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Get to Know Clara - #19 Continuing with the previous post’s theme of Clara masking her feelings, we move into her reactions to River. She doesn’t show her feelings about River very openly, but you can see them on her face. This is in contrast to previous situations like when Sarah Jane and Rose vocally clashed over their jealousy at first as well as the complete opposite reaction such as when Amy took instantly to the Doctor’s future wife, River.

She looks down like she’s intruding on something intimate when asking about the nature of River’s relationship with the Doctor as well as when the Doctor mentions marrying River. There is this huge part of his life that she’s not a part of and that she wasn’t even aware of for quite a while and that hurts her, but you do see a change in Clara’s reaction between the first and second examples as she has become more familiar with the Doctor’s relationship with River and even begins to smile a bit.