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Finally got around to making a 6 armed Bill, and realized frat boy was the only way to go. So throw on your toga and come to Tri Delta Δ Δ Δ 

This universe is gonna learn how to party!

He couldn’t help, but stare at her. She was beautiful and had no idea. The way her eyebrows scrunched when she was focused or passionate about something.He couldn’t ever focus when she bit on the end of her pen, whenever she was thinking through an equation. He really took the time to admire her now as she was focused intently on her chem homework. Curls were staked haphazardly on the top of her head secured by a bright blue scrunchy, a pop of color so different from her usual all black attire. A small silver chain adorned her neck, the little silver moon charm winked at him in the light. Almost as if inviting him to reach out and touch it in its place a the hollow of her throat. His eyes drifted back up to her face, that damn pen was in her mouth again. She chewed on it absentmindedly, ignorant to how mad she was driving him. She was beautiful, intelligent, and good! He was only the wild frat boy who barely had enough of her trust to get her to even tutor him. He remembered when he first approached her to ask about the tutoring she had stared up at him with those wide eyes and asked if this was some kind of joke. Some elaborate plan to poke fun at the math geek, she had said to him. Luckily, after a few days of begging and showing her his horrible math scores she finally agreed to the job and now here they were three weeks later sitting at their usual booth in panera. He was fawning over her again and she was oblivious to it all. He sighed heavily knowing he could never be with her.

“Don’t worry Luke! You are doing great. Just stay focused,”She looked up at him from across the table a soft smile on her lips. (Y/N) misinterpreted his frustrated sigh as one about his current math homework sitting in front of him. He didn’t deserve her, he thought, she was too good. too pure. He would just spoil that. He gave her a small smile and looked down at his paper cursing him for being a coward and not just asking her out. 

Oh, fuck it, Luke thought putting down his pen. 

“What are you doing this Friday?” He asked. 

“Oh. Did you want to meet up for another session? I really don’t think you need it. You’ve been improving very quickly, but I mean if you feel like you need it I don’t have a problem meeting up again,” (Y/N) said babbling on. She sometimes got like that and Luke couldn’t help but chuckle.

“No, I was uh wondering if you wanted to hang out or something?” He mentally scoffed at himself. Jesus Hemmings, ‘hang out or something’ what are you twelve? “There is this part at my frat on Friday. I was just thinking you should come with me.” 

Luke was shocked at how nervous he had gotten. He was never like this with girls, yet here he is stumbling over his words. When he began he didn’t really think of the possibility of her saying no, but now it raced through his mind. She could have plans. Or a boyfriend for Gods sake. That thought made his heart race with jealousy. He couldn’t believe himself. Jealous over a girl that wasn’t even his to be jealous over. 

“Oh..” She said, the surprise was showing as clear as day in her eyes. She could not believe Luke Hemmings wanted to be seen with her outside their usual panera booth. She was not the usual girl he went after. She almost let out a laugh at the thought Luke would actually be asking her out on a date. He was probably just being nice. Probably felt bad for her nonexistent social life. 

“Um..I don’t know. That’s not really my scene…” 

“I know. I know its different, but you should at least give it a try. Think of it like this. You tutor me in math. I tutor you in partying,” He sent her a pleading glance. He was pathetic for begging (Y/N) to go to his party, but he didn’t care about how he sounded he just wanted to be able to be with her outside this damn panera. 

“Um…I guess I could spare a few hours to hang out for a bit,” She said hesitantly, reaching up and tugging gently on her necklace. Luke shot her a big smile and she couldn’t help the butterflies that fluttered around in her stomach. What am I getting myself into, she thought. 


(Y/N) tugged at her outfit for probably the hundredth time on the walk over to Luke’s frat house. She could not believe she agreed to do this. (Y/N) decided since she was going way out of her comfort zone going to this part she would at least dress in something that made her comfortable. One of her old All Time Low shirts hugged her body she paired that with her black high waisted jeans and her scuffed up chucks. Looking up at the big frat house she couldn’t deny the small bubble of excitement she had for seeing Luke. Taking a deep breath she made her way into the house. 

“Damn, shes new. Who’s the sexy little thing at the front door?” One of Luke’s frat brothers said nudging him with his elbow. Luke turned his head annoyed he was being bothered. He had spent the last hour and a half scanning the crowd for (Y/N). He was about to accept the fact that she just wasn’t going to show up. That’s when he made eye contact with her. Standing there she was looking incredibly small, lost, and beautiful. 

“Off limits is what she is,” Luke said never taking his eyes off (Y/N). He started over to her wildly excited to spend time with her outside of their study sessions. He was ready. Ready to woo her. Ready to laugh with her. Ready to show her just how perfect they can be together no matter their differences.  


I miss you

Warning: This story contains sexual content and strong languages that are not suitable for young readers. If you are not into these kind of stuff, please don’t continue.

Rating: R (17+ Readers)

Words: 4,759

Where the reader and Taron have been very busy for the past few weeks

Taron and I mostly spend our Friday nights by cuddling on our busted yet comfy sofa in our flat while watching lame movies with a cup of hot chocolate in our hands. Then the following days off is for whatever shit we had in my mind. But not at these times. 

Taron and I have been very busy for the past few weeks. With him doing interviews and shoots, and me in uni because of my exams and all that school related shit since my days are numbered because I’ll be graduating in a few days. Yay.

And I have been cranky lately simply because I literally don’t have any sleep due to paper works. And people in my college are frustrating and annoying. Plus, I miss Taron. I miss his presence, his touch, his cuddles, his smell, his hair, his eyes, his soft lips, his body pressed against mine, his moans filling my ears, the sound of his heartbeat. I just miss everything about him. We haven’t gotten the chance to spend time with each other. If one us gets home, it’s either I’m sleeping or studying, or him sleeping or I won’t totally see him because he’s at work. We’re lucky enough if we find each other in the same room. I know that he misses me too as much as I miss him.

There was one time last week when he found me sleep-sitting on the floor, head resting on the edge of the sofa, opened books and papers sprawled everywhere on the floor, I had tried to scramble to my feet as soon as I opened my eyes to but he quickly stopped me. I sat on the sofa and he sat beside me. I smiled at him and he sighed tiredly, mimicking my smile, 

“Hi.” My voice was laced with tiredness. 

“Hi, love.” he said, caressing my cheek, “Why were you sleeping on the floor? You should’ve slept on the bed.”

“I was studying for finals next week and i was waiting for you.” I said shrugging, grazing his cheek with my thumb.

“Aw, baby. I told you not to wait because I’ll be coming home late until Thursday next week, right? You know how the shoot works.” He said sympathetically, concern and worry in his eyes. 

I straddled his legs and wrapped my arms around his waist, I buried my face into his neck, inhaling his musky scent, “I know, baby. Since I was also studying, I just thought that maybe I could wait up for you. I just really miss you, that’s all. I barely see you and we haven’t had enough time to talk.”

He hugged me tighter and kissed my temple. “I know and I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Your graduation is going to be on Friday next week, right?” I nod, not moving from my spot.

“So what do you want to do after the ceremony? We could go out and have dinner or go to the movie house. Your choice and my treat.” He whispered, voice low and soothing. His hand was running up and down on my back. 

I shrugged, “I just want to hang out with you, that’s all.” I kissed his neck and let out a relaxed sigh. He rested his cheek onto my hair and sighed, also “Okay, let’s get you to bed. Shall we?” I nod again, reciprocating my action earlier.

“Come on now, baby. Stand up.” He said soothingly, lowering his hands to my bum. 

“No.” I refused.

“Come on. Get up. Don’t be such an arse.” He patted my bum twice.


“Y/N…” He warned me, his voice was low.

“But you’re so comfy.” I whined and nuzzled my face further to his neck, hugging his waist tighter. “I like it here.”

“We can’t just stay here like this. Stand up, now, come on.” He said as he pushed my shoulder off him gently. “We can cuddle on the bed.”

I crossed my arms and scowled at him playfully. He did the same thing and I stuck my tongue out at him. He also stuck his tongue out at me. I rolled my eyes and climbed off of his lap. He chuckled and smack my bum lightly as I made my way to our bedroom, leaving my things scattered on the floor. He followed me and he undressed himself, he went to his dresser and picked up a fresh pair of boxers. I laid down on the bed and pulled the duvet over to my chest, I felt the bed lower and Taron wrapped his big arms around my waist. He whispered into my ear, “Good night, I love you.” and then we both drift off.

I woke up the next morning he was gone.

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Let's Make Out;

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Summary: Maybe the party wasn’t a bad idea after all

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @helloday6 for the gif 

Members: Wonpil from day6 x female reader 

Rating: Fluff 

Words: 1160

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i walked by two dudes at the grocers just yesterday and eavesdropped on their argument and one of them was rambling about how one of his other dudebros couldn't handle their drinking (they were most likely frat boys tbh) and the other guy goes "you gave yourself alcohol poisoning last week, james" and i had to leave the aisle before they caught me listening in bc i found it so funny for some reason and idk i just imagined bones or spock saying that to jim

i read this right when i woke up this morning and thought it was the funniest thing. i hate frat boys so much but frat boy jim giving himself alcohol poisoning is something i need in my life now

5SOS Preference #9.

Preference: Frat Boy. (part 3.)
Part 1.
Part 2.

Luke“Who even gives a fuck?” he sneered, taking another long drink of his beer as the music blared loudly around him and his mates. Calum rolled his eyes again, listening to Luke ask the same bloody question he’d asked ever since he stumbled into their fraternity after he returned from his class earlier. Luke was eyeing girls around the party, trying to find any one that he hadn’t yet fucked, but he had no luck. He’d been with every single girl in the building, and he was bored of having the same one more than twice. “Mate, you’re obviously bothered over that girl.” Calum muttered, opening his own can of beer as he shook hands with another guy at the party, grinning ear to ear as he watched the lad join a group of beer pong players. “I am not. She thinks I’m nothing but a drunken weed addict,” Luke snickered, crushing his empty beer can as he pushed himself off of the counter he was previously leaning against. Calum sighed and took a drink of his beverage, feeling slightly annoyed with Luke dragging on his obvious infatuation with the infamous (Y/N). Although, he had to admit, it was funny watching Luke struggle to get a girl, since he hadn’t had the very problem since he became part of the fraternity. Calum smirked to himself as his eyes landed towards the door, spotting (Y/N) and Amber walking into the party, both of them in dresses that looked too tight and too short for a formal event. However, they were perfect for getting them laid at the very party they were attending. “Luke,” Calum nudged his friend, getting his attention away from the floor. Luke looked up, tugging at his lip with his teeth. “What?” Luke beckoned, his eyes widening as he saw (Y/N) being greeted by Ashton and Michael, both of them with glazed eyes as they’d just finished smoking a joint not even ten minutes ago. Calum watched Luke’s reaction, seeing him straighten his posture and try to hold his cool as (Y/N) removed herself from conversation with Ashton and Michael, coming closer to the two boys who just so happened to be standing next to the kegs. She twirled her hair around one of her fingers as she grabbed a cup, placing it under the faucet to fill it before she turned and caught eyes with Luke. “Why are you here?” Luke spat out, not intending to speak to her after her episode in class earlier. (Y/N) smirked and shrugged her shoulders, turning her body so that Luke could now get a closer look at how well the dress hugged around her hips and her breasts. She looked totally fuckable, but he knew there was no chance he would get to even tempt her up to his room. He swallowed the arousal in his throat, eyes narrowing at the attractive girl in front of him. “I figured I’d come out for one more party,” She told him, causing him to become confused. “I’m going home for the weekend, you see.” (Y/N) continued to talk, telling Luke how she was going to help her mother who had fallen ill, and how she wouldn’t be back for a few weeks. He hated the fact that she was leaving, especially since they were on such bad terms, but he knew eventually he’d find some other girl to become obsessed with. He’d be over her in about another week, and it would be easier to forget her if she wasn’t anywhere on the campus so he wouldn’t have any chances of running into her. “So, are you sobered up, or just coming down?” She taunted, grabbing her over-flowing beer cup from underneath the keg faucet. Luke shook his head at her remark, crossing his arms over his chest. “I haven’t been sober since this morning, if you wanna know the truth.” He laughed, his confidence shrinking once (Y/N) shook her head with disapproval written across her face. “You’re never going to grow up, are you, Luke?” She asked in a sad voice, the music suddenly dulling down and her question being the only thing to linger in Luke’s ears. How could she ask that? He was in college. These were to be the best party days of his life. Besides, he was only twenty. Was that supposed to be the new age to become fully mature? Luke shivered in his clothes, catching (Y/N) taking a drink of her beer. “Hypocrite.” He spoke. (Y/N) choked on her drink, coughing slightly as she eyed Luke. “Excuse me?” She called to him, causing him to smirk. He knew he had her where he wanted her. “I’m a frat boy, right? We love to party and get drunk, maybe even high. But you,” He pointed down at her. “You’re a straight A student. You take everything so seriously, but yet, every time you show up to one of these parties, you end up just as drunk as the rest of us.” Luke said, his feelings all flowing out of his mouth as (Y/N) just stood there and listened to him. “Why is it a big deal that I’m messed up, yet you can do it and there’s no problems?” Luke questioned, and (Y/N) stayed silent. She couldn’t answer his question, because she knew he was right. He had called her out on her own bullshit, and she’d never had someone do that to her before. “Frat boy’s have nerves, huh?” She smirked, laughing as Luke nodded his head confidently. He moved and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, feeling as if they’d reached some sort of ground where they could finally stop hating on each other every time they were in the same vicinity. “How about I take you upstairs and show you just how grown up I am, hm?” He whispered in her ear, causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand up and her skin to crawl with goosebumps. Tired of fighting with him, (Y/N) nodded and let Luke lead her to his dorm; where he did, in fact, prove to her how ‘grown up’ he was.

Ashton: He felt like shit for what he did. He felt like absolute shit, and he wasn’t sure how to make it any better. He hadn’t even rolled out of bed yet, and he was supposed to have a history class in twenty minutes. Fuck it, he didn’t feel like going. He knew he would be face to face with (Y/N), and she would treat him more like an alien than a friend now. She’d seen the side of him that he had never intended for her to see, and Ashton wasn’t sure how he was going to feel about being around her after that. He cursed at himself, sitting up in his bed as he checked his phone. His alarm was still going off, even though it was set for an hour prior to the time he was waking up. “Shit,” He groaned, stretching and heading into the bathroom to do his daily routine before he jolted out of the door, fully dressed and smelling nice as he ran to his history lesson. He didn’t feel like going, but he wanted to at least try to get a reaction out of (Y/N). His thoughts were all too condescending, and he hadn’t even noticed how confused he was until he sat down in his regular seat next to her. She had her head buried in her book, trying her hardest not to look up at him as he opened his own pad of paper and pen, taking down whatever notes were on the smart board. He wanted to talk to her. He wanted to explain that he had only gotten drunk because he wanted to have fun, but he didn’t want her to feel like being drunk was his only source of having fun. Besides, she probably wouldn’t even reply to him if he did speak. Ashton gritted his teeth, his hand gripping onto his pen tightly as he kept looking at (Y/N) out of the corner of his eyes. She seemed tense, and that was the last thing he wanted to feel when he was around her. She shouldn’t have to feel nervous, she should feel comfortable. “God, I hate being a fucking frat boy,” Ashton spat under his breath, hating himself for messing up his chances with (Y/N) that he barely believed he had before. Her hand stopped writing for a minute, pausing as she had caught wind of his words before she continued writing the notes peacefully. Ashton wrote just as fast as she did, trying to match her speed. “All we do is drink, get high, and party. Not to mention we fuck a lot,” He laughed at himself, realizing how silly his title actually was. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you did hate me now.” He told her, speaking indirectly, but (Y/N) knew he was ignoring directing her in fear of her reaction to his words. She sighed and nodded her head. She did hate him, but not literally. She hated the one that she’d seen at the party. She hated frat Ashton more than she hated Ashton as a person. Of course, she should have known better than to attend a party with him and have him not drunk, but she figured she would have been enough to keep him sober. Sadly, she had thought wrong. “I hate frat boys.” (Y/N) replied, getting shushed by a few students behind her. Ashton flipped them off without looking back, his hand finally released from the cramping of the writing he’d been doing since he sat down. “I hate their cocky attitudes, I hate their partying, and I hate their sleeping around.” Her nose scrunched at the end of her sentence, causing Ashton to giggle. His heart began to feel less heavy with guilt as she ranted to him, telling him of how she was upset with the fact that he’d been the one to change her mind about frat boys. She thought he was different than the others, but she had been proven wrong at the party the night before. She saw Ashton as his title, a complete frat boy, and she hated it. Ashton sighed and nodded his head at her, understanding every word she said. “Trust me, I hate it, too. I hate that I got so drunk that I fell asleep. Especially with you in the room.” He smirked down at her, watching as (Y/N)’s cheeks heated up and tinted pink. She grinned and turned towards him, “The next time, I’m the one who gets to get plastered.” She said. Ashton’s eyes widened and his eyebrows rose to his hairline in excitement. “There’s going to be a next time?” He asked, in disbelief that she was so easily forgiving. She shrugged her shoulders, shutting her book as she stood from her seat beside of him. “Not in the near future, I’m too pissed off for us to be together anytime soon.” She answered, laughing once she saw him slump in his seat. “But maybe someday. You’re lucky you’re a cute frat boy.”

Calum: “I didn’t mean for her to see that.” (Y/N) mocked Calum’s voice, laughing viciously as she and Callie sat in their dorm the next morning. They were enjoying their day off from classes, having a typical girl’s day in as they watched movies, ate junk food and studied on and off for their tests they had coming up. Callie snorted and rolled her eyes, now finding a heartless edge to herself as she looked at her friend who had taken up for her the night before. “What did he think was going to happen?” She questioned, her voice rising with laughter as the two girls both made fun of the infamous frat boy that the two of them now shared a hatred for. (Y/N) finished eating her bowl of ice cream, her throat cold and tired from how much she’d eaten and yelled about the entire situation between her friend and Calum. Callie offered her own empty bowl to (Y/N) as she stood and walked to the kitchen part of their dorm, throwing both bowls in the sink as she began doing dishes. As she cleaned, she couldn’t help but look up at Callie and to feel sorry for her friend. She’d just witnessed her ex boyfriend cheating on her. He literally fucked a girl right in front of her face, and all she could do was cry in the bathroom until someone could come find her and let her out. (Y/N) wasn’t sure how she confronted Calum afterwords, or if she even did, but she knew that her friend was going to be too emotionally traumatized for another relationship anytime soon. She finished washing her dishes, groaning as there was a knock on their door. “Can you get it, since you’re already up?” Callie called, not looking up from the movie that was playing. (Y/N) rolled her eyes and walked to the door, swinging it open without hesitation until she saw the disheveled body of Calum Hood standing on the other side. “Oh, fuck.” She whispered, seeing him in the same clothes as the night before, his hair a mess and his eyes with bags underneath them. She wasn’t sure if he was hungover, or if his playing had finally made him feel guilty, but she knew she didn’t like the sight of him in anything other than his best shape. She scrunched her nose and held her hand firmly on the door, ready to slam it the very second that Calum said anything inappropriate. “Does Callie want to talk?” He asked, his voice hoarse as he let each word slide past his lips. (Y/N) shook her head, already knowing that Callie had turned too bitter with her making fun of Calum all morning long. She was already healed over her break up, not emotionally, but mentally. “Can I talk to you, then?” Calum pleaded, needing some sort of clarification that he wasn’t in shit with either of the girls that he’d once thought he had in the palm of his hands, well, aside from (Y/N). She shook her head again, hastily as a smirk played on her lips. “I don’t do sappy make ups, Calum.” She told him, laughing to herself as Calum sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He was a mess, and she hated seeing him in such a state, but she also loved that this was the karma he deserved finally catching up to him. Screw the star football player; he was nothing more than a cheating frat boy and he deserved every ounce of payback he got coming his way, according to (Y/N). “How about a hot one, then?” He taunts, his cockiness already filling his face as he licked his plump lips at the sight of (Y/N) in her shorts and tank top. She scoffed, making a disgusted face at him as her fingers curled around the door in an even harder grip than before. “You’re seriously fucked in the head, aren’t you?” (Y/N) taunted, her voice stern. She knew Callie was listening closely, so she held her cool composure, even though she really wanted to slam the door in his face and send him walking. She wanted to purposely make him suffer more so that Callie would be satisfied. “Why would you say that?” Calum retorted, crossing his toned arms across his chest as he stared down at the girl before him. “You just cheated on Callie. I’m not going to jump into your bed the day after, now if you’ll excuse us, we have better things to do.” She spoke, going to close the door before Calum stopped her with his hands, overpowering her strength with his own. (Y/N) groaned, half entertained with the effort Calum was putting in to be around her and her friend. “How about a goodbye quickie, huh?” He offered, causing (Y/N) to groan again, louder and more angrier as she started pushing against his hand to shut the door. “Fuck off, frat boy!” She yelled, ripping the door from Calum’s hands as she finally closed it all the way. She felt no remorse; once a frat boy, always a frat boy.

Michael: (Y/N) found herself standing in the crowd, yet again, watching Michael’s band play in the middle of the college campus. She had said she liked their music, but she was pretending to hate it on account of not wanting to feed Michael’s ego anymore. She slightly danced along with the music, enjoying herself until the end of the show. She began to clear out with the rest of the crowd before she heard her name being called, and she automatically knew that Michael was pushing people aside, elbowing his way through bodies to get to her. “(Y/N),” He panted as he bent over, grabbing his knees to support himself for a few seconds. She grinned and turned towards him, acting as cool as she could in front of his eyes. “Oh, if it isn’t my least favorite frat boy.” She grinned, laughing as Michael rolled his eyes at her comment. He stood straight, stretching his limbs before he replied to her remark. “I have a name.” He spoke seriously, causing (Y/N) to lose her joking tone as she nodded her head, deciding to stop toying with him for a conversation. “Are you ready to apologize yet?” He asked her, letting out a huff as (Y/N) shook her head to his question. He couldn’t believe that she still hadn’t apologized for humiliating him the way she did; it had been almost two weeks and still no word! Michael was frustrated by this point. “Didn’t I tell you that I’d only apologize if you learned how to treat girls and such?” She taunted, her smirk returning back to her face as Michael nodded his head swiftly. He cleared his throat confidently, playing with the sleeves of his flannel as he began to walk beside her. He didn’t know where they were going, but he knew that he wasn’t going to leave this time until he got his formal apology. “I’ll have you know that I haven’t fucked anyone since the night you bathed me in beer.” He smiled widely, instantly frowning once (Y/N) busted out laughing. It was funny to her that Michael figured he could convince her that he’d changed just because he hadn’t had sex with anyone out of humiliation. “So about two weeks, huh? Long dry spell for you.” She giggled, Michael only shaking his head as they made a turn down the campus towards her dorms, the complete opposite direction from Michael’s frat house. “It is, actually. I really fuck every other night, and now that I’ve been pondering on you non stop, I haven’t focused on getting my dick sucked.” He told her honestly, causing a brief blush to brush across her cheeks as he listened to him talk about her as if she was his actual love interest. Her heart swooned momentarily before she coughed, causing the butterflies in her stomach to descend. “Michael, you haven’t learned anything about respecting girls just because you haven’t had sex with one in two weeks.” She sadly said, causing him to sigh and pout. He knew now that there was absolutely no winning the argument with her, and he decided to go ahead and drop the issue before he caused himself to have an aneurysm. “Just, let me know that you at least feel a little guilty about making me look like a fool!” He begged her, defeat written across his features as they reached the door to her dorm hall. (Y/N) read over his expression, seeing the distress in his eyes as she sighed and nodded her head. “Fine. I’m sorry that I humiliated you in front of all your little frat buddies.” She stuck her tongue out as Michael happily smiled, resting an arm around her shoulders. “Now, was that so hard?” He taunted her, pressing a quick kiss against her temple before he pulled away from her, giving her no time to retaliate to the affection. “Oh, by the way,” Michael smirked, “We have another show coming up tonight. At our frat. I see you in the crowd a lot, figured I’d give you a formal invitation.” He winked, stepping backwards from her as (Y/N) gawked at him as if he were some sort of alienated creature. “Fuck you, frat boy!” She squealed, knowing in her mind that she would probably be front and center at the show later on tonight.

Wild Night (fratboy!Luke smut)

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(Aaliyah P.O.V) “Aaliyah get off your ass right now"yelled Destiny( my best friend and roommate). “No I’m not going to that stupid frat party. I don’t even have anything to wear anyways"I said. I hate frat parties. Especially frat boy like my ex boyfriend who recently broke up with me. Apparently I don’t “love him enough” which is complete bullshit but anyways.“I’ll let you wear some of my clothes please. I’m begging you!!“she said while shaking me.“FINE. Ill go. What do you want me to wear.” She went flying to her closet only to pull out a short black dress with sleeves. The whole thing was covered in lace. “Wow”. “I know right. Now hurry up and get dress”. Quickly handing me the dress and shoving me in the bathroom. “Great…I cant back out now” It took me a least good a hour or two to get ready.“You ready Aaliyah”. “Ugh.. Yeah. Lets do this”. This drive to the house wasn’t long at all. You can hear the loud music coming for down the street so it wasn’t hard to find.“Lets party” she screamed while walking in the house.“Destiny, Can you stay with me?” “Sure but lets go get some drinks”. We looked around the house till we found the kitchen.“Here” “What is this?” “Coke and Rum. Its good trust me”. I turned around only to bump into someones chest spilling my drink on them.“I’m so sorry” I said quickly. “Its okay. It happens. he said. I looked up and meet the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.“Hi I’m Aaliyah” “I’m Luke” “Wait…..Are you Luke Hemming”. “Yes that me sweetheart. And may I ask you why are you asking me this” “Oh N-Nothing. Your name just seems familiar”. “Oh” was all he said before walking off. I was stunned. The rumors are true. His blue eyes. His Australian accent. It was all true. “Wow"I whispered under my breath. I totally forgot about my drink on the floor. I started looking for Destiny because I was scared and I wanted to leave. I started to walk through the dance floor until I bumped into someone again.“Sorry"I said. "Are you following me?"I recognized that voice and quick responded "No. Are you following me?” “Maybe” All i could do was stare at beauty in front of me. “Cat caught your tongue” he smirked at me.“N-no” “Wanna get a drink and dance a little” “S-sure”. He grabbed my hand and lacing it with his. He pulled me through the crowd all the way to the kitchen and made me and some drinks. “ Enjoy” he said while chugging down the whole night. I didn’t want to seem like a loser in front of him so chugged it to. Drink after drink after drink. The alcohol was really started to get me. I grabbed Luke’s hand pulled him to the dance floor. I turned around so my back was against his front. I began grinding on him. He forcefully grabbed my hips and pulled me flushed against him. I felt something poking at my butt. “ Shit baby. You make me so hard.” He turned me around and he were full of lust. “Fuck it. I cant wait any longer.” He grabbed my face and placed his lips me on. His moved hands down from my face and roughly placed them in my ass. He shoved his tongue in my mouth. We fought for dominance but he won.“Jump” he whispered on my lips. He caught me and started walking to the stair case.“Where are you going” “To my room princess.” “Oh..Okay” He walked to open his door and placed on his bed. “Strip from me baby or else” I did it immediately so i don’t found what “or else” means. “Damn baby no bra and no panties. You are very naughty” He ran he rough finger up and down my inner thighs."Fuck Just do it already” i moaned. “Is that how we ask for things baby.” “Please Luke fuck me right okay. I don’t need foreplay.” “ Okay baby girl. Whatever you said ”. He started to strip in-front of me. His toned body was making wetter that ever. Once his pulled down his boxers, my eyes went wide. He had the most biggest cock i have ever seen. I moaned at the sight. “ Like what you see baby” “Definitely”. He came down to pecked me the lips before he reached over to get a condom out of his drawer and put it on his cock. He rubbed tip up and down before pushing in “Fuck” we moaned. He stood still before slow slamming his hips in me. “Harder” I whimpered. “ Anything for you”. He pulled so only his tip was in then slammed back in me. Over time his thrust got sloppy. “ I’m gonna cum soon baby” he said. “Me too.” “One the count of three” “ONE” “Fuck…..TWO” “THREE” we screamed together. His cum felt so good on me. It made me feel all warm inside.He collapsed on top with a heavy breath. “That was amazing” “Yeah it was a WILD NIGHT.” I said while cuddling into him” Goodnight Luke” “Good Night Aaliyah” he said then kissed my forehead.

Hi. I hate frat boy and all that he isn’t and never will be. 

Maggie and Alex are still the cutest damn thing on and off this planet. 

We still deserve to see the conversation that Kara and Lena didn’t have before the break. 

Oh, and Cat needs to come back. 

P.S. Did I mention that I really really dislike the frat boy? Because I do. So damn much.