i hate fools

I don’t care if this hurts anyone’s feelings, I am sick and tired of seeing this crap!

Why can’t people leave boy positivity posts alone? Why can’t boys have something that makes them feel good about themselves without some ugly, entitled woman who can’t stand the fact that something isn’t about her for once commenting about how “gross” boys are and “lol I think you mean girls ;)”. Like shut up, that crap isn’t cute, I don’t care how many likes/reblogs you get from your nasty little followers, you aren’t being cool. It’s immature and disrespectful.

You want to spread positivity for girls, fine. You can either reblog the hundreds of posts on this site dedicated to girls or make your own. Don’t hijack or derail a positive post MEANT FOR BOYS/MEN just because you never grew out of your cooties phase. Like can you people just shut up for once and let boys have their positivity posts. Let them be happy, let them feel good about themselves. So many issues that boys face are often overlooked (often because of misconception that either these problems don’t exist) and honestly for you to go and add your unnecessary negative comments to boy positivity posts shows me that you’re just heartless and selfish and I fear for the well-being of anyone involved in your life. 

If you have to derail a post meant for boys or put boys down for your girl “positivity” then I think you need to look over the definition of the word “positive” again cause dang somewhere along the way it became twisted. I’m sorry boys loving themselves and being loved bothers you so much. 

metamorphosis is a tricky thing. upon various attempts, i’ve learned that it does not come quite as naturally as it would seem and that caterpillars are liars in that way. a chrysalis of self hate disintegrated to reveal a beautiful and almost textbook picture of depression. change is a wonderful thing. also my patterns remained the same and i look wildly similar. related: don’t be an idiot; does this look like an earl gray hoodie? either way, a stoplight is still red and yellow while it’s green, and i think that’s my point. change is nothing but another layer of paint on an older and dirtier and peeling layer, which used to be the desired look anyways. birth is just decay, and rebirth is recycling. i wrap this up as i wrap myself up, and i do hope you’ll stop by as i am currently residing in a cocoon and terribly lonely there, and you’ve always got nice things to say so maybe this will be the day i finally grow wings.
all my love,