i hate giffing season 1 scenes


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 113(132 counting lighted gifs idk how that happened but okay) gifs of the beautiful Aisha Dee as Kennedy in Sweet/Vicious season 1 episode 1 “The Blueprint”. Dee is an actress known for her roles as Desi Biggins on The Saddle Club, Mackenzie Miller in I Hate My Teenage Daughter and she also appeared in Chasing Life as Elizabeth “Beth”  and Baby Daddy as Olivia. She is also a musician, in her own band called Dee Dee & the Beagles. Ethnically, she is of Black (unspecified) and White (also unspecified) descent, so please cast her accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and mostly hq. Any repeats were to just make her face bigger or to lighten the scene in case some thought it to be too dark. I made all of these gifs so credit to me and please if you decide to steal them or edit them in some way, although I’d like so say don’t do it (but some of y’all won’t listen) at least please give me some sort of credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 1/?

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NEXT CLASS MEME: Five Romantic Ships

↳  [1/5] Grace Cardinal & Maya Matlin

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I couldn't give less of a f*ck about TW if wanted to & I know that TPTB are trash with their banning first baiting later method but what I'm exited about is the fandom! If you think about how much we did since season 4 with how little we had! Even if Sterek is only in 1 scene & both of them die in it, the gifs, the fics, the manips are gonna be awesome! Hate the show, love the fandom. (What did you say? Stereks we get the job done!)


Kelley’s Top 10 Season 1 ML Episodes

Now that Season 1 of Miraculous Ladybug is over, I wanted to make a post of my top 10 favorite episodes because…I could? I don’t know, let’s get on with it. Also, this in no particular order, I just like these more than the other episodes. Spacial thanks to @ladyofacat for the gifs <3. (I’ll admit, most of these episodes are my favorite because of OTP moments)

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↳ Zoe & Wade

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Klayley & Delena are endgame stupid bitch :P

These gifs are everything

If you are Bamon shipper that ships Klayley/ Klaroliner who ships Delena back away now lol. Run for it!!!! Haha xD First and final warning. I’m going on a full blown rant on why I don’t care if they aren’t endgame xD

Lord I have found them, the rare breed of the aggressive delena and klayley shippers. Wow you must feel threatened to message me. It’s no surprise either both ships involve weak women being held down by violent men. When you ship something it’s normally template of what you want your relationships to be like. Are you being controlled? Are you alright? I’m really sorry I can’t help you anon. 


Tom Hiddleston and Kingsley gifs make everything better  

Lol in all seriousness though so I guess you are wondering why I ship Bonnie & Caroline with these bad abusive men. Here is some examples of strong women bringing down these men:

Look at that Bonnie setting the almighty Damon on fire and Caroline was calling out the big bad hybrid on his shit in these scenes. 

For Delena to happen they have completely destroyed the sweet and likeable Elena who cared about her friends and family. Nope I really hate Elena now. I like her in season 1 and season 2, I even found Delena intriguing with the forbidden romance and all. But now she disgusts me with how selfish she acts. I like how Delena has made Damon a slightly better person. But thats it. Damon realistically has never been challenged by Elena, the first time he saw Elena he saw Katherine, and in the finale he claimed he saw a future. Yeah a future of morphing Elena into Katherine. Which he succeeded in, but Elena ruined herself. She no longer cares about Jeremy, Bonnie and Stefan, the people she loved and who she cared about. Delena is a toxic relationship, which has ruined Elena’s core character traits.  

With Caroline though Klaus revealed a whole new side of himself to her, which was quite frankly intriguing to watch. But the beauty of it, is that it wasn’t cliche beauty and the beast esque. They were two monsters togethers, two lonely soul mates. Both have family problems and both thought they can’t be fixed or worthy of love. Caroline was never first choice to any guy she liked. Matt loved Elena over her. I do love forwood but Tyler chose revenge over her. I am all about the steroline/klefaroline life, I don’t trust Julie Plec there is a high chance if steroline happened Stefan would go back to Elena later, so they can keep this shitty triangle going. With Klaus though, you have to admit he genuinely cared about Caroline and he did a lot of good things for her not just the pretty dresses and the material things. But like letting Tyler go for her which is a major example… In return though Caroline taught Klaus a valuable lessons such as ” you don’t connect to people because you don’t even try and understand them” and “anyone capable of love, is capable of being saved.” Caroline arguably uncovered the humane side of Klaus. Klaus called Caroline out when she did wrong that she killed twelve witches as she went crying to him. Caroline isn’t a angel. Caroline tries to be a good person and that is strength. She makes mistakes, Caroline is neurotic, Caroline is a massive hypocrite at times. Klaus underneath all that big bad hybrid facade, just wanted someone to connect with. ” I wanna talk about you, your hopes, your dreams, everything you want in life.” Klaus didn’t want the same loyalty from what he had from his Hybrids. He wanted love and a connection from Caroline, Klaroline had opened up so many doors for Klaus and Caroline’s character. You can disagree with me all you want, fair enough you are entitled to your own opinion but I believe they are soulmates.


I’m all steroline, klefan and klefaroline for now but even though my stelena heart is damanged beyond repair, Elena still wake up one day next season and realise what she has done/ who she has lost. Stelena was beautiful. They had a relationship that everyone should want for herself. A relationship built on compassion, trust and understanding. They were happy together. Stefan made her happy to be alive. REMEMBER WHEN SHE SAID ” YOU SHOULD LOVE THE PERSON THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY TO BE ALIVE” - DAMON DROVE HER TO HER “DEATH”, DAMON BLEW HER UP. THAT SHIT ISN’T REAL LOVE. THATS A FUCKING TRAGEDY. WHAT SORT OF MESSAGE IS THAT SHIT SENDING PEOPLE? And fuck that bullshit how she saw a future with Damon. Elena discussed a future with Stefan ” do you think about our future together”. Elena is a dumb ass. She sacrificed everything about herself for what sex, the sirebond and for the sake of a man. Stefan would have done anything for her, but this Damon obsessed Elena trampled all over him. I’ll forever be bitter over how much stelena is changed, but it can be salvaged. As this love triangle will never fully go away.


Bon and Damon, would have stolen the whole show. Nobody can convince me that this isn’t the case. We haven’t seen any relationship like this before - a witch/anchor and the vampire that would have been more forbidden Delena. It would bring a new set of obstacles. It would have been a whole new interesting dynamic and expanded their characters. Bonnie is selfless while Damon is selfish, they would have balanced each other out. Bonnie and Damon are both full of love though, Damon loves selfishly while Bon loves selflessly. To be honest Bonnie needs to be more selfish, she is a doormat to all the other characters to use her while Damon is possessive he needs to learn put other people before himself. I think they could have been the best thing for each other. Damon needs someone to call him out on his shit, Elena can’t do it. I think Bonnie can though she’d need her powers. Bonnie has never loved Stefan, so Damon wouldn’t need to feel like second choice. Jeremy loved Anna. He cheated on Bon with Anna. The human Elena chose Stefan in s3. And come on S4/5 Elena wasn’t a challenge to him, so he is going to get bored. They could be each others first choice. Damon has to change his core self to be with Elena as well tbh, he is weak and full of manpain :L. With Bon he’s funny, sarcastic and rude. Bonnie and Damon are kick ass. And best of all “he actually kind of loves her.”


These are real. There see are actual bamon moments from the series before S5 finale happened ^

You might be right anon that klayley and dullena are endgame on the show. However after Julie Plec’s BS klaroline will find a way back to each other and I bet stelena & bamon do to, whether it be 10 years to a 100 years. You can keep them lust-filled couples, with Klaroline/Stelena/Bamon we didn’t need sex, a baby or a sirebond to fall in love or for the shippers to ship them. What we found with these three pairings is potential for these characters to be better versions of themselves but not change their core values, to have a connection and to perhaps think for a mere moment that the concepts of soulmates/true love does exist. Delena’s and Klayley’s relationship may be real lust but it isn’t true love. So I really don’t know what your aim of your message was. Because now all I feel how beautiful my otps are, lol.

So if you are trying to stop me shipping Bamon and Klaroline…