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Real Talk: Jackson. Appropriation VS Appreciation.

This is about Jackson Wang from Got7 wearing dread locks in a Chinese advertisement, just in case you haven’t seen all of the drama and people attacking him. (pictures below)

I’ll start off with saying, I don’t give a fuck that he wore dreadlocks. There, that saved you a lot of reading and time, so if you would like to unfollow/block me, go ahead. Agree to disagree. People want MY opinion on this, so here it is:

The way people are attacking him is all kinds of wrong. I’m ok with people explaining nicely about the history of dreads and how people can take an offense to non Black people wearing that style, that’s their opinion, even though some where being way too harsh about it but reading all the hate comments are disgusting. You would think Jackson got caught in an animal cruelty case (God forbid) or rape case (God forbid), so I’m reading twitter and instagram and saying to myself…what is happening? I’ve never seen K Hip Hop artist get THIS much heat and they wear dreads and braids on a daily basis, but when Jackson wears them in an ad, he gets so much hate and death threats.

“He’s so wrong”

“Educate him”

“He doesn’t care about Black people but he’s wearing our hair style” - Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know Jackson hated Black people..

Let me tell you something, I know people are going to hate me for my opinion, but they hate me anyway lol, so fuck it. I understand where their passion comes from, people hate that other races look up to Black people and want to dress like us, be like us, but at the end of the day they don’t want to be with us or could care less about us for real, I GET IT!. I get it, there’s a lot of people out there that don’t like us for real but wear our hair styles. I understand appropriation. I understand the history of it all. I’m proud to be Black and love my race, my culture and the passion we have.

And I also love that other races look up to our people sooo much that they want to dress like their favorite rapper, or try their style, the rappers themselves are even flattered and don’t care, they just love that they are looked up to and inspire people of all races.

Oh wait, my antil Blackness coon-ness is showing, let me stop! (sarcasm)

But personally, If people who are not Black wear braids, dreadlocks and they’re NOT doing it to mock us, profit from us, claiming it as their own, not a racist, and fucks with my people heavy and NOT doing it to degrade our race (like Jackson!), then I don’t give a damn how you wear your hair, bitch you can wear dreadlocks til yo ass 90, I do not give a damn, there’s some fuck up things going on out there in the REAL world of appropriation. Like this fashion show that was urban themed, gave them afros, braids, but there were no Black people in the show, obviously I was annoyed, because what are they doing? Profiting off of Black people and NOT giving any credit and claiming it as new/ their own. That’s the problem with appropiating. It’s stealing from one’s culture and giving no credit.

What is Jackson doing? Is he racist? is he claiming it as his own? Is he constantly doing it? Is he discrediting Black people and acting like it’s a brand new thing he’s doing?

What did Jackson do that SOOOOOOO MANY other non Black people do every day and are getting their hair braided as I type this. I’m lost as to why people are jumping down his throat and giving him threats and demanding an apology like he said “N*gger” or something?

This girl shared my inner thoughts on appropriation. (should watch this).

And also this.

^ He’s right!  What I said above, he’s NOT doing it to degrade or profit from our race. I said my thoughts before he even responded.

+ People are offended by his response saying he “is saying fck you to us, he doesn’t care about our culture, he doesn’t listen to us”, damn! what do you want him to say? Do you not see the hate comments he’s getting?, telling him to die, saying racial slurs, you guys want to play victim in every little thing so badly, there is NOTHING wrong with his responses, they are haters. He could’ve said worse.

+And “you are on the wrong page” he’s right! If you don’t like him and want to send him hate, then you ARE ON THE WRONG PAGE. If you have a problem with him, then don’t be on his page. don’t even click on it.





The last thing on my mind is someone’s hair. I don’t know about y’all but I got bigger fish to fry in this racist world, and Jackson’s 2 minute twists are the least of the problem.

And I know they will say, “So who cares wrong is wrong, he needs to be educated”, HE IS! He knows about Black people, his role models are Black, so of course he’s going to want what they want, you guys are acting like he wore the dreads to be ignorant and racist and you’re acting like he constantly “steals” from our culture and profits from it, he doesn’t.

I’m out.

Here’s the picture:

Watch the haters come in 3, 2, 1…

Avengers Chatroom (feat. Tom Holland!Peter Parker)

Hey everyone!! Fifth post! Woohoo! I hope you guys enjoy :) don’t forget to send in requests and things to my inbox. I love you guys! Hollanders for the win - Xoxo K

- Tony has started a Chatroom -

- Y/N, Nat, Steve, Wanda, Thor, Clint have been added to the chat -

Tony: What’s up everybody?

Steve: Tony, pay attention to the meeting

Tony: It’s really boring.

Nat: Oh my god, Tony… If Fury catches you texting during this meeting…

Tony: I don’t care. I hate meetings. Besides, we need to figure out how to get Y/N and the Spiderling together.

Steve: Stop texting! Pay attention.

Tony: Oh please. Capsicle, you’re just paranoid.

Steve: Don’t call me that.

- Tony changed Steve’s name to Capsicle -

Tony: There, now I don’t have to.

Capsicle: TONY! Seriously?

- Peter has been added to the chat -

Peter: Hey everyone.

Nat: Oh boy… here we go.

Peter: What’s going on?

Tony: Not much. Just this stupid meeting. It’s really boring :/ Anyway… we wanted to talk to you about Y/N.

Peter: W-what? W-why?

Nat: Because… we know you like her.

Wanda: Yeah. She likes you too you know.

Peter: Wait? Really? Are you serious?

Thor: Yes, I have noticed your mutual attraction to each other. You are both quite oblivious. Almost to the point of idiocy.

- Thor has left the chat -

Nat: Why’d Thor ditch?

Tony: He’s still figuring out his phone.

Nat: Oh… right. Sometimes I forget he’s not from around here.

Capsicle: I’ve been frozen for 65 years and even I knew Y/N liked you, but we really need to get back to the meeting.

Tony: It’s so obvious. She’s got the hots for you, Spider-Boy.

Peter: I-It’s Spider-MAN.

Tony: Not until you grow a pair and tell her…

Capsicle: Tony, the meet-

Capsicle has been removed from the chat

Nat: Tony!

Tony: #Sorrynotsorry.

Nat: Ugh whatever. Anyway, Peter just tell her you like her.

Clint: Just don’t be creepy about it.

Peter: Uh. O-okay?

Tony: And don’t look like a total dork… cause you’re a total dork.

Nat: Tony, they’ve been friends for years, I think she’s already seen his dorky side.

Wanda: I actually believe it’s one of the reasons she finds him so charming.

Y/N: This is true.

Tony: Y/N?! When did you get on here?

Y/N: I’ve been here the whole time.

Tony: :O

Y/N: Bwahahahahaha >:)

Peter: Y-Y/N… uh, I want to ask you something.

Tony: Do it! Do it! Do it!

Peter: Would you like to… go out with me sometime? I really like you.


Y/N: My answer is yes, Peter.

Peter: G-great.

Y/N: How about tonight?

Peter: Sure.

Y/N: Pick me up at 8 ;)

Peter: A-alright. See you at 8 :)

- Peter has left the chat -

- Wanda has left the chat -

Tony: Thank god! I would have exploded if they took any longer.

Nat: I know right. They needed to get together.

Tony: But why did she put that winky face…?

Tony: Do you think there will be spider babies?

Clint: I don’t think they even know how to do that, Tony

Y/N: I wouldn’t act so sure

Tony: You’re STILL here?!

Y/N: >:)

Nat: Y/N, what do you mean by “I wouldn’t act so sure”?

Y/N: You’ll see… or will you?

- Y/N has left the chat -

Tony: …

Clint: …

Nat: She’s my favorite for a reason. She’s not afraid to hand your asses to you.

Tony: But you have to admit… she’s pretty weird.

- Chatroom has been closed -

“Dirty Talk” (Chatroom) (JL x Bruce x Reader)

Ta-da! Another one with JL because…why not? Just a short one. Enjoy :)

Warnings: mentions of sex


Barry has created a chatroom

Barry has inveted Clark, Bruce, Oliver

Barry: Guys, I need an advice

Clark: About what?

Oliver: It’s about woman?

Clark: Ooooh, who are you looking after mr. Allen?

Barry: What?

Bruce: Let him talk

Barry: Thanks Bruce

Barry: But yes, it is about a woman. A tough one

Oliver: I like those

Clark: Do we know her?

Barry: Yes

Oliver: And who is her?

Barry: Y/N

Bruce: Wtf? Leave Y/N alone

Barry: What?

Clark: Ignore him. He’s jealous 

Bruce: I’m not. I don’t have to be 

Barry: Why are you saying that? Are you and her together?

Bruce: What? No. Of course not. But we…………you know. 

Barry: No I don’t know, you what?

Oliver: Let’s say that Y/N and Bruce are close friend. Like really close

Barry: Oooooh I see

Bruce: Yeah

Barry: So you are her best friend?

Oliver: Oh my gawd 

Clark: You know Barry, sometimes you are beyond innocent 

Diana has joined the chat

Diana: What are you guys talking about?

Oliver: Barry likes Y/N

Diana: Is that so?

Barry: No I don't 

Clark: Wait. You were going to ask for advices, about what?

Barry: I wanna take y/n out on a date. But I don’t know how to do this

Oliver: So you like her

Barry: No I don't 

Diana: Wait.

Bruce: Wait what?

Diana: Well, I tought y/n and Bruce were together

Bruce: We’re not

Diana: Then I don’t understand

Clark: What?

Diana: The things she told me about her and Bruce 

Bruce: Wait what? She told things about me? What things?

Diana: I don’t even remember what she said, but I remember it was inappropriated things

Oliver: Oh Jesus

Hal has joined the chat

Hal: What’s up

Diana: Oh, she said something like “he knows how to use his tongue” but I don’t know what means

Oliver: OMG

Clark: Oh Jesus.

Hal: What kind of conversation is this?

Barry: Wait 

Barry: NOW I SEE

Barry: Oh God

Oliver: Tell us more Diana 

Hal: What do you have to say about that Bruce?

Bruce: Well, if she said, who am I to disagree?

Arthur has joined the chat

Arthur: Heard the conversation was interesting

Barry: I don’t even know what so say

Diana: Oh I remembered another thing

Oliver: Tell us

Clark: I don’t wanna know anymore

Diana: She also said he was a huge man

Arthur: What the hell?


Clark: Pls stop

Hal: My God

Bruce: Alright know I’m getting ashamed 

Oliver has added Y/N 

Oliver: Y/N read the chat and give us an explanation

Y/N: Diana

Diana: Sorry, I had to tell

Y/N: Well, it’s okay.

Hal: What’s your explanation?

Y/N: It’s a simple one. Bruce and I had sex. He’s great at this and all the things Diana said is true

Oliver: OH SNAP



Clark: I hate you guys


Bruce: It is true

Y/N: I’m telling you guys, he’s a God with his tongue 

Clark: That’s enough for me

Clark has left the chat

Bruce: And you are really good with massages

Arthur: I’m done with this dirty talk

Arthur has left the chat

Barry: And I thought y/n was the pure one.

Y/N: Don’t be sad Bar, I like you too

Dinah has joined the chat 

Dinah: Is the dirty talk happening here?

Oliver: Who told you?

Dinah: Clark

Hal: The dirty talk is over. Guys please

Y/N: Hal’s right. No more dirty talk around here

Y/N: Bruce 

Bruce: Yes

Y/N: Come to my room pls

Bruce: As your wish

Barry: Oh Lord 

Y/N has left the chat

Bruce has left the chat

Barry: This is to much for me

Oliver: Still wanna take her on a date?

Barry: No. She and Bruce’s deserve each other. I’m out with this 

Barry has left the chat

Diana: I won’t stay here. Somebody wanna hang out?

Dinah: I’m in

Oliver: So am I

Diana: Let’s go

Diana left the chat

Dinah has left the chat 

Oliver has left the chat

Hal: Guys wait for me

Hal has left the chat

i literally can’t tolerate boys who act like they’re ~real~ ~cool~ fans and get hard over bruce wayne and shit but think bruce having friends and family is boring and robin ‘ruined’ batman, like please shut up you know literally nothing oh my god

like one time i met this guy who was like 'batman was waY better before they added robin’ i was like wow u must have really enjoyed the single year of 1939 huh

anonymous asked:

🔥 Aku

He looks so terribly off-model in season 5 every time he appeared on screen I experienced physical pain

^^^ cute, pleasant to look at, flowy boy who is at least somewhat coherent

^^^ a disgusting plank of wood who can’t keep the same proportions for like, 2 frames

Don’t get me wrong, the older season had some major animation fuck ups as well but they sorta TRIED to stay on model??? Or in the very least KNEW how to??

With the new season every new shot of Aku ad me cringing like “Oh god, please let this next scene have him look good-NOPE”, and I’m not kidding, in the whole season there are maybe 3 SHOTS where he was drawn decently.

I’ve drawn this boy for a long time so I know from experience if you get a single particle of his face slightly off he instantly looks WRONG and I’ll give the animators that, but,,, LOOK AT THIS SHIT??? DID THEY EVEN TRY? DID THEY PAY THEM ENOUGH?? I HATE LOOKING AT THIS

Avengers Chat Pt 1

Summary:: You’ve been secretly dating Bucky for a while now. Using a chat-room is the only way you two can communicate while he’s away on missions as not to get caught by the others. Yet one simple mistake and the secrets out.

Warnings: Language, mentions of sex. (More comedy)

Originally posted by rebekka-donell

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with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli  asked:

Your fics and blog makes this small corner of the world seem big. ❤ For the prompt​ list, 1, 2, and/or 5 Gaston x Reader, please!

yesss!! here is #2, and i know that mod gaston is doing the others 🕷️💋
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i hope i got everyone, i just went through the asks people have sent us asking to be tagged in gaston fics & previous fics, if you replied to a post asking to be tagged in batb/gaston shoot us an ask and i can add you to my list //

Prompt 2: Person B is getting pushed around. Person A offers to beat them up, but Person B is too independent for that. Person A decides there is only one thing to do, teach Person B to fight.

“Come on, I could do better in my sleep!”

“Gaston…I’m not…Used to…This…” You grunted rhythmically as you continued.

“Please, I’m getting tired.”

“Don’t make me take over, because you know I’ll only be more merciless.”

“Oh god alright, alright! Just…A few…More…So close…Ah!”

You finished, collapsing onto the floor, panting heavily.

If anyone were to hear the noises that were coming from your home, they certainly would get ideas. Yet fortunately you weren’t exercising quite in that way.

“I hate situps. Why did I think adding them into my training was okay?”

“Because I suggested it to you,” Gaston smiled from his seat a few feet away. Though he was your trainer, he spent his time ‘encouraging’ you, or as you liked to say, “Threatening you to do better or else he’ll up the ante and add three times the amount of training you already were doing to your workout.”

He preferred his way of saying it more.

“I regret asking your opinion,” you say, dragging yourself onto the couch.

“I offered to beat that guy up for you, but you said -”

“I am perfectly capable of handling myself, I just need to buff up a bit. Yes, I am fully aware, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“It was sarcasm.”

“…You’re welcome.”

You wiped the sweat off of your forehead, “Maybe I should let you just beat that guy up after all.”

“No, you’re in this for the real deal now. I’m just here to make sure you don’t slack. Now c’mon, thirty second planks. Or would you prefer the half mile run first?” he smirked, raising an eyebrow.

“Just, a five minute break, please…” you closed your eyes, still gasping for air.

“If you do the half-mile, I’ll run it with you, and you know -”

“- That you run shirtless, yes I know. I’ll take the planks, please.”

“Oh, come on! I have nice abs.”

“More like flabs, really.”

“You did not just - You know what? Fine,” his voice went from playfully flirty to seriously offended, “You’re doing two minute planks, and you’ll do the full mile run. Alone. With none of my amazing qualities, abs included, to accompany you,” he crossed his arms and looked away in a childlike fashion.



"Messy Trivia Challenge."

Requested by anonymous: “you’re their younger sibling and you’re featured in one of their videos.”


I kinda based this off of the twin telepathy challenge they did with Cameron Dallas.


“(Y/N)! Can you come down here?!” You heard Ethan call from downstairs. You got out of bed and went downstairs and followed Ethan outside to find that they had their camera set up.

Your older twin brothers, Ethan and Grayson, were famous on YouTube and they were always asking you to be in a video with them.

“Is today going to be the day where we finally beg you hard enough to be in a video with us?” Grayson asked.

“Depends on what this video is.” You said.

“We don’t really know what we’re calling this challenge thing that we’re doing, but we’re gonna take turns answering trivia questions, and if we get it wrong, you get to throw one of these food items on us.” Grayson explained as he showed you all the food items on the table.

“Come on, are you really gonna turn down throwing food at us?” Ethan laughed.

“Hmm, I guess you’re right.” You laughed. “Let me get changed and I’ll be back.” You said. You put on an old t-shirt and a pair of workout shorts. You went back downstairs and Ethan and Grayson had moved outside to the patio.

“We figured it’d be easier to clean up out here than inside.” Grayson explained. You nodded and you started filming.

“What’s up guys, we’re back. And today, we’re here with our little sister, (Y/N).” Ethan began.

“And today, we’re gonna be doing a challenge for you guys. You see all these various ingredients on the table, and that obviously means we’re gonna get messy.” Grayson said.

“(Y/N) has a bunch of trivia questions on her phone, and she’s gonna ask them to us. The first person to get the answer correct is safe, and the other has to get smacked with an ingredient of (Y/N)’s choice.” Ethan explained.

“We’re gonna call this the Messy Trivia Challenge.” You laughed.

As you filmed the video, Ethan was getting more of the questions right, so by the end, Grayson was covered in ketchup, ranch, barbecue sauce, and a bunch of other condiments, while Ethan barely had anything on him.

“I hate this game.” Grayson whined as he wiped whipped cream off of his face, as you and Ethan both laughed.

“You’re just mad because you’re losing.” You laughed.

“As you normally do.” Ethan added.

“I don’t normally lose.” Grayson said, flinging a handful of whipped cream at Ethan. Ethan flung a handful of slop at Grayson, but you got caught in the crossfire, so it ended up hitting you instead.

“Oh my god, (Y/N), I’m sorry, I meant to hit Gray.” Ethan laughed.

“It’s alright.” You said laughing, as you filled your hand with ranch dressing and threw it at Ethan.

You continued throwing condiments at each other before you remembered that the camera was still rolling.

“Alright, well, as you can tell, there wasn’t really a winner here, so, yeah.” Grayson said.

“If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up, and if you didn’t like the video, you might as well give it a thumbs up, and subscribe while you’re at it.” Ethan said.

“We’ll see you guys next Tuesday,”

“PEACE.” You all yelled.

“Okay, how are we gonna turn off the camera.” Ethan laughed.

“I don’t know, but you can figure that out while I go take a shower.” You said.

You went back upstairs to shower, and by the time you were done, Ethan and Grayson had cleaned up the patio. Once everyone was showered, you sat and watched them edit the video, watching and laughing at the footage you had.

JackCrutchie thing

Just as Crutchie very carefully made it down the last step of the school’s front staircase, Jack came bursting out of the doors and went down them two at a time, skipping the last three and landing neatly on his feet beside Crutchie.

“Damn you, Jack,” Crutchie scoffed, punching Jack in the arm. “Showoff.”

“Aw, you love me,” he said nonchalantly, taking Crutchie’s bag and slinging it on his unoccupied shoulder.

Normally, Crutchie would’ve complained, but the relief was welcome today. His leg was sore and being off-balance from carrying a backpack didn’t help.

“Thanks, Jacky.”

“No problem, babe.” He dropped a light kiss to the top of Crutchie’s wayward hair and wrapped an arm around his waist. “You need a lift home?”

“I don’t know, everyone says don’t get in the car with flirty strangers,” he teased. “You might take advantage of me.”

Jack snorted a laugh, walking toward his beat-up truck. “Please. Not in the truck I wouldn’t.”

“What about the truck bed?”

“Whole ‘nother story.”

Crutchie laughed and let Jack help him up into the passenger seat, setting both backpacks at his feet. Jack walked around and swung himself up into the driver’s side, turning the key.

The engine sputtered for a moment before turning over and starting. Jack let out an audible sigh of relief.

“May be time to get this ol’ thing checked out,” he laughed. “It’s older than we are.”

Crutchie simply hummed in response, flipping through the radio stations until he found one he liked.

“Can I steal you away for a couple hours today, or is the parental patrol making you come straight home?” Jack asked, backing out of the parking lot carefully.

“Home,” Crutchie said sadly, “Chores and homework and all that.”

“Things gettin’ any better at home?”

“No,” he sighed. “They still aren’t thrilled about the idea of me going to school for theatre, and the whole 'bisexual’ fiasco is a taboo still.”

“Shit, baby, I’m sorry,” Jack grimaced. “Did they at least agree to let you go see that therapist you were telling me about?”

“Nope. They think depression can be overcome with more sunshine and less time spent with you.”

“Ouch. That bites.”


“…. You have really shitty parents.”

Crutchie shrugged. “They’re old-fashioned and… They just don’t want a son like me, I guess.”

“Screw that. Come live with me and the boys. I’ll be your mom and your dad. Your… Dom.” Jack’s eyes widened as Crutchie began to laugh. “Wait, no! Not what I meant! Shit!”

Crutchie was still laughing, so hard that he was no longer sure if he’d be able to breathe. Jack was shaking his head now, blushing furiously.

“Didn’t know y-you were into that,” Crutchie giggled, overcome again.

“Shut up, you brat,” Jack exclaimed with a laugh, mumbling something about 'trying to do something nice.’

“W-whatever you say,” Crutchie said, starting to get himself under control, “… Daddy.”

Jack made a noise somewhere between a gasp and choking, swerving the car up onto the curb with a string of swear words. He turned sharply into the nearest parking lot and put the car into park.

“Don’t say that,” Jack sighed. “Jesus Christ. I almost crashed the car.”

“I don’t think Jesus can help you now, Kelly.”

“Oh my god,” Jack sighed again, flushing. “I hate you.”

“No you don’t. I don’t think you’d have offered to be my Dom if you hated me.” That was a cheap shot, maybe, but a flustered Jack was rare. Crutchie was going to take advantage.

Jack sputtered a non-response and started the car back up. “Great. Just great. I’m never gonna live this down, am I?”


“In all seriousness, though,” Jack added after a moment, glancing over at the passenger seat, “If it ever becomes too much, let me know. I’ll come get you out.”

“My knight in shining armor.”

Jack parked on the curb outside Crutchie’s house. “Am I picking you up tomorrow morning?”

Crutchie leaned over and kissed Jack gently, just a whisper of a kiss really, one hand on his cheek. “Please.”

“Alrighty. Goodbye, baby.” As Crutchie made to leave, Jack grabbed him by the collar and pulled him back for another kiss.

And if Crutchie’s kiss was a whisper, Jack’s was a scream.

“I’ll be thinking about you,” Jack whispered, voice dropping to a low growl.

Crutchie, now red-faced and flustered, stepped out of the car and hurried up his front walk, attempting to compose himself.

Damn that Jack Kelly.

(For elsaqueenofthefangirls )

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Part 1: I'm so tired of Disney channel. I hate the show Jessie/Bunk'd. In Jessie, Ravi continuously gets made fun of, he is portrayed as weak, and nerdy. The actor can't even use his American accent. The character constantly uses the phrase "thank the gods", but Disney channel wouldn't never make a character say, "Oh my God", or "Jesus Christ". They disrespect the characters religion. In bunkd Ravi is still the same, nerdy and weak. They added a new character named Tiffany, an Asian American.

Part 2: Tiffany the Asian American is an uptight perfectionist who loves math. She never wants have fun and she plays a violin. She treats this violin as her pet, she talks to it and hugs it.. Its disgusting. She also hugged a math textbook close to her chest in one of thee scenes 🙄 She also has a tiger mom who she speaks of being afraid of. Both Asian characters have a wardrobe different than the other characters. Ravi’s is normally khaki pants and a button up shirt.

I’ve never seen this show but from what you described on these asks and the others, it seems like they are definitely playing on the Asian stereotypes. When people watch these kinds of shows, especially if they don’t know or interact with Asian/Asian American folks much, they will think this is how we are. Nerdy, math lovers, boring, foreign, and whatever else. Sure some Asian folks are like this and that’s totally cool, I’m nerdy as hell but that’s not the only quality every Asian person has lol.

Disney’s Andi Mack has more complex Asian American characters, at least from what I’ve seen, but one “progressive” show isn’t always enough.

This is why media representation is important. It’s more than just putting Asian American characters on a screen then saying “we’re diverse.” Media is a very powerful tool, probably one of the most powerful. It’s bombarded onto and into us almost all the time. The crackers that control the media (and have been for a very long time) can construct a negative or stereotypical portrayal of certain groups and then play that off until society believes it. This is what they’ve been doing, and they’ve done it to every group for a long time. Media representation might seem silly sometimes but it goes far beyond a screen.

Angry Asian Guy

Someone New: Oswald x Reader x Jerome, Part 2 (Smut)


When Jerome is broken out of Arkham, he is less than pleased to find that you’ve moved on with Oswald. WARNINGS: slight graphic/violent imagery, adult situations, slight smut. Jerome ain’t too nice in this fic, sorry…

Originally posted by smooshywrites

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heey could you please do one were you are a celebrity and you and Shawn meet at a talk show/interview or something and than when it’s over and you’re heading home there’s loads of paparazzi outside and Shawn gets kina protective over you even though you barely know each other. thaanks:)

“Please welcome Y/N /Y/L/N” the woman whom were about to interview you spoke, and you started walking towards her, mumbling quite “Thank you's” towards the crowd as you walked by them.

“Thank you, it’s such a pleasure being here” you said and shook her hand before you took a seat in the big sofa beside her.

“So tell me Y/N, your first “big” movie, if I may call it that-” the woman spoke, upon witch you responded “sure, yeah sure.” “just premiered, and I’m so amazed by your acting”

“Oh thank you so much!” you began. “And sure, I’ve done small parts in movies before, but this is definitely my first big one” you agreed.

“So, I saw this movie just the other day, and I must ask you; what was it like working with Brad Pitt? I mean he is such a big and respected name in the film-industry” the woman asked you.

The interview went by quickly, and you were satisfied with the result. A feeling of calmness appeared within you as soon as you heard the interviewer present the next guest. You were happy to have done your part, now being able to sit back and relax for the next couple of minutes.

“Please welcome, Shawn Mendes!” she said, and the audience went crazy. Girls screamed their lungs out when Shawn walked by them, throwing them a quick glance and waving towards them.

Shawn shook both the interviewer’s hand and yours, and you shifted in your seat to make room for Shawn on the sofa.

“Shawn” the woman said, and you could tell that she was a bit nervous about him being there. “You’ve grown from being a teenage boy posting 6 second videos on the social media app Vine to selling out arenas like Madison Square Garden, how does that feel?” she asked, and Shawn started to explain how it was all amazing and that he had his fans to thank for his success.

-“Oh god” you said as you looked trough the window of the big building the interview had taken place in, realizing the street outside where filled with paparazzi. “I just hate how they follow me everywhere” you joked, earning a chuckle from Shawn, because of the obvious fact that they clearly where there for him and not for you.

“Seriously though, I never get used to it” he said. “Where are your security?” Shawn later added after he had looked around only to realize that the two of you were left alone in the big entrance.

“My security?” you said. “I don’t have any security, I have my manager, Elsa” you said and shook your head.

“You know only one of us is the rockstar here.” Shawn laughed again and you began to think that he was very easily amused.

“Well, from my experience they won’t move until they get what they want. They could probably stay here all night if they have to” Shawn said and sighted heavily.

“I can’t stay here all night” you burst out, suddenly realizing that you were in a hurry. “I have to be somewhere in-” you said and glanced at your phone, “20 minutes! I have to get going, but it was such a pleasure meeting you Shawn, good luck with the new album and all” you said as you began walking towards the glass doors in front of you.

“You can’t just walk out there Y/N” Shawn gasped and placed himself between you and the doors, preventing you from walking out. “Why? I’m in a hurry, plus they are interested in taking pictures of you, not me” Shawn dragged a hand trough his hair nervously, trying to figure out what to do.

“I know, but they’ll eat you alive Y/N.” Shawn said. “I’ll go with you”

“Are you sure, I mean-”

“It’s because of me they’re here, of course I’ll walk with you” Shawn said. You didn’t know him very well, and did therefore not want to argue with, so you decided it would be for the best just to walk with him.

“Shawn, how’s the album going? Rumours say you’re together with Camila Cabello, is it true? Shawn!” people shouted from all different directions, making you feel dizzy. “Who’s this? Is it Y/N /Y/L/N? Are you together?” another voice shouted, and you started feeling really anxious about them coming so close to you. Shawn walked in front of you, trying to make way for the both of you.

“Y/N, honey look at me” a man said and grabbed a hold of your arm, causing you to get really angry and trying to move away from the man.

“Hey” Shawn shouted as soon as he saw what was going on. “Leave her alone” he said and pushed the man slightly backwards, causing him to let go of your arm. “Are you okay?” Shawn mimed towards you, and you just nodded in response. The two of you finally made your way to a car parked by the sidewalk, which happened to be Shawn’s. It was then decided that you should go with him, since neither one of you wanted for you to wait for your own car. The car door closed, and then the car fell silent.

“Thank god I’m not a rockstar” you said, earning a chuckle from Shawn.

Last Christmas

“Y/N! Oh my God I am so glad you came.” Zoe said as she hugged me tight and I hugged back.

Zoe invited me to a Christmas party at Zalfie’s and well, right now I’m kinda having second thoughts.

“Oh and don’t worry, Joe’s not here yet.” She whispered.

“Thanks, Zo.” I smiled.

We finally went inside and Alfie welcomed me with a tight hug just like Zoe did. Oh they’re so compatible.

The whole gang is here too. Oli, Tanya, Jim, Marcus, Niomi, Louise, Dan, Phil, even Tyler and Connor.

I tiptoed near the kitchen where Connor is standing. “Piggy back ride!” I said as I hopped onto his back.

“Why?” Connor asked dramatically and I laughed.

Even though he lives in LA, Connor Franta became one of my best friends. We experienced long distance friendship before we met at playlist live. From then on, we always hangout every time he visits London or every time I visit LA.

“Oh God I missed you.” Connor said as he put me down. “Nice sweater.” He added.

“I missed you too, Con. Please stay here forever.”

“I love you but I’m leaving next week.” He pouted.

“Ugh.” I frowned.

“You shouldn’t be here by the way.” Connor joked but I’m pretty sure It was half meant.

“I know. But this party is very important to Zoe. I don’t wanna disappoint her.”

“Oh Zoe Sugg. Can’t wait for the other Sugg to be here.” He gave me a teasing look.

“Stop it, Con. I moved on okay?”

“Psh. Yeah right.” Connor paused. He smiled as he stare at the door. “Speaking of the younger Sugg.”

I gave him a confused look before I turned around and saw Joe and Caspar entering the house.

I stared at Joe for a moment as he greeted everyone with his adorable smile.

He slowly scanned the room as he walked towards the living room. And that’s when our eyes met.

I quickly looked away.

“Moved on huh?” Connor asked sarcastically and he smirked.

I looked down and suddenly, all the memories from last Christmas flashed through my mind.

I hate that I remember. I wish I could forget what he did last December. What Joseph Sugg did to break my heart last Christmas.

I’ve been madly in love with him since like the 2nd Grade when he told me that I’m the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. I knew it was a joke. But it still gave me butterflies in my stomach.

It started as a simple crush. Then it grew up as a confusing, lovely, hurtful, exciting, amazing feeling. Maybe this is the thing you call love.

Fortunately, we both got into YouTube and decided to move to London. We’re not in the same flat but we’re just a short walk away and that’s great for us.

Finally, I decided to confess my feelings for Joe last Christmas. And it didn’t go quite well.

Last year, on December 25th, Christmas eve, I gave him a little present. A watch and some kind of love letter. I know, old school right? I thought it was a great gift.

But the very next day… he gave it away. I saw him with a girl at the mall. She’s wearing the same watch that I gave to Joe. They looked so happy and sweet.

Tears started falling down from my eyes as I stare at them. Joe noticed me from afar, he stared back at me with concern and surprise in his eyes. I automatically ran away.

Later that day, I discovered that the girl was Joe’s girlfriend. I remembered asking him about her once and he said that she’s nothing but a close friend. He lied.

Well… I cried.

Tragic right? Wanna know what’s more tragic? We haven’t really had a descent talk after that horrible incident. And for almost a whole year.

“Y/N. Sugg alert.” Connor said.

“Shit. Hide me.” I responded while panicking.

“No time. Just act cool.”

“Cool? How can I–”

Caspar interrupted me with an excited shout “Connor!” He ran towards Con and gave him a cute little hug.

“Hey, South African slut.” Connor joked.

“I missed you too, Coffee guy.”

Caspar turned his attention to me and he then gave a tight hug. “Can’t believe I’m saying this but I missed you so much, Y/N.”

“Caspar, I’m two blocks away.” I giggled as he let go.

I then saw Joe smiling awkwardly behind Caspar. He looked at Connor and greeted him.

“Y/N’s here too, Joseph.” Connor said.

Joe looked at me wearing a half smile. “Hey, love.” He said.

“Hi” I smiled back nervously.

God, I missed him.

Connor spoke again. “Come on, Caspar. Let’s go see Tyler.” He then took Caspar’s arm and pulled him away from me and Joe.

Connor winked at me before he walked towards the living room where everybody is just chilling.

The air was filled with nothing but silence when Joe finally spoke. “Merry Christmas.”

“Happy Christmas.” I greeted back. This is just so awkward. We’re like 25 inches away from each other.

“You look really cute in that jumper.” He said as he gave me a cute little smile. Not sure if he’s blushing or its just freakin cold.

“Thanks.” Awkward.

“Though the reindeer one is my favourite.” I noticed him moving closer.

“I think this one is the best.” I pointed at the white snowy jumper I’m wearing.

“But you look like a bear.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“Yes.” He stared at me for a moment before he spoke again. “You’re a really cute bear.”

I looked down as my face warmed and I unintentionally smiled. I realized that for a moment, we became our true selves again. We had a normal conversation. A conversation that is similar to our past conversations. Hilarious, nonsense, but meaningful at the same time. I missed him. I missed our old friendship.

“Who wants to play truth or dare?” Zoe shouted from the living room.

Joe and I looked at each other and I spoke. “You playing, Sugg?”

“Of course I am.”


The gang sat down and formed a small circle for our truth or dare game. Connor’s sitting on my right and Zoe on my left. Unfortunately, Joe sat in front of me. I can’t stop looking at him. And apparently he can’t stop looking at me too.

I have a bad feeling about this. The last time I played truth or dare with these guys, I ended up smelling Alfie’s foot. It was a horrible experience.

“Caspar!” Tyler Called. “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” Caspar answered proudly.

“I dare you to kiss Marcus on the forehead and act like a married couple.” Tyler laughed.

“That’s pretty easy.” Caspar then sat in front of Marcus. He took his hand, his lips reaching for Marcus forehead. He made a kissing sound and Marcus gave him a jokingly disgusted face.

“You’re so gross.” Marcus said as Caspar’s lips touched his forehead. Everyone laughed.

Caspar sat back to his place and said “My turn.” He quickly looked at Joe who’s on his right. “Joe, Truth or Dare?” Caspar squinted his eyes to give Joe the intense effect.

“Dare Sugg of course!” Said Joe then everyone cheered.

Caspar gave him an evil look. “Joe, you’re so dead.”

“Bring it on.” Joe responded competitively.

“I dare you to…” Caspar grinned. “Call the girl you like and tell her what you want her to know for a long time. Tell her what you feel.”

Joe’s eyes widened and everyone else “ooooed”

Connor and Zoe looked at me teasingly. They quickly looked away so that no one will notice. They knew I hate it when they do that.

Alfie spoke “What you’re gonna call your girlfriend?”

“Oh my God Alfie, where have you been? Joe doesn’t have a girlfriend anymore since like last year.” Said Zoe.

“They broke up on December 26th. After Christmas awh.” Louise added.

“Do it, Sugg.” Caspar said.

Joe sighed and took his phone from his pockets. I saw him scroll down through his contacts.

I noticed Caspar looking at me and I raised an eyebrow. He mouthed the words “Get ready” and I just stared at him with confusion.

When suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate inside my pocket. My ringtone plays and everyone stared at me. Some of them are smirking, some of them are just confused.

I took out my phone. My eyes widened as I saw the name “Joseph Sugg”. I looked at Joe and he was staring nervously at the floor.

My heart is now beating faster and faster. At first I was hesitating but then… I decided to finally answer the call.

I put my phone closer to my ear. I again looked at Joe without saying anything. He then looked at me and I quickly looked away.

“Y/N…” Joe almost whispered. “Hey uh, it’s really weird talking to you on the phone when you’re like 18 inches away from me.” I finally got the urge to look at him again.

“So Caspar’s dare is to say what I really feel to the girl I like which is by the way is you if you can probably tell. In fact I’m in love with you. And uhm I just wanna say that… I’m sorry.” I felt tears ready to fall from my eyes. “I’m sorry for last Christmas. I’ll never forget that day when I saw you at the mall. Tears were pouring down your face. Hurt was clear in your eyes. I tried to follow you but you were so fast. I tried to call you when I got back home but you were not answering. I tried my best to move on but I just can’t.” And that’s when my tears fell. “All I want for Christmas is you to forgive me. I love you and I regret not saying that for a long time. Oh and uhm, may I just say… You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

I ended the call without saying anything, slowly putting my phone down. I wiped my tears with my hand as I stare at Joe who’s also staring at me, his eyes full of sadness and pain. And so was mine.

“My turn.” Said Joe. “Y/N, Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” I answered nervously.

He stared deeply into my eyes before he asked “Do you still love me?”

My breathing almost stopped when I heard him ask that question.

I paused for a moment before I answered “Yes.” I bit my lip as more tears fell from my eyes.

Joe smiled and everyone applaud. I even heard Zoe gasp with excitement.

“My otp is now real!” Tyler shouted and we all laughed.

awards and rewards {smut: e.p.}

more evan peters smut yaaasss 😁
“Babe, I don’t wanna go!” Evan whined as you buttoned up his tux jacket, straightening it out. “It’ll be okay, baby.” You laughed and patted his chest, “Now go, and have an amazing time. And if you come back with an award, best believe I’ll have a little reward for you when you get back.” You smirked, leaning up to kiss him. “Mm, is that so?” He asked his hands traveling down your back and on to your ass. “Very much so, now go, you’re gonna be late!” You kissed him again, he pulled away and slapped your ass with his amazing hands; smirking as you gasped. He quickly turned and walked to the door before you could do anything. You sighed and shook your head. You made your way to the couch of your hotel room and turned the tv on, and tuned it to the channel the awards show was on. You got up and mindlessly made a bowl of cereal and started watching the ceremony. 
Time flew and it was time for the last award, Best Actor Of The Year. Evan has got every award he was nominated for and you couldn’t be more proud. 
“Whoo! Actor Of The Year, what an honor to present this award! Maybe one day I could even get it.” The announcer laughed and winked, making the crowd laugh. “Oh my god! The winner for this is super hot and such an amazing actor, he definitely deserved this. For his role in the on going series "American Horror Story”,“ you squealed knowing Evan had it in the bag. "Best Actor goes to….. Evan Peters!” The announcer smiled and cheered, as did you. “That’s my baby!” You screamed happily. The cameras panned to Evan as he smiled widely practically running to the stage. “I couldn’t thank everyone enough! Shout outs to everyone who helped me get where I am right now. And to my beautiful YN, I hope you’re watching this right now, I love you, princess.” Evan smiled, said one last thanks then went backstage. You smiled ever so widely and ran to the bathroom and stripped down. You sent a quick nude snapchat to Evan, “congrats 😁👏” you captioned it, you sent it and then laid on your bed and took another one, “i’m ready for you, baby 😏” you knew if he got them and read them in time, he’d be back in 20 minutes. But fuck, thinking about everything he could do to you had you feeling some type of way already and you couldn’t wait 20 minutes. Your fingers wandered down your body to where you craved for Evan’s touch. You toyed with your clit, like Evan did causing a moan to escape your lips. If Evan knew you were doing this, he most definitely give you a little swat on the ass. He hated when you touched yourself and he couldn’t see it, the image of you touching yourself moaning his name was all he ever needed anytime he had to get himself off. He loved it. Once you were wet enough, you slid a finger in and moaned Evan’s name. You picked up your pace and slowly added another one, “fuck, shit, hell, damn! Oh my god, Evan, baby, please!” You moaned throwing your head back. “Fuck, baby. A-Another finger, I know you can take three..” He replied, you screamed and jumped up. “When did you get in here!? Holy hell, you scared me to death!” You screamed at him, breathing hard. “I didn’t tell you to stop, YN.” He commands, you swallow and lay back down and slowly get the work. You looked at Evan and bit your lip at the huge bulge growing in his suit pants. His cock probably red and leaking precum, as it’s being ignored. Your mouth watered at the thought and you slowly pushed in a third finger, screaming in pleasure and gripping the sheets, “fuck, Evan! Baby please touch me, or let me touch you, I just wanna please my winner, mm baby please!” You moaned, going faster, imagining Evan fucking you relentlessly into oblivion. “Not until you cum on those pretty little fingers of yours, baby.” He said biting his lip, you looked over at him and your eyes widened and your pace quickened when you saw him. His red veiny cock in his hand, him pumping it quickly, with it leaking it’s beautiful juices. “I know you want my cock baby, my cock wants you too.. So you better hurry up for me, YN.” He cooed, pumping faster swiping his thumb across the tip and rubbing the precum around it like you would, you groaned and threw your head back, going quickly, curling your fingers. Forcing them into you deeper, hitting your spot just like Evan would. “Fuck!!! I’m going to cum, baby!” You arched your back going faster, you brought your other hand up to your clit and rubbed the sensitive bud, quickly. You screamed with pleasure and came hard, squirting a little. Evan let out an animalistic moan, watching you squirt like that. He soon came too, panting your name. You stood up and walked over to him, “fuck me. Now.” You said, pressing your lips to his in hunger and lust. He pushed you back on the bed and kissed you hard. He starting grinding against you quickly and moaned in your mouth. “H-holy hell, please.” You said breathlessly. Evan slid his now fully erect boner into you, moaning deeply throwing his head back; as you did the same. “Fu-uck!” He groaned and thrust in quickly. He had one hand up by your hand the other gripping your hips, tightly. He started fucking you relentlessly, just like you had imagined. “E-Evan! Mo-more! Pl-please! Fuck!!” You moaned, he flipped you two over and let you ride. You went up his dick all the way then plopped back down, makin you both erupt into a chorus of moans. You placed a hand on his chest and bounced on his dick. You screamed in pure bliss, throwing your head back. You rolled your hips, biting your lip. You were teetering on the brink of your next orgasm and you were trying to prolong it, to see if you could make yourself squirt again. “Y-YN,” Evan moaned, breathlessly. You hummed in response and slowly and gently, slid up and down on his shaft. “Faster, YN, faster.” He groaned. You shook your head no and reached back to fondle his balls a little as your walls clenched against him. He moaned in surprise and pleasure. You leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “What? No spankens for being a bad girl and finger fucking herself when she couldn’t wait for you? Hm, baby boy?” You kissed his ear lightly and then rode him quick and hard, still in shock for your dirty talk, he couldn’t even warn you before he burst his load into you. Triggering your orgasm to finally come, making you squirt all of your juices out. Evan moaned watching you, your and his chests both, heaving, struggling to get some air. “Fucking Christ, YN!” He said finally. He slowly pulled you off of his now soft dick and laid you on the bed, he turned you over and slapped your ass hard, the sting electrifying every nerve in your body. “You want a punishment? You got it.” He smirked, getting up to get some of your favourite toys. “Evan, baby,” you said biting your lip, “Yeah, princess??” He said rummaging through a drawer by your bed. “Congratulations, baby. You deserved that award so much. You work so hard and I love you so much.” You smiled as he looked at you, his face in a beautiful smile. “I love you too, babygirl. I love you so much. thank you.” He smiled and held up a pair of handcuffs that you got his for the last award he had won, smirking, “Now, round two??" 


Dance With Me - CasxReader

Summary: After seemingly endless hunt all you want to do is just relax and dance to your favorite song. What makes everything even better is when your angelic boyfriend decides to join you. Requested by @nnoxygen

Words: 939

Warnings: Whiskey, kisses, touching, tbt to previous smut.


Other characters: Dean and Sam.

A/N: Lyrics used are from WALK THE MOON - Shut up and Dance. This is my favorite song <333 And oh, I was actually shocked that it came to 900+ words. This is my first time writing a fan fiction in english, for SPN fandom, so I didn’t expect it to get so lengthy. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think <3

“God, I hate vampires”

“You and me both Y/N” Said Dean as you, he and Sam finally entered the bunker after seemingly endless “milk run”.

You got quite used to rough hunts. This was not your first rodeo, but it was definitely one of the toughest. Not having Cas around also added to the frustration. Not only was it harder to find out who was your target, but having your boyfriend away from you for a week was devastating. You are used to him being away, he was an angel after all, but not for an entire week.

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anonymous asked:

OKAY I HONESTLY D O N O T KNOW IF I ALREADY SENT IN A REQUEST BUT IF I DID THEN JUST IGNORE THIS ONE. How about the RFA members reacting to you crying uncontrollably and they freak out but then you claim that you had soap in your eye? Or something dumb af like that LOL –Ellie

Omg I relate tbh I started crying once because i lost one of my knitting needles 


  • He heard a scream coming from the bathroom, and he busted through the door
  • All he knew was that your hand was pressed to your eye and you were sobbing
  • He thought you stabbed yourself in the eye somehow 
  • He hates that he’s relieved when you’re still in pain, but oh my god he thought you were dying
  • He helps u rinse the soap out ad gives you some eyedrops


  • He walked into your room to find you curled up on the bed, covering your mouth with your sleeve and sobbing
  • He honestly thought you were getting bullied by his fans he was ready to fight
  • “Z-Zen…” “What happened? Are you okay?” “I want a p-pet fennec fox”
  • “…a what?” You start crying harder, “THEY’RE SO CUTE I WANT TEN”
  • You show him a picture of one and He Understands


  • She didn’t know why yu were crying
  • She just knew she had never seen you cry so hard before? Did one of your relatives pass away? Were you ill? What happened?????
  • She’s So Worried
  • “MC, what happened?” She asks as delicately as possible, “Did something happen?”
  • You take some deep breaths and wipe your eyes, “There was this video about how penguins could be gay”
  • You had been crying uncontrollably
  • over gay, flightless birds
  • You gave poor Jaehee a heart attack


  • He immediately draws you into a hug and rubs your back until you’re breathing normally before he asks what’s wrong
  • “My favorite author just replied to one of my twitter posts about their book”
  • He Was About To Be In Tears Because Of You
  • But this is Jumin Han A.K.A the biggest sweetheart in the world
  • so he literally makes an appointment for you to go meet that author and get all your books signed
  • (you definitely start crying again)


  • Oh my god he freaked out
  • You were wheezing and sobbing and you just sounded like you were about to pass out
  • You Were
  • you show it to seven and he’s crying now too
  • You both are a hot mess relatable

Disney owns Star Wars, right? So like.

Luke Skywalker singing “when will my life begin” as he drags moisture farming equipment across the sandy porch and gazes at Tatooine’s twin suns soulfully.

Leia Organa singing “God help the Rebellion” as she paces the halls of the Rebel’s remaining space station after the events of ESB, subdued and more than a little bit depressed.

Han Solo singing “one step ahead of (the bread line) ol’ Jabba” as he runs away from a hoard of bounty hunters.

Darth Vader’s hit single “DO YOU WANNA BE A SITH LORD”, accompanied by Luke’s muffled “go AWAY dad” echoing up the shaft as he lets go of the ledge and falls (“it doesn’t have to be a sith lord,” Vader offers later on the forest moon of Endor, but Luke insists on being a spoilsport)

Luke singing the equivalent of “let it go” as he stumbles through the barren wasteland that is Hoth, except the lyrics are now “look it’s Han” as his eyes focus on the blurred speck that is his friend in the distance (added bonus of “I’ll soon be in Deghoba anyway”, muffled and weak, as Han swears loudly and stuffs Luke’s face into Tauntaun innards)

Leia desperately singing “I won’t say I’m in love” in a cramped corner of the Falcon with Threepio and Chewie doing background Muse Vocals behind her (“heee’s the earth an’ heaven to ya” “RRRRAAAANGH”)

Exclusive romantic song in the form of “I can show you the galaxy” as they manuever dangerously through an asteroid belt whilst running for their lives from the Galactic Empire (“tell me princess, when did you last let your heart decide?” “I didn’t - SWERVE THATS AN ASTEROID”). Added bonus of muffled broken down hyperdrive sound effects in the background.

The Rogue Squadron belting out “a girl worth fighting for” as they scramble haphazardly to their battle stations.

(Anakin Skywalker singing “I just can’t wait to be a jedi” as Obi Wan exasperatedly yells NOT YET behind him and Padme encourages him shamelessly.)

Mon Mothma glaring at the shambles that is the Rebellion and singing “LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS” in a menacing voice.

Palpatine singing “poor unfortunate souls” as he dances around a supremely frustrated Luke - “all you have to do is … HATE”.

And of course, Luke, Leia, Han and the storm troopers singing “I’VE GOT A DREAM” before they escape from the Death Star, except that Han doesn’t sing (but then he does). (Haven’t ANY of you EVER had a DREAM?!?!!?!!“ Luke cries out desperately, as the troopers point blasters at them).



#kristenstewart’s interview for ELLE 

Somewhere along her up-up-and-away path to stardom, Kristen Stewart acquired a certain blogosphere rep for being aloof, sullen, and allergic to smiley faces. None of that’s actually true, but listen: If you like your K-Stew with a dash of sulky self-possession, you’ll want to see Still Alice. The emotional A-bomb of a film stars Julianne Moore as an academic seized by early onset Alzheimer’s disease, and Stewart as her middle child, a moody, struggling actress flanked by two straight-A siblings. (Kate Bosworth plays the eldest, a lawyer, and Hunter Parrish is the youngest, a med school student.) In the film—which just nabbed a Golden Globe for Moore’s outstanding performance—Stewart is by turns selfless and bratty, fiercely stubborn and sweetly insecure. By the end of the movie, you’ll have loved her, hated her, wept with her…and probably obsessed about her perfect mess of hair, too. But if you’d like to meet the real Stewart—or at least, a small but candid piece of her—scroll down. We sat with the Twilight mega-star in Manhattan’s Crosby Street Hotel to talk about Oscars, liars, and how to not pose for photos. Still Alice is so good and so scary. Seeing Alzheimer’s disease on film is harrowing. Thank you. It’s such an important film—people need to be talking about this issue—but it also made me paranoid as hell. Anytime I can’t think of a word, I get nervous that it’s a symptom. Last week, my dad couldn’t think of a word. That’s fucking terrifying. I got “dub step” and “Diplo” confused today… That’s not terrifying. That’s just hysterical. You’ve spoken in the past about wanting to work with Julianne Moore. Did you say “yes” to this movie immediately? There was a very narrow chance I would say ‘no’ to a film that Julianne was already attached to. At the same time, there’s always a chance that you read something fantastic and absolutely worthwhile in every way, but that does not mean that it’s in you to play [the part]. And so I was incredibly relieved once I read the script. I was like, “I can so play her daughter!” It’s always nice to not have to force things. What’s the best part about working with her? Working with Julianne Moore is a reason why I love making movies… People see a film like this and say, “Oh, Kristen’s so good in this movie!” and I’m like, “Yeah, I was good because I was acting with someone good! Someone that I couldn’t lie to!” And that’s just straight up what it is. So great actors inspire great performances, and bad actors make everyone around them suck? Well, the reason an audience is feeling something is because we the actors are feeling something, too. There has to be some honest connection between you and the character, or it doesn’t work. I mean, nobody’s that good of a liar! Well… I guess there are a few actors that are great liars… I bet there are. It doesn’t matter, we don’t need to get into that! In this movie, you and Kate Bosworth—who plays your big sister—have a pretty nasty fight. And it’s so funny, but it’s so mean! You know, that scene was mostly improvised. We made up that whole thing. Alec [Baldwin, who plays our father] decided when he would break us up. And there were a couple of takes where he just stood way back, and he was like, 'Okay girls, let it go!’ And we couldn’t stop until he came into the scene, and we were really fighting. What’s the best insult you threw at her? I loved calling her an asshole. If you call a girl an asshole, it’s really serious. Why? Because we’re all 'bitches,’ right? All girls. 'Oh, she’s a bitch, you’re such a bitch, I’m being a bitch,’ we’re all bitches, so what? But if another woman looks at you and says, 'You know what? You’re a real asshole!’ That’s powerful, and it really hurts. I think it’s even worse than 'shut the fuck up’ because it’s not just about something you said, it’s about you. All of you. In the movie, your character refuses to go to college. You won’t go either, right? The funny thing is, I wanted to go to school! I ultimately just didn’t because I got distracted and caught up in other stuff. If you were to tell my younger self, 'Oh, Kristen, you’re going to miss that boat; you’ll never go to college,’ I would have been like, 'What?! Kristen, get your shit together!’ And what would your current self tell your younger self? I would say, 'Listen, you’re good. You’re entirely stimulated and surrounded by amazing experiences that let you grow and learn. You’ll have everything that you could have wanted out of college'—[laughing] and I’m saying that as someone who has no experience with school. So who the hell knows? I’d probably love college. But I’m happy now. And I’m lucky because my parents never said, 'You have to go to school or else.’ They were really supportive. Wait, how old are you? I’m 24. That’s funny. When I was 24, I thought I’d have everything together… Isn’t that ridiculous?! I can relate to that feeling! As a teenager, you think your [early 20s] will be great, but it’s like, you get progressively less impressive because you’re no longer young, precocious, and special! Uh, you’re still pretty young. And pretty special. Didn’t Forbes say you were Hollywood’s highest paid actress? Those lists are just bullshit, to be honest with you. I can tell you, honestly, that information is not true. It’s made up. I would know! Do your friends call you K-Stew, or just the tabloids? My friends totally do! All the time. Was that your nickname before you were famous, or have they just adopted it? I can’t even remember. I’m also “K.S.” a lot, but K-Stew, sure, people I know call me that. They’re making fun of me a little bit, but I don’t fucking care. I think it’s hilarious. I think it’s hilarious that you were in a Gap ad. Oh my god, that was a long time ago! That was the first [fashion] thing I ever did! I was like, 15. And now you’re a Chanel girl… but you seem to really hate smiling in photos. Why? I don’t hate smiling! Not at all. I just… it doesn’t feel natural to me. It never feels right in the moment. And I don’t want to be fake. That’s fair. What’s your favorite song right now? Let me think…You know when your music gets stale? My music is so stale right now. And when that happens, I revert back—way back. I love Blink 182. I love, love, love them. And that line “One more time with feeling” is pretty appropriate for me, too. I’m always like, “Okay, one more time, one more time, one more time!” I’m gonna do this for the rest of my life. You never want to just move to a farm on Montana or something? Totally disappear? I’m not down with that. It’s not happening. I’m going to be doing this for a fucking long time.

A one-way ticket to ruining a strong female - A Tauriel story

This has been sitting in my brain pan for a while now and since I’m on a roll with expelling these thoughts, here at the end of all things (but really not cause you know someone will try to make it again before my lifetime is over with..), I’m givin’ it a go.

Before you even open your mouth; THIS IS NOT ‘TAURIEL HATE’. Rather it is a study on how not to write a female character into an action-driven plot line.

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Pool // Hayes Grier

Hey guys!! Woo a Hayes imagine! He’s actually been giving me all the feels recently omg😍😍 hope you guys like it, and requests are always open😊❤️

I walked out with the bowls of chips as I set them down on the table before the rest of the guys came. We were inviting everyone over so we can just swim and eat and have a good time together. I skipped inside and swung the door open and hugged each guy one by one.
“Let’s goo!!” I said as I ran back out the back door. The guys immediately jumped in the pool since they were already ready and I laughed at them.
“There’s food here if you guys want,” I called.
“Thanks Y/N!” they all said. I heard the door open and I saw Hayes come out. He came over to me and I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his cheek.
“I’ll be in in 2 seconds,” I said as Hayes went to go join everyone in the pool. I took off my cover up and stepped into the water and began swimming around to warm up.
“Guys let’s play chicken!” Cameron said and we all agreed. I swam over to Hayes and got on his shoulders. He walked towards Aaron, who was on Shawn’s shoulders and we began pushing each other. Aaron pushed me and I started falling back, kicking Shawn in the face before completely falling in.
“Shawn I’m so sorry,” I laughed as I went over to hug him.
“It’s okay,” he said as he touched his face. We continued playing for a little before going back to chilling. I was hungry so I grabbed se chips and sat on the diving board as I ate them. When I was done I jumped back in. I saw Hayes swimming around in a floatie, looking sort of uncomfortable. I swam over to him and popped up in the middle of the tube. I suddenly felt something against my stomach as I began to giggle.
“What?” he asked.
“Do you have a boner?” I giggled.
“Not my fault you look hot in that bikini,” he groaned.
“Do I?” I asked as I pressed my lips against his. I moved down to his neck and he threw his head back.
“I can help with that if you want,” I smirked as I glanced down.
“Here?” he asked.
“We can go inside, it’ll be quick,” I said. He bit his lip and nodded slowly.
“We’re going to grab towels and a few things we forgot,” I said as we hopped out of the pool and walked inside.
“You’re so gorgeous,” he said as his lips attacked mine. His tongue slid into my mouth and I smiled during the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and jumped up, wrapping my legs around his waist as his arms wrapped around me, never breaking the kiss. My hands found his hair and I ran my fingers through it, tugging slightly. He let out a soft moan and I smiled again. I ran my hands over his toned body and moved my lips to his collar bone, which I knew was his weak spot.
“I hate you,” he groaned.
“You love me,” I smiled as I lifted my head up to face his.
“You’re right,” he said as he roughly kissed me.
“Should we go to your room?” I breathed as I pulled away.
“I think so,” he said.


“How long was that?” I asked as I grabbed a towel.
“No clue,” he said. I interlocked my fingers with his as we walked back out to the yard, where all the guys were staring and started laughing.
“Get it in, Hayes!” Matt screamed. Oh my god.
“Those were some pretty loud moans,” Taylor added.
“I’m so embarrassed,” I whispered as I walked over to s chair and sat on it, pulling my legs up and hiding my face. Hayes sat next to me and wrapped his arm around me.
“It’s okay, they’re guys, they tease,” he chuckled.
“But it’s so embarrassing, and your brothers here!” I whispered.
“Baby it’s fine,” he said, still laughing. I groaned as I hid my face again and I felt Hayes trace pattern along my back, sending goosebumps around my body.
“Nice hickey Hayes,” Cam said. I looked up and saw a hickey on his collar bone.
“I’m sorry,” I laughed.
“Worth it,” he smirked.
“I’ll race you to the pool,” I grinned.
“You’re on,” he said as we both took off sprinting.