i hate giffing this show cause ugh it's so damn dark

There Is No Escape - Part 8

Note: Pan seems to have gotten what he wanted. The reader is happy….but nothing stays that way on Neverland.

Peter Pan x Killian Jones x Reader

Words: 1479

Warnings: The TINIEST bit of language is used.

Disclaimer: No GIFs are mine. Credit to the creators.

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It has been weeks since Peter had helped you get your memories back and what once felt like such an intimidating and dangerous place is now the only place you can really call home. Your connection with each of the lost boys was rekindled, much to the joy of the smallest one that had been so hurt by your memory loss, and Peter….well…that was a different matter entirely.

He is, of course, still the cocky and arrogant boy you have always known him to be but there is something different about him. Something that is even beginning to get picked up by the other boys; he is constantly around you, not seeming to leave you side for even the briefest of seconds, he has even set up a hammock in his treehouse so that you are in his sights throughout the night too. All the time you have known him for you have never seen him so protective.

It was sweet, in his own little way, but it is beginning to make you feel a little suffocated now. Something needed to be done.

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