i hate giffing season 1 scenes


Lørdag 29.10.16 kl 15.15 - Kan ikke jeg bare bli her inne med deg for alltid? Kan jeg? Du kan det.


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 113(132 counting lighted gifs idk how that happened but okay) gifs of the beautiful Aisha Dee as Kennedy in Sweet/Vicious season 1 episode 1 “The Blueprint”. Dee is an actress known for her roles as Desi Biggins on The Saddle Club, Mackenzie Miller in I Hate My Teenage Daughter and she also appeared in Chasing Life as Elizabeth “Beth”  and Baby Daddy as Olivia. She is also a musician, in her own band called Dee Dee & the Beagles. Ethnically, she is of Black (unspecified) and White (also unspecified) descent, so please cast her accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and mostly hq. Any repeats were to just make her face bigger or to lighten the scene in case some thought it to be too dark. I made all of these gifs so credit to me and please if you decide to steal them or edit them in some way, although I’d like so say don’t do it (but some of y’all won’t listen) at least please give me some sort of credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 1/?

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NEXT CLASS MEME: Five Romantic Ships

↳  [1/5] Grace Cardinal & Maya Matlin


Samar, Aram + Interrupting Ressler -The Blacklist 2x10

Kelley’s Top 10 Season 1 ML Episodes

Now that Season 1 of Miraculous Ladybug is over, I wanted to make a post of my top 10 favorite episodes because…I could? I don’t know, let’s get on with it. Also, this in no particular order, I just like these more than the other episodes. Spacial thanks to @ladyofacat for the gifs <3. (I’ll admit, most of these episodes are my favorite because of OTP moments)

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↳ Zoe & Wade