i hate getting involved

  • america: we need to have a global presence to help countries around the world
  • aleppo: *is in ruins*
  • aleppo: *has people living in the streets and in poverty and without basic needs*
  • aleppo: *is facing government dictatorship*
  • aleppo: help us!!!
  • america: new phone who dis

i let my mum do some swiping on my tinder account and she was like ‘none of these girls are your type, this is dreadful, not many to choose from’ then she came across ONE girl and she accidentally swiped left and screamed ‘I NEED TO GO BACK THERE WAS ONE GIRL AND I LET HER GO’. we were in a dr’s surgery and my mother was having a mental breakdown cause she thought she lost my future wife

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do the rant i want to know

So everyone who follows me who likes Ze/m/y/x, I’m gonna go off, so if you can’t stand me tearing into it, avert your eyes, blacklist it or me real quick, and generally everyone else buckle down because this ship gets my goose so goddamn bad sometimes.
For anyone who wants a probably fatal dose of salt, here we go

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Honestly so done with all the 2x07 negativity. I respect people’s opinions and concerns and I have a couple myself regarding promos but jfc nearly everyone I’ve seen who’s “expressing an opinion” is doing it in a way that sounds like an immature brat. If you watch that scene Magnus was in no way forced to reciprocate that kiss. Magnus was in no way forced to walk backwards. He did that of his own accord. MAGNUS IS NOT WEAK. MAGNUS IS NOT SMALL. MAGNUS IS NOT A FEABLE LITTLE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. WHICH IS QUITE EVEIDENT IN HOW HE HANDLED THAT DRUG DEALER 5 MINUTES BEFORE. And don’t take this as me saying men can’t be in non consensual situations, because obviously they can but this wasn’t one and labelling it as such downplays the severity of an actual one. If Magnus wanted to stop and felt Alec was taking advantage (which he wasn’t, I mean did you see that grin from Magnus when Alec smooched him), he would have whammied alec into next week with his magical blue magic. So please stop labelling Magnus as weak and in need of protection 24/7 and projecting your own het relationship norms bias on an lgbt relationship.
Also don’t even get me started on cc posting that snippet. I don’t hate anyone at the minute, but she is severely vying for that title.

psa to my fellow gd stans and like, the vip fandom in general ♡

i, a gd stan, feel the need to make this post personally even tho i hate getting involved in fandom drama, bc others speaking out for us are constantly being shut down and attacked on social media for having different opinions, and honestly this has to stop.

for those who don’t know me, i’m bonezz, i’m 29 yrs old and i’ve been a fan of bigbang since 2008. i’m one yr older than jiyong so we basically “grew up” together for the past 9 yrs. i’ve been w him through thick and thin, i was there for most of his scandals and trust me, going through all the stress, drama and constant worrying wasn’t/isn’t easy.

but i love him, and i believe he can do better and be better, which is the reason why i’m still here. and i’m only sharing this for those who don’t know me, like i’m in no way trying to brag or anything. being a long-time fan doesn’t make me better than any of u who just met bigbang, we all share the same interests and if anything that should bring us together.

anyways, going straight to the point now otherwise this will get too long: lately i’ve been noticing a certain type of behaviour (especially on twitter) that is upsetting not only myself, but a lot of other people as well. and yeah, mostly coming from gd stans.

i feel dumb for actually having to point out the obvious but, jiyong is a person, like u and me, and as a human being, he’s bound to make mistakes. we all are.

so when jiyong screws up, its normal (trust me, it! is! normal!) to get upset. and when i get upset or sad or disappointed in him, i need to be able to share my opinions and my feelings w/o being attacked. this fandom isn’t letting others express themselves on their OWN accs bc they share a different view and that is not ok.

if jiyong does something that upset other people, u let them be upset! if i STILL get disappointed after all these yrs is bc i STILL care. if i didn’t care about jiyong or, if i were “a fake stan” or a “gd anti pretending to be a vip” or a “ot4 stan” (those are actual quotes from twitter trust me its this bad) i wouldn’t give a shit about what he does.

and like, its also ok to stay quiet. there was a time when i had issues w criticising him, so if u rather keep it to yourself i understand and that doesn’t make u less of a fan or w/e.

but we rly, rly need to stop attacking others. attacking others for being upset, attacking others for having a different opinion, attacking others for stanning another group or bias.

i know we can’t always share the same opinions, but we can always respect each other.

and lastly, forreals, if u have been attacked or had ur feelings invalidated by other vips, i am truly sorry. if u ever need to talk or yell or complain, i’m here.

“Selectively abandoning” (as one of my profs used to call it) my Latin America class today in order to stay home and get some serious work done for my Capstone which is only once a week on thursdays, and which I am far, far behind in.  I need to finish up writing a survey and sending it out into the world via social media, then I need to finish up writing interview questions and either find, at the very least, one person to interview before thursday either in person or through just answering the questions on google docs or something.

we obviously all feel sad about sherlock leaving john’s wedding early, but imagine his actual inner monologue as he did: i don’t know why i got myself into this. stupid. stupid. stupid! this is hateful. i should have listened to mycroft. why did i get involved? i’m not involved. am i involved? i’m involved.


Before you say again that cishet aces don’t belong to the community and benefit from homophobia, let me tell you about my friend.

He’s a cishet demisexual. Probably the flavor of ace the closest to straight. He would still consider himself as straight if he haven’t heard of demisexuality. And before he turned 27, had his first girlfriend, his first sexual experience, and was almost forced to publicly claim to his family he liked sex a lot, everyone thought he was gay.

He suffers homophobic slurs from his father. Her mother endured neverending reproaches from her sister for “having made him this way” during years. He has been put aside from his cousins. The boys at school were less likely to befriend him after they have heard the “rumor”.

Because when you’re not straight, even if you are convinced you are, straight people feel it. His father, men around him, noticed he never looked at women the way they do. And because of the pressure put on men about sex,  and because of heteronormativity, if you’re not straight, you’re considered gay. Period.

Of course the experiences are so different. Of course you don’t feel the same when you receive homophobic slurs depending on you’re actually gay or not. Of course he never feared for his life or his boyfriend’s, because he never had one. Of course he never felt anxious about coming out or not. He never lost friends for being cishet demi. 

But cishet aces don’t benefit from homophobia. When you are saying cishet aces are “basically straight”, straight people may say they are “basically non-existent” or “basically gay.”

Straight people think cishet aces are so weird they don’t want to be associated to them.

When you claim that cishet aces don’t belong to your community, on the other side of the fence, the straight are saying exactly the same.

Ushijima is an antagonist, not a villain.

I’m posting this as a reply to this post by @kuroroo because my reply got really long, and I didn’t want the post to become endless by reblogging it and adding onto it. That’s why you should read it first to understand the following, but basically, it’s about Ushijima hate and against Ushijima’s defenders and why they’re wrong, and I’m going to tell you why I disagree:

[Approx. 1k words under the cut]

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About anons

Usually I hate getting involved in this because it can cause such a ruckus and I hate causing trouble for other ask blogs, but when this happens to someone I know personally and I know is fragile I will NOT hesitate to make it hail.
Please refrain anonymous hate to other ask blogs about how YOU think their art sucks.
If you think your opinion is needed when you send anonymous hate to someone instead of giving them constructive criticism, please shut up, thank you.
Please list some pros and cons about their art so they can make an improvement in what they are doing wrong and not just say “lol ur art sucks ass balls lmao” like some 8 years old.
That does not help and that does not make anyone happy.
If someones art does not suit your taste and that makes you think that sending them hate is okay, then I would kindly ask you to fuck off and unfollow.

Here is a PSA from mun KuraTama to all the anon art haters out there:
If you DO NOT like the content of an ask blog either you TELL THEM what you DO NOT LIKE or you UNFOLLLOW them and block them so you WONT be seeing anymore of their content on your dashboard. Telling them “Your art is horrible lmao” DOES NOT benefit you nor the artist and can bring said artist to major confidence issues and that might make them stop drawing.
Do not be an asshole, but give CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM so they can improve/make a change in their art.

Thank you for reading and I’m sorry that this have to be on the FAQ, but I’ve been seeing a lot of anonymous hate out there to starting/smaller ask blogs and I think it’s disgusting how some people can think that just because you don’t like someones art makes you think you can shit on them. I’m sorry that I had to shit about this, but please understand that it is a disgusting act and I would like you to know that if you’re doing this unfollow me now and don’t come back before you know that what you’re doing is wrong.

- Mun KuraTama

Greys Anatomy 13x13

Webber and Edwards scene was amazing. I loved Webber in this episode, just like last review or commentary I commented that Webber is really amazing and the writers are doing him absolute justice in these last few episodes. I love that his leading the resistance but also can realise when his attendings or residents need him he is there and that means so much to be as a Webber-Forever gal. 

I loved Webber saying yes to Kepner, he realised how hard it was for her to beg and when she begged him, the way she said Please really broke my little heart. I love that he didn’t become arrogant or cuss her out, he is a true professional and teacher.

Next we have Minnic and although i really like the progression between Arizona and her, I hate how she is. I hate her persona and how she commenderes everything around her. i hate that she didn’t get arizona involved first step of that paediatrics case. I hate that she walked away from Stephanie. She is the worst, I don’t give a shit if she has never lost a child, someone should have put her in her place. Arizona is so gentle and caring but she really should have cussed her out, told her that she was the worst for leaving Steph there. She should have told her we need to find Stephanie and deal with it right now. I love that minnic got to see Webber deal with it, I loved the look between them because honestly it said so many things. 

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson Avery, your petty is showing and it’s pissing me the fuck off. I had the mad shits that he turned on Kepner that quickly. She is the mother of your child, she was given an opportunity here and he basically told her that she never earned it, that she was picked because she’s the weakest link and that really was hideous to watch. I hated the hurt that she had and i loved the burn that she happily delivered. 

Maggie eat your damn words. That scene pissed me off more than anything in the world seeing her go at April like that. Telling her to shut up pissed me the fuck off, she did nothing wrong here. She basically looked like a fucking child and I love Maggie but this scene pissed me off. I was mad for April. I really was, i thought I was going to reach through the computer and tell Maggie off. 

This episode was good, but I’m missing my important characters like Amelia, Alex and Meredith so next week should be really good. 

6/10 - I’m only marking it a six because Webber nailed this episode. This episode was everything, April and Webber carried this episode for me through and through.