the right things to say to make me to forget the morals I once lived by. I hate that I’m the reason another female is questioning her worth. I hate that I’m the reason someone knows what heartbreak feels like. I hate that I love you even after all of this. I hate that I’d do it again because I’d do anything to be wanted by you. I’d do anything to be the one you loved all the time and not just in the shadows when no one was looking. I hate that I let you make me into the other woman.
—  The other woman//

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

Wanda Maximoff vs. Bucky Barnes: Why do I even have to write this?

The craziest thing about fandom? Fans are often more invested in a verse than the creator of the source material. We rewatch and reread obsessively, and dissect every line and nitpick every sequence.

Writers don’t do that. More often than not, when something is complete, they set aside the work - and they’re done with it. (I will never not be amused by the time someone asked Moffat a very specific Dr. Who question, and he had no idea.)

And sometimes, as frustrating as it might be, they don’t have the same emotional investment - as is the case for the writers of CA: CW.

The distasteful comment of Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus have been floating around since yesterday. There have been people who’ve said that they’re writers - they’re not good at verbal interviews - a lot of what was said might have come out wrong.

The problem appears when the perspective of the writer so clearly ignores something that is glaringly obvious for the fandom. I could maybe understand their awkwardness in explaining their train of thought of why Bucky needed to be “punished”. He was physically the culprit, after all. Maybe they thought the audience would be uncomfortable with not having that acknowledged.

But the moment we compare Bucky with Wanda Maximoff and she is presented as the better person, we have a problem. I should not even have to write or say this. It’s just that obvious.

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Bucky Barnes is a weapon, a victim. Wanda and her brother joined Hydra and Ultron willingly. Both Bucky and the Maximoffs were subjects of Hydra experimentation but the Maximoffs VOLUNTEERED. Bucky did not.

No matter what Bucky might have done, the fact remains that he committed those crimes under brainwashing and the blame for that goes to the Red Room, Hydra etc. He needs therapy, not prison.

Not so in Wanda’s case. Everything she did, she did of her own accord. At the beginning of WS, he’s just the “fist of Hydra”, faceless, a weapon.

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At the beginning of Ultron, she is a woman who deliberately sets into motion the incidents that lead to the creation of Ultron, out of vengeance. 

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Never tell a trans person something like 

“It’s such a shame! You were such a handsome boy/ pretty girl!” 



Don’t do that.

It’s not a shame that I finally took steps towards being myself. It’s a shame that people like you think shit like this is okay. Don’t tell anyone anything along the lines of this please.

I have the opportunity to join a burlesque troupe and in part, I'm very excited because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. 

On the other hand, it will involve traveling back to NYC for regular rehearsals/shows and that terrifies me because I am a giant flake with crippling anxiety and depression and sticking to commitments (especially if they involve long commutes) is sometimes my kryptonite. 

Tfw you’re flaky af but you absolutely loathe being flaky af so you just don’t do anything ever.

Late Night Snack

Taeyong X Reader

Summary: Late night snacks and heart-to-hearts

Word Count: 1.3K

Genre: Fluff

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hey yall can we stop with the down with cis meme

because like

its making me feel bad because a) im not transphobic b) im not enbyphobic and c) im not the only one affected like seriously did u kno there are cis ppl out there who are on ur side and probably dont like the meme